Refrigerator light is on but does not freeze

How to troubleshoot the unit

In cases where the light bulb is on and the refrigerator does not turn on, the freon circulation scheme may be to blame. It is a chemically inert substance, easily changing from liquid to gaseous state and back.

Phase change is accompanied by emission or absorption of large amounts of heat. This is the basis for the operation of any freezing or air conditioning equipment. Knowing how a refrigerator works never hurts the owner.

In general, the scheme of freon circulation looks like this:

  • The compressor compresses the refrigerant which enters it to a pressure of 8-10 atmospheres and the refrigerant gets very hot in this process;
  • The hot freon passes through the coil fixed on the rear wall of the refrigerator, giving up a great amount of energy received during the compression and transforming into a liquid state;
  • Before entering the cooling chamber, the refrigerant is throttled, evaporating as the pressure decreases;
  • the evaporation process is accompanied by a sharp drop in temperature, which leads to cooling of the refrigerator‘s food compartments;
  • The refrigerant returns to the compressor and the cycle is repeated many times.

The circulation scheme is quite complicated. This can be the reason why the domestic refrigerator does not work, but the light is on. In addition to the breakdown of the compressor, two variants of common malfunctions are possible:

  • Freon leakage. It occurs due to mechanical damage caused by careless handling, or dilapidated old equipment. It is necessary to handle with the utmost care the tubes on the back of the refrigerator and not to use sharp objects trying to separate an ice or food piece frozen from the wall of the freezing chamber;
  • Clogging of the refrigerant circuit. It can be caused by mechanical impurities or moisture left in the system during charging, due to prolonged operation. As a rule it is the filter and narrow segments of tubes that get clogged.

In these cases repair is accompanied by depressurization of equipment, search and elimination of the reason of failure, vacuuming of restored system for removal of foreign particles and residual water with simultaneous check of tightness, injection of estimated quantity of fresh freon.

Conclusion! To realize the listed operations special equipment and professional knowledge are necessary. In this case you cannot do without help of specialist.

In the process of repairing the circulation system may need to be replaced:

Usually discarded units and parts are replaced by analogous ones.

Why the fridge doesn’t work but the light is on

If the refrigerator does not freeze, but the light is on, perhaps the problem is solved in a few minutes. To determine what caused it, you need to perform a complete inspection of the unit and make sure that it is connected correctly. If the problem cannot be eliminated with your own hands, at least you will know its key symptoms, which will simplify the process of further repair. In this case, the master will know what tools to take with him to the field.

Often the breakdown appears not inside the device, but outside.Therefore, the first thing to do is to check whether there is voltage in the socket to which the refrigerator compartment is connected. To check it, it is enough to plug in another appliance.

When the door of the refrigerator compartment is opened, the indicator light always comes on. If there is no light and cold inside the compartments, try to find a defect in the electrical supply. Perhaps the plug or power cable has been damaged. Sometimes, however, users are faced with this unpleasantness when the refrigerator doesn’t work, but the light is on. This paradox can be explained by the following factors:

  • Damaged thermostat.
  • Broken defrost button.
  • Failure of the starting and safety relay.
  • Problems with electronic control board.
  • Compression part is damaged.
  • Incorrect installation of the refrigerating chamber.

Thermostat malfunction

If the unit has stopped freezing and will not turn on, but the light is on, check to see if the thermostat has been disconnected. Such sensor is located near the light bulb and provides stable temperature inside the freezer and general compartment.

The most advanced models have more than one thermostat. These are responsible for shorting and breaking an electrical circuit to give the proper signals to the compressor.

To check the proper operation of the sensor, close its input and output terminals to simulate normal operation with higher temperature values.

If after this thermostat will continue to operate, it will need to be replaced.

Defrost button malfunction

The defrost button loses its operation, it is a widespread problem, and causes malfunction of Indesit, Nord, Stinol and other models of refrigerator. If this key is not fixed correctly and it is impossible to return it to its original position, the only solution is to replace. It’s simple enough to determine the cause of the malfunction: try to bypass the button by closing the wires.

Defective starting and safety relay

To determine such a fault, you need to use a multimeter. Doubtful element is disconnected from electrical circuit, then its resistance is evaluated. Any irregularity signals some kind of defect. If you do not have the skills of an electrician, it is better to call a master.

refrigerator, light, does, freeze

Problems with electronic control board

Figuring out why the light is on, but the fridge doesn’t freeze, pay attention to such detail as the electronic control board.The element is characterized by a complex design and can fail, leading to a breakdown of the refrigerator. In most cases, the boards can not be repaired, and their diagnosis can only be done by a trained professional.

Compressor breakdown

For your refrigeration equipment to freeze properly and for the on light to work without malfunctioning, you need to keep the compressor in good working order. Damage to this element is accompanied by various breakdowns, due to which the unit will no longer cope with its main task. Compressor breakdown can lead to:

Among mechanical damages, defective bearings or jamming of moving mechanisms are distinguished. It is rather difficult and economically unreasonable to carry out repair of the compressor and its motor. The best solution is to buy a new compressor of the appropriate brand. Work to replace this part can only be performed by a professional.

