Replacement of the heater in the washing machine lzh

Checking the pressostat

If the heating element and the temperature sensor are working, but the washing machine does not heat water it is necessary to check the water level sensor in the tank (pressostat).

clogged pressostat tube with lint and small debris can cause the sensor does not send a signal to fill the washing tank with water. As a result, the control module does not turn on the heating element, or does not give a signal to open the inlet valve. As a result, the water does not warm up in the washing machine. Determine the clog can be determined visually by removing the top or side cover of the washing machine and remove the tube.

Replacement of the heating element in the LG washing machine

To understand what the temperature of the water in the washing machine, it is enough to put the palm of your hand to the tank glass. If the water heats up, the surface will be warm or hot. depending on what temperature is set. If the heating element is broken, the heating will not heat, which means that the laundry will not wash properly. The heating element in the machine is not repairable. You only need to replace the heating element. The electric heater should be replaced by professionals. Self-repairing of the machine often becomes the reason of its final failure. Call our service center, and a technician will arrive as soon as possible to fix the breakage.

How to replace the heater element on a washing machine. Indesit

When you need to replace the heating element?

Before contacting the service center, make sure that the technique does not work properly due to a faulty heating element, and not for other reasons. To do this:

  • See if the appliance is properly connected. Often during installation, mistakes are made in the connection, due to which the machine does not work correctly.
  • Check which washing mode you have selected. Some LG washing machines have a knob for selecting temperature. you need to see what settings are enabled.

If everything is fine with the settings, call a specialist. He will hold a free diagnostic to clarify the cause of the lack of water heating. Let’s note right away that this malfunction is not always due to a broken heating element. The water may not heat up due to malfunction of the thermostat or control module.

How to replace the heating element in the LG washing machine?

To change the heating element, the washing machine is disconnected from the mains. The part may be at the bottom under the tank. You will need to unscrew the back cover to get to it. Master of our service is familiar with all design features of different models of LG brand, so easily dismantle the faulty element.

There is no need to order a new heating element: parts for different models of LG washing machines are always in stock at our company. After completing the work, the specialist will test the equipment and, if everything is in order, will write a warranty for services.

To avoid damage to the heating element is possible, following the simple rules of operation. The main thing is to soften the hardness of water in order to prevent the formation of limescale. For this purpose they install special filters or add a special powder with every washing.

To call the master of LG service center you can in two ways: call our operators or leave an application on a site.

How to change the heating element in LG washing machine

Breakage of the heating element is a fairly common malfunction in washing machines. Tap water often contains a large amount of mineral salts, as a result of constant heating of water element is covered with limescale, which significantly reduces the life of its work. As a result, the machine stops heating water.

If the heating element in your LG washing machine is out of order we advise to contact LG Company Service, having left the application by phone 8-499-677-76-76 (for call from Moscow and Moscow region) or by 8-800-200-76-76 (for call within Russia). LG Company Service specialists will perform the repair of any complexity quickly and qualitatively. But if you feel like a jack-of-all-trades and want to tackle the breakdown yourself, we’ve prepared for you a step-by-step guide on how to replace the heating element in an LG washing machine.

Replacing the heating element in the LG washing machine: step by step instructions

To replace a faulty heating element in the LG washing machine is possible without resorting to the wizard. The vast majority of LG models have direct drive, which means there’s no drive belt to get in the way of replacing the heating element.

  • Before proceeding to replace the heating element, make sure your washing machine is unplugged. Shut off the water and disconnect the fill and drain hose.
  • In LG washing machines, the heating element is under the tank, making it easy to change the heating element.
  • Remove the rear panel of the washing machine (usually attached by bolts or self-tapping screws).
  • You will see the external part of the heating element with the outer contacts at the bottom of the tank wall.
  • Remove the wires from the heating element. Before doing this, you can take a picture of their location on a smartphone, so that you do not make a mistake when installing the element in place.
  • Loosen the nut located in the center of the heating element so that it is held by the end of the thread. Push it inside with the pin.
  • Now you can take out the heating element. It will be easier to do this if you gently pry under the part using a screwdriver or knife. Remember that the surface of the element, the contacts and the seat are very vulnerable to mechanical damage, so proceed slowly and carefully.

How to install the heating element in a LG washing machine

  • Before proceeding to replace the element, prepare the seat by removing scale and dirt.
  • Lubricate the seat, the seal and the element itself with any lubricant for technical parts.
  • Carefully place the new heating element.
  • Screw in the nut and tighten it with a wrench.
  • Connect the terminals and wires.
  • Reassemble the machine housing, then run the machine without any laundry at high temperature. You can verify if the new heating element in your LG washing machine is operational by touching the glass in the loader door after 15 minutes of washing: it should be warm.

To make a new heating element last long you need to choose the right part. Carefully study the technical passport of the washing machine and determine the power of the element. For LG washing machines, the indicator is usually 1900-1950 Watts, but for some models, the power can be 2kW.

If for some reason you can not see the data in the data sheet, you can find out the information on the heating element itself: there may be a marking on it. Exactly these values will help you not to make a mistake when buying and choose the part that will fit your LG washing machine.

