Samsung refrigerator does not work the upper compartment

Repair of Samsung refrigerators

The Samsung shopping range is quite wide and to tell about the repair of each model, you need to make a separate site, so I will try to explain how to fix general breakdown. I draw your attention to the fact that if you take two two.chamber refrigerators with the same thawing and type of control system, they will be repaired almost the same, despite the fact that these are different models, let’s say, the name does not play a role, the type and system are important to us. Therefore, for starters, let’s analyze what cooling systems and control types are used in our unit

  • Crying cooling system with mechanical control (controlled by the thermostat)
  • Crying cooling system with an electronic control unit
  • No Frost cooling system with a mechanical control system
  • No Frost cooling system with an electronic control system

As you can see, I broke our four.type units, this is done for your convenience. Then I will tell you how to distinguish cooling systems. Believe me, this is very important, because you must first find out what you have a refrigerator, that is, it has a lady or No Frost, further repair depends on this. I wouldn’t write this, but people who buy the unit often come to my workshop, they believe that they bought a refrigerator of the No Frost system, and then it turns out that on the back wall of the refrigerator, for some reason, drops of water are constantly draining. So, let’s first deal with this issue, and at the same time we will see the main malfunctions

Samsung no frost refrigerator

To begin with, let’s see what this is the no frost defrosting system and how it differs from the crying. If you translate No Frost into Russian, you get the phrase “without hoarfrost”. In the principle of operation of this system, forced air circulation is laid down on both refrigerator chambers. In short, one or more fans blow the freezer evaporator, bending cold air in the freezer and refrigerator. Now I must say about the capacitor (heat exchanger, radiator, as anyone), in domestic refrigerators, it is made in the form of an iron lattice and stands behind the refrigerator. In Kareian technology, this thing is in the refrigeration unit housing. On the one hand, this is good, and on the other hand, in some cases, it very much prevents the repair work, I wrote this in order to understand why Samsung’s side walls are hot. General concepts have now become a proceeding to listing malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Fixing Samsung Fridge Ice Buildup and Leaking Water under Crisper Tray

Samsung No Frost with a mechanical control system

In the repair of this type of refrigerators, there is nothing complicated at all, as the law of 90% burns 2-3 spare parts

It is these spare parts, we must look first. The fact is that the main problem is associated precisely with the wrong regime of thawing the freezer evaporator. Perhaps the most important question is due to the fact that the refrigerator does not cold in the refrigerator. I chose one of the Комментарии и мнения владельцев here, on my YouTube channel, the answer to which will explain many incomprehensible points

Hello Dear masters, I have a two.chamber refrigerator Samsung No Frost, the problem is that the refrigerator has stopped working, if earlier the products in it were quite cool, now it is the same temperature as in the room. In the freezer, the temperature is normal, but I noticed that the refrigerator began to disconnect less often

Now let’s look at the causes of this malfunction. First of all, you need to turn off the refrigerator for 2-3 days in order to completely defrost the freezer evaporator. After that, turn on the refrigerator, if in the freezer and in the refrigerator, the desired temperature appeared, then this is not about the leak of the freon, but about the malfunctions in the work of the evaporator. There is no need to make up much to make repairs with your own hands. To begin with, you need to get to the freezer evaporator, then check the heater, put the multimeter in the call position for this. If the heater is whole, it is necessary to replace the thawing sensor and the fuse, as well as with these details, I change and the timer. Of course you can change one detail, and then another, but from practice, I can say that it is better to replace everything at once, it is somehow more reliable. Read more about the repair of such a refrigerator, you can watch in the video that I posted in this paragraph

I still want to add a little about the leak of the freon, such a nuisance happens extremely rarely, but if this happens, then you need to call the master, without his help you can’t cope

