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Limescale Cleaning. Incanto HD8911-HD8922

1) Press the MENU button and select START CALC CLEAN with the OK button. The machine reminds you to insert the jug filled with water and to move the jug dispenser to the right until the milk jug reaches the desired temperature. 3) Pour the entire bottle of Saeco decalcification solution into the water tank. 4) Add clean tap water to the reservoir until the CALC CLEAN strip. 5) Put the water tank back into the machine. 6) Place the cup under the steam outlet/flame tube and the delivery spout. 7) Press the OK button to start the descaling cycle. The machine starts to deliver the descaling solution at certain intervals. The process is shown on the monitor panel. This takes about 20 minutes. 9) When the descaling solution has been used up, the display shows the empty tank symbol. 10) Wash the water tank, fill it with fresh water up to the MAX mark and replace it. The display shows the start of the flushing cycle (two drops of water). 11) For coffee machines with a milk jug: Fill the jug with water up to the MIN mark and put it into the machine. Slide the milk jug dispenser to the right. 12) Reinstall the bowl. 13) Press the OK button. The coffee machine starts the flushing cycle. 14) If the screen shows the RINSHIP CLEANING icon, the rinse cycle is complete. Basic information. If the display shows the empty water tank symbol instead of the GROWTH CLEANING icon, that means the tank has not been filled to the MAX level. Fill the tank to the MAX level and perform another flushing cycle. Repeat steps 10-13 until the GROUNT CLEANING symbol appears. This function may have to be performed a couple of times until the readiness sign appears on the screen. 15) Press the OK button to end the decalcification process. 16) The coffee machine heats up and performs an automatic rinse cycle.

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Saeco coffee machine. instructions for solving technical problems

which contain various mechanical units, electronic modules, as well as a hydraulic system with a rather high pressure of steam and hot water. Therefore, during the operation of these devices, some questions often arise. Presented in this article saeco coffee machine instructions, will help answer in detail the most common. 1. Why is the coffee flowing irregularly in your Saeco machine??

Most often the cause is clogging of the mesh and filter of the coffee spout with small coffee chips, grease, limescale. The latter can be eliminated by decalcification, from coffee particles. give the strainer a good scrubbing, using a stiff brush. The grease can be removed with a special cleaner directly designed for coffee makers. Usually the appliance itself gives an indication of errors in the saeco machine, the corresponding inscription lights up on the screen. Another reason for an uneven stream of coffee can be a low pressure of the water created by the pump, and the reason for this can be found in the wear and tear of moving parts.

What to do if the coffee machine says dregdrawer full on the display?

This label is the cake information that appears when the waste container will hold about three dozen coffee beans. Leave the machine running and empty the grounds hopper. Sometimes it happens that the screen saeco coffee machine error may appear on the screen “dregdrawer full”, even if the container is not yet filled. In any case it needs to remove accumulated coffee grounds.

How to drain your coffee machine?

At the initial start-up it is necessary to drain the coffee machine. fill all the internal circuits of the machine with potable water and run it at “idle speed”. The first couple of cups after draining the coffee machine may make, similar to light brown water with a slight taste of coffee. It is important to remember that each Saeco machine is programmed for the desired coffee strength.

How to reduce the coffee bean output in your hd8743?

In order to reduce the volume of coffee beverage served, you must use the rotary control key.

How to increase the coffee grind in your Saeco?

  • Remove the grinder cover.
  • Press the start button to make coffee.
  • While the appliance is grinding the beans, turn the adjusting screw in the right direction. Make two coffees to test the taste.
saeco, incanto, coffee, machine, light, blinking

How much coffee does the Philips Saeco HD8325 brew in one cycle??

The saeco 8753 coffee machine is capable of making two cups of a fragrant beverage at the same time.

Philips Saeco HD8753/89. problems with switching on, what to do?

The first thing to do is to check the power cord for any damage, and also check the socket for voltage. If inspection of the wire of the coffee machine revealed blackened or broken, the cord or plug must be replaced, but you need to have special skills and an excellent understanding of electricity, plus safety precautions. The saeco coffee machine also malfunctions if the door, behind which the brewing unit is located, is not closed properly. And also in this appliance the heat protection that is on the boilers can work from overheating. It is necessary to measure them with a tester, and if the resistance is equal to infinity, replace them with new ones. It is also possible that a normal power surge will damage the electronics unit. However, if a person is not a professional in this field, it is advisable to take the coffee machine to a repair shop to determine the true cause of the malfunction.

