Sharp refrigerator how to remove the lower shelf

Sharp refrigerator how to remove the lower shelf

Greetings. After 4 months of use, some shortcomings were revealed. What is actually and I wish to warn people, what is worth directing attention to.

A comfortable control panel, everything is very simple. The right button. Corporate party Plasmacluter, an ionizer for the usual. Sydo for protection against mold and fungus. Naturally, no differences have been found yet. The only thing that when the ionizer is turned on, the button always glowing very brightly in blue. You can walk with a night, the light is not even turned on.

There is an open door signal. After 1 minute he picked once, after a couple of minutes squeals all over the time. The signal is not unpleasant, but rather sonorous

Freezer compartment is quite capacious 108 liters. Plastic inspires trust, does not make up, strong. There is a shelf on the door. There is a section for ice making. Cubes just fall out of shape. But, this section takes the place for dofiga. But even so the space for frost is enough. The truth will be more convenient to store in containers, and not in bags, as we have. We just have not found containers of a suitable size yet. From the minuses, it seems to me, this is the upper placement of the freezer. Still, when the freezer from below. More convenient. But not critical.

The door had fun. The shelves are wide. True 1.5l PET Bottles or a bottle of wine in height will not fit. We do not use the lower shelf, it is awkwardly low to stretch. But we and the upper ones cannot force 100%.

But the lower boxes are just huge! In the photo bank 1.5l (2l is the same in height). A whole bucket of apples will probably fit into one box. And boxes 2. In short, fruit can be stuck for a long time. If these boxes were less, respectively, the height on the shelves became a bit larger. But how annoying it would not sound.

There is a capacious freshness zone. Comfortable. In the freezer No Frost. Everything is standard. There are no ice anywhere, water on the walls too.

Outside, the side walls heat up, but not critical. The compressor is one. Hugs if you listen. You get used to the noise. It works no louder than other refrigerators.

Summarizing all the above, we get in general not a bad refrigerator. The shortcomings are not significant, and with more than overlapped by its pluses.

If you do not plan to store borscht in it on a company fighter, three.Liter cucumber banks/tomato. This refrigerator is a good choice! Assessment 9/10

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Good evening. Tell me, please, who knows how to remove the ionizer overlay at the Sharp SJ-692NBE refrigerator to replace it in it.

Bosch refrigerator flowed what to do more than a year ago Bosch KGN36VW10 refrigerators

Masters, if the refrigerator Bosch KGN36VW10 began to flow, then what can be done to eliminate the leak?

It is necessary to replace the unit at the Sharp refrigerator more than a year ago Sharp SJ-55H refrigerators

There is a refrigerator Sharp SJ-55H. Worked well, perfectly preserved. There was a leak of refrigerant in the evaporator. A specialist seems to be.

Page 22: how to remove and clean the ice cooking compartment

Pull the handle located in the deepening of the cover

Weaken the fasteners on the left and right side of this cover,

Clean the water container for the moisturizer inside, as well as

Top cover, then wipe them with a dry soft cloth.

After cleaning, collect the humidifier and put it on

If the right angle of the △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △

The humidifier is located between two transverse lines under the “O” icon on the right platform, this means that the water container for the humidifier is installed correctly.

It is recommended to clean the humidifier once a week.

When the humidifier is inserted into the refrigerator, the surface of its upper cover

Should be located on the same level with the nearest adjacent surface.

You need to clean only inside the water container for a moisturizer. In

Cleaning time do not lower it into the water and do not put it directly under the crane for

Rinsing, otherwise water will get into the container both on contacts and the humidifier

Check if after cleaning the water stain left on the contacts from the back side

Water container. If so, wipe them or give them the opportunity to dry,

Before inserting the container into the refrigerator.

It is better not to use detergents for cleaning. If this cannot be avoided, then

Rinse the container so that there are no detergents left in it.

The remaining detergents can affect the spray results when it includes

Soft tools (for example, hair brush) can be used for cleaning, but not

Use sharp and hard tools, otherwise the surface of the vibrator in the lower

Parts of the water container can be scratched.

How to disassemble and clean the compartment for vegetables and fruits

Before disassembling this compartment, remove the small box;

Pull the door and a large box until it extends completely,

Raise the entire box outside and easily pull it out, raise it

Wash the white plastic box and small box, and then wipe them

Insert a plastic box and a small box in the refrigerator

If the box is completely removed, check out the order of installation of the lower box of the freezer.