Samsung No Frost with a display

The same eggs, only in the profile, that is, the system of defrosting or cooling (as anyone) remains the same, but instead of mechanical control, electronic with its unnecessary bells and whistles are impressed. In general, I am extremely negative about electronic management. Not only because our power networks want the best, but also because there are so many craps in these units that you will understand what you’ll understand, but still it is quite possible to calculate the malfunctions, even a novice master. I will not talk much about the ways to eliminate breakdowns, since the article is already long, I suggest watching 2 videos better. In one I am changing the heater, and in the other I tell about the malfunctions

Watch the video why there is no cold in the refrigerator compartment

Watch the video how to change the heating tick on the Samsung refrigerator

The upper camera does not work in the Samsung refrigerator

If one of the Samsung refrigerator chambers stopped working, there are several reasons. You can understand that the malfunction has happened by external signs: for example, you open the department door, and the light does not burn or not the cold.

Sometimes self.diagnosis displays a malfunction code for a technique display. The user remains to find out the value of the code in order to find a faulty element.

The reasons for the poor operation of the upper chamber in the refrigerator equipment (I) “Samsung”:

  • Refrigerant leak. This happens in systems with “No Frost” with mechanical damage to the chamber. If for quick defrosting of the refrigerator you chopped off the ice by an extraneous object, this could lead to a puncture of the wall and leakage of the gas-freon. Will have to call the master to eliminate the leak and refueling the refrigerant.
  • A drainage tube clogged. Garbage, small crumbs that block the circulation of freon gets into the tube. As a result, the camera may not cool, but the motor overheat. To restore normal work, clean the drain system.
  • The blockage of the filter-dryer leads to an increase in temperature in the chamber, which does not even help temperature control helps. The filter is replaced, the capillary tube is cleaned.
  • The fan does not work. In the “No Frost” system, the fan is responsible for the distribution of cold air in the chamber. In case of malfunction of the evaporator, the fan blad could be formed by ice, so the cooling system does not work. Perform a complete defrosting of the refrigerator. at least 10 hours.

We found out the main reasons why the upper camera of the refrigerator does not work.

There are more serious breakdowns, which the master can determine and correct: a malfunction of the temperature regulator, starting relay, breakdown of the motor-compressor.

The most serious problem is the burned control module. Replacing and flashing the module is expensive and impossible without special knowledge and equipment.

Problems with the work of the Indesit refrigerator

Despite the high technical characteristics, the repair of the refrigerator “Indesit” is not uncommon. Frequent reason for the breakdown that users complain about, the upper chamber Ho does not work.

  • A refrigerant leak occurred as a result of corrosion of a steel circuit. When the drainage system is clogged, moisture is nowhere to go out when hiding, so water drops fall on the outline. If the circuit is damaged, the freon output begins. Call a master who eliminates the cause of the leak, and also refile the technique of freon.
  • The motor-compressor is faulty. He can start for a while, and then turn off again, or not work at all. Replace the motor to normalize the camera.
  • The temperature controller and air sensor broke. In this case, the control module does not receive a temperature signal in the chamber, so it does not start the cooling system.

Simpler problems are possible: check the density of the closure of the department door. Когда дверь закрывается негерметично, в камеру проникает теплый воздух.

Trying to compensate for the increase in temperature, the system actively overtakes the cold, which leads to the formation of a snowy fur coat. As a result, the fan can be blocked.

Therefore, check the serviceability of the door and its rubber seal.

Stinol refrigerator malfunctions

STINOL refrigerators, as well as for other brands, are characterized by typical malfunctions. Users of two.compressor models are faced with the following breakdown: there is no cold in the upper chamber, the motor does not start, but the light burns. Perhaps one of the compressors is hot, while the other does not heat up.

  • Problems with the operation of a thermostat or air sensor. In this case, the motor turns on as usual, but its “rest” is delayed for a long time. The electronic module does not receive a signal from the sensors, so the camera does not cool.
  • The launched relay failed. Perhaps he was jammed in one position, so the motor does not start. Diagnostics and replacement of a faulty part are carried out.
  • Fan problems. You noticed that the fan is blocking the ice and defrosted the refrigerator. But after defrosting, the part did not start working. Will have to check and replace the fan electric motor.

