Robot vacuum cleaner Polaris does not turn on what to do

The robot vacuum cleaner does not charge

Such a problem as the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner does not charge over time arises in every vacuum cleaner. Charging problems. typical problems of robots of vacuum cleaners of all brands. We answer why the device is not charged and what solutions are there to eliminate the breakdown. Article 2022.

At the same time, the Robot vacuum cleaner reports “charge the Roomba robot” or something like that. In some robots vacuum cleaners, a red indicator just burns, in some a battery error burns.

These reasons are manifested as follows:

  • The robot vacuum cleaner does not charge at all
  • the vacuum cleaner does not charge at the base
  • The robot vacuum cleaner does not work
  • quickly charges, but also discharges fast

The main reasons why the vacuum cleaner robot is not charged:

robot, vacuum, cleaner, polaris, does, turn
  • Battery malfunction
  • The robot does not go to the base-problems with the docking station, IK device sensor, control board
  • The vacuum cleaner is not charged at the base charger. contaminants, power connector, damage to the main control board were contaminated, oxidized or broken
  • Control board failure. electronics, freezing or error in software (firmware) failed

Each of these manifestations has its own reasons and its decision. Consider in more detail.

There is no charging at all

The reasons that the robot vacuum cleaner does not respond to charging and what to do:

  • Charging is faulty, power supply, charger. repair
  • oxidized, as well as dirty contacts. clean, wipe with alcohol
  • The battery of the vacuum cleaner robot sat, its controller is faulty. to replace
  • The main control board is faulty. repair
  • Broken power connector. replacement
  • Cliff in power cord and whether the fork is faulty. replace

To diagnose the adapter malfunction, measure the voltage on the contacts of the power supply at idle. It must be 22.5V. Check under load up to 1.5a.

If there is no voltage, or is packed, then we change the power supply or repair it.

The same for the base (docking stations). There should be several volts without a vacuum cleaner on contacts, with a vacuum cleaner about 22V.

We check the cleanliness of the charging contacts and from the bottom of the vacuum cleaner robot, clean them with alcohol. If the contacts have failed, they need to be repaired. By the way, on the contacts of the base without a vacuum cleaner there should be a duty voltage of several volts.

But sometimes in the absence of a battery charge in robots, a faulty motherboard is guilty. Below the photo of the robot board, in which part of the charge control scheme burned after wet cleaning.

Repair of the power connector costs 1500- 2000

We can repair board. Repair of the main control board of the vacuum cleaner robot costs from 3,000 to 10,000. Firstly, the price depends on the scale of damage. Secondly, from the complexity and model of the device. But the replacement is even more expensive. this is the most expensive pleasure.

Vacuum cleaner robots error codes

Voice messages about errors in the battery charging process.

The number of indicator flashes The inscription on the display (control panels) Possible problem Solution
one Err1 The robot has no contact with the battery. Make sure that you have removed the protective tape. Remove the lower panel and reinstall the battery. When loading, a melody will sound.
2 Err2 The battery is not connected, or an emergency charger is used, or the in-line device is faulty. Try to make software dumping the simultaneous retention of Dock and Spot buttons for 12 seconds, then re.charge Roomba again. If the problem is not solved in this way, contact the service center.
3 Err3 The battery is faulty. Try to make software with simultaneous retention, then surround ROOMBA again. If the problem is not solved in this way, contact the service center.
5 Err5 Charge error. Try to make a program reset with simultaneous retention of Dock and Spot buttons for 12 seconds, let the battery cool and charge Roomba again.
6 Err6 The battery overheated. Let the battery cool for 30-40 minutes and charge Roomba again.
7 Err7 The battery does not cool for a long time. Let the battery cool at least 1 hour and try to charge again. If the problem is not solved, contact the service center.

Error voice messages during cleaning.


