Replacing the heater on the washing machine Indesit

Change the heating element in the washing machine Indesite

What to do if the washing machine stopped warming the water? Most likely, the problem lies in the wear of the heater, a heating spiral, which will not be difficult to replace. This article will tell you in detail how to change the heater in the failed washing machine Indesite.

First, we will understand the reasons for the failure of the heating element. It can be:

  • The voluminous growths of the scale, which is formed due to too hard water;
  • Rust on the surface of the heater due to moisture, the cause of the penetration of which is the depressurization of the tank;
  • A rare phenomenon. Factory marriage.

All these factors lead to the fact that the water during washing does not heat up to the desired temperature, that is, only cold washing is possible. In some cases, the unit reacts in such a way that the programs providing for a high.Temperature regime are simply not launched.

Thanks to advertising, there is an opinion that as a result of the breakdown of the heater, water will flow sharply from the bottom of the car, but this does not correspond to reality.

It is very easy to diagnose the problem: it is enough to touch the surface of the hatch in the middle of the washing cycle. It will be cold, and the linen after such washing will not be extended properly. If you have a multimeter, you can independently check the resistance of the heater: this method will give an exact answer to the question about the serviceability of the heating element.

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The principle of operation is the Ten

The water he heats the heater can be any, for example, if the water with impurities is or stiff, then a scale will form during its heating, which is able to break your washing unit at any unexpected moment, provided that you will not regularly clean it.

This is not the only reason why the washing machine can fail. If you notice that the water in your design does not heat up, then most likely you have broken the heater. You need to urgently check the heater, and if it is broken, purchase another.

If you want to do this without the help of masters, then for this you need to know how to change/repair the heater yourself. Now we will tell you how to verify the performance of Ten, where his location is and how to understand whether he has broken or not.

How is the replacement of the heating element in our service center

This method of replacing Ten is universal, however, may vary depending on the characteristics of your washing machine. Our experts will take into account all the nuances and will replace any complexity.

How to replace the heater located behind the machine?

In the washing machines Indesit, Whirlpool and some other models of Ten is installed from behind, which allows you to independently replace the details.

  • Disconnect the machine from power and drain the water, having previously unhooked if the hoses are necessary and the water is blocked.
  • Unscrew the screws from behind and remove the lid, which can be of different sizes and shapes.
  • The heating element stands at the bottom of the tank. Disconnect all the wires that you see. Typically, in the center there is a grounding wire, at the edges of the phase and zero, even wiring from a thermal attemptor and four contacts.
  • Get the heater using a end key 8 or 10. The fastening nut (in the center) is unscrewed, and the bolt is pressed inside.
  • Now, armed with a flat screwdriver, insert it between the heater and the tank and squeeze it out.
  • Cleaning is carried out: the remains of detergents, scale, garbage are removed.
  • New Ten is installed in place. But, first a temperature sensor is connected. And for the part to get free, you can grease the elastic band with soap or a dishwasher for washing dishes. She should be completely drowned in the tank.

Tip: to avoid leaks in the future, pour a bucket of water into the tank above the level. If you see a leak from under the seal, it is better to twist a slightly mounting nut.

Important! The heater inside the drum is kept by a metal bracket and if the end of the heating element does not get into the bracket, then during operation, the drum will hurt for it and will disable the machine.

The work was completed, figured out how to replace the heater in the washing machine and it is ready for operation.

Signs and causes of malfunction

The probability of malfunctions depends on the correct operation of the technique and conduct preventive measures.

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The reasons for the heater can be as follows:

How to change the heating element on indesit washing machine

  • Factory marriage. This happens even with trusted manufacturers. The spiral burns out, holes form in the housing.
  • Scale. In the process of washing insoluble salts settled on Ten. When there are many of them, the element is warming longer, which leads to its combustion.
  • Wear. Each product has its own resource. Constant temperature changes and metal fatigue lead to the destruction of the wire inside the shell.
  • Voltage drops. Tenas are designed to work in a narrow range of current values. Excess of its voltage and strength disables the product.

Damage on the washing machine Indesite is not uncommon. Based on this, it is easy to find the desired part for replacement on sale.


Change the heating element in the Samsung, Ariston, etc.D., Pretty simple. To do this, just open the rear hatch, find the heater inside, disconnect the wires from it, unscrew the mounting bolt and replace the faulty part. To do this, we only need:

The heating element described below is applicable on any model of LG, Samsung, Bosh or Indesit washing machines. It doesn’t even matter. With horizontal loading your machine your machine or with a vertical. The principle and procedure for actions in all cases is the same.

The causes of the malfunction

Most often, the heater breakdown occurs due to:

  • Nakipi. Which appears as a result of using too hard water;
  • Rust. Which is formed due to moisture penetration, the cause of which may be depressurization of the tank;
  • Extremely rarely. Factory marriage.
replacing, heater, washing, machine

How To Replace A Tumble Dryer Heater Element (Indesit)

Regardless of the reason, as a result, the heater overheats above the required temperature, and the machine erases only with cold water. Sometimes during the breakdown of the heater, the washing modes providing for high temperature indicators are simply not launched.

The widespread opinion is that in the event of a burning of the heater, water will flow from the bottom of the machine. Far from the truth. This is not true. And to check if the heating element works without resorting to disassembling the machine, it is enough after 15-20 minutes of washing to touch the loading hatch with your hand. If the glass temperature is increased, then the heating element works.

Certificates for each of our master

We have long been engaged in the maintenance of such household appliances, so we studied the subtleties in its work and maintenance well, so any breakdown, regardless of its complexity, can be effectively and quickly eliminated. We have real professionals who, having vast experience in solving any problems, are ready to come to the rescue at any time.

We are ready to start work as soon as possible (departure in Moscow is carried out immediately after applying for an application, a qualified specialist is selected, who is as close as possible to the client).

We test the old detail

To check the heating element, you need to know its working power. Then, having substituted the values ​​in the formula r = u²/p, where the “u” is an indicator of the voltage in the network (220V), you can calculate the resistance that should be issued by a good detail. Further, the resulting number is drawn with the value displayed on the multimeter board.

For example, in the washing machine a heating element with a capacity of 1800 watts is installed. Then, having substituted values ​​into the formula, we get a resistance of 26.89 Ohms. A slight deviation is allowed, plus/minus 3 Ohms.

Information about the power of the heating element is indicated on the body of the heater.

Next, you need to “arm” with a multimeter and transfer it to the resistance measurement mode. One tester probe is applied to the right terminal of the heater, the other to the left. Then you need to evaluate the readings on the screen of the device. If the number of the multimeter displays the number from 23 to 30 Ohms. The heater is serviceable. Zero, unit or an infinity striving for infinity will tell about the failure of the heater out of order. In this case, the replacement of the part will be inevitable.

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