As in previous cases, the cause of the breakdown could be a compressor or a refrigerant leak. Complete diagnosis of refrigeration equipment is carried out.

The upper camera does not work in the Bosch refrigerator

During the operation of Bosch equipment, you can face different faults.

You will cope with some of them yourself:

The upper compartment of the Beko refrigerator does not freeze: what to do, the upper chamber does not work, what’s the reason, has stopped, the freezer

Many users ask a question if the Beko does not freeze the upper compartment in the refrigerator, what to do, in what ways to eliminate the cause. Violation of the normal mode of operation is associated with various reasons, therefore, at the first signs of a malfunction, it is recommended to take appropriate measures.

Bad seal

Before you find out why the Beko refrigerator began to freeze poorly, you need to get acquainted with the principle of operation of the device. If the device does not cold, and the freezer operates in normal mode, you need to check the temperature adjustment buttons, the integrity of the seal. The unit consists of such nodes:

In a hermetically closed system, a refrigerant circulates, characterized by a low boiling temperature and evaporation. If the refrigerator has stopped freezing, the upper chamber does not work, then for starters it is recommended to conduct an initial diagnosis.

Sometimes the malfunction can be associated with connecting the device to the network, squeezing the defrosting button, incorrect installation. Self.elimination of breakdowns is allowed in cases provided for by the user management. If the upper chamber does not freeze in the Beko device, then you need to pay attention to the condition of the seal.

It is made of special rubber, serves to ensure the tightness of the cameras. In case of damage to the sealant, heat will enter the compartment, and the device will work at full power, trying to maintain a given temperature.

Damage to this part can be determined by the presence of ice on the back wall of the refrigerator. If this structural element is dry, stopped tightly fit, cracks formed on it, then it is necessary to replace.

Samsung Refrigerator Not Cooling in Fresh Food Cabinet. How to Fix with a Second Heater

The gap between the seal and the door is determined using a sheet of paper.

If it passes freely, then you need a replacement.

This repair does not take much time, it can be done independently. In some cases, the deformed seal is restored using a hairdryer. To do this, the problem part is heated and the form is changed by hand. With great deformation, the seal is removed, lowered into hot water and inserted into place.

samsung, refrigerator, does, work, upper, compartment

The installation of rubber provides for dismantling using the tools of a damaged part. After cleaning, the new seal is installed in the grooves. To exclude the formation of gaps, provide a reliable mount, use glue. Replacing this structural element will resume the operating mode of the device.

Damage to the air fan

This type of breakdown is characteristic of units with No Frost technology. If the cold has stopped flowing in the compartment of storage of products and freezers, then the reason for freezing the fan. This malfunction can be diagnosed independently.

If there is no uniform buzzing with an open door of the freezer, it is recommended to defrost the device for 10-12 hours. This time is enough to melt the ice, and a normal working mode resumes.

The drainage hole is clogged

The refrigerant, with which the internal volume is cooling, is pumped into the evaporator compressor located at the bottom of the freezer. As a result of circulation, condensate is formed on the walls, which gradually turns into ice.

The appearance of water under vegetable containers indicates a malfunction of the drainage system, which occurs when the tube is clogged:

To clean the tube, use a manual pump, syringe, soft wire. Before the start of preventive work, the device is disconnected from the network. Cleaning is carried out with warm water with the addition of detergent.

It is difficult to eliminate the clogging of the drainage system of refrigerators with technology, it requires knowledge and experience of repairing household appliances. In units of this type, the drainage hole is located behind a special partition, so experts do not recommend independent prevention.

The reason for contacting the service center when breaking the century refrigerator can be the presence of water under vegetable trays. This problem refers to measures to maintain equipment. For the prevention of clogging, it is recommended to regularly clean the walls and shelves from the remnants of the products.

Air sensor refusal

The failure of this part in the refrigerator baches will be the wrong compressor operation. The reference of the sensor can signal the high temperature inside the chambers, which will entail increased operation of the compressor.

