Review of the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi with wet cleaning

Xiaomi MiJia Robot Vacuum Mop Essential G1: a budget robot vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi MiJia Robot Vacuum Mop Essential G1 (or simply Mijia G1) is a 2020 robot developed by Xiaomi for the budget segment. The manufacturer’s recipe is very simple: they took an old model Mijia 1C, removed the visual navigation, added a second brush and refined the wet cleaning. Because of these transformations it was possible to reduce the price tag to 11-12 thousand and for a robot with mapping and a 2200 Pa motor, it’s a great deal.


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In terms of design and construction the Mijia G1 is almost exactly the same as the Mijia 1C. The only difference. the front panel of the predecessor had a video camera lens, and the new robot does not have it. The body is made in the form of “pill” with a diameter of 350 mm and a height of 81.5 mm. On the front of the panel built in a double button to start auto-cleaning or sending the vacuum cleaner to the base.

The dust canister is inserted under the hinged lid. It is a 2 in 1 container: a 600 ml waste / garbage chamber on the bottom and a 200 ml water tank on the top. Three filters. mesh, cotton and HEPA. are built into the dust canister for fine air filtration. The dust canister is covered by the suction port to prevent dirt from escaping into the air duct during extraction.

The front of the body is covered by a soft-touch bumper of classic design: a plastic arc with tinted glass, under which there are IR sensors. There is a silicone strip on the bottom of the bumper to soften the collision with obstacles.

Mijia G1’s working tools are under the bottom:

  • Three-beam end brushes screwed to the seats with self-tapping screws;
  • 70 mm diameter drive wheels with soft rubber tires;
  • Movable work unit frame with scraper and flow dividers;
  • turbo brush with petals and nylon bristles;
  • swivel roller and charging terminals;
  • 4 surface sensors;
  • slots for attaching a mop.


Name Xiaomi Mijia G1
BATTERY 2500 mAh
Operating Time 70-90 min
Rated power 25 W
Suction power 2200 Pa
Cleaning area Up to 100 sq. meters. м
Modes quiet, standard, medium and turbo
Container capacity 600 ml
Tank 200 ml
Wetting control There is
Appendix There are
Navigation Gyroscope
Automatic return to docking station for charging Yes
Dimensions 353x350x81.5 mm
Where to buy
Aliexpress 10000
Yandex Market 11500


In dry cleaning, the robot sweeps debris under the bottom with end brushes under the suction nozzle. The rubber shield ensures a tight fit of the frame and to the floor and prevents dirt from sneaking in. A combined turbo brush is responsible for the contact surface treatment:

  • The soft bristles pick up hairs that are stuck to the carpet and sweep sand out of the cracks in the flooring;
  • The stiff petals wipe away dirt clinging to the floor, scraping hair and debris into the air duct.

Nidec brushless motor draws debris into dust collector. The 2200 Pa suction power is powerful enough to thoroughly clean medium-pile carpets, pick up pebbles and small metal objects.

For the robot to start wet cleaning, it is enough to attach a mop with a pre-moistened cloth to the bottom. Water from the built-in cistern is supplied through nozzles in the bottom of the cleaner. An electric pump is responsible for dispensing, so the wipe stops wetting when idle.

Automatic cleaning can be started by simply pressing a button on the unit. For more detailed configuration of the vacuum cleaner, you need to synchronize the robot with the Mi Home app on your smartphone. The user is offered the following control options:

  • Automatic cleaning start (“snake”);
  • Starts local cleaning (spiral cleaning within 1 meter radius);
  • adjusting the power (4 positions) and the intensity of wetting the wipe (3 positions);
  • making a work schedule for the week ahead;
  • changing the direction of travel using an analog joystick;
  • Viewing of the map;
  • Evaluating the wear and tear of accessories and searching for a lost robot by an audible signal.

The Mijia G1 uses a 6-axis gyroscope to determine its position in space, and odometers to determine the distance traveled. This simple system allows you to build a schematic map in the app. Minus is that when the wheels slipping on the map appear artifacts (the robot thinks that he walked a greater distance than in reality). Obstacle detection with a soft-touch bumper with built-in tactile and infrared sensors. Under-bottom surface sensors prevent the robot from driving up stairs or falling off balconies.