Error code Cause Solution
C1 The wheel is raised. Move the robot to a flat surface.
C2 Paul sensor error. Move the robot to a flat surface.
C3 Garbage Container Error. Make sure the garbage container is installed in the vacuum cleaner properly and well recorded.
C4 Wheel overload. The wheel interferes with the dirt stuck in it, dust, hair. Clean the wheel.
C5 Overloading the brush. The brush interferes with the dirt stuck in it, dust, hair. Clean the main and side brushes.
C6 Overload of the suction mechanism. Clean the garbage container, replace the filter.
C7 The internal error of the system. Turn off the robot by moving the power switch on its bottom to the OFF position, and then turn it on by moving the switch to the ON position.
C8 The front wheel stuck. Remove the front wheel and clean it from dust and dirt.
Name Cause Solution
E01 The left wheel does not work Peel
E02 The right wheel does not work Peel
E03 The vacuumber is filled Cleaning container for garbage
E04 The device is raised Put a robot on the floor
E05 The error of the lower sensors Peel the sensors on the bottom of the robot or wipe with a damp cloth
E06 Sensor error on bumper Wipe the bumper with a damp cloth
E07 The left side brush does not work Remove the side brush, clean from wool and hair.
E08 The right side brush does not work Remove the side brush, clean from wool and hair.
E09 The robot is stuck Install on a flat surface and run.

Reference! If the above solutions have not worked, then you should restart the device or contact the service center.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not charge and squeaks

The work of robots-percussions is completely dependent on the batteries, so it is important to make sure that the charging process is correct. If it turns out that the robot is a vacuum cleaner and does not charge properly, it is necessary:

  • Check if the fork is inserted correctly.
  • Make sure that the cables are in perfect condition and have no knots.
  • Clean the contact ledges through which energy passes during charging (both protrusions on the charging base and on the robot itself). For safety reasons, this process should be performed when cable is disconnected from the outlet.

If, after all these checks are performed, a small friend still does not charge, you can either buy a shift battery, or contact the master to solve the problem.

Problems with orientation

Currently, almost all robots-blankets are equipped with an intellectual self-loading system, which determines when the battery level is low and sends the robot back to the base for recharging. If the cartographic system is not very effective, or he met an obstacle in his way, which did not allow him to get to the base for the allotted time, perhaps the battery of the village along the way.

If the problem is stored or not related to the battery charge, perhaps the reason lies in the improper contact of parts or in other problems. In this case, it is best to contact a technical maintenance specialist.

Navigation and cartographic systems are becoming more and more complex and are developed in such a way as to clean the whole house for the minimum number of passes and not leave a single unpeeled corner. However, a small friend sometimes passes some areas.

This usually happens because the robot sensors perceive these areas as obstacles. Often this is due to strong contrasts in this zone (for example, strong lighting and overload). To avoid this problem, when cleaning with the help of a robot, you can lower the blinds or pull the curtains so that the level of illumination is homogeneous and there are no contrasts between dark areas and areas with direct light, which the assistant can perceive as obstacles as obstacles.

Polaris Repair. Pool Cleaner 965

Violations in the battery charging

In the first case, everything is clear. the battery has developed its resource. It is not difficult to make sure of this if the vacuum cleaner is charged until the full state for a shorter period is indicated in the passport, the battery must be changed. this is the simplest “repair of vacuum cleaners robots”.

The second option is from poor contact of the charger with a vacuum cleaner connector. You need to check the fitness density and clean the contacts.

In rare cases, the charging control board is burned, which is located in the vacuum cleaner. The diagnosis of specialists is needed here, and only contacting the service center will help.

ILIFE V7s Plus. Repair (the 4 beeps error). This vacuum cleaner robot is getting a second life.

A suction mechanism does not work

The most banal reason that the machine has become poorly drawn up and leave gaps is excessive filling of a vacuum cleaner, which users often forget if the robot vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a container filling system for filling the container.

In this case, the vacuum cleaner is empty, washed with water and subjected to thorough drying. This is useful to do periodically with a thin cleaning filter, when such actions are not prohibited by operating instructions.

