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Common malfunctions of Xiaomi Roborock Robot Roboles

Any, even the most advanced technical products and devices, cannot be insured from annoying failures in their work, malfunctions or breakdowns. And the more complicated their design, the more possible and diverse options for malfunctions. Robots-percleshots here are no exception. This article contains the main breakdown that can occur in vacuum cleaners Roborock E4, S5, S5 Max, S6, S6 Maxv.

Models of the Chinese brand Xiaomi Roborock are known in the world market as some of the most reliable robotic vacuum cleaners. However, they also have problematic points when cleaning the premises. Most of the malfunctions are capable of diagnosing on its own. It displays them on the display, in the Mi Home mobile application or voices through the speaker.

But what to do, when, for example, Roborock does not go and does not respond to commands from the application? Read about the reasons for the appearance of malfunctions and ways to eliminate them below.

Follow Roomba settings to factory settings

If you think that Roomba has a failure in the system, be sure to discharge the Roomba vacuum cleaner to the instructions below the factory settings.

  • Press and hold the Clean button on the robot for 20 seconds.
  • Then release the button, and the light ring on the lid of the bin will begin to rotate clockwise and will become white.
  • Press and hold the Clean button on the robot for 20 seconds.
  • Release the button, and the light ring will begin to rotate clockwise in white.
  • The robot can go to a couple of minutes to turn on.
  • Turn off the Roomba vacuum cleaner Remove the Roomba vacuum cleaner from the charger.
  • At the same time, press and hold the Dock and Spot buttons to make the green indicator.
  • Then you have to wait at least 10 seconds.
  • Now quickly let go of the buttons as soon as you see that the green light went out.
  • You will hear a sound signal that means that the Roomba vacuum cleaner is loaded.
  • Then again install Roomba in the docking station for charging and wait until the green light lights up. If you are not sure whether your robot vacuum cleaner reloaded or not, just click the clock button.
  • If you see that all the clock settings are dropped, then the robot vacuum cleaner is completely dropped.

Connection of the Xiaomi robot

Before installing a Wi-Fi connection for Xiaomi, you should first enable a robot vacuum cleaner. To do this, just press a large button on the front panel. It is also necessary to make sure that the wireless communication module is activated. On the latest Xiaomi models for these purposes, a special indicator is displayed on the front cover.

For phones on Android and iOS

Regardless of the telephone operating system, for synchronization with a vacuum cleaner you will need to download the Mi Home mobile application: for iOS it is available in the AppStore, for Android-in Play-Market.

Then sequentially perform the following actions:

  • Open the application and allow access to all requested options.
  • Register or enter the existing account.
  • Depending on which countries a vacuum cleaner is made for, select the connection region. It is quite simple to determine the target country. It is enough to look at the inscriptions on the box: if hieroglyphs are depicted there. Choose China, if inscriptions in English. Choose any European country, if in Russian. Russia. If the selected region does not correspond to the purpose of this particular device, most of the control options (or all) will not be active, and the program will propose to change the parameters.
  • On the main tab of the application, press the button with the sign “” or the inscription: “Add the device”, then find the robot vacuum cleaner in the list of available devices (before the end of synchronization, the robot distributes Wi-Fi as a router). If the Xiaomi model could not be found in the list, its name will have to be driven into the search line manually.
  • Click on the icon of the desired device in the list, wait until a new tab we dumers, and then drop the wireless network settings on the Robot. To do this, hold two buttons on the front panel for a few seconds at the same time: “Start” and “Home” (depending on the model, different combinations of buttons are possible).
  • Open the next tab in the application (“Next”) and in the list of available Wi-Fi networks select homemade, enter a password.
  • Come back to the mobile application.

Now the device icon appeared on the main screen and with its help you can start a detailed setting of the robot permissor: switch the modes, set the cleaning schedule, adjust the abundance of water supply when wet wiping and work with the interactive map of the room.


When connecting to the iPhone, a situation may arise in which the phone will stubbornly not see a robotic device, despite the multiple rebooting network connection. In this case, it may be necessary to change the established region to India or China. You can change the settings by going to the address: Profile/Settings/Region.

Another feature of Mi Home is that quite often the servers through which the connection occurs are not available. In this case, it is advisable to try to connect in a couple of hours or the next day.

