Replacement of shock absorbers in the Gorenje washing machine

Repair of Gorenje washing machines

The need for repair does not always arise only if low.Quality washing machines. Even such a technique as burning, has the ability to sometimes break and requires the hands of an experienced specialist. The breakdown of Gorenje washing machines most often occur due to improper operation, installation or untimely care of technology.

In our service center you will receive full maintenance, including installation, service, diagnostics and repair of washing machines with highly professional craftsmen working only with better household appliances. Our service center has been repairing washing machines for more than 5 years, and during this time he has earned the trust of thousands of families of Moscow and the region.

We offer only the best quality of repair work at a democratic price. All spare parts for washing machines are available in our warehouse. We order them from manufacturers from Western Europe.

By ordering the repair of Gorenje washing machines, you can independently verify the professionalism of our masters and the quality of spare parts and components. The reputation of our service is impeccable. We will not leave your technique to be inactive.

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What are you doing with things that failed? Throw away? Go to the store for the new? Repair the thing yourself or trust this task to friends? When for some reason none of these options suits you, you can contact.

Service centers and houses are companies whose employees are never sitting idle. Few of us are a master of all hands, and even if so. Often we do not have time to solve household issues. In addition, in many situations for this.

Replacement procedure

Let’s find out how to replace the shock absorbers of the washing machine with your own hands. You will need a screwdriver and a set of keys. First you need to get convenient access to them. On individual models, just remove the back cover. If your shock absorbers are in front, then you will need to perform the following points:

  • Remove the bolts, and then remove the top cover of the washing machine.
  • Dismate the powder receiver and the lower plastic panel. Be careful! Do not damage the wires.
  • Remove the cuffs and light metal clamps.
  • Unscrew all the bolts by removing the facade part of the machine.
  • Remove the wires or completely door lock.
  • Dismate the facade of the case.
  • There are shock absorbers on the bottom of the machine on the sides. Unscrew the bolt that attaches the element to the body or remove the latch (depends on the specific model).
  • Disconnect the shock absorber from the tank by analogy with the above point.
  • Install a new part, and then make the assembly in the reverse order.

In the worst cases, it will be impossible to disconnect the shock absorber from the tank constructively. Then you only have to completely remove the tank. This is a rather complicated procedure. If you do not want to cause additional damage, contact professionals. When buying new details, it is recommended to pay attention to the articles in order to be accurately confident in the compatibility of the product with the model of your machine.

Signs of damage to the shock absorber

The shock absorber extinguishes the vibration of the tank with spin. The task of this element is to exclude direct contact of the tank with the body and knots of technology made of metal and plastic. There are dampers, as a rule, under the drum.

The fact that it is time to change shock absorbers indicates a number of signs:

Change shock absorbers yourself is not worth it. Especially if you do not have special skills and knowledge. Better to contact specialists right away.

How to restore shock absorbers of a washing machine?

The washing machine is very buzzing, vibrates and jumps on an annex? The reason may be in the dampers of the device. These parts are located in the lower part of the case and contain return springs that reduce vibrations during the work. We will figure out how to restore the shock absorbers of the washing machine.

Here’s how to make repairs with your own hands:

You can restore almost any shock absorbers at Samsung, Bosch, Ardo, Zanussi in earlier issues. In the latest models, dampers that differ in the device can be used, but are also repaired.

The photo shows shock absorbers of 17 years ago from the Zanussi machine. Gaskets here have long been out of order.

Using a slotted screwdriver, remove the cuffs from the place.

Take a piece of linoleum. You can also use a leather belt. Everything that is suitable in thickness and will sit in the grooves. According to some users, it is dangerous to use rubber, it can jam movements during the absorption of vibrations. It is best to take a felt or liners from the chipper of the car racks. Some craftsmen even wrap the island under the whole oil seal.

Cut the linoleum with stripes. Remember that the width should correspond to the seat of the shock absorber from the washing machine.

Insert the strips into the grooves. Additionally fix them with superglue or thermoclay.

Insert the inner sleeve into the case, move the elements, checking how tightly the linings sat.

If everything suits, cover the inner part of the body with grease so that when working, the seals do not wear out.

It is best to use bearings for bearings. The product has the necessary viscosity and heat resistance.

Collect the device, make sure all the elements move normally.

Is it possible to install them on a washing room? Certainly. Repair is rational because it is easy to carry it out with your own hands. In addition, it is cheaper than buying new shock absorbers. In Samsung and LG machines, devices are easily removed, as they are fixed with bushings. But the owners of Indesit will have to drill a hole to remove the part. Here is the fastening of the tank cast.

Repair of washing machines Gorenje Building

Dampfer: design

In design, it is not much different from the part described above.

Repair of shock-absorbers of the washing machine

As for the extinguishing of the tank fluctuations, the dampers in this part are much better. They are more reliable, because the springs returning the piston to the place are located outside. Often broken damper can be repaired in case of breakdown, which can not be said about the shock absorbers.

They are located in pairs from below and perform two functions at once:

In such structures, the tank is fixed on top with two more additional springs.

Repair and replacement of the damper with a pressed liner

These dampers are widespread everywhere and are used by many manufacturers of washing machines.

The damper extinguishes vibration due to the friction of the piston, which is tightly clamped with liners. Linking liners occurs using a bracket, the design of which resembles the letter “P”. The latter is attached inside cm with a special gasket.