How to change the filter in the coffee machine hd8753?

  • Remove the filter from the carton. Set the mark to the current month.
  • Remove the water tank, pour out the liquid and make sure it is clean.

  • Insert the insertion/removal device in the recess and turn it clockwise to clamp it.

  • Install the filter in the water container (empty) with the device for the installation-removal of the filter, press a little, until the filter is in the right place. The marking of its initial position must coincide with the correct marking on the water tank.
  • Turn the filter insertion-removal device counterclockwise, then remove it from the liquid tank.
  • Fill the hopper with drinking water.
  • Turn on the coffee machine, prepare hot water and fill the liquid tank with potable water.

What it means to make a cappuccino in a coffee machine manually?

This mode is available for models with a separate hot water tap and a special steam nozzle for manual cappuccino preparation.

What to do if the coffee machine is leaking?

First, you should look to see if the coffee machine o-ring is clogged with dirt. It is a good idea to wash the installation area of the cone and the O-ring itself. Second, visually check the o-ring for cracks or loss of elasticity due to salt and grease deposits. The sealant should be easy to remove, you just need to pry it up with a screwdriver from the side and pull it out gently. If the o-ring is damaged it is necessary to replace it with a new one. It is important to make sure the filter of the cone is clean. If it is clogged with coffee particles and no liquid passes through it, then it may happen that after replacing the gland and turning the unit on, the hot water under high pressure breaks through the outlet somewhere else.

Why I can’t make a good cappuccino in my coffee machine?

In order to get a cappuccino drink with a strong and firm crema that does not settle for a long time, you need to use as much fat-free milk as possible (at least 4%), plus it must be cooled beforehand!

How to remove limescale?

Descaling of saeco coffee machines can be done with a special decalcifier. Saeco CA6700/00, which removes lime scale in seconds and thus significantly improves the taste of coffee. This unique liquid will protect the machine’s system from corrosion in its components, which will maximize the life of the coffee maker. This descaling agent saves you the trouble of cleaning the appliance manually. A descaler for your saeco coffee machine can be cleaned with a similar descaler from a familiar coffee machine manufacturer, provided that their coffee machines are of the same class and level, and that the materials used for making the coffee machines are identical.

Why is the saeco not grinding coffee??

First, you should check the presence of coffee beans in the hopper of the machine. If they are there, but there is no grinding process, you need to pour the remaining beans into a cup. When the coffee grounds are saturated, it is difficult to remove them from the compartment, so you can resort to using a vacuum cleaner. Once the grinder has been cleaned, it is important to set the grinder to the maximum grind level, pour in the coffee and turn on the machine to make the beverage. If the process starts successfully, brew five cups of coffee, and then return the grinding mode to the normal, most commonly used position. If this procedure did not help, and the coffee machine saeco not grind coffee, you can go to the use of special agents for cleaning devices, but one hundred percent result still do not need to wait. The most effective way is to disassemble and gently clean the coffee maker by hand.

How to rinse a Saeco?

The brewing mechanism is the most important element of a coffee machine, because it is in it that you can get an unforgettable cup of coffee. The mechanism is detachable in all Saeco machines, and cleaning it is very simple, with no need of any cleaning products. All you need to do is rinse it under a gentle stream of warm water. How to Clean a Saeco? The brewing unit can be easily removed and put back into place. Even a small child can cope with this procedure, and no tools are needed at all.

It is important to remember that for the long life of the coffee machine, you should regularly conduct its cleaning from limescale, coffee deposits, and there is nothing difficult, because the Saeco coffee machine manual. is the most reliable assistant in dealing with any issues that arise during the operation of the coffee machine!

Cleaning the Saeco coffee machine

Daily cleaning. Important!

To clean the appliance, use a soft, damp cloth. Do not put removable components in the dishwasher. Do not immerse the machine in water. Do not use alcohol, solvents and/or abrasive materials to clean the machine. Do not use a micro-wave oven and/or a convection oven to dry the machine and/or its components.

Error 01, Error 02. Grinder is blocked.

Clean the filler funnel for ground coffee.