Errors when connecting

If 12-24 hours after the first attempt, Xiaomi servers still remain inaccessible, and the application does not allow you to enter the registered account, you can try to connect to the server via VPN. The connection algorithm is as follows:

  • Download the VPN Master, Express VPN or Nord VPN application to the phone;
  • Enable the installed application and select the country from which the connection will be made (the best option is Germany or Singapore);
  • Open Mi Home and try to pass authorization again or enter the account.

After a successful entrance to Mi Home, the VPN program can be deactivated and returned to the usual connection.

Another common technical error is due to the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner cannot connect to the existing Wi-Fi network. The solution to such a problem is a change in DNS settings. To do this, you need to open the “network properties” and go to the appeared tab at the address: “Change the network/additional/user”. From the opened DNS field, rewrite the numbers to the notebook-the old connection address can be useful in case the robotic assistant will still find a home network in the future. Then erase all the numbers in the DNS field and register new ones instead: After that, the robot permits in the vast majority of cases easily connected to Wi-Fi.

I am 29 years old, for the last 8 years I have been working as a seller of equipment in a large retail network MVIDEO. Extensive experience in choosing goods and customer advice. Two years ago I ran into vacuum cleaners with robots and I really liked this direction. One day I realized that I want to create a personal site where I will help readers with the choice of vacuum cleaners robots. This is my hobby. All materials of this site are written personally by me. For a consultant, contact my page.

Computer master. Robot vacuum cleaner, and All-in-One Printer does not connect, guess who is to blame again?)) ⁠ ⁠

About technical support, which does not want to delve into the problems of customers at all.

The client moved to a new apartment, connected the Internet like Akado, and they put his router like TP-Link Archer A5 or C5

The Internet on phones and macbook flies under 200Mbit, but the robot vacuum cleaner and All-In-One Printer, connect to the network, categorically do not want. The provider does not say our problems, but we can send a paid master, and honestly warn that the average check for exit 4.5-5 tons.R., for their honesty respect and respect.

I come to make diagnostics, and my theory is 100% confirmed.

You probably already guessed what the problem was??

The problem is on the surface, the router is two-band, phones and macbook connected to the Wi-Fi 5GHZ network with which everything was ok. But the network 2.4GHZ which they tried to connect All-In-One Printer and the vacuum cleaner, worked unstually, as it turned out to be the marriage of the transmitter of the router.

Fortunately, the client found the good old Asus RT-AC56U from the old apartment

Not without a circus from the side of the provider, the Static IP connection was used, and when I spelled out the addresses, the Internet did not appear in the new router, I called in those.I ask support “You definitely have no bindings at the MAC address?”” There is definitely no one answers me, everything should work, check the numbers. Probably introduced incorrectly “

And only on the third call came an intelligent employee who said, “there is no mac binding,” but there is a binding to the session, and in order for the old session it is necessary to connect a new router, turn off the cable for 30 minutes, or call those.Support and we will drop the session manually “

The first installer, did not check the work of Wi-Fi 2.4, and the second and third, were not aware that it was necessary to force the session during the replacement of equipment

Question to the author: why was it necessary to tear the session? Well, they would leave TP-Link (not to be remembered by night) as a router (NAT, Pat, DHCP and AP 5GHZ), and asus in it by a cascade as a separate AP 2.4 GHZ. And the nets would have smashed, and Mac would not have changed. 5 GHZ. This is a good range, free, do not neglect it if possible. True, the question of who has a platform routing faster and more stable. Asus or Twolinka? Probably, Archer (without a mat you will not remember) will be better to be better.

So you can throw all this with gogno and for the cost of the visit of their masters to stick a two-a-band gigabit mikrotik (they cost 4 rubles, 4-core, all things that need. Google), however, the technosx with the IPTV setting is included, but Archer can be proudly returned to the provider.

What is ASUS RT-AC56U old? He has an ace, it means not old. Old Dir-320

robot, vacuum, cleaner, connection

To the question of the complex setting of microtics: http: // demo.MT.LV/. By the link of the demo-face of the Hap Lite type (very simple). Logue with an empty password. The page is not fast, we are waiting patiently. We look at the right upper corner: “Quick Set”, “Webfig”, “Terminal”.

