Replacement of a solid fuel boiler type of work

Connection, installation, installation and strapping of a solid fuel boiler

Connection of the boiler (installation-reinforcement) is not the next stage after the purchase of a solid-fuel boiler, it is important to solve the question of who will install it and how to install it, determine in advance, and not buy a solid fuel boiler without installation, especially in Minsk. After all, having bought it can still be crookedly installed, and then what is the meaning of the boiler of solid fuel, you should come up with all seriousness and responsibility. The strapping of a solid fuel boiler requires specific knowledge, skills. Yourself is unlikely to tie a solid fuel boiler. And a dangerous undertaking is a dangerous. So, if you still decide to entrust the connection of a solid-fuel boiler to a specialist, then our advice: try to delve into this process and at least try to understand the nuances of the boiler installation (you can use the heating system for many years in the future, by the way, the boiler is on the boiler firewood is most commonly used and has more nuances by strapping).

Binding. A set of works on the connection of equipment to the engineering system (boiler strapping). There are bindings: safety sports and for industrial mountaineering, binding the foundation with boards.

We will try to list some nuances when connecting a solid fuel boiler. Installation of heating boilers begins with the preparation of the floor and the output of smoke:

  • Preparation of the base for the installation of a solid fuel boiler. It should be strictly horizontal. T.To. A solid fuel boiler has not a small weight, then the floor screed, filled under it should be 7-10 cm. The size of the base must correspond to the size of the boiler, increased by 10%.
  • Also, any heating boiler (except electric) requires connecting the chimney. It can be either indoor (not insulated) and exit vertically through the roof, and initially exit horizontally through the wall and rise along the wall of the house above the skate (insulated). Any chimney must be cleaned annually and monitor its condition.

The installation of solid fuel boilers is associated primarily with those regions in which for some reason, there is no gas supply or power supply. In addition, solid fuel boilers have the following advantages:

  • A wide range of fuel used for heating the home, except for traditional firewood and coal, solid fuel boilers work on toyan briquettes, pellets, etc.D., There is the possibility of choosing the most optimal type of fuel;
  • Economic aspect. This advantage is important, because the cost of heating with a gas boiler can significantly save on heating costs, especially in the winter season;
  • Duration of operation. When choosing the right boiler equipment, this type of boiler is able to serve its owners for many years;
  • Independence. The main advantage of solid fuel boilers, because such an unit will always work, regardless of the availability of electricity or gas;
  • A variety of models allows you to choose a boiler with optimal power, which is suitable for individual room parameters.

Among the shortcomings of solid fuel boilers, they highlight:

  • The need for an additional room in which fuel will be stored;
  • The impossibility of installing a multi.Storey building in the apartment;
  • The need for the installation of the chimney and additional costs for its arrangement;
replacement, solid, fuel, boiler, type, work
  • To obtain the desired efficiency, you should create certain conditions in the form of traction and oxygen flow into the furnace;
  • If you choose a cheaper model, then their operation will take a lot of time, so they need periodic cleaning from soot, in addition, the boiler needs to be cleaned from fuel combustion products;
  • The need for manual fuel loading;
  • The efficiency of solid fuel boilers directly depends on their type, in prolonged burning boilers it is lower, about 69%, in standard up to 85%;
  • The need for additional care and the need for the equipment of a boiler of various kinds of mechanisms, such as a thermal accumulator, a thermostat, forced thrust, and t.D.

Therefore, the issue of buying a solid fuel boiler should be solved based on the above advantages and disadvantages of data device. Also, the individual parameters of the room and the type of boiler should be compared, since if there is no gas in the area, then the most optimal solution will be the installation of a solid fuel boiler.

The location of the boiler

The regulatory framework that would regulate the installation of a solid fuel boiler in a private house, has not yet been developed. Nevertheless, the basic requirements for the placement of such equipment can be gleaned in SNiP “Heating and Ventilation” and SNiP 31-02-2001 “Skated houses” (for), as well as a number of other individual acts.

It is worth noting that the “boiler plants” often mentioned on the Internet is not designed for household appliances of low power. Its requirements apply to equipment with a capacity of more than 360 kW, and the rules for installing gas equipment are too hard.

