Replacing the heating boiler in private

How to replace a gas boiler with a new

When operating the boiler, its power, the level of efficiency is gradually reduced. The equipment is obsolete and no longer complies with modern standards.

The most common reasons for the replacement of technology:

  • The performance of the boiler is no longer satisfied. If you made an extension or connected additional devices (for example, a boiler) to the contour, then the old unit may not pull the load.
  • Inappropriate functionality. Installation of a double.Circuit device instead of a single.Circuit allows not only to heat the room, but also to use hot water supply (DHW).
  • Issues of rationality. Standard boilers consume a lot of gas. But more modern, condensation devices use not only gas, but also steam. This approach increases the efficiency by 110%.
  • Wear or breakdown of technology.

Therefore, if your old AOGV works “on the last breath”, if the cost of maintenance is equated with the purchase of a new device, then replacement is simply necessary.

  • With a closed combustion chamber. This is a safer variety, because the burner is closed from external influence. Discharging of smoke occurs thanks to the fan. The connected coaxial chimney contains two tubes through which air enters and burning is removed. Require connection to the network.
  • With an open camera. Open burner requires air intake from the room to maintain flame. Good ventilation and connection to a smoke.Haired shaft are needed.

What threatens an independent replacement of a floor gas boiler with a wall?. Jurispruders.Ru

The floor gas boiler was removed from the old place, and a wall cauldron hanged in place of the gas column. Installation was made by the master from the gas site not officially. Every year a gas equipment agreement was concluded. After 3.5 years of the boiler, problems began to arise with his work. I call employees, I hear in response the application is accepted, wait and so on within 1.6 months. During this time, employees arrived 3 times, but could not do anything, they say that in such boilers they do not understand and leave silently (and there is a contract). They say that it would be necessary to wash the boiler, but they do not have a device. On the announcement, I found a man who is engaged in washing boilers, called, arrived, washed. Problems remained. Called the workers again, arrived, said that he washed well and left. I make another call to the gas service and I hear the answer: who illegally washed the boiler, he would continue to repair. When installing a new wall boiler, nothing in the designs was changed, they simply removed the old boiler in general, and instead of the gas column they hung a new boiler. I live in a 4-storey building.

Issues of maintenance and repair of intra.House and intra.Apartment gas equipment are regulated by the rules for using gas in terms of security when using and maintaining internal and intra.Apartment gas equipment when providing utility bills approved by the Government of the Russian Federation of May 14, 2013. N 410, and the rules for the supply of gas to ensure communal needs of citizens approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 21, 2008. N 549.According to the rules for using gas, the replacement of equipment that is part of the intra.House and (or) intra.Apartment gas equipment is carried out by a specialized organization as part of the execution of the contract for maintenance and repair of intra.House or intra.Apartment gas equipment. Independent replacement of the indicated equipment by its owner without the involvement of a specialized organization is not allowed.

replacing, heating, boiler, private

In accordance with st. 41 of the above rules.

B) amendments to the terms of the contract on the maintenance and repair of the intra.House and (or) intra.Apartment gas equipment in the part relating to the list of equipment that is part of the serviced house or intra.Apartment gas equipment in the case of changing the number and types of equipment that is included in its composition;

G) perform work on the repair of intra.House or intra.Apartment gas

Equipment on the basis of customer applications;

The responsibility of the consumer and the contractor under the contract is stipulated by the seventh section of the rules, so according to the. 66

The Contractor carries the established degrees of the Russian Federation, the Law of the Russian Federation “Concept Consumer Rights” and the Treaty on the maintenance and repair of the Headsuridom and (or) intra.Apartment gas equipment

A) the bonus of the quality of work (provision of services) for the technical service and repair of the intra.House and intra.Apartment gas

In your case, the service contract has already concluded what equipment is indicated in it? Yours? If so, then you need to send a written claim to the contractor (gas service). But you should first consult a specialist in the field of heating, because the problem may not be in gas equipment, but in pipelines or radiators. If the old gas boiler is indicated, then most likely after the dispute with the gas service you will have to repay the fine and make the project for a new boiler. Usually, if the power of the new unit has not been changed in the greatest possible way.

Replacing the heating boiler

The heat exchanger of the floor steel boiler Ishma burned out? Constant overheating of the gas boiler Baxi Slim? Beretta’s wall gas double.Circuit boiler for 7 years, and in the well a bad hard water and you changed the secondary heat exchanger more than once? What to do in such cases?