According to the manufacturer’s assurances, the battery capacity of 2500 mAh is enough for 1.5 hours of work, but in fact this time is slightly less. in the range of 50-70 minutes. After intermediate recharging, the Mijia G1 resumes work from a reference point, so that in total it has time to treat up to 120 square meters. м.

Advantages and disadvantages

For its price tag, the Mijia G1 boasts a wide range of features and impressive performance, but you can find certain disadvantages if you want to.

  • budget price;
  • high suction power;
  • Two side brushes;
  • Turbo brush with a floating frame;
  • Wet cleaning with water control;
  • map building;
  • smartphone control.

Mijia Sweeping Robot G1 perfectly copes with dry cleaning in apartments up to 70 square meters. м. Preferably, the layout of the apartment is simple and the flooring is homogeneous. And also the robot is able to wipe surface dust with a rag. Overall, Mijia G1 can be considered the unqualified leader of the budget segment. The only competitor, 360 C50 though can brag of more powerful motor (2600Pa), but does not draw the map and does not do a combined cleaning. That’s why everyone who is not ready to spend more than 13 thousand dollars for the purchase of the 360 C50 It is worth paying your attention to Mijia G1.

Which robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi better choose in 2022

Conventional vacuum cleaners are gradually being replaced by robots. These compact devices almost do not take up space in the house and independently vacuum the floors, and some models even wash them.

Today we will tell you about the 10 best robot vacuum cleaners Xiaomi, t. к. The Chinese company has no rivals in this category.

Budget robot vacuum cleaners Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential (MiJia G1)

The most affordable robot in the whole range of Xiaomi is MiJia G1 for 10 thousand. It is cheaper than analogues only because of the simple gyroscope-based navigation and a weak 2500 mAh battery. Otherwise, it is quite a quality robot, adapted for small rooms. MiJia G1 draws a map (but does not save it in memory), picks up trash with two brooms, cleans carpets with a turbo brush, vacuums and wipes the floor at the same time.

As an alternative to this model you can consider Lydsto G1. It will cost a little more, but it has a low-profile body. only 70 mm, while the suction power reaches 3300 Pa. A great solution for apartments with furniture on low legs.

Roborock E4 and E5

In the budget segment is a representative of the company Roborock, which actually specializes in robots premium class. In ’20, the company released Roborock E4, a robot with excellent build quality and gyroscopic navigation. The E4 could boast the same silicone brush as the company’s flagships, and did well with dry cleaning, despite a moderate suction power of only 2,000 Pa.

And a year later there was an improved version. Roborock E5. The suction power increased to 2500 Pa, the robot got a control panel and in general looks more presentable. Theoretically, you can still buy E4 from leftovers in some store, but it is not advisable to do it, because Roborock E5 is better in all aspects.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop (Mijia 1C and 2C)

The following three robots are equipped with an overview camera, so they can memorize the map built. The most famous one is the Mijia 1C. It vacuums in a dedicated area, does not go behind virtual walls, boasts a powerful 2500 Pa motor and a wet cleaning function. Until 2020, the Mijia 1C remained almost the best robot with a camera on the market, but then became obsolete due to a weak battery and limited app capabilities.

Dreame F9

There are two new robots to replace this model. Dreame F9. a twin of the Mijia 1C with a premium battery and room plan breakdown. Dreame also improved the design of the turbo brush. its ends can be removed, which seriously facilitates maintenance.

The second new product is the Mijia 2C with a larger water tank, a more powerful motor and an improved end brush. It has not three leashes, as we are used to, but the whole six. such a design increases the efficiency of work on thick carpets. I think we will see more robots with such a brush in the future, but for now it is a unique solution to the company’s lineup.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mijia 1S

In the big family of Xiaomi there are inexpensive robots with lidar. First and foremost is the legendary Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It was released back in ’16 and became the ancestor of all other vacuum cleaners Xiaomi. Vacuum Cleaner is still on sale and boasts ultrasonic sensors, a powerful 5200 mAh battery and quality dry cleaning. Sounds good, but the interaction with the card does not provide the word completely, which is why at the moment Vacuum Cleaner has lost all relevance.