You can buy a heating element in an LG service center, a specialty parts store or in an online store. Specialists recommend not buying parts from hand and even more second-hand.

Replacement of the LG heating element.

First, let’s remove the motor drive belt so it won’t get in the way.

Unscrew the first nut and remove the clutch.

Loosen the second nut, but do not unscrew it completely.

We remove the heater, to do this take a pair of flat screwdrivers, pick up the metal base of the heater and pull it out of the tank.

In the photo you can see that the heater is not just “burned out”, but literally exploded and fell apart. The inner coil seems to be shorted to the outer casing of the heating element. One piece is missing, it is left in the tank, but it must be taken out, otherwise it can get into the drain pump, and prevent the pump from working. Also, a piece can get between the new heater and the drum, and then it’s trouble. In order to remove the piece, I used a metal wire, bent one end of the wire in the form of a hook and pulled out the missing piece.

Use the same wire to remove large pieces of scale from the tank. Before installing a new heater, be sure to clean dirt and scale from the heater seating.

Take a new tenor. As you can see from the photo, serviceable resistive element is 31 Ohm.

Install the new element, fix it well with the nut, assemble the machine and check the washing mode.

Described in this article type of repair can not be classified as a complicated repair, but the topic nevertheless, it requires some skills. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to ask for help from professionals. Good luck in repair.

How to replace the heating element in the LG washing machine with your own hands

Have you noticed that your washing machine ceased to heat water during the wash? This indicates that there is a breakdown of the heating element.

You can call a master repairman, he will make a replacement part, and you can do this work with your own hands, because it is not as difficult as it seems at first. over, it will save a few thousand in the family budget.

How to replace the heating element in an LG washing machine? We suggest to read more about this procedure.

How to replace the heating element in the LG washing machine

Almost always the water comes from the water supply is too hard. Therefore, when the washing machine heats the liquid, the scaling is formed on the heating element. Overheating of the coil occurs and this leads to a breakdown. Then we replace the heating element in the LG washing machine. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to follow some rules and add a special powder every time you wash. But if there is a breakage of the heating element. you need to buy a new one and install it.

How to remove the heating element in a LG washing machine

If your LG washing machine has stopped coping with dirt on the laundry, most likely it washes it in cold water, and this means that the tenor of the equipment is faulty, it is responsible for heating, so the failure of this part leads to very sad consequences and inevitable repair. In most cases, Ten must be replaced, and this requires a way to get to him, this review is devoted to this very issue, how to remove the Ten from the washing machine LG.

The first thing you need to figure out what can be the cause of the malfunction of the tenor.

Preparing to replace the part

In order to replace the heating element on your device, you will need the following tools:

First of all, to replace the part you need to buy a serviceable heating element. In order not to miscalculate with the right brand and model, remove the broken heater and go with him to buy a new one.

Disconnect the washing machine from all utilities before beginning work.

The heating element is most often located at the bottom of the washing machine tank. Sometimes it is not immediately detectable, because in some manufacturers’ devices, the heating element is accessed through the back of the case, and in others. through the front.

the heating element can have a different shape (in the form of letters W or U) and is located in different parts of the machine, depending on the manufacturer

To predict the location of the part in your appliance, you can carefully inspect the housing of the unit. The bulky back cover may indicate that the heater is located on the far side of the machine. Such location of the part is characteristic for devices of Indesit, Ariston, Atlant, Zanussi, Candy and Electrolux firms. And here you will most likely have to remove the front panel to replace the heating element in a Samsung washing machine. LG and Bosch also often install heaters at the front of the unit. The process of removing the front panel of the appliance (as opposed to the back) is more difficult and time consuming.

To access the heating element in a machine with a vertical load type, you will need to remove its side wall

Note! Very often to replace the heating element along with the back panel you also have to remove the top cover of the device.

Once the required element is found, carry out the following steps:

  • Memorize (or better photograph) the position of the wires on the heater pins. In case the part is connected incorrectly later on, you risk damaging it as well as the power supply unit of the machine.
  • Unfasten all connectors and remove the wires from the part, then unscrew the nut of the central bolt slightly.
  • Push the bolt inside to unseal the seal and remove the heating element by hooking the heater seal with a flathead screwdriver.

Many experts recommend first making sure the heating element is malfunctioning by checking it with a tester before removing. It is possible that the heating element is not broken at all, which is why the laundry is washed in cold water

After you have removed the part, go to the store and pick up a similar one for replacement. It is also desirable to check the purchased element for serviceability to avoid the installation of a broken part.

Why the LG washing machine does not heat water when washing?

LG washing machine can stop heating water for various reasons. Mostly, they are related to the malfunction of the machine assemblies.

The main cause of the malfunction is a breakage of the heating element. It may malfunction because of lime scale or a factory defect. In any case, it will need to be replaced.

Problems with heating element wiring

It is also possible that the heater wiring is damaged, there is no voltage to the heater, and the water does not heat up. Wiring must be diagnosed and repaired.

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Temperature sensor defective

The temperature sensor is used to control the heating element. In case of its malfunction the heating element will not heat the water. The sensor will need to be replaced.

The electronic module is defective

In rare cases the electronic control module may be defective. In this case, it will also be necessary to replace the.

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