Quickset. This is just Web-Mord with a Byzard for quick and simple tuning without fuckers. If you know at least a little on the network. You will figure it out. Not? Well, at least goose. In reality, everything is much more understandable, because in the demo the network details of the WAN are already set, they cannot be changed. Everything else is very visual: the admin password, and the setting of the wires, and DHCP, and the reset to the defaults. Everything is.

Webfig. This is an integration that we will see by connecting through the Winbox utility (yes, Winbox will have to download separately, although earlier, it seems, even the 951th microtics gave it as a file server). There are all-all-all settings, but without half-liter and tyrnet, or the senior and experienced comrade-teethy-the-user, you will not figure out. But right with the mouse, yes, you can get the mouse on the buttons, or you can open the console. You can even find the ether analyzer there, see how lunch your broadcast is, and choose the most free range for Vafley.

Terminal. He is in the microtics terminal. Text console. For those who know how to.

Can you in all sorts of xxx-link`i? Well, pussy in Quick Set. You can handle it)

Tell me how you found that the 2.4 module is faulty?

Question to the master- is it possible to use the DSL modem as a router for a regular Internet? (Not DSL)

T.E. In LAN Port stick a cable with an Internet and distribute further. (Internet from Bridge)

If I were in place of the author, I would leave TP-Link (in the photo C5), and ASUS set up as a second router, Wi-Fi amplifier. Fucking to change the router that sets the session? Why are these dances with tambourine? We connect the router as an iPoe cable in tplink and it distributes 2.4 to which we connect these devices.

“Fortunately found the old asus” fucking, everything was flying to you, you even took a blasphemy

With this Wi-Fi in an apartment building, just trouble. All channels are packed. 5 GHz still somehow kicks, and Connect is 2.4 straight sluggish. On this, even in 144 rubles, you won’t particularly watch the video on YouTube, downloading half an hour as in 2007. The routers of Dohren changed once, with shamanican settings, the automatic channel change is depending on the occupancy. And not a fig

But what if the laptop and phone-Android fly from the router on Wi-Fi, and on iPhones hinders both applications and Internet. 5g did not try, only 2.4?

This is not a static, but white lists. I changed three missiles until the session lies another netting.

And you can consult. There is a Wi-Fi router of the wireless TL-WR740N in the house of a candle, on the floor of 6 apartments. Wi-Fi flies during the day. In the evening, a complete seam. Chose free channels, overloaded. Does not help. What to do, where to dig?

A friend had an ancient computer, a couple of K2d levels, sat playing, the network worked, but the speed of the declared 200, in the speed was about 10-12MBS. He is an extreme person, decided to collect a computer from Alik to the xon e5 from Alik (I helped him to collect a candy at his fear and risk). I arrived at him, I gathered Windows (if it is important 10,64 pro, I don’t remember the assembly, it seems to be 1607) (if there are bores, then through the old computer), the computer is launched, everything is super, Chinese ssd plows, diyukha, dashed down. Firewood for mother from disk. I stick a wire into a network. 0 emotions. Writes indepecation and merges, here, downloaded new firewood (Realtek 667), installed. 0, I insert the wire into the old computer, there is the Internet, into a new? NO! Calls at the MGTS Zhipon did not give results to the girl (standard reset settings, put an IP and DNS auto), transferred to the technology forces of adequate. He is from the fly, the wire of Huyuy is squeezed! You have a wire from the router that was in the kit? Yes, woven, and all 200 issued a miracle in Chinese PC, we create an application for a breakdown? Yes!

Why is a robot vacuum cleaner spin in one place

A navigation unit is responsible for orientation in space. Among budget models, it is represented by obstacles sensors located on the side panel. They prevent the device from falling from heights. In expensive models, laser sensors and tracking camera are responsible for this. If elements come into a malfunction, then malfunctions appear in the orientation in space.

In the case of a breakdown of side sensors, the vacuum cleaner spins in one place. They can be replaced independently or entrusted this business to specialists.