How to remove and clean the ice cooking compartment

Put out the box of ice cooking compartment to the end;

Raise the back of this box, move it by 20-30 mm in

Direction of the back of the refrigerator, and then raise the front

Wash the box of the adjustable temperature compartment, wipe it soft

Insert the box of the adjustable temperature compartment in the reverse order.

Malfunctions and repair of refrigerators Sharp

I bought a two-chamber refrigerator Sharp SJ-B236ZR with electronic control, No Frost in both chambers and one compressor engine. They said the quietest. But when it turns on, it is not heard, but after a minute noise appears, such as rattling. And then in the end the noise is even stronger. And after turning off, he smacks and skewers. All this is loud enough. The level was checked, transported bolts removed. After the purchase I did not immediately check, t.To. In the store, such a model really didn’t make no noise at all. Bought in November 2016.

Your model is really quite quiet, but if there is still little furniture in the apartment, then the sound from the fan’s work you will hear clearly.

How to Remove and Clean the Glass Shelf For the Samsung 3 Drawer Refrigerator

New, two-chamber refrigerator SHARP SJ-B233ZR-SL, freezer from above. His door opens hard with an effort of 5.5 kg. If you open a little freezer, it opens fine.

If a refrigerator door is very difficult to open, then this means that you have a very good laying of the seal to the contour. The fact is that when opening the door to the Hill. A lot of warm air enters the camera, and when closing it, this air cools down and creates a vacuum in the chamber. Because of this, at the next opening, the door opens very hard. This is not a malfunction, but normal operation of refrigeration equipment.

I have a two.Chamber refrigerator Sharpe with electromechanical control and Full No Frost system. In operation for six years, never broke. Two days ago, opening, I found that the bulb does not burn in the Hill. Chamber. Read about possible breakdowns and, as a rule, the opposite. The light burns, and x-k flows, cracks, icicles freezes and t. D. There was nothing left for the holidays, how to observe. The unit seems to work in normal mode, it turns on, it turns off, nothing has deteriorated, has not gone off, not a dream. The only thing, it seems to me, has become quieter to work, the lateral wall is not as warm as before, but now frosts are not hot at home. Tell me, please, maybe it really just burned out a light bulb and you don’t need panic, or this is the first symptom of serious breakdown? Is it possible to replace the bulb yourself?

Do not worry about this, most likely, just burned out a light bulb and its replacement is necessary. This is a fairly frequent phenomenon and, with the normal operation of the unit, no one pays attention to it. It is very simple to replace the light bulb yourself. Take it out of the ceiling and on the label on the paw of the paw of the same.

Is it necessary in a model with a freezer on top after installation to unscrew the plug on the pipe of the drain of the know.Frost system in front of the drain tank on the compressor?

Yes, you need, of course, unscrew the plug of drainage tube, so that the water falls on the trough above the motor-compressor.

SHARP SJ-B236ZR WH two-chamber refrigerator (NOU Frost system). Such a problem. The fan does not turn on in the freezer, and as a result, freezes only below the middle shelf, and does not freeze above. The fan is disconnected, it works separately, what could be?

The door switch is faulty that turns off the fan when opening the door.

How to Clean a Refrigerator (removing Drawers, Bins and Shelves)

Sharp SJ-F95PEBE refrigerator (NOU Frost system, four doors, 1 compressor). Constantly works and does not turn off, froze all the products inside.

The most likely reason is the temperature sensor.

SHARP F95PSSSL refrigerator (Side-by-Side, 1 compressor, with automatic defrosting, ice generator). Water goes into the drainage hole, but enters the hill. Camera. How to replace a drainage hose?

First of all, we recommend defrosting the unit for at least 24 hours.

Refrigerator Sharp Two.Chamber freezer from above. Water appeared on the upper shelf of the refrigerator (the one that under the zero camera), about 50 grams per day. Drops flow from under the plastic on the back wall. If you need repair, then how much it can cost? In operation for about 20 years.

You either have a drainage in the freezer, or a malfunction in the hollow system. That is, the heater of the evaporator or the tier of the latch may be faulty. First, defrost the unit for a day and turn on. If within 3-5 days the symptom is repeated, call a specialist for accurate diagnosis and subsequent repair.

After the flood in the kitchen, xk stopped working. He took off, dried the control module, cleaned with a brush with alcohol. The compressor stopped turning off. Replaced the compressor control relay (water was numb) The result is the same.