An ohmmeter is used to check the condition of the compressor. If during testing, contacts and winding do not give the proper signal and voltage readings drop below 20 ohms, it is necessary to replace the compressor.

Incorrect installation of the refrigerator

At independent installation of the refrigerator it is often made mistakes because of which it does not work as it is supposed to. Sometimes the required ventilation clearances or correct positioning are not observed, which causes the coil to be insufficiently ventilated. The similar problem appears also at impermissible affinity of heating systems near your refrigerating unit.

Even a slight depressurization of the sealing rubber can worsen the efficiency of operation, and the models with intellectual stuffing will prevent the start of the motor if there are gaps between the body and the door. In this case, the corresponding error code will be displayed on the electronic screen. Calling a master at home with such breakdowns is not justified. the defect will have to eliminate with your own hands.

The refrigerator Stinol is recognized by all users as the reliable equipment. The last device is issued more than 10 years ago, it works, there are spare parts for repair in the workshops. If the light is on, but the motor in the refrigerator does not work, it means that there is a breakdown:

But a refrigerator can fail for other reasons. Stinol refrigerator will not turn on if it is installed with a misalignment. You need to adjust the position of the legs, set vertically with a slight tilt to the back, so that the door closes well.

In a fridge with electronic control, the compressor may not start if the door is not closed properly. Unreasonable to cool the open circuit. and the signal to start the compressor will not follow. Defrost is on and the compressor will not turn on.

Defrost heating elements

Modern two-chamber no-frost is equipped with heaters, which are responsible for defrosting of frost, which is formed on the fan and radiator. As a result of combustion, they cease to perform their functions. There is ice on the fan and radiator that prevents the cold air from circulating. The temperature in the chamber gradually begins to rise. A clear sign that the fridge does not freeze after defrosting, but the light is on.

Detecting the presence of ice is quite simple. It can be temporarily eliminated by yourself. But, a damaged heating element still needs to be replaced. Otherwise the problem will soon repeat itself. This is one of the reasons why the fridge does not freeze.

It is important ! Failure of a heating element can harm the compressor, because the thermostat forces it to work more intensively.

Your fridge does not turn on

If the equipment has stopped switching on, it is not necessary to hurry to call in a workshop. Sometimes the reason is not that the fridge is broken at all. First of all check the condition of the socket, namely whether there is voltage. It is sufficient to connect any other electrical appliance to it.

The plug is probably broken or the power cable is broken. A more problematic situation. the refrigerator shows no signs of life, but the light is on. You can’t hear the motor running. Here there are several options for the development of events.

Compressor problems

It happens that the refrigerator does not turn on after it is switched off, but the light is on and it makes clicking noises. The cause of the malfunction is often the compressor. For more or less normal diagnostics it is necessary to arm a device. ohmmeter.

Without experience of similar works, it is better not to engage in independent elimination of the breakage, and to entrust the performance to a qualified master.

Reasons why the compressor does not switch on:

To detect all three you need an ohmmeter. Sometimes the “ringing” of winding and pins doesn’t give the results, and at this time the voltage less than 20 ohm is registered on the device. Already by this you can judge that the motor is subject to replacement.

If diagnostics of the engine did not reveal any problems, then the reason is in the “brains” of the fridge. control module.

Problems in the control unit

Sometimes the motor and the basic units work, but the refrigerator does not turn on after defrosting. Often it’s caused by a break in the electrical circuit, as a result of oxidation of the contacts.

The second most “popular” cause is a problem with the firmware. They are caused by power surges, improper use of the control panel and so on. The solution is a complete replacement of the defective module.

The temperature sensor

This component, located inside the refrigeration equipment, is also called a thermostat. It is usually located near the light bulb. The sensor’s functional task is to maintain the desired temperature in the freezer or main compartments.

If your fridge has many compartments, there can be more than one temperature sensor. It works like this: when certain temperature is reached, it closes or opens an electric circuit, which serves as a command to start or stop the motor.

Temperature disturbances also occur when the fan stops. In your refrigerator manufactured by Indesit company that uses No Frost system, on the electronic display you will see the error code F04.

Temperature Sensor

When there is a problem with the refrigerant, the unit usually runs on a long cycle, sometimes without stopping. In the freezer, you can see the ice on the pipe through which the refrigerant flows.

No ice on the opposite side. The problem here is a leakage of heating fluid. The cause is a microcrack.

