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How to set the temperature in a double-compressor refrigerator Atlant

Dual-compressor refrigerator has 2 cooling systems. Freezer compartment and refrigerator compartment are independently regulated. However, jumpers are provided to temporarily connect both systems to one motor in case of emergency. Temperature regulation in each chamber of the double compressor refrigerator Atlant is performed by a separate graduated regulator. Standard operating position ranges from 3 to 5 for cabinets. Each independent compartment can be turned off, but the freezer function of the refrigerator can not perform, and vice versa.

How many degrees should be

The temperature in the refrigerator is maintained at the expense of a combination of various knots, among which it is possible to note the compressor. The frequency of its turn on and the duration of its operation determines the temperature inside the chamber. Different foods must be kept in different conditions:

  • Meat, fish and eggs are preserved at 13°C.
  • Dairy products and soups do not spoil in the 35°C environment.
  • Culinary and sausage products are stored at 58°C.

The more complex the technique, the wider the choice of settings. The Atlant brand produces a large number of refrigerators with main and freezer compartments, allowing food to be stored in a variety of conditions.

In the refrigerator compartment

The main refrigerator compartment is used to accommodate most foods that do not need to be stored for a long period.

The temperature in the refrigerator should be in the range of 38°C.

It is difficult to set the temperature for the stored products precisely, ie. к. Recommended conditions can vary significantly. As the index decreases, the appliance begins to work more, so the power consumption increases a lot.

In the freezer

The freezer compartment is designed for deep-freezing and long-term storage of the contents. Therefore, the cold is kept at a level.16-24°С. When considering what the temperature should be in the freezer, it is worth bearing in mind that everything depends on the task at hand. The features are as follows:

  • It is difficult to preserve fruits and vegetables at home. Deep freezing is not required, t. к. the basic properties may change after defrosting.
  • For fish and meat the lowest index is chosen. These products survive deep freezing well and do not lose their properties after thawing.

The temperature in the freezer is maintained by quality insulation and periodic activation of the compressor, which supplies cold. To reduce costs, it is recommended to open the door infrequently, t. к. Cold air will be vented to the outside.

Helpful tips

Following certain rules can help keep your food longer, tastier, save energy, and extend the life of your refrigerator.

  • above all, do not refrigerate food or food which has not cooled down (this applies in particular to soups)
  • try to close the refrigerator door quickly;
  • Do not be lazy to put things in the “fresh zone”, because this is the zone that gets dirty the most;
  • Do not over-cool both chambers on a regular basis. Otherwise, your refrigerator will run without resting, which will have a negative impact on its lifespan and on your energy bill;
  • it is best to pack vegetables, berries, fruits and other things prepared for freezing in special bags with clasps. This way it is more compact, and in case of unforeseen defrosting, they will not leak anywhere;
  • Don’t forget to defrost your fridge regularly (frequency depends on the type of cooling system).

The worst enemy of any fridge is not completely cooled soup or roast meat, for the safety of which the hostess (the owner) is more worried than for the expensive device.

Proper and gentle operation, combined with optimal temperatures, will save your food, your refrigerator, and your nerves and money.

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Optimal temperature in a double-chamber Atlant refrigerator for food storage

The refrigerator compartment is not maintained at the same temperature. The warmest zone is the top shelf. Different kinds of prepared food should be placed on it, such as soups, porridges, fried potatoes, pasta, etc. д.

The coldest zone is the bottom shelf above the trays of fruits and vegetables. There the manufacturer recommends placing the raw meat and fish, as well as minced meat and chicken. The shelf life of the refrigerated food should not exceed two days.

The temperature in your Atlant refrigerator must be set independently the first time you switch it on. On the bottom shelf should be about 0 to 2 ° C. Meat or fish can go bad if it is kept above this temperature.

It is difficult to maintain a certain rate. Its increase depends on several factors:

Keep in mind that the air in the compartment cools faster than the food itself.

What’s The Ideal Temperature For Your Refrigerator?

  • Meat is excellent at 1 to 3 degrees Celsius. That way it does not freeze and does not spoil so quickly. If you make the temperature higher, it will disappear faster, and if lower, it will freeze and become less juicy after defrosting.
  • Sausage and sausage products prefer a temperature range of 2 to 5 degrees.
  • Pre-cooked foods are best kept at 2 to 4 degrees. Soups or other water-based dishes should be stored at 4 to 5 degrees. At lower temperatures, they can freeze.
  • Vegetables prefer higher temperatures, 4 to 6 degrees. Boiled vegetables should be kept at a temperature of 3 to 5 so that they do not lose their nutritional value.
  • To preserve dairy products such as kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk and butter, set the refrigerator to a temperature of 1 to 5 degrees.
  • In the same temperature range are stored and eggs, with the exception of quail. from 0 to 3 degrees.
  • Seafood and fish. Fresh fish likes 0 to 2 degrees, cooked fish up to 4. Fresh seafood. 4 to 6 degrees, cooked. up to 6.
  • Fruits. Exotic fruits should not be kept in the refrigerator because they like heat. The rest of the fruit, on the other hand, is stored at temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees.
  • The ideal temperature for cheese is 3 to 5 degrees, depending on its variety, fat content and hardness.
  • loaves and pastries. It is best to keep them in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3 to 5 degrees. A lower temperature will cause the loaf to go stale, a higher temperature will cause it to go moldy. Products with condensed milk, cream, cream or cottage cheese can be stored for a long time from.1 to 3 degrees.
  • Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard can be stored from 0 to 6 degrees in a closed container, and after opening. 1 to 4 degrees.