You should not think, with us you get full technical support and bringing heating to an absolute working condition, and the team of the masters of our service center is always ready to replace the heating devices. Emergency service of the service.

It is convenient and profitable to order the repair of a gas heater at the beginning of the manifestation of any causes, without resorting to an emergency change of the device. Always consult a specialist to avoid unnecessary and premature costs.

Diagnostics and repair of an old or faulty boiler does not always end with replacement, but during the replacement of the heater, the money spent on the call of the master and the technical inspection always remain with the customer, if you really need to change the boiler.

Please be guided by the recommendations of our service engineers for proper investment when deciding to replace the heating boiler in your house.

In Moscow and the Moscow region there are a huge number of companies that offer heating boilers for sale. There is an opinion that you can buy a boiler unit and install it, such as a refrigerator or microwave.

Not everything that is easily bought is also easy to install. Heating boilers are no exception. Further perennial work, comfort, uninterrupted heat and preparation of hot water depends on the correct installation and commissioning.

replacing, heating, boiler, private

The replacement of the boiler with a gaseous fuel occurs quickly, efficiently in compliance with all the norms and rules of the gas farm. Replacing the boiler in a private house without changing a gas project is possible.

We transfer boilers to gas, which worked on diesel fuel before replacement, if it is accurate, the boiler of the heating boiler is changing or reconfigurations. We draw up and make approval of permission to replace the gas boiler subject to the normative procedure.

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Replacements of heating boilers are made in country houses, apartments, and buildings of enterprises. You do not need to think where to start a change of gas heating unit, trust all technical operations to the professionals of our engineering service.

In accordance with all norms and rules, the responsibility for the working, as well as the constantly serviceable condition of the entire gas equipment lies with a specialized organization. With this company you have an agreement (VDGO) and in any case it is carried out at 100%.

We bring to the correct procedure for the execution of documents during the unauthorized replacement of the gas boiler. Replacing old Russian gas boilers AOGV, Ishma, KCM, Don, Neva, Siberia on new similar devices are made out of turn. We minimize financial costs and documentary approval in the technical services of the city.

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Guaranteed delivery of Russian gas heating equipment for residential buildings, buildings during a replacement of a boiler operating on a gaseous fuel.

We reconnect for residents of the Moscow region and adjacent regions gas boilers of ZhMZ Zhukovsky Mechanical Plant.

Tested by time, owners of excellent reviews and operating for decades without repairs, gas heater, and today two.Circuit models.

Urgent change of boiler equipment in a residential building

The change of heating boiler must be carried out in a timely manner without rush with a good mood, which will save you strength and money in any case.

Replacing the gas heating boiler of a top.Top private house in some cases occurs suddenly during good frosts, when the heating apparatus operates in the maximum temperature mode.

A rare case when owners of private houses keep registration of gas heating devices, order diagnostics and plan to replace the heating technique in advance.

Interested in the cost of work and the cost of a similar boiler, the rules for replacing a gas boiler and the rules for drawing up documents for competent confirmation of the re.Equipment of a gas boiler room. Therefore, very often the change of heating equipment of the cottage occurs urgently or very urgently.

So it is better to do it with your own hands during the re.Equipment of a gas heater in the cottage, and what to give better to the service center of a specialized organization in your area of ​​the Moscow region or (New Moscow).

Questions are often rested in the comprehensive cost of replacing a gas.Gunner, so many owners of suburban real estate try to replace a household boiler with their own hands. This is not always saving family money, so many users mix specialized equipment with household appliances.

Is it worth inventing a bicycle? How much effort, time and finance will go on an independent replacement of the boiler, will it be possible to launch it at all? This is especially true of the option when a floor gas boiler is replaced with a wall.Circuit gas apparatus of foreign production. With all the ensuing legal consequences and technical nuances you will have to meet

In the end, all questions will have to be answered independently and only correctly, and this event will take so much time that it is better to contact the service specialists.

The answers to all these questions are known to professionals who briefly and clearly determine the essence of the problem and the procedure for further actions in the emergency replacement of the heating boiler in private household.

We have been working for a long time for the Moscow region for individuals and legal entities for the implementation of installation and commissioning work for boiler units in various forms of fuel, including diesel fuel and liquefied gas.

