Settings of the Metal Fach peller boiler

Settings of the Metal Fach peller boiler

The MetalFach Smart BIO pellet boiler 15 kW combines a boiler inside a pellet and combustion chamber, in which manual loading of solid fuel is provided: firewood, coal, different types of briquette. Smart EKO series boiler has horizontal passages to remove smoke. This is clearly visible in the pictures of internal cuts.

Запуск и настройка котла METALFACH 19 кВт SEG BIO

MetalFach boilers of the Smart Bio series are equipped with removable grates in the form of a grille grille for burning spare types of fuel. In a universal iron torch pellebate 2 generation in the form of a gutter, the best method is adapted for burning biofuel.

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Thanks to the automatic supply of fuel, the boiler asks for small maintenance. The standard loading hopper is designed for continuous operation within 3-7 days. The boiler service is reduced to replenishing the bunker with fuel and cleaning the ash, which will take 15 minutes of time a week.

A boiler with automatic feed can operate in 2 both modes:

  • Automatic mode with the introduction of a fuel supply mechanism;
  • Manual mode (firewood, coal).
  • Din1 Pellets Properties, granules 6-8 mm.;
  • Corn.
  • Firewood;
  • Coal;
  • Different types of briquette.

Economical setting of the pellet boiler, reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency

Solid fuel palette boiler MetalFach Smart Bio is equipped with PLUM 920 controller. Even an inexperienced person can simply configure the boiler under his conditions.

Automation of the boiler boiler allows you to configure:

  • Boiler temperature;
  • Temperature in the contour of the heating system;
  • Temperature in the hot water supply system;
  • Room temperature;
  • The temperature of the flip water from the heating system;
  • Automatic ignition operating time (depending on the type of fuel);
  • Work of the fuel supply unit;
  • Manual control of the fuel supply unit and fan;
  • Automatic power modulation of the burner (Fuzzy Logic);
  • The advantages of MetalFach pellet boilers:
  • Warranty: 5 years for the density of the heat exchanger, 2 years for automation;
  • Certified steel 6 mm. P265gh brands;
  • The highest efficiency of boilers can reach up to 90%;
  • Multiple: pellets, crushed coal, eCo peas, firewood, coal, briquettes.
  • Automatic pellet ignition.

Proper setting up the boiler

Buying a pellet boiler, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the availability of service centers and official representative offices in the installation region of the boiler. The boiler on pellets is fully automated and requires proper tuning, as well as service. The correct setting of the boiler will increase its life, reduce fuel consumption and simplify the boiler cleaning. The launch and commissioning of this kind of automated equipment should be carried out by a specialist authorized by the factory by the manufacturer. In fact, there is no restriction on the launch of the boiler and put it into operation, this procedure can be performed by the installer of the installation of the heating system, and of course the user himself. But in this case, all responsibility and further maintenance falls on the one who launched.

What is important to know to configure a pellet boiler yourself? First of all, you need to understand that an automatic boiler on pellets has several operating modes. The most basic and those that require more attention, there are three of them: ignition, work, pause. Boilers manufacturers use different types of automation in which all kinds of additional modes can be used, such as: combustion stabilization mode, modulation mode, supervision mode, etc.D. When we already have an idea of ​​the modes, it is important to understand how the boiler should behave in each of the modes.

Roser mode. When a certain portion of pellets is fed to the burner using a faint, or in manual mode is fired and complete burning is stabilized and stabilized. In this mode, the boiler usually spends about fifteen minutes, during which time it also gives pellets in certain portions, while the automatic boiler automation monitors the temperature of the smoke gases. It is very important in this mode to configure a sufficient amount of pellets and air injection so that the temperature of the smoke gases is rapidly growing. After reaching smoke gases, 60 degrees the chimney is considered warmed, and automation switches the boiler to the operating mode.

The working mode is very similar to the ignition mode. In this mode, the boiler spends most of its time. It is at this time that he heats the heat exchanger of the boiler and removes temperatures in the heating system to the given. In our work, we no longer need to quickly warm up the chimney. Our task is to achieve the correct and complete burning of pellets, stable and pure flame. Two parameters are subject to adjustments: the power of air info and the number of pellet supplied. Air power is usually regulated in a ratio of 30 to 100 percent, the number of pellets supplied to the burner is regulated in a cyclic ratio, a certain portion of pellets is supplied after a certain period of time. It is important to understand that the portion of the pellet burned corresponds to the declared power. For example, a boiler with a capacity of fifty kilowatts will not be able to provide a warm room if the pellet is supplied, even if the flame is stable. The average heat transfer is pellet from one kilogram when burning you can get up to five kilowatts of thermal energy per hour. The quality of the fuel can very much affect the flow of pellets, and in some boilers and the work of the burner.