In 2019, the Vacuum Cleaner was replaced by the Vacuum cleaner 1S (or simply Mijia 1S). The novelty is equipped not only lidar, and a camera that allows you to put on a map of the virtual wall, and suction power up to 2000 Pa.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P (Mijia LDS)

In the same year appeared Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P (or Mijia LDS), designed for the domestic market of China. Russian customers faced with the lack of Russian language, constant freezing of the application, and the need to look for an adapter for the Chinese plug. In addition, Mijia LDS has a more modest battery than its predecessors. 3200 mAh, and ask for a robot the same as for Mijia 1S. But it also added wet cleaning with herringbone passes.

TROUVER Robot LDS Vacuum Mop

And in 2021 Xiaomi released a cheaper and at the same time more modern TROUVER Robot LDS Vacuum Mop: turbo brush frame with protection against winding hair, mop with a tank of 270 ml, targeted, forbidden zones for different types of cleaning, in general, everything you need for an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner. The only thing you can charge Trauver with is a weak 2,600 mAh battery, but as for a robot for 15k. The offer is very attractive.

Review of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop: self-sufficient, washing, affordable

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop is a new model that continues the best traditions of the brand. As stated by the vendor, the smart device offers maximum functions at a reasonable price: it vacuums on schedule, does wet cleaning, navigates in any room. And what in practice? We tested the novelty for 10 days. We tell you about the impressions.

Appearance and equipment Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Global

In the kit. all the essentials for the operation of the device:

  • charging station with euro plug (the type of plug depends on the region for which the product is intended);
  • side brush and turbo brush;
  • a brush comb for cleaning the brush;
  • water tank and rag;
  • instructions and warranty card.

In terms of design the robot looks just fine. It has no protruding parts on top, due to which the height is only 81.5 mm.

The top cover is made of white glossy plastic, and the sides are made of matte. On the lid. power and home buttons, as well as a navigation camera.

Underneath it is a container for dusting, which has a capacity of 600 ml. In my case, it is fully sufficient to clean a two-room apartment of 57 square meters (37 meters minus furniture). The bin fills up to 20 percent in one 3-day cleaning.

On the front, there is a black bar that has 7 infrared sensors for obstacle detection.

On the bottom are sensors to keep you from falling down the stairs and an optical flow sensor to help navigate the carpets. There’s also a small brush on the side and a large turbo brush in the center.

Notice the wheels. The robot can traverse thresholds up to two centimeters high.

Access to everything that requires maintenance, which are brushes, water tank and trash can, is well thought out. They are easy to take out and just as easy to put back in.

A review of the state-of-the-art Xiaomi Trouver LDS Finder robotic vacuum cleaner with dry and wet cleaning, room mapping, water dispensing and local cleaning

Greetings! Review of the latest model of a robotic vacuum cleaner TROUVER LDS Finder with technology mapping and navigation SLAM, with dry cleaning turbo brush and wet cleaning with water dispensing, with a detailed setting of the application. The vacuum cleaner belongs to the Xiaomi Youpin ecosystem and correlates with other similar models. Controlled from the Mi Home app, just like other Xiaomi gadgets. One of the advantages of this model is the enormous functionality of the application which gives the opportunity to use the scheduled cleaning, local cleaning of the marked area, cleaning inside the virtual barriers, etc.п. The highlight of this model is the module for wet cleaning with a special pump for accurate water dosing.

This robot vacuum cleaner TROUVER LDS Finder, the twin brother of the popular vacuum cleaner Xioami Roborock S50, which has a similar layout and laser lidar for navigation. Robot vacuum cleaner TROUVER LDS Finder slightly cheaper and has a number of useful benefits. The previous review of the vertical vacuum cleaner TROUVER SOLO 10 is available here. Other robot vacuum cleaners can be seen in this article, and if you are looking for a good upright cordless vacuum cleaner, you can follow this link.