In the reverse situation through the control system, the thermostat gives a signal to the injection to reduce the speed.

In this case, there is a chance to make a mistake in the cause of the malfunction and diagnose the failure of the compressor.

The cause of the temperature sensor breakdown is the natural wear that arose as a result of work in continuous mode. Thermoregulator is a relay that controls the temperature in the refrigerator.

On the 1 side of the device is a hermetically sealed tube, and on the other there are contacts of the electric circuit, with which control occurs. An important part of the part is a spring compressing and unclenching contacts. The tension force of the spring is adjusted to the switch handle.

Some models have an electronic sensor that is equipped with a control module. Signs of failure of the thermostat:

  • continuous operation of the device;
  • low temperature in the storage compartment;
  • spontaneous shutdown without subsequent access to the operating mode.
samsung, refrigerator, does, work, upper, compartment

The fan is faulty

Indesit products themselves can inform the user about internal problems. For example, the fan failures are reported by the display of the error code “F04”. To eliminate the malfunction, you need to check the chain between the device itself and the board that runs it for good operation. We measure the resistance or connect the fan directly to the network, if it does not spin-you need a new one that can be bought in a specialized store or ordering in an online store with home delivery.

Possible breakdowns

On the basis of many years of experience in repairing No Frost refrigerators in the Rembettech workshop, we have made a list of popular breakdowns when the freezer works and the refrigerator compartment does not cool.

  • Square sensor (defroster), according to which the thawing mode is turned on;
  • A smelly fuse, it protects the refrigerator from overheating, when for some reason the heater does not turn off automatically;
  • Heater (Ten), he thaws snow on the evaporator;
  • Timer tie.

Since the thaw does not work, the ice on the evaporator in the freezer grows and covers the channels of the flow of cold air into the refrigerator compartment. As a result, the freezer freezes, but the refrigerator is not.

for the work of the master, details, if necessary for repair, are paid separately.

Repair at home

Some refrigerator malfunctions can be identified and eliminated independently. Modern devices have high.quality self.diagnosis, which allows you to identify the problem without involving a specialist. However, not every repair can be done with your own hands.

If the problems of refrigeration equipment are associated with violations in the electronic system or are caused by the refusal of intellectual control to perform their functions, it is better to contact the workshop to carry out repair

#one. Complex tasks for independent repair

Samsung refrigerators have several malfunctions that are difficult to eliminate without the experience of repair and the availability of special equipment.

If a refrigerant leak is detected, it is necessary not only to eliminate the defect of the tubes or their compounds, but also to compensate for the lost volume by refueling the system by freon. This is a difficult procedure that requires the stock of such a way and special equipment to measure its weight.

It is impossible to determine the volume of the refrigerant “by eye”, since in the best case the refrigerator refrigerator will not be observed by the cooling and snest mode, and in the worst there will be problems with the phase transition and a complete lack of cooling.

Electronic refueling scales for refrigerant are a mandatory tool for a specialist in repairing the compressors of the refrigerator. This is a specific and expensive equipment that most people do not have at home

If the compressor of the inverter refrigerator does not work, then you need to connect the working unit of the electronics and repeat the start attempt to start. In the case of a successful launch, it is possible to state the fact that the problem is on the side of the control board. If the start did not occur, the reason is in the compressor that needs to be changed.

Compressor replacement is the same procedure for any brands of refrigerators and freezers. It is needed to carry out a special tool (burner, accurate scales for refueling freon, gas station, etc.D.), the supply of refrigerant and the availability of experience in carrying out such work.

Therefore, it is better to call masters from the service center who will do all homework. Repair of electronics is possible in the presence of obvious signs of damage to the components of the board, such as capacitors (a sign of malfunction. bloating) or traces of contact oxidation.

(Recovery of electrical conductive circuits, as well as replacing the condenser or microcircuits requires special equipment (thermofen, tin.oxyx, a soldier with a wide sting, etc.D.) and some preparation.