Other causes

Besides the basic ones, there are also other reasons why the refrigerator has stopped working:

  • Defrost button is stuck. If the button is in the pressed state, the compressor will not start. It can simply wear out and catch in the wrong position. The solution. replacement. To verify that the device has failed, you can directly short-circuit the wires, bypassing the button;
  • Faults in the starting and safety relay. To check this you will need a multimeter. Disconnect the element in question from the circuit and check its resistance. If the readings are far from normal, it means that it’s broken. For diagnostics it is necessary to know at least a little bit about electrics. Works connected with electronic stuffing of techniques, are carried out at the switched-off power. Failure of the starting relay is a frequent problem in Biryusa brand refrigerators;
  • Fridge installed incorrectly. Buying new appliances, it is necessary to allocate to it enough free space, having kept ventilating clearances. An incorrectly installed cooling unit will work, but not in its proper mode, causing unnecessary load. For example, it can become warmer in the chambers than it should be just because the refrigerator is set too tightly against the wall, which impairs the rear wall blow-by of the coil. The same effect occurs if heaters are operated near the unit. A loose door can also cause malfunctions. In modern models of refrigerators, with electronics, the motor will not start because the door is not properly closed, producing a corresponding error on the display;
  • Mains problems. In this case it is possible to assert that the owner of the fridge is lucky. A mains voltage of 200 to 240 V is required for the appliance to operate normally. If the indicator is out of the limits, the appliances can shut down. Especially if the house has a modern model that is sensitive even to minor deviations.

If moisture begins to accumulate in the refrigerator, the first thing to do is to inspect the drainage system at the pipe joints. Probably one of them is a little dislocated and it has to be put in its place. Also the drain pipe can be clogged. For its cleaning, an ordinary fishing line will do.

refrigerator, light, does, freeze

The described situations are not the whole list of possible causes of equipment failure. If there are doubts about what the problem is, it is better not to do the repair work yourself. Only a master is able to correctly determine the cause of the malfunction.

Causes that do not allow the refrigerator to start

While examining the causes that prevent the start of the refrigeration equipment it can be stated with confidence that there are many of them and they are diverse, for example. disorders of the electric motor, defects of the sensors and others. When the light does not turn on, but the refrigerator is an old model, then it is likely that the problem is on the surface and it is not difficult to fix it with your own hands. The most common causes are burned or oxidized contacts in the socket, on the plug, or a jumper of some wires inside the cord and similar simple malfunctions. The types of old refrigerators that have a high probability of these breakdowns include the following varieties:

Attention ! Checking the wiring and outlets is actually the only thing you can do at home, if you are not an expert and do not have specialized equipment.

Why does the fridge freeze heavily or weakly??

To find out the reason, you need to check several indicators at once:

  • The thermostat lever may be in the wrong position.
  • Performance of the compressor, here a specialist with a special device will help.
  • Problems with freon integrity. It can leak out, but only a technician can detect such a malfunction.
  • Fan or fuse failure.

Your fridge is working but won’t freeze

The technique is never insured against a breakage. If you noticed that the refrigerator motor works but doesn’t freeze, it is necessary to examine the condition without switching the device off. Check to see if the condenser is warm. the grill on the back above the compressor. If it is in the foamed part. make sure the circuit near the door is warm.

The compressor itself during operation is heated, but the hand should be able to withstand the touch for 10 seconds without burning. Listen to whether the engine shuts down, or runs without stopping for more than an hour. Whether the noise of the engine has changed, whether the stop is accompanied by a knock. all this should be described to the master, if diagnosis and repair is required.

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It is necessary to check on what position the thermo regulator is, maybe it was accidentally set on 0. Turning clockwise, add cold and vice versa. The stable work of a refrigerator depends on a climatic class of the appliance. If class N, the temperature in the room must be between 16 and 35° C. For other classes, look in the manual.

It is possible that a lot of ice has accumulated inside the fridge, with the heat dissipation is disturbed. Check to see if the door closes smoothly. it’s often the source of the icing. There are two reasons. a faulty seal and a warped door. You can fix it yourself. Maybe the power was out for a long time in the house and the food had time to thaw. It will take hours to restore the temperature in the chamber.

If the examination does not reveal removable faults, the refrigerator should be stopped, defrosted, dried and call a master.

refrigerator, light, does, freeze

Useful tips

First and. perhaps the most important piece of advice: it is better to prevent a problem than to fix it. It is important to give time to timely preventive maintenance and to check the work of some mechanisms, cleaning of some parts, tubes and channels. If to carry out all necessary actions in time the technique will thank you with the long serviceable work.

After the repair, the technician will be able to make further recommendations on the further operation of the unit.

Quite an important tip in case the technique has already broken down: do not try to repair the device yourself! A refrigeration unit is an extremely complex piece of equipment. Many nuances depend on what kind of company a particular appliance is.

Therefore, in attempts to fix the problems yourself, you can only make things worse, and exacerbate the situation so that even a specialist will then be difficult to fix the result of the efforts of a person not versed in this business.

Before you start using your refrigerator, study the manual.

After buying a household appliance, before you start installing it, you should carefully study the instructions. This document is written and attached for a reason and can save users from hard to correct errors in operation.

Invite only the master in whom you are confident. Perhaps someone will be able to recommend friends, you can also independently scour the market for specialists who provide repair services.

Care and proper use of your refrigerator will last a long time.

Refrigerator breakdown is always bad timing and always inconvenient. However the sooner the reasons why the fridge does not turn on and the sooner the qualified specialist is called for help, the less trouble will be caused by this unpleasant situation. In our article the basic reasons of breakages and useful advices which will help to cope with them or prevent them at all are stated. By becoming well acquainted with them, everyone can save themselves from unpleasant consequences.

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