Brand: TROUVER (Xiaomi Youpin ECO BRAND SYSTEM) Model: LDS Finder Item No.: RLS 3 Type: robot vacuum cleaner Suction power: 2000 Pa Brush type: electric motor Navigation algorithm: SLAM Sensors: LDS, surface sensors, proximity sensors, collision sensors. Battery voltage: 14.4 V (2600 mAh 4S1P)

Packaging. compact cardboard box, lightweight (about 4 kg), with white and red coloring. In big letters it says “TROUVER Finder”. Delivered quickly and accurately from stock in Moscow, courier delivery.

The TROUVER Finder robot vacuum cleaner is a classic robot with an LDS superstructure on top.

Two buttons are used to control it (the rest are in the app), there is also one central and one side brush, several movement and proximity/click sensors.

Out of the box, there are soft cushioning inserts that fix the bumper for transportation. You need to remove them before you start working.

Also on the body is the inscription TROUVER.

On the bottom of the body there is a guide wheel, two contacts for the charging station.

Full model name: TROUVER Robot LDS Vacuum-Mop Finder, part number RLS3.

Center brush has both soft rubber inserts and stiff bristles for thorough cleaning.

The free suspension travel is 40 mm, which allows you to move over the thresholds, joints, seams, as well as “climb” on the carpet.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P (STYJ02YM) Review

Not only the bumper and LDS system are used to control movement, but also four dual optical surface sensors located in the front semi-circle of the lower part of the robot.

User manual in Russian, with a detailed description, operation recommendations, links to the application, etc.п.

LDS scanner add-on allows you to build a 2D map of the room.

Air vents on the back of the housing.

The upper part of the body is made in the form of a lid, which hides the waste container, as well as additional controls.

Under the lid there is a RESET button to activate the Wi-Fi access point, which is required when setting up the robot for the first time.

Also, under the cover is a special tool for cleaning the brush roll.

The waste container is made of transparent acrylic, allowing you to visually check the level.

There is a replaceable HEPA filter at the outlet for fine air purification.

Easy push on the lock to open the container for cleaning. Both the container and the filter can be cleaned under running water.

Includes side brush (removed for shipping) and removable wet-cleaning module.

Side brush must be installed before you start. Installs until a distinctive click is heard.

Side brush the robot picks up trash directly on the central brush, providing more cleaning area, as well as quality cleaning of baseboards and under furniture.

Wet-cleaning module is a water container equipped with a wetting system, as well as a removable wipe.

Wet cleaning cloth is fastened with Velcro and with a rigid guide.

There is a special pump for drip feeding with adjustable dosage of water. It’s quite an advanced device, not all first echelon brands have such systems

Magnetic sensor serves as a sensor for wet cleaning module.

With the module installed, the wet cleaning mode becomes available in the application menu. Do not forget to remove this module after wet cleaning and rinse and dry the cloth.

The appearance of the robot vacuum cleaner with the side brush and wet cleaning module installed.

As for the central brush, it can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Soft rubber allows for good cleaning of hard surfaces, and stiff bristles for removing coarse debris.

There is a sensor slot in the front that helps you look for the right direction to the recharging base.

The laser scanner is constantly running, allowing the robot to navigate the room according to a pre-constructed map.

The robot comes with a charging station and power supply.

On the back side there are special pads of soft rubber to prevent the base from shifting when putting the robot to charge.

Connection is made with a round jack. Charger capacity: 20V 0.6A (12W).

Robot vacuum cleaner automatically navigates the room and looks for its base when charging.

Please note, after completing wet cleaning you need to remove the module with a wet wipe. Full charging time of about 6 hours.

Wet cleaning water is poured into the module’s tank.

It is recommended to wash the cloth every half hour, so as not to spread dirt around the room.

In cleaning mode there are three levels of liquid supply, medium or small is recommended, and the maximum (pictured) is used for heavily soiled surfaces. I do not recommend turning on the maximum on the coatings like laminate and parquet, but for ceramic coatings will be just fine.

In the test of cleaning quality the vacuum cleaner cleaned the whole pile of prepared debris in one go.

Here are the trash receptacles after one test cleaning. Fine dust is gathered on the filter (can be cleaned with a brush), large debris is simply poured out of the container.