If the cost of acquiring a new fee is high or the duration of its delivery is long, then you can contact the organization for the repair of computer equipment.

The electronics made by Samsung is of good quality and the simultaneous refusal of a large number of components is unlikely. Therefore, the terms and cost of the repair will most likely be insignificant.

When calling specialists to replace the compressor or restore the integrity of the evaporator with the slope of the refrigerant, it is necessary to free enough space, since the refrigerator will have to be deployed or pushed away from the wall

#2. Problems with the door and seal

The problem of air passing through doors can occur due to their incorrect position. This can be found using a plumb line. Before eliminating distortion, it is necessary to align the refrigerator using the level. The position of the doors is changed using adjusting bolts.

If the door is installed vertically, but there are signs of air pass, then the problem is in the seal. If the defect is in the presence of folds, then you can eliminate them by softening the rubber with heat using hot water or hair dryer.

Polyvinyl chloride seal is attached to glue, a flat screwdriver is needed to dismantle it. Using the shoulder blade and soft sponge, it is necessary to remove the remaining rubber and glue from the door of the door.

When installing a new seal, its corner parts can be slightly heated with a hairdryer to give them great elasticity. To fix in the door, you can use the glue “moment 88” or silicone sealant. For new models, a magnetic tape is integrated into the product, so there is no need to use adhesive substances for fixing to the door.

The magnetic tape securely attaches the seal to the metal door of the refrigerator. There is no need to use glue and wait until it dries. Elastic replacement operation can be quickly performed on a working device

#3. A malfunction of temperature sensors

Checking the performance of temperature sensors can be performed by measuring the resistance on the response of the connector of the main board of the electronic module.

Their location depends on the board, but there is an established color differentiation of wires:

Samsung RL33EA refrigerator, malfunctions, video

Due to some features of the heater in the No Frost system and the cyclicity of the tackle, we will describe in detail why it is necessary to control this mode. As programmed, with a rage on the radiator of a certain layer of hoarfrost, a sensor fixed on the pipe, transfers an indication to the brain. The team is followed. Now, until a new signal comes from the sensor, the compressor will not turn on.

If the heater does not work, the rewindling will go for hours. The alarm on the display will not be displayed. And if the sensor refused, the heater will work until he burns. At this time, in the refrigerator, all products will become unusable.

Watch the video how to eliminate the malfunction yourself if the Samsung RL33EA requires replacement.

samsung, refrigerator, does, work, upper, compartment

Conclusions and useful videos

Samsung refrigerators have a good quality of nodes and assembly. The frequency of their repair is lower than that of budget models. If a breakdown has occurred, then you can identify a problem node yourself. In some cases, you can carry out repairs yourself, but sometimes you will still have to call specialists.

Please leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев in the block below, ask questions about unclear and controversial moments, post photos. Tell us about how the Korean refrigerator was repaired on your own. Share useful technological nuances that may come in handy for visitors to the site.

Repair Samsung No Frost with mechanical control

First of all, I want to talk about icing on the freezer evaporators. It often happens that it became warm in the refrigerator, but in the freezer, the products are frozen as if nothing had happened to the refrigerator. Unlike the crying system, in the refrigerators of No Frost, there are only 1 evaporator, and thanks to the fan, cold air is pumped into the refrigerator compartment, that is, in these refrigerator units, all the repair nuances are associated only with the freezer, the temperature in the refrigerator depends on it. I will now answer frequently asked questions, my customers, I think this will greatly explain many points related to malfunctions and breakdowns

I have a Samsung two.chamber refrigerator, worked for more than 5 years, without a single breakdown. The last time was defrosted 2 or 3 years ago. Literally recently, the upper camera stopped cold, where the main products are located, everything is fine in the freezer, all the products are frozen, as before. There are no normal masters in the area, since we live on the outskirts, 80 km from the district center. A master that serves our village, said that Freon leaks and a refrigerator should be taken to the district center. We tried to defrost the refrigerator, left it with open doors for a day, but when they turned it on, the situation was repeated. there is no cold in the refrigerator, and everything is fine in the freezer. Having walked around the Internet, I found out that Freon’s leak on No Frost is very rare and there is no smell. Tell me, maybe we just change the thermostat or some other detail