Product Maintenance. DEEBOT 600 App Connection

The first cleaning

So that the robot can correctly build a map of your home, you need to clean the first cleaning. Before that, let me tell you a few recommendations. Almost all manufacturers recommend doing the first. Dry cleaning. If your model is equipped with a water tank, then pull it out.

To do this, click on the central button, and pull the block over yourself.

After that, install the robot on the dock station. Before we start, I advise you to remove all unnecessary things from the floor, including wires, clothes, as well as thin things that a robot can call on. For more thorough cleaning, you can also remove chairs and wrap the curtains. After that, click on the “power” button on the device itself, or in the application by the “Cleaning” button. The robot will begin its first dry cleaning.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, connection

Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum connecting to mobile app

As soon as the first cleaning ends, in the application you will see a full.Fledged map of your room. The exact trajectory of the robot will also be displayed there.

Now let’s check how he copes with wet cleaning. Open the valve on the tank and fill it with running water.

ATTENTION! Many manufacturers prohibit the use of some chemical cleaners, so they use just ordinary tap water.

Install the bracket with a rag on the tank with water. Next, install this whole block back on the robot. And turn on another cleaning.

Preparatory actions

Before connecting the device to Wi-Fi, preparatory work is carried out. It is necessary to properly place the vacuum cleaner base, then charge the robot. The docking station is established based on the following conditions:

  • Proper installation of the dock. The back of the device is leaning against the wall. In front of it should be at least a meter of free space, and on the sides. At least 50 cm. After connecting the station to the network, hide the extra cable in the back of charging, wiping it to the coil.
  • Check the Wi-Fi signal level. At the location of the charger, there should be a confident method of wireless communication, without sharp changes in the amplitude. Also protect the device from direct sunlight.
  • Border marking. To limit the movement of the vacuum cleaner, the “virtual wall” is used. Xiaomi Virtual Wall. This is a magnetic tape, if it is glued on the floor, then the robot will determine it as a wall and will not go beyond the indicated boundary. The tape can be used for additional insurance of the vacuum cleaner, placing it near the edge of the stairs.

Important! There should be no obstacles on the territory of cleaning so that the robot can pass without problems and get up for charging. Wires, small things, for example, toys, socks will detain a vacuum cleaner, and he will not be able to finish the work.

After installing the station, the vacuum cleaner should be charged. To do this, turn on the robot by pressing and holding the corresponding button. 4 options for the “response” of the device are possible:

  • LED oval around the “Turning” and “house” buttons caught fire with white light. This means that the vacuum cleaner is charged more than half.
  • Oval shines with yellow light. The charge percentage is less than 50, but more than 20.
  • Red light. The battery is charged by less than 20%.
  • The vacuum cleaner does not turn on. Means that the battery is completely discharged. Put a robot for charging.

Important! At the first connection, the vacuum cleaner should be charged 100%. To do this, press it to the contacts of the station, and charge it until continuous white radiation from the LED oval. If the white light flashes when charging, then then the battery has not yet been fully charged.

After installing the docking station and charging the vacuum cleaner battery, start connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

Mariupol, February 26. March 1 ⁠

I continue the narrative of our stay in Mariupol during the fighting in February. March 22. I immediately want to thank everyone who commented for interest in the topic, many. For the warm words of the support that I read. I want to immediately answer some questions. Our house has been preserved whole and unharmed, in general, our street was not much injured. We are now in the glorious city of Rostov on the Don, I quietly fuck from the local traffic. The daughter went to school, in fact, this is the main reason for our long stay in Rostov. Unfortunately, the secondary school of Mariupol will not soon begin the normal educational process. After graduating from the daughter of the school, I think we will return to Mariupol. Having a 15.Year work experience at the plant, I am thinking of combining work at the plant and remote. But I will not plan, of course, nothing.

All lovers of Ukraine, especially often repeated in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, questions about where and how the APU should fight. Several theses for you: 1. No one euvkui. The Armed Forces of Ukraine went into the houses, at best, they drove people with a minimum of things, equipped Dota in apartments, and sometimes broken out pieces for more convenient movement between fire points. Where people went? Went into the cellars, to the neighbors. Acquaintances. Relatives. If someone believes that this is normal, your right.