Based on the analysis of the available regulatory framework, which refers to the procedure for placing heating devices on wood, the following tips can be distinguished how to install a solid fuel boiler in the house:

  • Any type of solid fuel, whether it is firewood, coal or pellets, creates a large amount of dust. In addition, during the operation of the boiler, a different amount of smoke may fall into the room. In this regard, it is not recommended to install a solid fuel boiler inside the living rooms of the house. Although the regulatory base does not directly prohibit the installation of a solid.Fuel boiler boiler in the kitchen, corridor or other rooms, with the exception of the bedroom.
  • The best option for placing a solid fuel boiler will be equipped with a separate or attached boiler room to a common house. You can also dwell on technical rooms in the house itself, basement, garage or corridor with good ventilation.
  • Heating equipment should be located as close to the outer wall as possible to facilitate the work of the chimney, do not create too long horizontal section or not to remove the pipe through the overlap.
  • Any solid fuel boiler needs periodic cleaning of the heat exchanger and maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to provide free access to it. For this, at least 1 m of space is left in front, and at the back and on the sides. About 60 cm, but not less than 25 cm.
  • It is forbidden to connect the gas meter of a solid fuel boiler to brick ventilation moves inside the walls.

Please note that before buying a solid fuel boiler, it is advisable to correlate its dimensions with the size of the technical room where it is planned to install it. In addition, it is worth considering in advance the location of the heat accumulator, buffer capacity and indirect heating boiler.

In small boiler houses, you can place heating equipment close enough to the wall, but only the underlying side. In this case, the gap can be at least 10 cm, and the back should remain at least 25 cm.

Installation of boilers

Turnkey work: selection of equipment, calculation of power, delivery, installation of the boiler, commissioning, putting the boiler into operation, a full package of documents for the gas service, issuing a warranty coupon for 2 years.

  • Warranty for work and equipment
  • Discount for maintenance after installation
  • Let’s provide documents for Mosoblgaz
  • We work every day without days off
  • Employees are fully equipped
  • When ordering our equipment discount
Name of works Price
Departure of a master within MKAD For free
Departure of a master for MKAD. Payment only one way for 1 km thirty
Measurement of the compilation of the mounting scheme and the specifications for work and materials 1,000
Replacement of any gas boiler compilation of the specification, dismantling the old boiler, draining the coolant, fastening to the wall, connecting to water supply and heating systems, connecting to the existing chimney not more than 2 m, crimping and filling the heating and water supply system from 9 900
Installation of a new wall gas boiler compilation of a specification, dismantling an old boiler, draining the coolant, mounting to the wall, connecting to water supply and heating systems, connecting to the existing chimney not more than 2 m, crimping and filling the heating and water supply system from 9 900
Installation of a floor gas boiler compilation of a specification, dismantling an old boiler, draining the coolant, fastening to the floor, connecting to water supply and heating systems, connecting to the existing chimney not more than 2 m, crimping and filling the heating and water supply system from 9 900
Replacing any electric boiler compilation of a specification, dismantling an old boiler, connecting to a heating system of not more than 2 m of the length of communications, desalination and filling out a heating system from 7 900
Installation of an electric boiler compilation of a specification, dismantling an old boiler, connecting to a heating system of not more than 2 m of the length of communications, desalination and filling out a heating system from 7 900
Replacing any solid.Fuel boiler drawing up a specification, dismantling the old boiler, draining the coolant, connecting to the heating system, connecting to the existing chimney not more than 2 m, test and filling out the heating system, start and check the performance from 23 900
Installation of a new solid fuel boiler with natural circulation compilation of a specification, dismantling the old boiler, draining the coolant, connecting to the heating system, connecting to the existing chimney not more than 2 m, test and filling out the heating system, launch and verification of performance from 23 900
Commissioning works
Launching a gas boiler checking pressure and setting up. Tanks, installation of a gas hose, testing for tightness, connecting the boiler to the mains, removal of air, system fueling, checking gas pressure, setting min and max gas pressure, configuring the boiler by power. From 6 900
Launching an electric boiler checking of pressure and setting up. Tanks, connecting the boiler to the mains, removal of air, reciprocating the system, checking the operability of the boiler in all operating modes, user briefing, putting the boiler into operation from 5 900
Service service of the gas boiler in accordance with the government of the Government 49 p.21 K from 4 900
Additional work
Drilling a hole in the outer wall with a diameter of not more than 110 mm with a coaxial chimney from 3,000
Replacing the circulation pump when replacing the boiler from 1,700
Replacing a security group when replacing a boiler from 1,500
Replacing the expansion tank when replacing the boiler from 950
Installing an indirect heating boiler to single.Circuit boilers from 7,000
Installation of a thermostat from 1,500
Installation of the GSM module, including the installation of a temperature sensor with a cable length of not more than 2 m from 2,500
Setting the temperature sensor (in t.H. Room sensor), includes a cable broke no more than 2m from 1 350
Installation of the electricity control panel in a TT boiler, including a cable broach of not more than 2m from 2,300
Connecting voltage stabilizer For free