Here is a short video with the results of cleaning and examples of work with the application.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential FULL REVIEW

Speaking of the app. A great advantage of this model is that the vacuum cleaner works with the eco-system Xiaomi, and specifically. it can be added to your application smart home Xiaomi Mi Home.

If you have an old version of Mi Home, then try to update, then the menu will appear TROUVER LDS Finder. Connects as standard, there is the ability to use simultaneously for different accounts, there is the ability to assign to individual rooms, etc.п.

The app has a dry cleaning mode available. Wet cleaning mode appears after the water module is installed. There is the possibility of zoning the room and installing virtual barriers. Forbidden zones are usually set in those places where there are carpets, so that the robot avoids them during wet cleaning.

Pay attention. there is high-quality Russian-speaking voiceover already “out of the box. There is a possibility of scheduled cleaning. you can schedule it for the time when everyone is at work or at school, as well as the ability to clean by script. To do this, you need to select the operating conditions when triggered by any other Xiaomi smart home devices. The robot sends notifications of the results to your smartphone, as well as displays the status (wear and tear) of consumables.

The Wi-Fi firmware update, cleaning logs, virtual barriers in the room, zones restricted for cleaning are available. Screenshot of an example of adjusting the water supply (3 degrees). Similarly adjustable suction power (from silent to powerful), 4 degrees.

So, the robot vacuum cleaner TROUVER LDS Finder with dry and wet cleaning, laser navigation. it’s not a bad choice for your money. Vacuum cleaner has shown itself from the best side. handy, maneuverable, lightweight, freely moves under the furniture (under tables and chairs). Moves over small thresholds and can climb on the carpet. Unlike other models, here is a cleverly implemented system for supplying and dispensing liquid for wet cleaning With a vacuum cleaner like this you can clean up like at home, even if you are not there. The robot is controlled remotely through the Mi Home app and has the ability to schedule cleaning. The total run time on a single charge is enough for multiple vacuums daily, for cleaning crumbs and small debris. The robot searches for the base on its own, recharges and continues to clean from where it left off. Can be safely recommended as a home vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning, including suitable for girls / mothers / grandmothers and sisters. Time to choose presents)))

Vacuum cleaner is now in stock and delivered from the warehouse in a couple of days. You can use the promo code TROUVER16 to get a discount, which gives a decent discount of 15.

Other reviews and tests of tools and gadgets you can find in my profile and at the links below.

Top 2 best Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners with smartphone control

Many models of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with the function of remote control via an app from your smartphone. It is very convenient, because you can start the vacuum cleaner when you are away from home, and by the time the owner returns home, the apartment will be completely clean.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Compact, functional, and easy to use robot vacuum cleaner, which will help keep your home clean with minimal effort on the part of the user.

The manufacturer has taken care to ensure that the vacuum cleaner successfully copes with dirt on all types of floor coverings, including carpeting and rugs with high pile.

In addition to the standard dry and wet cleaning, the model has a mode of processing a specific perimeter: for this, the user only needs to specify the location for cleaning and start a timer to turn on the device at a certain time.

For long battery life, the manufacturer has equipped the vacuum cleaner with a high-capacity battery, which is enough for 90 minutes of continuous operation. To make it easier for the device to navigate in space, the manufacturer has provided it with 15 sensors.

With their help, the robot builds a virtual map of the room and saves it in memory for future cleaning.

Technical characteristics:

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S

Smart robot vacuum cleaner has all the necessary functions to keep your home clean. Navigation is done using a laser sensor and several small cameras.

They help the robot quickly build a route in the room and store it in memory.

In addition, the device has increased suction power, so it successfully removes dirt not only from smooth, but also from the hairy flooring.

In addition, you can control the vacuum cleaner using a special app on your smartphone.

It has the added advantage of extended runtime.

Capacitive battery gives you up to 2.5 hours of cleaning time.

With multiple sensors and memory storage, the vacuum cleaner is able to memorize the location and characteristics of rooms, and clean independently, almost without the user’s assistance.