In the Moscow region, there are 7 technical departments of the service center for maintenance of heating under subscriber agreements.

We note a special case. The manifestation of a serious breakdown in a gas boiler after the purchase and installation of the device in a defective form on your own.

Here you need to follow all the rules under the guarantee of the gas device and clarify the replacement options in the warranty service center, where you will politely ask for a warranty ticket certified by the seal of a specialized organization and the painting of the service engineer who made the installation and commissioning of the boiler. The launching work of a gas boiler is a mandatory event subject to a guarantee and further maintenance.

We carry out the following types of work:

Our experts will also modernize, reconstruction or repair of the boiler room at any stage, any complexity.

What you need to install a gas boiler

The first stage of installation is a determination of the compliance of the room with the minimum standards for the installation of boiler equipment.

When determining the admissibility of the installation of the boiler, SP 89 is taken into account.13330 (SNiP II-35-76) “Bolen Instructions”, in the actualized version after 2015, with changes of.9 (additions published in 2012, establishes requirements for the construction of gas mini-boiling in a private residential building, production enterprises, households. Public, administrative buildings).

    By the type of room. Installation is allowed exclusively in non.Residential premises fenced from the rest of the room and the corridor door. According to SNiP 2.04.08-87 (canceled), installation was prohibited in the bathroom and santehuzlah, but in regulatory documents under the number SP 62.13330 (SNiP 42-01-2002). This instruction is canceled.

If the room meets the requirements specified in the construction standards, proceed to the design of the design and other documentation.

When applying for a permit for the installation of boiler equipment, there is a need to install a gas meter. Although this requirement is not mandatory, the regulatory authorities will not issue permission to install the boiler without a meter.

What permits are needed

Permission to use a gas boiler must be obtained from the controlling organization operating in this region. Usually, this is Gorgaz or Oblgaz. To draw up all the necessary documents, you will need to go through several stages of registration:

    TU for connecting to the gas line. The development will indicate that the technical conditions of the building and the parameters of the gas pipeline allow you to connect the boiler equipment.For manufacture, TU will take from several weeks to a month. The document must be spelled out in the document. The issuance of technical conditions, in fact, is a permit for the development and manufacture of the project.

    Resolution of Rostekhnadzor and other technical documentation for the installed boiler.

The issuance of the result of approvals is a permit for the installation of a gas boiler room in accordance with the existing project.

Whether the installation is acceptable with your own hands

In fact, it is stipulated in the joint venture that installation work should perform a licensed and certified specialist. Few people know, but this norm applies exclusively to the connection to the gas line. Connection of the boiler itself can be performed independently, provided that the technical formation is available.

When deciding, install the boiler independently or attract specialists, take into account several nuances:

    When installing a condensation type boiler, you need to connect the unit to the mains and connect the condensate removal system without violations.

After installation, a gas representative must check the boiler performance and fill out documents on commissioning.

How much does a gas boiler replacement cost and gas workers services

The cost of deinstallation, installation, preparation of documents, launching and commissioning is influenced by the conditions of equipment replacement (equivalent or with other parameters. For example more powerful), a model of new equipment and its technical characteristics, region.

In Moscow, specializing companies will be replaced by a served gas boiler in a private house for 10-25 thousand in St. Petersburg for 5-17 thousand for residents of the regions will be from 4.5 to 12 thousand, at the same time, only half of the amount will go directly to dismantle and replace the old boiler, and the rest will have to be given to the gas workers for the connection and the first launch of the boiler.

Important! The preparation of documentation is not always provided for by the contract between the customer and the company, which will replace any gas boiler. We must clarify what is provided for in the list of services so that the procedure is legally.

Our gallery of work

Preparation for the installation and replacement of the heating boiler

When ordering the installation of a gas, electric heating boiler, you should determine the wiring scheme. It can be a single.Pipe and two.Pipe option. The first implies the use of a closed circuit from one pipe, which is consistently summed up to each of the radiators. Two.Pipe configuration uses two highways at once. Hot water is brought to the heating device, the second serves to remove the cooled coolant and return it to the boiler. In this case, the user will have the ability to adjust the temperature of each heat point and make a point repair in case of breakdown.