Peller boilers manufacturers lay standard work settings. For each power its number of pellets per hour and its own power of air info. Our task as a user or a specialist in setting up a boiler, adjust these parameters so that the burning of the pellet is complete, and the consumption was minimal without loss of productivity of the boiler.

The question is where to start setting up a pellet boiler?

We recommend first of all to start with air adjustment, fan. Each boiler can differ in the infusion power, usually a number of factors, such as: chimney craving, pellet quality, and even type of burner. The amount of air of the pumped into the burner should be minimal necessary for the complete combustion of fuel. You can determine this by the color of the flame.

The correct flame has a yellowish tint, flame tongues rise up, the burning is even, highly and stabilized on the same height. It is in this flame that the maximum efficiency is achieved.

The flame has a reddish tint with a noticeable smoke? The combustion of oxygen is not enough, both an incorrectly mounted chimney and an too small power power of the air junction can affect this. Try adding the infusion power and watch the result.

If we observe an aggressive flame, and the pellet coals bounce up and fall into the ash as unfinished pellets, there is too much air of air, we recommend that the air to the minimum necessary for combustion.

After the flame was normalized, and it corresponds to all the parameters of proper burning, has a yellowish tint. We go into the adjustment adjustment of the screw. As mentioned above, the work of the screw goes cyclically, giving certain portions to the burner. Before setting up the screw, you need to understand what type of burner your boiler has. Torch burner requires a minimum required amount of pellets when burning so that pellets do not clog the holes of the supplied air. In such burners, pellets are usually served in small portions. If we are dealing with a retorted burner in the form of a bowl with a lower fuel supply. Here the supply of fuel occurs somewhat differently, the pellet supplied from the bottom constantly raises combustion. Our main task is to set the optimal pellet to the burner so that the fuel during burning is all the time at the same level. Burning should occur in the upper part of the burner, while Pellet should not be packed over the edge of the burner and sag below the level.

After we managed to choose the ratio of the pellet and air of the air, we should observe the temperature of the water in the system, whether it strives for a given, at what speed. The boiler is very slowly gaining temperature or temperature hangs in one place? This means that the boiler does not work at rated power, it is necessary to add fuel supply and adjust the combustion.

The final mode is a pause or stop mode. The pellet boiler goes into this mode when the task, namely, the set temperature was achieved. In this mode, the boiler completely turns off the operation of the screw and fan, and is waiting for a decrease in the water temperature in the system by several degrees, after which it again goes into work, before that checking the combustion.

Instructions and files

To get acquainted with the instructions, select the file in the list that you want to download, click on the “download” button and you will go to the page where you will need to enter the code from the picture. With the right answer at the site of the picture, a button for obtaining a file will appear.

If there is a “viewing” button in the field with the file, this means that you can view the instructions online, without the need to download it to the computer.

If the material is not complete or need additional information on this device, such as the driver, additional files for example, firmware or micro.Program, then you can ask the moderator and the participants of our community, who will try to quickly respond to your question.

And configuration of Metal Fach SD Duo Bio boilers

Modeling Modelity, KVTobsk Bunker, Lzen behind the., Lambda probe, Rubinternet module,
SD Duo Bio 14 fourteen 400 259,000 29 900 12 900
SD Duo Bio 19 nineteen 400 269 ​​000 29 900 12 900
SD Duo Bio 28 28 400 283,000 29 900 12 900
SD Duo Bio 38 38 400 298 000 29 900 12 900

SD Duo BIO series boilers are equipped with a bio gutter burner for the most efficient work on pellets.

Making an economical device with your own hands

The pellet boiler has a fairly simple device, so it is easy to assemble it with your own hands. To do this, you will need steel pipes or sheets with a thickness of 3-5 millimeters, corner grinding and welding machine. If you have not had to deal with welding work earlier, contact a professional.

The main element of the boiler is the heat exchanger. It is better to make a rectangular shape of pipes with a square section. For this:

  • Pipe of the same size are taken.
  • A round window is made in a vertical rack.
  • In the front pipes, holes are cut for a drain (one for cold water, the other for hot).
  • Details of the structure are connected using a welding machine.

To make the seams even, the racks are best placed on a flat surface.

Before carrying out installation work, the device is checked for strength:

Attention! The design should not pass the liquid even in small quantities. Otherwise, welding work is required to carry out again

After the boiler is assembled and checked, they start installing it. There are simple rules for installing this device:

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