To determine whether the freon leak or not in the Samsung No Frost refrigerator, you need to do 2 simple things. First, try the side of the refrigerator, if they are hot, then there is probably no leak. Secondly, defrost the refrigerator and here many make a big mistake and now I will tell you what it is. Defrost such units, it is necessary not 12 hours or 24 hours, but at least three days and only then turn on and see how the refrigerator will work. If after two to three hours, the refrigerator will not gain the set temperature, then you can talk about a leak or a clogged capliclarka. To the word to say, a leakage of refrigerant, in such colds is extremely rare, in the vast majority of cases, the problem is a faulty touch sensor or an hourly mechanism. see photo 2 and 3. We will understand with these details

How to check the timer and a Samsung refrigerator ticking sensor with mechanical control

The timer can be checked right on the refrigerator. To do this, you need to do the following actions. There is a cool (selector) on this hourly mechanism, it can only be twisted clockwise. First of all, disconnect the refrigerator from the power, turning the selector clockwise, you will hear a click, this click means that the timer turned on the latch mode. Turn again, this selector clockwise, until the moment, a little to the click. Turn on the refrigerator, after 20-30 minutes it should be disconnected, while you must hear a click that will mean that the refrigerator has fallen into the touch mode. The touch mode lasts approximately 30-40 minutes, that is, after 30-40 minutes the refrigerator should turn on if this does not happen within an hour or 2, then the timer is worthless. It should be noted here such a thing that in 90%, such a check does not mean that the clock mechanism is working. The fact is that when testing it can show absolute performance, but in the work he will be buggy

Samsung refrigerator

How to check the Samsung Refrigerator Strait Squeezer

The touch sensor in the refrigerator No Frost is on the freezer evaporator, in order to get to it, you need to remove the front panel. Below I shot a video that describes in detail about repairing the Samsung No Frost refrigerator with a mechanical defrosting system, but first let’s see how the latch sensor works. When the temperature decreases in the freezer, the sensor contacts are closed, after the timer gets into the touch mode, to the heating element, that is, the heating element, voltage is supplied through the sensor. After the heating heated the evaporator, the tickling sensor opens its contacts, and the heater stops working, but the clock mechanism begins to work. That is, the sensor of the latch of a kind of current switch, from heating to a timer. Here you need to figure it out, I will now list what will happen if the sensor of the latch will work incorrectly

  • The thaeen will not turn on, as a result, ice will remain on the freezer, which will subsequently accumulate to such an extent that the refrigerator will simply stop turning off and freeze normally
  • Do not turn on the refrigerator, this will happen if with an increase in temperature, that is, when the thaw works, the sensor does not switch to another mode

Checking the thawing sensor at 100%is almost impossible, just like the timer, that is, its check, can show that it is absolutely worker, but this does not guarantee its performance in the process of the refrigerator. From practice I can say, I always change everything together, that is, I take a sensor, take a timer, a fuse from overheating and just throw it out, and I put everything new for the place of all these details. Believe me in 5-6 years, the entire mechanical part in such units, just falls through, so there is no need to chemize anything here and be greedy

Samsung no frost refrigerator

samsung, refrigerator, does, work, upper, compartment

TEN OTTENTS for the refrigerator Samsung No Frost

Watch the video about the repair of the Samsung No Frost refrigerator with the mechanical thawing mechanical system

After we met some details of this refrigerator, we can summarize. In 90% of cases, cold and frost disappear as a result of the incorrect work of the heater, which leads to icing the freezer evaporator. In general, if in your refrigerator the refrigerator stopped cold, turn off the aggregator for three days, do not forget to open the doors to both camera. Then you start it, if he scored the cold, as expected, then first of all, check the heating heating, if he is in order, change the tickling sensor and timer. I haven’t said words here about such details as a fan and thermostat. These spare parts are very rare, in the video above there is information about this, I recommend to see. The article simply turns out and so big, and you need to talk about these details for a long time, I think I will write another article on this occasion