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P (or Mijia LDS). medium-class robot vacuum cleaner for 21 thousand Complete with laser navigation and interactive mapping, allowing you to mark target and restricted areas, as well as to plan cleaning for different rooms. The key feature of this model is the original design of the universal container: a hollow cover of the vacuum cleaner is a non-removable tank volume of 200 ml. Fill it with water while servicing the container, and the Vacuum-Mop P will proceed to wipe the floor only after installing a cleaning mop. Water is dispensed through nozzles in the bottom. The manufacturer has provided two options for wet cleaning:

  • Scrubbing with a Y-shaped pattern that repeats the movement of the hand. The Vacuum-Mop handles grease deposits and long-standing stains in this mode.
  • Wiping as part of a comprehensive cleaning. The robot makes Z-shaped movements, cleaning dry and then wiping off the surface dust with a cloth.

Tank lasts for an average of 30 sq. ft. м. Abundance of wetting of the wipe can be adjusted in the mobile app (3 positions). An electronic controller is responsible for the water supply, which eliminates leaks when stuck or during charging on the dock.

A Japanese Nidec motor with 2100 Pa suction power and a petal-bristle turbo-brush are responsible for dry cleaning. These tools are enough for deep cleaning of carpets from crumbs, dust and wool.

Xiaomi Mijia 1C

Easier and cheaper (16K). ) Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P alternative. The main simplification had to do with navigation. the lidar was replaced by an overview camera, which had a negative impact on the mapping accuracy. In addition, the map created by the robot has lost its interactive capabilities. it is not possible to set boundaries and zone the room.

Wet mopping system is implemented classically: under the bottom is inserted the nozzle with a 200-ml tank and Velcro to attach a microfiber. The water supply is controlled by a magnetic valve, which protects sensitive coatings from leaks. Another nice option. the ability of the robot with a mop installed to bypass the carpet. The only mode of Mijia 1C is automatic. Smart robot plans the route and systematically sweeps the room by parallel passages from edge to edge, wiping the floor with a wet wipe at the same time.

Set of tools for dry cleaning in Mijia 1C is the same as the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P: combined turbo brush for cleaning carpets and scraping debris stuck to the floor, a vacuum motor force of 2500 Pa and an end brush for the treatment of wall areas.


Xiaomi Mijia G1

People’s model Xiaomi with a humane price tag of 13 ths. Mijia G1 is almost a complete copy of Mijia 1C, but with two fundamental differences:

  • The robot maps using a gyroscope, so it is not suitable for large rooms with a complex layout. There is no interactive interaction (setting prohibited zones, you can not send to a particular point or zone). only view the final report.
  • Navigation errors are designed to compensate for two end brushes. Mijia G1’s pass efficiency is one of the best in the manufacturer’s line.

Another important point. the wetting of the wipe comes from the tank inside the vacuum cleaner, like the Vacuum-Mop P, which increases the ease of use. Mijia G1 wipes the floor as it cleans dry: sweeps dirt under the work unit, the turbo brush sweeps debris into the duct and draws it into the dust canister at 2200Pa, then removes surface dust with a damp rag.

On sale you can buy for 11200! Worth the rush, only 3 days!

I am 29 years old, last 8 years working as a salesman of equipment in a large retail chain mvideo. Extensive experience in product selection and customer consulting. Two years ago I came across robot vacuum cleaners and I really liked this trend. One day I realized that I wanted to create a personal site where I will help readers with the choice of robot vacuum cleaners. This is my hobby. All of the materials on this site are written by me personally. For advice, visit my page.

What are good cleaning robot vacuum cleaners Xiaomi? Top 4 best models for wet cleaning, their pros and cons

To clean the house requires an effort, but with a cleaning robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi you can forget about the need for regular cleaning. The multifunctional device will do everything on its own. the user only has to press a button.


Xiaomi is a well-known Chinese company that produces high-quality washing robots-vacuum cleaners, which independently clean the room from debris and wet cleaning.

In the development of its products brand uses innovative technology, so technology from Xiaomi is not inferior to the expensive devices from other manufacturers.

Find a washing machine can be found in many specialized stores, but before buying, you need to study the advantages and disadvantages of popular models.

If you are in a hurry and want to know the best deals from different stores at once, you can read the rating table and see the current on the Yandex Market, by clicking on the button in the table to find out the price opposite the model.

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