It happens that the strength of the fit of such liners is noticeably weakening. Vibrations are suppressed worse, but the replacement of the damper is not required. Repairs will help.

If the vibrations have become stronger, you need to squeeze the bracket or replace the liners, in case of wear:

  • Unscrew 4 fasteners fixing the bracket.
  • Remove the bracket.
  • Bright the “mustache” details.
  • Remove the old liners.
  • Install new ones.
  • Collect the damper back.

Features of replacement

The damper provides for specialized holes for which they are attached.

replacement, shock, absorbers, gorenje, washing, machine

Fixing elements are most often bolts. To remove such bolts as any fasteners will not be difficult. Having done this, you can easily remove the broken part and install a new one in its place.

In this video, a master from the UK shows how to change the damper, working through the bottom of the washing machine. If you are the owner of a similar model, then do the same:

What a breakdown could happen

Whatever breakage happens, it is important to know how to restore the shock absorber in the washing machine with your own hands. Read about this below.

How to call the Master for repairing the washing machines Gorenje?

For an application for a specialist exit, who will conduct diagnostics with the subsequent repair of your machine, contact us by phone 7 (495) 134-19-02 or through a consultant on the website. During the confirmation of the application, we need the following information:

  • Place of your residence;
  • A convenient visit time (we can arrive at you within 30-40 minutes);
  • The name of the model of your machine and the year of release (if possible);
  • General description of the problem.

Common problems of the washing machines Gorenje

The washing machines of the Slovenian brand deserve the status of durable household appliances. But any mechanism wears out. Repair of the Gorenje washing machine is required due to non-compliance with operation rules, the use of poorly filtered water, and voltage drops. Typical breakdowns:

  • Ten burning;
  • Wear of bearings, shock absorbers;
  • The failure of the electronic module;
  • Breakdown of the drain pump;
  • Luke’s castle.

A sign of abnormal work is not difficult to notice. Do not ignore the rumble, spontaneous shutdown, enhanced vibration, incomplete draining of water after washing, increasing the duration of the cycle. All these are symptoms of failures requiring emergency professional intervention.

Light malfunctions do not take much time. Large.Scale breakdowns requiring the analysis of the case, the restoration of electronic components are lasting longer. If the total costs are not rational, the Gorenje washing machines repairman reports this, gives recommendations for choosing a new model.

You can get consultations on laying linen, softening of water, preventive measures to extend the service life of the unit.

Our services

The restoration of the aggregate performance begins with diagnosis. This is a basic unpaid service. After detecting faulty nodes, determining the causes of problems, repair is carried out.

  • Replacement of filters, hoses, valves;
  • Peel cleaning;
  • Change of brushes, electric motor belt;
  • Replacement of the heating element;
  • Setting or firmware of the electronic unit.

You can call the Gorenje washing machines by phone, through the application on the site. We work quickly, so you do not have to endure inconvenience.

We repair all models of Gorenje washing machines

W 65z03-S1
WA 612 SYB
EWS 52091 u
W 6202-SRIV
We 72S3 b

We will conduct an initial inspection and draw up an estimate of work absolutely free.

Upon completion of the work, the master will provide an official guarantee for repairs.

Diagnostics is performed for free, if you order elimination of damage and malfunctions.

We conduct free diagnostics. Before starting work, we always voice the cost and the required time to carry out work. We conclude an official agreement and give a guarantee for work performed.

What usually fails

Determining the washing malfunction is possible in two ways. Either there is a clear malfunction, for example, leaks, lack of heating, drum breakdown, etc.D., or the error number is displayed on the screen.

replacement, shock, absorbers, gorenje, washing, machine

Gorenje washing machines, like analogues of other brands, consist of separate nodes and assemblies, which can be replaced in case of breakdown. The following components are most often broken:

  • Engine, drive, bearings and control unit. If these details fail, the drum will stop rotating or the device will not be able to reach the necessary speed when changing the washing program.
  • Water flows slowly (or does not flow at all). The cause of such problems may be clogging, a malfunction in the control pump control system (or faulty pump).
  • If during the next washing the device stops heating, it should be repaired or replaced by a heating element. Gorenier devices are equipped with high.Quality heaters, however, water with high m salts can lead to scale formation, after which the heating element wear out much faster.
  • Luke door may start to flow, close and open or completely block. Repair of this device is quite simple, and it is better not to delay. Replacing the shuttle handle, elimination of distortion on the opening loop or replacing the faulty mechanism of the handle can extend the comfortable use of the Gorenje device.

There are other problems such as failures in the operation of buttons, electronics, software and others. However, the breakdown of the car. Not a reason to get nervous, since modern models are highly maintained. If you have the necessary spare parts, a qualified technician can eliminate the problem in just a few hours.

Who should repair

All Gorenje washing machines are repaired by employees of certified service centers (having a special certificate from the manufacturer). However, post.Warranty maintenance and repair of Gorenje washings should not be trusted unqualified specialists. Without experience and knowledge of the repair of specific models of washing machines, you can eliminate one problem and at the same time create several new.

Owners of washing machines should also remember that errors or malfunctions can be caused not only by malfunctions. Unloaded drum, failure of electronics due to a jump in voltage, curved bearings and other factors can lead to the temporary exit of the device. We offer a free consultation before the arrival of a technical specialist. Only if a malfunction is detected, can we offer the help of a repair mechanic.

Our craftsmen travel to Moscow and all areas: Zao, SEAO, Yuao, Yuzao, Wao, SAO, CAO, CJSC

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