  • Switch off the power to the coffee machine.
  • Remove the cooking group.
  • Open the cover of the pre-ground coffee funnel and push the blocked coffee through the funnel with a long object (could be the handle of a spoon). If the funnel is missing, clean the pipe at the bottom (coffee machine pipe).
  • After removing the coffee that has been poured into the machine, put the brewing group back in and prepare the coffee.
  • Afterwards, check that the funnel is not clogged again with ground coffee. If so, re-run the cleaning procedure or contact a service center.

If the problem persists, we recommend that you take the machine to a service center.

Error 03, Error 04. The brewing mechanism is blocked.

  • Switch off the machine. Wait until all sounds stop (may take up to 20 seconds).
  • Remove the cooking group and rinse it clean with clean running water. Check and thoroughly clean the sieve (filter).
  • Also make sure that the brewing group is lubricated and that the central piston moves freely.
  • Replace the brewing group (you should hear a light click), waste basket, drip tray and close the door.
  • Brew coffee.
  • If the error repeats, take the machine to a service center.

Error 05. Water circuit is blocked.

This error indicates that there is air in the water system or that the inner tubes are blocked with limescale.

saeco, incanto, coffee, machine, light, blinking
  • Remove the filter from the water tank and clean (decalcify).
  • Check the water container installation (no foreign objects, coffee beans under the container).
  • Check if the steam pipe is clogged.
  • For Xelsis, Exprelia, turn SBS knob to middle or minimum position. If after following these steps the error is still present, we recommend that you contact a service center or consult a specialist.

Error 06. Multi-valve blocked.

Fix the problem only in the service center.

Error 07. Incubator blocked.

Error 08. Electronic Board Failure.

Error 09, Error 10. Water Heater Sensor Failure.

Error 11, Error 12, Error 14. Broken steam heater sensor.

Error 13. Water heater malfunction.

Determine when all four lights are flashing and find the appropriate solution.

When using the AquaClean/Brita filter

  • Remove the filter from the water tank, turn the machine OFF and ON again.
  • If the message is no longer displayed, the filter was not properly prepared or is clogged. Prepare the filter or replace it if it has been used for more than 3 months.

All lights up immediately after the machine is switched on

  • Turn the coffee machine OFF.
  • Remove the water tank and remove the coffee beans from the bottom of the tank compartment.
  • Check if the steam outlet pipe is clogged. Use a needle to remove limescale/dirt from the steam outlet tube.
  • Turn the coffee machine ON again, start the delivery of 2-3 cups of hot water.

All lights go on when making coffee

All indicators light up immediately after or during the descaling process

Saeco coffee machine error values

Like all machines, coffee machines and espresso machines require care and attention. If you have a more modern coffee machine and the error is only displayed in numbers. you need another article. Everyone knows and understands that if the coffee machine is not serviced in time, sooner or later it will start to malfunction or make bad coffee. In order not to bring your coffee machine to a bad condition, they are equipped with alarms that will help you understand what is wrong with your coffee machine. Below is a basic list of Saeko errors and how to deal with them.

If this article doesn’t help you, contact our technicians.

You can also get a free consultation by phone:

Bosch offers consumers equally reliable and versatile coffee machines. The capsule units are especially popular. Just like other manufacturers’ models, they are also equipped with an alarm system:

  • A red light on the Tassimo coffee machine lights up if the machine needs to be cleaned of scale. To do this, activate the Calc Clean function or a similar function and follow the instructions. Use a yellow cleaning disc for this purpose;
  • If the second light on the Tassimo panel lights up, you should refill the water, because it indicates a lack of water in the tank;
  • The red mug light turns on after the yellow signal goes out, indicating only that the process of brewing coffee and filling the cup is in progress. In this case you don’t have to do anything.

The Delonghi coffee maker does not turn on

Each model has its own manual. It is important to understand! If your Delonghi does not turn on you may want to check the waste bin. Although, the device should alert you to the need for cleaning. Maybe you missed the signal and the machine doesn’t want to run soiled. Inspect all Delonghi sensors: maybe a piece of plastic broke off after rinsing.

Inspect the entire water system: from the tank to the boiler. In Delongi appliances, according to reviews, problems often occur in this system.

If you don’t know anything about machines, don’t do anything at all. The brewing unit may have been damaged due to careless handling. Or the machine needs service. Here only to the professionals! Professional cleaning involves disassembling the Delonghi coffee machine completely. For a certain fee.

