Set for waxing cartridges

Waxing cartridges for waxing

Progress in the cosmetics industry does not stop. And now the usual waxing with cans, sticks, wipes has become a neat procedure without the use of unnecessary equipment. And all this is replaced by a handy wax cartridge.

This wax (different density is possible) poured into special cartridges, which are inserted into the wax melter before use. The device is equipped with a roller-shaped nozzle which spreads the heated material in a thin layer over the skin.

Wax cartridges

In every beauty salon there is such a service as waxing in cartridges. This method of removing unwanted hair, is considered one of the most effective, gentle and painless. Wax melted to a pleasant temperature for the skin, evenly coats the skin with a “film”, creating a “greenhouse” effect under it, which makes the hairs softer, ensures their complete and painless removal from the follicles.

Wax in a cartridge can be used to treat any area. arms, legs, underarms, back, chest, bikini area and even face. There are waxes with different textures. from transparent (like a gel) to thick (like honey), fragrances and additives. The wax is placed in a handy cassette (cartridge), is conveniently distributed by a special roller and is economical (1 piece is enough for several clients).

Online store assortment

waxing, cartridges

In the catalog of Torgsalon you can buy waxes in cartridges for depilation, popular European and Russian manufacturers: Italvaks (Italy), Depilflax (Spain), Roial (Italy), Dolce Vita (Italy). All assortment is certified, original and delivered to our warehouse directly from manufacturing plants. Our consultants help you choose an individual hair removal product that suits your skin and hair type.

How to start a partnership with us

We are open for individuals and organizations doing business in all cities We have no minimum order amount (you can order goods as a single unit, and in bulk). You can apply online or by any of the phone numbers listed above. Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region is carried out as soon as possible. from a few hours to 24 hours. There is an opportunity to pay: in cash, by card, by bank transfer. The warehouse is within walking distance from the subway and works seven days a week.

How to heat a wax cartridge

Heated material is much more comfortable for depilation. It is less painful than cold waxes. This method is recommended for feet, arms, back and chest.

If you choose warm wax, the risk of burns is minimal. It melts at a temperature from 37 o C. Even beginners will have no problem using it at home.

You will melt the material in just 15-20 minutes. Simply place the cassette in the wax melter and set the desired temperature as indicated on the package.

Waxes for depilation in cartridges

Many women use wax for depilation in cartridges, which you can buy in stationary and online boutiques. It can be universal, ie suitable for the treatment of different areas of the body, as well as special. In the latter case, the composition is designed for a specific area, such as bikini, face, arms, legs or breasts. When choosing a remedy for hair removal, you should pay attention to the type of skin. Manufacturers produce products for sensitive, dry and normal skin. Professional wax cartridges can contain extracts of various plants, resins, essential and base oils.

Depilation at home

The problem of unwanted hair has always been a problem for women around the world. Even in ancient times, women sought to make their skin smooth and soft by removing body hair. Fortunately, there are many different ways to remove unwanted hair today, one of which is waxing. Waxing is a very popular procedure today, which can be done both in a beauty salon and at home. Epilation home waxing saves your money and time. no need to have special skills, just buy the necessary products for depilation, and the salon procedure is provided to you. Waxing is very effective. after waxing the skin remains smooth for 3-4 weeks, and the hairs become thinner and lighter, grow slower.

Means for epilation. What you need?

To do waxing at home just like in a beauty salon, you’ll need the following arsenal of tools:

  • Heater wax, or wax melter
  • Wax for waxing in cartridges
  • Waxing Strips
  • Special cosmetics before and after the procedure.

For the rapid removal of hair you can also wax strips-which method of hair removal is suitable if you are in a hurry and have no time to make a full procedure.

Wax melter. A special device that will help to evenly heat the wax for epilation to the desired temperature. Wax melter is very easy to use. you just need to drop a wax cartridge into the heater, wait 20 minutes. and it’s done!