Repair Samsung No Frost with electronic control

People are afraid of what they don’t know, and in this case almost the same thing happens, but in fact it turns out, the repair of such refrigerators with their own hands is much easier than with mechanical control. Usually the whole essence of the repair is to recognize the error, or rather the error code. The fact is that in modern Samsung refrigerators there is a self.diagnosis function that displays an error code on the display, that is, it shows which part is broken. I think with this and you should start. In the photo below you will see, one of the varieties of displays, in short, I will start with it

Dough mode in the Samsung refrigerator

And in order to enter the Samsung refrigerator into the dough mode, you need to simultaneously press two buttons, as shown in the figure above, it is very important not to let them go for 5-10 seconds, you must wait until all indicators light up. After the procedure done, click the “A” button. look at the photo above, after clicking on this button, the sound signal should sound, this will say that the refrigerator has entered the diagnostic mode. In refrigerators with such a display, the dough mode lasts about 30 seconds and occurs automatically, after this time, an error will be displayed on the scoreboard, of course this will happen only if the control module finds its error codes, you can see below, I have made it in the same place and clarification to them

Now I offer you another video where I enter the refrigerator mode with another control unit in the test

The control module is faulty. from 2200

The control unit is a microcircuit with radio elements in which the refrigerator algorithm is laid. When the module fails in it, radio elements burn, the contacts and/or paths of the microcircuit are burned out or oxidized, the firmware is lost. When the module is faulty, the Samsung refrigerator with No Frost behaves differently:

TOP 3 THINGS THAT BREAK IN SAMSUNG FRIDGE. Watch to learn Samsung Fridge the most common problems

It is necessary to identify burned elements and replace them with new ones, pluck suspicious paths and/or contacts of the microcircuit. When firmware failures, the module memory is evaporated, reprogrammed and sold back. In difficult cases, when the microcircuit processor fails, the control module changes completely.

Samsung RF217 Refrigerator not cooling. Learn how to fix it. Freezer works but not the top fridge.

The drainage in the freezer of the refrigerator c no frost was clogged. from 1300

With the full.time operation of the no Frost, water is formed in the Samsung refrigerator, which is drained over the drainage canal into the bathhouse at the back of the refrigerator. Когда дренаж засорён или замерз, вода не проходит в ванночку, а течёт на дно морозильной камеры и там замерзает.

It is necessary to remove the panel inside the freezer, beyond which the No Frost evaporator is located and the drainage hole, and rinse the blockage using a sprint. If this method did not help, then the drainage canal must be cleaned with the cable.

Refrigerant leak

The last reason is a consequence of violation of the operating rules. Experts categorically do not recommend chipping the ice with sharp objects or defrost the freezer using a room in it with a tank with hot water. Such actions lead to the formation of microcracks, through which Freon gradually seeps.

  • temperature growth in all cameras
  • The motor works without stopping or with short.term pauses between inclusion
  • The compressor does not start, there is no cold in one or in all cameras
  • Illume on the evaporator
  • The capacitor does not heat up

The master with the help of the latest foreign equipment will accurately determine the place of leakage, blow the capillary pipeline, replace the filter-dryer, will vacuuuming the system and fill it with high-quality refrigerant.

Fan breakdown

This malfunction is characteristic of refrigerators with the No Frost system and can be caused:

The function of the freezer fan is to create air flows circulating through the channels of the refrigerator and prevent the formation of ice on the walls of its chambers. But devices with an automatic thawing system must be defrosted at least once every 2-3 years.

Moisture, gradually accumulating in the freezer, provokes icing of the fan and the inner wall that closes the evaporator. There is a blockage of the channels through which the air passes, as a result of which the rotation of the fan blades is difficult. The problem is solved by the defrosting of the refrigerator or replacing the fan (if the winding of its motor has burned down due to overloads).

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