The red LED on the saeco xsmall coffee machine flashes frequently

On the control panel of Saeco Xsmall coffee machine the light indicator blinks. What to do? / kofevarki store / blog /

There are several lights on the control panel. Indicators by light signals, you can find out what the problem is and how to remove it. Indicators may blink, not blink, pulsate slowly or rapidly. In the blink below are listed probable compositions of indicators, their interpretation and necessary actions.

Rapidly On Blinking overheating protection system. Making Unreal Coffee. It is required at first to drain a little that, boiling water to cool the machine.

Rapidly blinking and the indicator light is blazing continuously It is necessary to perform descaling by Follow 2.1. procedure for descaling procedure 2.1. see links. According to the Annotation in the Articles section below.

Flames continuously low about Water level warning. Fill the water tank with potable water. When the grounds container is full, the indicator light goes out.

Light flashes continuously 1. Coffee grounds container is empty. Fill bean container with beans and start bean container function. 2. At first the grounds container is full. Clean the grounds container without switching off If. The coffee machine empty the grounds container when the coffee machine is switched off, the coffee counter will not reset. Wait until the indicator light flashes again before replacing the grounds container.

Slowly pulsing 1. Coffee grounds container or brewing group not fitted. Ensure that all components are installed correctly and closed. For video instructions on installing the brew link see. by the Article section groups below. 2. Service Door Open. Check if the service door is correctly closed. 3. Control dial has been moved to the wrong position Make sure. position that the control dial has been moved to the correct position for the chosen operation.

Rapidly activated (you do not flash the descaling function) There is no water circuit in the internal circuit, it must be filled by hot draining. Drain until the water flow from the tube/panarello Pour. 1. that fresh water flows continuously into the container. 2. Place steam/steam tube or panarello water outlet under pail. 3. Turn the control dial to wait and position a couple of minutes until the water flows in a continuous stream. 4. When the light starts to pulsate slowly, turn the dial back to Machine.

Rapidly blinking (After either activating or interrupting the descaling process 2.1) Applicable: Note only to the cleaning procedure of version 2.1 1. The descaling process has been started. Finish the descaling function without interrupting the process. See notes on page 31. in the Article links section below. 2. You have interrupted the descaling process or have not completed the entire function as per the manual. If the decalciÀcation procedure has stopped or you have cut it off by cutting off the power, please follow the article Failure to terminate decalciÀcation function (indicator light flashes) on the link from the topic section on Articles below.

Rapidly flashing and one light is blinking or pulsating.

Direction in the Flashing counterclockwise machine cycle does rinse/self-clean. Take no further action The machine. will end the rinse/self-clean cycle Blinks.

Automatic alternately Fault in the brewing group. Try to brew another espresso coffee or.

Support control is vital for all Saeco Xsmall line of coffee machines:

Philips Saeco Xsmall blinking error not making coffee.

Such things can be easily solved by reading the annotation but more often we look at the web.

Diagnosis and repair of coffee machines in Astana 87011454968

Diagnosis and repair of coffee machines in Astana 87011454968

I have no water coming out of anywhere, although the humming sound can be heard. And do not count “!”nothing lights up. Blinking rapidly at first, then slowly but. Where to dig?

Thank you) Failure to do so even at the first minute ))

Oleg. nice day ! Question. Philips-Sayeko Xsmall coffee machine (as in this video) does not work. no symptoms of life in general. It is at lunch time. but during the day it worked fine. What can be and what to prepare for (money). to and fro. ) thanks !

Respect to the master. I have exactly the same car, also encountered the same problem, did not know what to do. Great that I stumbled upon this video really helped. True, not on the fly. At first I switched it like this video. The LED kept blinking. Later I decided to experiment. ) switched to the left, steam mode. Scaling. Switched back to the right, the water ran through, switched to grinding and everything worked without a hitch. Oleg thank you!

Hello Oleg. Is it possible to get any advice from you on Saeko Xsmol. Subject of the problem: About 2 months ago the coffee machine broke down. I found out that the problem is in the thermostatic expansion valve. I gave it for repair. It was repaired and 2 sensors were given to me. After repair they saw that there was something wrong with the coffee, it turned out that the pills had stopped forming normally and I brought them back. After that the exclamation point symbol started flashing slowly and no reaction from the coffee machine. Zanem with a claim they started to make a fool of me if I brought them one and need to change the main board, I got mad, took away the coffee machine. I don’t want to go to that service anymore. Might be a coincidence. But very doubtful. Can you give me a recommendation? There are hands and two of them, maybe you need to disassemble and revise, maybe just a special contact that disconnected. hz. Thank you for your feedback.