Waxing can be warm or hot. Warm wax is ideal for removing unwanted hair on the arms, legs, face. Most often warm wax for easy use is available in cartridges. Remove the wax from the surface of the skin should be special strips for waxing, sharp movement against the growth of hair. But waxing bikini zone requires a special approach, this area is very sensitive, so the hair is best removed with hot wax. Wax is applied to the skin with a spatula and removed after curing by hand. You’re already wondering where to buy wax for waxing? In the online store “Constellation of Beauty” you will find a rich selection of different types of wax. for every taste!

Ingrown hairs: how to get rid of them?

Ingrown hairs. a very unpleasant phenomenon, it most often occurs with the abuse of mechanical epilation. To avoid ingrown hairs, it’s better to get it waxed-using waxing keeps the risk of ingrown hairs to a minimum. To ensure that the hairs do not ingrow into the skin after waxing, it is necessary to wisely complete the procedure, using special cosmetics. Post-depilation lotions and oils will remove wax residue from the skin and help relieve irritation and redness. Some emulsions contain light-reflecting particles that give shimmer and shine to the skin. And special anti-hair regrowth lotions can help prevent this problem in the most sensitive areas: the bikini zone and underarms.

Buy wax in cartridges

Wax cartridges for depilation is presented in a wide range of density, melting temperature and composition. It is designed for waxing large areas of skin, such as arms, legs and back.

Cartridges differ in the width of the nozzle, which increases the convenience of their use when depilation of different areas of the skin.

Waxes for depilation in cartridges, have quite an extended list of beneficial benefits, namely:

  • There is a hot and warm wax, presented in a wide range and designed for a wide range of depilation procedures;
  • Natural ingredients (argan oil, pine resin and others), which are part of a number of waxes, provide effective regeneration of the skin after depilation procedures;
  • Synthetic components in the composition of waxes prevent allergic reactions of the skin;
  • The increased adhesive properties of the wax allows it to be applied in a thin layer, safely capturing all the hairs, making it easy, painless and effective removal.
  • is applied with a roller nozzle on the cartridge, removed strictly against the growth of hair, removed using special strips (bandages);
  • The soft texture of the wax allows you to easily remove it from the skin without leaving a sticky layer, and essential oils impregnate the skin with a pleasant floral scent;
  • A successful combination of synthetic and natural resins, as well as a number of specialized components allows for a thin film of wax on large areas of the skin, which contributes to its economical consumption;
  • the wax removes hair with the roots, which contributes to long-term preservation of the desired effect of the procedure.

In our store you can inexpensively buy high-quality cosmetic wax in cartridges of well-known brands: Depilflax, Gloria, Italwax and Starpil and others.

Wax melts

Today waxing is one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted facial and body hair. Waxing, or bioepilation is not without reason so popular among women, because this technique has a lot of advantages:

waxing, cartridges
  • Unlike razors, the wax removes hairs from the root, not just slices them from the skin surface, so the hairs grow back an average of 3-4 weeks after the procedure.
  • With prolonged use of wax hairs grows slower, thinner and softer.
  • Wax removes hair evenly and less painfully, for example, in comparison with a mechanical epilator.
  • Waxing greatly reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

Waxing. is a very simple procedure, so you do not need to go to the master to remove unwanted hair, just buy a wax melter, wax cartridges, strips for removing wax-and you can start!

How to properly remove hair with wax?

For the procedure to be successful, it is necessary to observe all stages of its performance. Before waxing it is necessary to clean the skin from impurities and cosmetics with a special gel with cotton extract firm Rica. To ensure that the wax is evenly distributed on the surface of the skin, you need to heat it properly. You need to use a wax melter for depilation-heats the wax in the cartridge to the optimum temperature and does not let it cool quickly.

Wax melts for depilation come in two varieties:

  • Warm wax warming wax melts are containers with an internal metal surface for heating wax in cartridges. Waxing machines can have a special base, for simultaneous heating of several cartridges. Using a wax melter to heat the wax greatly reduces the risk of burns and facilitates the procedure, so do not skimp on buying this useful device.
  • Wax melters for heating hot wax are suitable both for melting wax in jars and for heating paraffin, so this device will come in handy in the home of every woman.