The pollution of the side brushes, which will be discussed below, reduces the ability of the machine to sweep well and absorb garbage due to the fact that brushes can become less elastic or decreasing the speed of rotation simply does not allow to intensively raise dust and direct it to the suction snot.

The turbo.wounding garbage reduces the throughput of the suction hole, which also affects the quality of the cleaning.

The most undesirable factor causing a fall in absorption is a violation in the work of the main engine of the machine.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Tips

DIY vacuum cleaner robot repair here is unlikely to help, if only the owner of the device is a specialist of the service service service center for electronics. When breaking the engine, sometimes a vacuum cleaner can make a characteristic sharp noise.

Additional tips and recommendations

First of all, the docking station should be protected from voltage drops. It is necessary to monitor the integrity of the wires going from the network to the base. The device requires attentive and careful handling. Robot breaks have a negative impact on the battery.

Do not launch the robot immediately after replacing the battery. The new battery must “wake up” in the charger. When turned on, the vacuum cleaner is installed on the power base. The power supply indicator of the charger should burn in green. The charging indicator on the robot should burn intermittently. After one minute, the battery indicator will go out, and the station indicator will burn, indicating that it is charging.

Before you charge the robot and then use it for its intended purpose, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. Compliance with the recommendations of the manufacturer on the terms of prevention, cleaning the unit, replacement of consumables will allow you to use a vacuum cleaner without interruptions and contacting the service.

way to charge

The robot vacuum cleaner can be charged directly from the network or from the docking station.

1 charging a vacuum cleaner through an adapter. Do not turn on the robot for charging until the battery is completely discharged. Start by turning off the device from the network using the power circuit breaker in the lower part. Insert the adapter plug into the charging nest on the vacuum cleaner housing. Connect the adapter to the mains. Display and LED indicators will show the charge level. At the end of charging, disconnect the adapter from the power source and Rainbow.

2) Rainbow charging in the docking station (base). In this case, Rainbow itself determines when it needs to be recharge. At the end of the cleaning cycle, robots with the “Return to the base” function are automatically sent to the dock. If this function is not available, you yourself must control the cleaner using the button on the remote control or on its case. Make sure the contacts of the device and the dock are combined.

Regardless of how you charge your robot vacuum cleaner, you should remember two important rules:

Problem 4. The wheel stopped spinning

A similar problem is most likely to appear due to wound hair or wool. Therefore, just try to clean the wheel and do it in the future more often. If the cleaning did not help, the drive of one of the wheels could break. In this case, only experts will help you.

Polaris P965IQ Disassembly Reassembly

Problem 5. You hear a creak when a robot vacuum cleaner is removed

Most often, if you hear a creak during the work of a little cleaner, this is guilty of friction that occurs between the wheel and its axis. In order to fix it, try the following:

  • Turn the cleaner upside down with wheels, put it on a flat surface.
  • Look carefully: are there any hair or wool wound on a wheel. Even a small amount of garbage can cause a creak.
  • Lubricate the axis of the wheel that makes a creak. for example, oil for bearings. It is necessary to rotate the wheel so that the oil is distributed evenly.
  • Do the same with other wheels. Remove excess oil.

If even after lubricating the robot, the robot still creaks, most likely, the wheel axle completely out of order. In this case, contact the service center.

It is poorly oriented

The minimum set of sensors at a full.fledged device is the surface sensors that do not allow the robot to fall from a height, the sensors of obstacles in front and on the sides, helping to avoid clashes and contact sensors of collision in a movable bumper, allowing the wall to “feel” when cleaning along them. Advanced models are equipped with cameras or laser rangefinders that allow you to build a room card and navigate it.

If the robot vacuum cleaner does not see obstacles or demonstrates other oddities in behavior, the sensors are probably polluted. This also includes the following problems:

  • pulls;
  • backs back, when cleaning it goes backwards;
  • rides back and turns off;
  • stops in the middle of the room;
  • drives only in a circle or in one place;
  • He crashed into the walls without slowing down.