I have exactly the same problem but it repeats quite often. When the machine is an hour or two or three, the water from the inner circuit goes out. I can’t figure out where to find the problem.

In general, the problem is found. The spouse does not insert the water tank all the way and the water valve is half-open. hence the circuit emptying. The educational talk is done, the discrepancy is eliminated ?

expert cm (forum) to help you. They are true professionals. you already have the difficulty.

saeco, incanto, coffee, machine, light, blinking

Please help me. I have the same button but it is not blinking and nothing is working.

Oleg please advise what can be with my machine. I’ve got it behaving exactly like this guy

Hello. I can’t load the circuit, the LED is blinking and if it has not worked (still blinking), advise me on the possible cause?

I can not load the circuit, the indicator light is blinking. I don’t have a cappuccinator, I press the coffee button water pours and flashes again

Overview and comparison of Philips Saeco Xsmall coffee machine models.

Philips. the coffee machine company. In 2015, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. Over such a long way, the company has gained fame as a reliable and conscientious. In order to please its customers Philips conducts an unlimited number of tests of its own models before they go into general creation. This responsible attitude has led to the creation of high-end universal coffee machines. Together with established favorites like Saeco and Gaggia we developed new models. The Philips lineup offers every coffee maker for the most demanding taste right through to automatic machines.

Popular models are Philips Saeco Xsmall coffee machines. The main feature of this model is its compact design and extreme functionality. Development of automatic adjustment of the degree of grinding, patented brewing unit allows to obtain the highest grade of coffee.

In this review let’s look at the Philips Saeco Xsmall HD8745 and Philips Saeco Xsmall HD8743 models. They are uniform by the principle of action. The Philips Saeco Xsmall HD8743 has no cappuccinator.

  • metal boiler ensures a long service life,
  • five year warranty on the brewing unit,
  • The water tank is placed in the area of the front panel with the capacity of 1 liter,
  • waste bin for 8 cups,
  • large bean hopper,
  • Robust plastic body of small size allows you to place the unit even in the smallest kitchen,
  • perfect water pressure in the pump,
  • only works on whole coffee beans,
  • Developed in Italy, European assembly,
  • 2-year service and warranty,
  • rinsing the channels with water after manufacturing. the guarantee of cleanliness of the machine,
  • The clay grinder does not impart an unpleasant taste to the ground coffee. Ceramic material lasts long without noise during bean grinding,
  • The “asterisk” or “star” icon is used to indicate the amount of coffee you want to brew in the dishwasher,
  • Philips Saeco Xsmall HD8745 has a traditional panarello cappuccinator. This is a special steam outlet horn. You just dip it in the milk and beautiful foam is ready. After operation it is necessary to wash with hot water to remove milk residues,
  • Baristas choose the more desirable grind for each type of coffee. Now you can do it with the Philips Saeco Xsmall HD8743, because it has 5 degrees of grinding. The finer the grind, the stronger the coffee.
  • The use of unique spare parts for repair will prevent the malfunction and breakage of the device.

According to numerous customer reviews, this model is perfectly suitable for home use or for a small office. Small-sized, lightweight, very easy to operate, economical, makes noise only when grinding coffee. these are more important advantages of this model. High-quality construction ensures long life without repair.

Notification Codes

Most modern units have touch screen displays. This makes it much easier to report an error or malfunction to the owner. However, the messages on the screen are necessarily duplicated by flashing of the indicators in order to attract the attention of the consumer.

As a rule, the display of the models from different manufacturers. Delonghi, Philips, Saeco, Bosch. is very similar. This makes life much easier for the consumer. Having learned to handle one coffee machine according to the manual, it is easy to understand how to operate another model.

Red is a very sensitive color, so it is the red indicator used by manufacturers to indicate a critical malfunction. If the red light on the coffee machine is constantly lit, the problem is quite complicated, if it flashes, then it’s most likely an operating error.

When the signal lights up, a message appears on the screen or the button that is directly connected to the impossible function is highlighted.

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