Wax depilation also comes in different forms:

  • Warm wax is ideal for removing unwanted hair on large areas-legs, arms, back, chest. Usually warm wax is available in special cartridges for easy application. Transparent wax is used to remove thin, soft hair, but the hard, thick hair is best removed with matte wax.
  • Hot wax is ideal for removing hair from sensitive areas like bikini bottoms.

Remove wax from the surface of the skin can also be different, it depends on what kind of wax was used during the procedure-warm wax is removed with special paper strips, and hot-wax by hand after curing.

And do not forget about the completion of the waxing procedure. after all the hairs were removed, you need to soothe and soften the skin, relieve irritation and redness. Rica and Cristaline lotions, oils, emulsions are ideal for this purpose.

If you followed all the rules for waxing, the result of the procedure will be exactly the same as after visiting the salon, and the unwanted hair will not bother you for a month!

Kit for home waxing

Let’s find out what the kits consist of, and consider the pros and cons of waxing.

Varieties of composition

Kits for depilation consists of different products. There are kits with a wax melter. But such products are more expensive. The heater can be replaced by a water bath. If you already have such a machine, you can buy kits without it.

Also kits include wax in cartridges, in jars or in other forms. The composition may include a spatula for applying wax, tapes for waxing, as well as skin care products after the procedure. Products should be selected based on personal preferences.

How To Apply Roll-On Wax

What are the advantages

Pros include:

  • After each session the hairs get thinner and grow slower;
  • the products are available;
  • the price is not high;
  • Kits for waxing easy to use at home;
  • Wax compounds do not have many side effects;
  • In the composition of the product in question, there are components that have a positive effect on the skin;
  • after each procedure the result remains for a longer time.

Are there any disadvantages

Waxing also has disadvantages:

  • the procedure is painful;
  • There can be ingrown hairs;
  • Do not use wax with varicose veins, diabetes, skin lesions and allergic reactions to components in the product.

Step by step instructions for the use of wax in cartridges

After preparing wax for depilation in cartridges and the appropriate wax melter, it remains to understand how to use them.

A few hours before performing the procedure, it is better to take a shower and cleanse the skin with a scrub, after which it is useful to apply and body lotion. Once the skin is completely dry, apply baby powder or talcum powder, especially if the skin is prone to irritation.

After completing all the preparatory steps, you can proceed to the direct hair removal, which consists of several stages:

  • First you need to put the cartridge in the wax melter (if it’s new, don’t forget to remove the protective film), and plug the device in.
  • Approximately 20-25 minutes the device will heat the wax, after which it must be unplugged, and, after wiping your feet with a dry towel (if necessary, even a powder to sprinkle), you can proceed to the application of wax. It is quite difficult to get burnt by hot wax, because you need to keep the wax melter on for about an hour.
  • Now you can turn the device upside down so that the wax runs down to the head (3 seconds is enough) and run a 10 cm strip on the skin (it’s better to start from the calf). Apply the wax as you go along the hairline. The wax melter must always be in a strictly vertical position, otherwise the wax that runs out of it will stain everything around it.
  • On top of the already applied wax should be glued strip for epilation (along the hair growth), leaving the bottom about 1 cm and once again run your hand over it, so that it is tightened to the skin.
  • After waiting a minute, take the strip by the left bottom edge and pull sharply in the direction against the growth of hair, and it is important to pull not up, and along the skin. If there are hairs, you can remove them with the same strip. It is also suitable if wax is left around the edges.
  • After clearing the hair from one place, you can apply the wax (in the same way) on the other area of the skin. You can use the same strip for waxing several times until the wax layer on it will reach 2-3 mm and it will not be difficult to tear off. If the wax in the cartridge cools, warm it up again in a wax melter and continue the procedure without any worries.
  • Finish the skin should be wiped with oil (it will help remove residual wax) and within 8 hours it is desirable not to wet the treated area with water, so as not to irritate.

Sometimes after waxing and sticking the strip is very difficult to remove it (the wax pulls and smears a lot), most often this means that the skin was just wet.

In this case, you need to let the wax cool down a little (a few minutes will be enough), take a new strip and repeat the procedure again. If even after that you have not achieved the desired result, try scrubbing off the wax with oil and apply the composition again.

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