Regardless of the selected scheme, the installation of a turnkey heating boiler will require a number of preparatory measures. The collection of tools and components (welding or soldering iron for connecting pipe segments, warehouse and gas keys, screwdrivers, clamps, insulating materials, etc.), arranging the installation site of boiler equipment, application markings, checking the water system, building a wiring plan for clarity, de.Energizing the CVS. After that, you can start practical events.

How the boiler is installed?

The process begins with the choice of a place for installation work. When buying a suspension system, you will need to equip brackets for reliable fixation. Further, if the heating system is created from scratch, it is necessary to cut sections of pipes of the desired length in accordance with preliminary measurements, collecting them in a suitable way. The following stages:

  • Strapping the boiler and inserting measuring instruments, valves, valves, other control units;
  • Installation of compressors for injection of pressure;
  • Assembling sections of the highway and connecting them to the points of analysis of the coolant;
  • Insulation of places of joints;
  • Connection of controllers, thermostats, control unit;
  • Inclusion of the boiler in the mains;
  • Launch of water into the system, verification for importance and leaks;
  • Launching equipment.

All events are held in strict accordance with SNiP and safety precautions.

How to call a master at home

If you need professional assistance in installing and replacing the heating boiler in a private house, call us number 7 (495) 510-22-50, describe the front of the work to the operator and indicate individual preferences, wishes and requirements. Within an hour after leaving the application, profile specialists will be in your doorstep in full uniforms with a willingness to start the task. We work throughout the Moscow region 365 days a year, regardless of holidays and weekends.

Thanks to rich experience, our company has implemented hundreds of projects to arrange heating systems in private houses using gas and electric, floor and wall, double.Circuit and single.Circuit boilers from various manufacturers. Replacing the heating boiler with us is a guarantee of high quality and reliability.

Requirements for separate.Standing furnace

Separate boiler houses are built for powerful heat generators, the operation of which provides for an enhanced safety regime.

Requirements for furnace, built separately from the residential building:

Concrete floors are arranged in the rooms or cover them with a fireproof finish. For equipment weighing more than 200 kg, a reinforced base of 15 cm high is prepared.

Heated water enters the house on a warm pipeline with low heat loss. A separately standing furnace does not occupy the useful area of ​​the house, is safe in operation and does not violate the architectural appearance of the building. Can be used to heating a group of buildings, for example, at home, baths and greenhouses.

Doors requirements

External doors in the event of an explosion should easily break off the loops. Then the energy will be directed out and bring less destruction than with a rigidly and firmly fixed canvas. But in any case, you need to protect the room from outsiders who can enter and damage expensive equipment.

The internal doors are designed to contain a flame in a fire for 15 minutes. The standard corresponds to the canvas of the 3rd type with the fire resistance limit EI 15. They retain the integrity and thermal insulation properties for the time sufficient to evacuate people from the house and the arrival of the Salvation Service.

Ventilation of the boiler room

The requirements for a boiler room in a private house are very strict regarding ventilation. Combustion products formed during fuel burning are dangerous for humans. Inhalation of carbon monoxide leads to severe poisoning. High concentration causes paralysis and even death.

Gas leaks on the network create the danger of an explosion. Methane, propane and butane heavier than air. They accumulate in the lower level of the room. That is why it is recommended to arrange gaps near the floor or exhausted open holes in the wall under the outer door to remove hazardous substances. For every 10 kW of the unit capacity, 0.01 m² of cross.Sectional area of ​​the supply channel is required.

Natural ventilation recommended by the norm includes supply and exhaust channels to replace air in the room. Their area is calculated based on the triple volume of the room and selected according to special tables, diagrams, or using it it is a line of calculators.

replacing, heating, boiler, private

For every 10 kW of power, 0.01 m² of cross.Sectional area of ​​the supply channel is required.

Combustion products are diverted through a chimney or coaxial pipe mounted into the wall. In the first case, the channel cross section must correspond to the diameter of the boiler pipe. Optimal shape. Circle or oval.

The walls of the chimney protect against condensate formation. Warm air, moving through the pipe, is cooled, which leads to the loss of water vapor in the form of dew. In winter, the moisture freezes, the channel narrows. This contributes to the deterioration of the removal of combustion products.

Condensate protection is carried out by a chimney lining or a steel stainless pipe is installed inside. The corners and turns should be smooth, the joints of the channel elements. Hermetic.

In other cases, the ventilation system may be lower. For two units, separate systems are arranged for giving smoke.

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