I have not seen more than one case of distribution of humanitarian aid in the Leningrad region. Evening market. According to rumors, there was nothing on the eastern either, but I do not specifically illustrate the rumors in the description, later I will explain why. T.E., the state has absolutely not attended by the life and health of its citizens. Over, to connect all kinds of organizations, such as the Red Cross began only for the soldiers who escaped under the Azovstal. Apparently, their lives were much more important than people’s lives.

About a change in views. From what I saw and heard, anger and hatred of Russia because it all began, quickly enough replaced with ardent hatred of Ukraine when people realized that they were simply thrown. I do not specifically write about ideology, about beliefs, and.T.D. I’m talking about ordinary laymen. And when a relative comes to you, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine was kicked out of Quatrira. And under the curtain, Russians come, immediately pull communications, carry water, what. No food.

A separate mockery was an early payment of salaries and pensions. It seems to be a choresho, but shops almost immediately stopped accepting the card as payment. And people sat, like with money, but completely useless.

So, the night from February 25 to February 26 was quite calm, it was then that the light was turned off. Artillery worked in the distance, our neighbors only from time to time the vote from time to time. The next day in the morning there was a relative lull, we decided that it was nice to go to the store. My wife categorically refused to let me out, they say, grab me immediately and send me to the army. No counterrs were accepted and my wife, taking the cart, went shopping. While she was walking, I launched a generator, turned on the soldering iron and began to repair defective flashlights, cook and charge everything Power Bank. Thanks to campaigns and Aliexpress, I made myself a hefty bank for 16 18650 batteries with high emergency. Also, I rebelled several other lanterns, since the batteries were free, as there were also boards for charging such batteries. While I was doing this, my wife called, I went out and met her, because even it was hard for her to pull. After her campaign in the store, our products were swollen with meat. Pork, immediately cut into pieces of 400-500 grams and laid in the freezer. Sugar, cookies, eggs, cereals for a dog, a loaf, crackers, salty crackers. I don’t remember everything anymore.

The rest of the day was gaining drinking water, we had a reverse osmosis filter, with the generator he worked.

The shooting during the day was not very active, sometimes something fled nearby, then mine fled and laid on the floor in the room. The night passed relatively calmly.

The next day, I was going to go to the store already. The wife was afraid of remote shelling, she no longer protested and let me go, demanding that I would take a phone with me and called her from time to time. It was relatively calm outside, but when I went out, I saw a pillar of black smoke very close to the house. I quickly returned home, I was met by a sobbing spouse with a cry that now, an arrow.Car fight was already going on nearby. I “reassured” her, showing a burning house from the window, where slate with a characteristic sound began to burst. While she looked at this with horror, I gathered all the fire extinguishers, pulled them to the border of the plots, opened the supply of water to the street (February, the water was blocked and insulated), threw the hose to the fire extinguishers. With my mind, I understood that if the fire spreads to our site, all my preparations would not help, but you need to do something.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, connection

When the flame calmed down a little, I went to see what happened there. The reason for the fire was banal. Due to the fact that they turned off the electricity, people tried to bask, not a very good exhaust pipe caused the burnout of the whole house. Surprisingly, firefighters arrived, although they were very tight with water, neighbors were worn, they passed the firecrackers, they poured on the foci of fire. Helped to extinguish the house a bit, but they will not make their own purchases, went to the store. There was no more jam in the store, I bought milk, rawcoped sausages, something else seems to be onions. Only cash was accepted in the store, generators and only two cash desks worked, because in line I stood for at least an hour. People surprised. There was a woman behind me, holding a bottle of cognac with a check and a liter bottle of Pepsi. And there were many of them. After the products, I went to the pet store bought 5 kg. Dog food, 5 kg of cat food, and a little more feline canned food. There is a similar situation. People were half.Bought on a kilogram of food.

In the evening, when we were already going to bed, a bright flash hit the window, simultaneously with a strong blow. Overnev from this, I neatly looked out into the street, but I saw nothing. There was still a connection, but very unstable, from SMS they learned that this plane hit the school 48. From the explosion, according to rumors, the basement of a standing house in which people were hiding. And a few hours before, a good familiar old woman called me and with tears reported that next to them, in the courtyards, the Armed Forces of Ukraine instructed a bunch of equipment, there were many soldiers nearby.

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