Unfortunately, to determine the malfunction, it is possible only after diagnosing a specialist on the spot.

Tell me, what models of refrigerators are currently produced by Sharp?

1) B233ZR, B233ZR SL, B233ZRSL, B236ZR, B236ZR WH, B236ZRSL. Combined model with the lower location of the freezer, Frost Free, know frast, one compressor. 2) B336ZR, B336ZR WH, B336ZRSL, B336ZRWH. Models with the lower location of the freezer, FROST FREE, know FROST, one compressor. 3) Ex98FBE, EX98FSL Side by Side. Multi.Chamber models, No Frost system, with one compressor. 4) F95PEBE, F95PSSL, F95ST-BE, F95STBE, FP97VBE, FP97VBK. Fp97vst. Three.Chamber models, Side by Side, 4 doors, know frast, 1 compressor. 5) XE35PMBE, XE55PMBE, XE55PMBK, XE555PMSL, XE59PMBE, XE59PMBK. Two.Chamber models, Frost Free, know Frost.

Refrigerator Multiple SJ-F95PEBE (Side by Side) with Hybrid Cooling System. After turning off the electricity on the first day for 6 hours, on the second day for 20 minutes began to work as usual, the temperature on the display shows 3 degrees to the Hill. Chamber and.18 in the freezer. But in the refrigerator, many products froze as if from the freezer. What happened and what to do?

To start defrost, at least a day. Most likely, defrosting will solve the problem.

Two.Chamber refrigerator Sharp with know.Frast and mechanical control. Nakagawa ND1004M2 failed the mechanical timer, he managed to find a replacement, but now the unit works very poorly. The freezer does not freeze. All products disappear. Somewhere I met a description of how they throw contacts on a timer to adjust the intervals (work/defrosting). Tell me, please, can it be done?

What replacement did you find? We can’t guess this. In general, it is easier to take an electronic timer from Stinol and configure the periods of hits on it.

Sharp-51 refrigerator. A few minutes after including it on the network, a methodical crack appears from the compressor side, I can not determine. Something inside the compressor, or in the relay. The first time the plastic bottle of water laid out in the freezer began to freeze, but after the first disconnection of the compressor and re.Turning on (probably it was. Ottike), cooled, but did not freeze. Compressor as a torpedo, narrow and long. What is it. Its damage, or the wrong amount of freon? You can control the correct refueling on pressure on a sailed, obviously after repair, valve? I heard that if necessary, you can refuel the system in several stages without weights and flasks, controlling the process of freezing the evaporator. The first time I encounter such a breakdown. Is it related to short.Lived? And really find the same compressor? The usual appearance will not fit into the space. Or if the valve. This is a lack of these models, do not contact their compressor, but introduce some ordinary European?

Answers to the question “Refrigerator RL41SBSW: Removing the shelf above the box for vegetables”

Depending on the modification of the model you specified, this regiment can be removed as freely as the above, or can be fixed with self.Tapping screws that you can independently remove to extract the shelf.

The shelf is not removed over the drawer and there are no screws there. Well, how to remove it to wash?

There are morons in the support service. They themselves do not understand what they carry. P.With. And the designer needs to tear off his hands.

In the niches on the back wall 2 spikes on the sides, they hold. They need to be “drowned”, the task, frankly, is non.Trivial) the designer really, a moron, and the headless and armless

Samsung DA99-01220P refrigerator. How to change a light bulb inside the refrigerator ? Thanks.

Look under this shelf. There are small holes at the walls in the corners. With your finger you need to squeeze the “ears” fasteners and pull on yourself.

Many thanks very useful your advice

Thank you, I could not understand how to take it off either

SHARP SJ-P642NBE The same problem with the removal of the lower shelf (above the OFOCHS). Thank you, it helped, pressed on the holes on the sides below of this shelf. The regiment jumped out. ))

Thanks! Helped. You just need to take a closer look at what interferes with the exit of the shelves from the grooves when moving to yourself.

Thank you very much, I raised my head in Samsung RL50 for half a day how to remove this shelf.

I am also very grateful for the advice! I was looking for half an hour how to pull it out

Who came up with the same shelf. So that your hands are dry.

If you really want to. I attach the picture. Where are these “fairy.Tale” holders.

Thanks. I also tormented for a long time could not understand. I see the tongues but to crawl out like. I found a simple way out in the kitchen. A large tablespoon in exactly the same way climbs there and squeezes the tongues. The regiment itself crashes. I tormented for a long time already breaking. Thanks again.