The problem of the popular Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Black floor. The robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the black floor or coating because it does not detect such surfaces under the wheels and considers them a cliff. Covering all the sensors on the bottom with white paper will help.

Be careful by closing the surface sensors, you deprive the device of protection against falling, and it may fall from the steps.

Another common problem. does not see dark furniture or mirror. In this case, the easiest option would be a virtual wall or magnetic tape installed before an obstacle invisible to the gadget. If you want to find another option, fantasize. Someone attaches the bar to the furniture so that the cleaner gropes it and does not go further, someone’s paper strip to the mirror, having previously selected the desired height.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, polaris, does, turn

If the vacuum cleaner robot rides back and turns off, perhaps the support roller is jammed in it. Disassemble and clean the video according to the instructions. When driving in a circle or in one place, see if both drive wheels rotate freely. Maybe one of them is blocked by wound garbage. severe cases when a gearbox or motor of one of the wheels failed. We already wrote in the article what to do in such cases.

If the robot vacuum cleaner does not work on the black floor, this is normal. The problem is in the surface sensors, as it was written a little higher. You can try to seal them with white paper, but we will not give the guarantees of normal work, and your assistant will lose protection against heights, be careful.

Now you know what malfunctions are of robot vacuumers and how to eliminate them. Do not be afraid of a large list, remember how many problems the same cars happen. Any complex technique requires attention to himself and proper care, which, having received which, will faithfully serve the owner for many years.

Wanting to get rid of the trouble as much as possible, choose a vacuum cleaner with an official guarantee in the country and the service of centers in your city. And remember, even by buying this, you should regularly clean it from garbage.

Did not find their problem in the article? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, try to help.

Display or LED reports a system error

Many blankets-blasts have screens on which commands and error codes are displayed. Such a display immediately issues a message in the event of a wheel failure, obstacles on the road, problems with sensors or brushes, etc.D. Each model has its own codes indicating mechanical or software errors. All this information is contained in the user manual of a particular device.

The ability of a robot permutation to position itself in space in different models is built on a different principle:

  • Supreme class models-due to the navigation unit in which laser sensors and tracking camera are built.
  • Budget models are controlled by sensors that determine the obstacles and floor levels;

If one of these components fails, you can observe the picture when the robot unsuccessfully stumbles upon an obstacle, suddenly stops and begins to vibrate, does not work long and returns to the base, continuing to move one circle.

Removal of garbage from the rotating shaft of the robot permissor to ensure normal movement

If the device suddenly stops and the sound signal sounds, the vacuum cleaner battery is probably discharged, the navigation unit is faulty (this can be a temporary phenomenon and is eliminated by the reset of settings) or the vacuum cleaner is confused in the wires. With constant reversing, it is sometimes enough to clean the rotating shaft of dirt or wipe the eyeballs of spatial orientation sensors well.

complex problems with the navigation board of the device can be solved only by contacting a certified repair workshop.

It starts cleaning on its own

If your vacuum cleaner begins to remove unexpectedly, the problem may be in the schedule. Using the remote control (or application), delete the schedule and set the new. Remove the battery and press the power button to clean the schedule and other settings.

Most of the robots-blankets are equipped with the function of automatic charging. When the battery is discharged during the cleaning, the device will automatically find the way to the dock.

If your robot vacuum cleaner cannot find a docking station and wanders around it until the battery is discharged or it does not get stuck, it may just be a quality problem with which you can do nothing. However, before accusing the manufacturer, make sure that you correctly placed the dock. If the docking station is located on rug, next to the stairs or under furniture, the robot will be more difficult to dock. The docking station should be placed on a solid flat surface in the open space at a sufficient distance from the walls and furniture. Try to rearrange the charger in another place and check if it works.

If your robot vacuum cleaner worked normally, and then suddenly stopped joke, it can also be a problem with the sensor. Check if the robot has problems with home movement. Maybe this is an obstacle to obstacles. Then clean the sensors. If this does not help, replace them.

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