What temperature should be in the fresh zone of a double-chamber Atlant refrigerator?

This compartment is not found in every refrigerator, but nevertheless the manufacturers put it in their models more and more often. The peculiarity of this section is that the temperature varies from 0 to 1 degree. It allows you to stop the reproduction of microorganisms, while products are not frozen and retain their useful properties, taste, smell and color. This chamber is great for storing products such as:

  • fresh meat
  • fish (red and black caviar are an exception)
  • sausages
  • processed meat
  • dairy products
  • cheeses
  • vegetables
  • herbs
  • fruits

All foods must be in hermetically sealed package.

On the shelf next to the zero zone, the temperature ranges from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. Here you can store semi-finished products, meat, sausages, fish, milk, confectionery and eggs for a long time. There are egg compartments on the refrigerator door opposite this shelf.

In the middle of the freezer the temperature is kept from 3 to 6 degrees Celsius. These are optimal conditions for storing soups, vegetables, sauces, loaves and other products.

The bottom of the refrigerator has drawers or shelves for fruits and vegetables, root crops. The temperature here should be about 8 degrees Celsius. This is the maximum temperature for a cold room.

What temperature should be on the middle shelves in a two-chamber refrigerator ATLANT

What are the values at this level? Maximum: 6 degrees, minimum: 3. You can put ready meals: borscht, porridge, sauces.

What temperature should be in the fruit and vegetable containers in the two-chamber Atlant refrigerator?

They are at the very bottom, so the readings there are 8 degrees.

What temperature should be on the shelves on the door in a refrigerator Atlant

This place is the warmest: 5 to 10 degrees. When you open the door, a permanent transition from the cold environment to the warm environment is created. Therefore, it is not recommended to place eggs and dairy products on the door. It is better to put sauces, oils, condiments.

What to do if the temperature is not satisfactory?

Newer refrigerators have temperature controllers set for medium temperature settings. If the consumer is not satisfied with the set parameters, it is possible to change them, observing some rules, namely:

  • Turn the regulator in the desired direction by only one division;
  • Only after 5 or 6 hours should you evaluate the results;
  • If necessary, continue adjusting the temperature settings by changing the mode sequentially, avoiding sudden temperature jumps.

Some users, after obtaining the desired results, mark the desired position of the knob with a marker or marker pen.

First use

Before plugging in the equipment, set the temperature settings. The refrigerator is controlled by an electromechanical rotary controller with a temperature scale. The models of No Frost series use the electronic corrector with buttons and alarm indicators, some models have the liquid crystal display that displays the temperature and error codes. Modifications with two compressors have separate temperature indication by chambers.

How to adjust the temperature in the refrigerator Atlant. an easy instruction

For a very long time, our industry produced refrigerators with a single temperature mode, where the function of adjusting temperatures according to the consumer’s wishes was not provided at all. How it is good that now the settings are available, allowing to regulate at one’s discretion both the power consumption and, of course, the degree of freezing and cooling of products.

This article tells about important recommendations of masters before you set the temperature in your refrigerator Atlant, about the principles of choosing these or those settings and how to do it correctly by yourself.

How to adjust temperature in refrigerator Atlant

The purpose of the fridge is to keep food for a longer period of time. Some models are equipped with a regulator, which can be set correctly by yourself. The models of the brand Atlant are widely distributed because of their availability. They meet modern requirements, are equipped with a regulator. The refrigerator Atlant can adjust the temperature by means of electronic or mechanical unit.

Mode in the freezer: the temperature in the chamber of the domestic refrigerator

This is, as it is not difficult to understand, the most low-temperature compartment of the fridge. It is believed that the products can be stored there for a month. Yes, many people store meat, mushrooms. berries longer. But nevertheless it would be better to check everything once over again and to establish the necessary temperature according to preservation of a product. The temperature will also depend on how full the chamber is.

Experts note that the temperature in the refrigerator can also depend on the products that are stored in it

Setting the temperature in the freezer:

  • If there isn’t a lot of food in there, and you don’t use the chamber much, minus 14 is enough;
  • If the freezer is filled well, and stored there meat. 20-24;
  • The optimal mode is considered to be.18 degrees;
  • Fast freezing involves and 30 degrees minus, but only for a few hours.

And do not forget that you should not load a new fridge with products at once. This is especially true for the freezer. First, set the mode at minus 24 degrees, do it a few hours before you put the food in the freezer. Then you can measure the temperature in the compartment to be sure, and then stack the food. There should be at least a minimal difference between “plugged in, set up” and “tamped down with food”.

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