Replacing the heater in the washing machine electrolux

Possible reasons for the lack of heat

To determine the reason for the lack of heating, it is necessary to check the correct mode. If a gentle washing algorithm is chosen, the heating may not occur at all or be so weak that it is impossible to determine tactilely. Some washing machines do not have a separate indication of temperature, so you need to read the manual with which the heating is a particular program.

If the device still stopped heating water, then it is worth to understand the possible causes and eliminate the malfunction. There are not many elements in the water heating system: Heating element, temperature sensor, control unit and wire connections of these elements. Failure of any of them will prevent heating.

Replacing the heating element in the washing machine Electrolux

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A client came to us with a problem: Electrolux washing machine doesn’t heat water.

Let’s look into the possible causes of failure?

Electrolux Washer Heating Element Replacement #137488301

Failure or breakage of the heating element (heating element);

Broken water heating sensor (thermostat);

Failure of the programmer (electronic unit);

Incorrect connection of the washing unit to the drainage system;

Our technician went to the customer to the address. The first thing to find out the cause of the malfunction was diagnose. The problem is the defective heating element.

Next, the master proceeds to repair the washing machine Electrolux. To do this, the master unfolds the washing machine, unscrews the screws and removes the back panel.

Disconnected the terminals and unscrewed the nut fixing the ground, took out the faulty part, cleaned the landing place of the fouling.

This is what the old heating element looks like.

Installed new heater, tightened nuts and wires, installed and screwed back cover, ran in test mode. Repair Completed!

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In the first place it is necessary to determine that the malfunction is related to the work of the heating element. To do this, the master comes with special equipment and starts the washing program. He draws conclusions from the following signs:

  • There is no heating of the water. The heating element is broken, experts say. The washing program can run as usual, but with cold water. The old washing machine will not stop until it is disconnected from the power supply. Modern models show an error.
  • Automatic disconnector knocks out at startup or after 10 minutes of machine operation. This indicates a short circuit has occurred inside the heater.
  • Immediately after turning on the machine knocked out the RCD. This indicates a short circuit has occurred or current is flowing to the chassis. This situation is considered the most dangerous, since during the heating there is almost no insulation of the heating device.

These causes may only indirectly indicate a breakdown, but it’s important to keep in mind that there may be other malfunctions that can be fixed. For this, it is important to call a specialist with measuring equipment to accurately determine the breakdown. Replacing the heater in a washing machine is possible in any model, including the following:

Warning! Repair of washing machines and replacement of the heating element depends on the load type. Horizontal loading designs are used in most cases. In this case, the heating element is located on the back wall, and access to repair it is not difficult.

The main causes of breakage

often than not, the water heater breaks down for reasons:

  • Limescale. Poor quality tap water leads to the fact that all mineral impurities are deposited on the heater. Scale prevents the transfer of heat, the element begins to overheat and eventually burns out (or triggers the thermostat).
  • You are using hand washing powder in a washing machine. Because of this, a thick soap scum appears on the surface, which, like limescale, interferes with normal heat exchange.
  • Voltage fluctuations. An unstable power supply can cause damage to expensive parts of the washing machine.
  • Factory rejection. New machines with illiquid parts are rare, but it is impossible to foresee that they will be absent at all.

Rules for checking the heater

You can check the heater without taking it out of the tank, which greatly simplifies and speeds up repair work. If it is found that it is fully serviceable, the problem with the control electronics, and its repair requires special technical education. Without such knowledge it is better not to touch the control system. Checking is done with a tester or other electrical device that allows you to measure the resistance and amperage.

There are three ways to control the effectiveness of the heater.

    On the rupture of nichrome spiral. This is the most common cause of heater failure: for whatever reason, the coil burns out, the current does not pass through it. Checking this fault is performed by testing the element, for this purpose the leads of the tester are connected to the two terminals of the coil. The measurement switch is set in the “Resistance” position. If the arrow of the device sharply deviates to the “0” mark, the coil has burned out. Before testing, check the efficiency of the device. short-circuit the two outputs, the resistance arrow should sharply move to zero.

Using a multimeter you can determine the breakage of the coil

How to replace the heating element in the washing machine

If the washing machine does not warm up the water. there is a great risk that the water heater has fulfilled its useful life. It is usually located at the bottom of the tank. The heating element is responsible for heating the water and is a consumable element, which is characterized by frequent and premature breakdowns. On how to replace the heating element in the washing machine and to identify the causes of his failure, read the article.

Fault location on the heating element

The tubular electric heater, or TEN, is located in the bottom of Samsung and other brands of washing machines. Some models have it in the front, some have it in the back and some have it on the side. To locate this part as precisely as possible, you should carefully remove the back panel and see everything with your own eyes. Before to proceed to the repair and replacement of the heating element, it is recommended to look through the corresponding photos and video. it will allow you to avoid possible problems.

In most cases, the heating element in Indesit, Samsung, Electrolux, Candy machines is located in the back of the appliance. There is a simple way to determine where the heating element is located. Its location in the back of the washing machine may be indicated by the large size of the removable panel. If this panel is small, it is likely that the heating element is in the front. However, it is best to first remove the back panel and check.

How to know if the heating element is not working

Due to the fact that during the washing it is impossible to open the tank, you should learn about the breakdown of the heating element by indirect signs.

It is possible to roughly calculate the time of draining dirty water into the drain before rinsing and at this point touch the surface of the hose. If it is warm. everything is normal, if it is cold you need to change the heater. But not everyone is able to do so. What other signs are telltale signs of a faulty heating element??

  • The washing quality has sharply deteriorated. It does not rise if the detergent is changed and the heating temperature on the control panel is increased.
  • Your power consumption during the wash cycle has been markedly reduced. Remember that the water heating takes at least 80% of the energy of the dispenser.
  • The washing machine switches off on its own or the circuit breakers of the safety electric fittings are triggered. Such situations occur during filling the dispenser with water. If you have such a case. unplug the machine immediately and do not use it until it is repaired.

If the quality of washing has sharply deteriorated, it is necessary to check whether the heating element is working

Important. Unfortunately, most older homes and apartments in Russia are not grounded, which greatly increases the risk of injury. At the first sign of short-circuit problems turn off the electrical equipment as soon as possible and call a professional electrician, or fix the problem yourself. But for this you need to have special tools and devices, to know the requirements of electrical codes and regulations.

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