Our gallery of work

Installation of the boiler

Having completed the preparation of the place, the masters are directly starting installation work. Regardless of the type of pipes wiring, work is performed in a certain order.

First of all, a solid fuel boiler is placed on a flat and strong surface. At this stage, it is adjusted under the chimney, and it is connected to a smoke pipe by means of a straight pipe with a knee 90 degrees.

Introducing the Recoheat heat recovery unit for wood and solid fuel burning stoves

Further, the installation of the security group, installation of pumps, and connecting the return and feed pipes are carried out. An expansion tank is mounted. If automation is provided, then its installation is performed. After that, experts carry out the test launch of the boiler and check its work, thrust and tightness of the joints.

If necessary, our masters will help you simultaneously place and connect an electric shock to heating a house during your absence.

Call us to call the master to measure

Monthly, our engineers engaged in heating systems perform up to 10 orders for the installation of a solid fuel boiler and in the Moscow region. They stably fulfill orders, without complaints about quality, improving their qualifications and work experience.

If you need a system equipped with a solid fuel boiler, and you want it to serve you a long service, we recommend that you contact us. We will complete all turnkey work and provide a guarantee for our work for up to 3 years.

You can verify our competence in matters with heating equipment by reading or looking at the reviews of our customers. We are always happy to cooperate, and our operators are open to the dialogue on issues of interest to you regarding the cost and terms of work. Call us and in the very near future we will complete your order!

When summing up the results, the following should be noted:

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Principle of operation

The boiler with solid fuel works, as a rule, on firewood, that, lumber waste, special wood briquettes, coal and pellets (granules made of chopped wood, resin, needles, etc.P.). Universal type devices that can consume almost all types of solid fuel are particularly popular.

  • Traditional. Work on firewood and coal. The principle of action is the same as that of an ordinary wood furnace.
  • Long burning. Innovative development in the field of heating equipment. Solid fuel boilers of prolonged burning have the appearance of an elongated furnace chamber surrounded on all sides by a water shirt. When burning, the flame does not spread up from the bottom up, but from top to bottom, recalling the process of burning a candle in this regard. The principle of operation of a long burning boiler allows you to achieve complete combustion of fuel. In this case, the combustion period of one laying of fuel increases (up to 7 days). The boiler of prolonged burning works, as a rule, at a stable high temperature of the coolant, which increases its efficiency by an order of magnitude. The uninterrupted and safe functioning of such models is achieved due to the inclusion in the design of the fan for emergency extinguishing, the safety valve and circulation pump.
  • Pellet. As fuel, special pellets are used here. Such boilers are additionally equipped with an automatic pellet supply system and bunker for storing fuel. Thanks to electronic sensors, the presence of fuel inside the firebox is monitored. For the operation of such a system, stable electric power is necessary.
  • Pyrolysis. Unique equipment, where, along with energy from combustion of solid fuel, heat generation is also used. This makes it possible to turn a small amount of fuel in a significant portion of thermal energy. As a result, an increase in the efficiency of the boiler and a decrease in harmful exhausts are achieved.

The principle of operation of solid fuel boilers of long burning makes it possible to apply automation. Management of units of this type is so simple that a child can master it.

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