Tell me how to remove the lower shelf (above the vegetable box) in the refrigerator Samsung RL48RSBSW. Thanks in advance.

Installation of the refrigerator door after dismantling

It is recommended to start the installation of the door in the reverse order. That is, from the lower door. And experts advise: do not change details. Even at interchangeable. Otherwise, the risk of an unpleasant result is great:

We start working with the installation of the lower loop. We dismantled her last. Now it is installed on the opposite side. Fastening bolts are screwed up with a wrench. Either a suitable screwdriver is used. Lower pin and gasket are mounted.

We transfer the handle on the door. Now carefully install the door on the pin. And fix it to the refrigerator body with tape.

Tip: In order not to use tape, you can simply reject the refrigerator body backward. This solution will ensure the most complete fit of the door.

We fix the middle loop. To do this, its lower pin is put on a sleeve and combined with all holes. Bolts are installed in them. And screw up with a screwdriver.

The upper door of the refrigerator is similarly fixed. Do not forget about insurance! The door to avoid falling is attached with tape. Either the refrigerator case deviates back.

The final stage. Fixing the pin of the upper loop into the sleeve. And you can check the tightness of the installed door. A simple test is carried out for this. A sheet of paper is installed in an open door and it closes. If the tightness is insufficient, then the sheet will easily come out with slightly effort from the door. In this case, you will need to adjust the fit of the fit of the sealing gum.

Elimination of malfunctions in Sharp refrigerators

I have a Sharp SJ refrigerator. From yesterday, the freezer has stopped working for him and the fan does not spin. Please tell me what the causes of the malfunction may be?

Try to spend a complete touch for a couple of days.

Sharp SJ-P44N Be refrigerator is two-chamber, mechanical control and No Frost in both cells, 1st compressor engine. The mechanical timer Nakagawa ND1004M2 failed, I just can’t find him a replacement. Tell me what can be put to match the time (10 hours/4 minutes)? Almost all timers sold in stores do not write the time of work, t.E. Great risk to buy not what you need and get an ice fur coat.

Original Nakagawa timer for a scarp will not be able to find. In our practice, we install timers from LG. 6 hours of work, 45 minutes in the touch.

Sharpe refrigerator normally colds in the Hill. Department only after completely defrosting the entire unit. After defrosting it takes some time and gradually the cold becomes less and less until the products begin to disappear. After defrosting, everything is restored, but not for long (maximum two weeks). Thought on the automatic damper that distributes cold air flows, but it seems to be buzzing and working. Over, the freezer department always freezes normally, problems only with the Hill. Department. What to do?

In the refrigerator compartment at the top left behind the panel there is a defrost timer, in the panel a hole of about 8mm and a black pimp sticks under the screwdriver, scroll through to a click, the tickle should work. The problem seems to be in it, but the full diagnosis must be done. Remove the panels and call the whole system of thawing, heat.Subjects, etc.D.

Refrigerator does not work. Such a problem: the main camera stopped working (the freezer works). They called the masters, he tinned on forty minutes, said that he had replaced the temperature sensor. After 2 weeks, the unit broke again. The breakdown manifests itself as follows: after defrosting, it works for 2 weeks. And then defrost again. The freezer always works.

Call Ten, it seems that he does not work when you get to the evaporator, you will see that he is clogged with snow.

The SJ-P44N Be refrigerator is two-chamber, with mechanical control and No Frost in both cells, 1st compressor engine. The mechanical timer Nakagawa ND1004M2 failed, I just can’t find him a replacement. Tell me what can be put to match the time (10 hours/4 minutes)? Almost all timers sold in stores do not write the time of work, t.E. Great risk to buy not what you need and get an ice fur coat.

Original Nakagawa timer for a scarp will not be able to find. In our practice, we install timers from LG. 6 hours of work, 45 minutes in the touch.

I have a two-chamber refrigerator Sharpe with the 1st compressor and the No Frost system. A couple of months ago, he stopped turning on, called the master, he revealed the reason that the tier of the hike is faulty. Since there was no native, he put it from LG. The unit earned. After a couple of weeks, the Hill stopped cooling. Camera. The masters called again, after opening the rear wall of the freezer, everything turned out to be frozen, without revealing anything, he advised to defrost the day. Xk earned, but after 2 weeks everything was repeated. Defrosted again and again 2 weeks and again the refrigerator does not cool. What could be the reason?

You have a malfunction in the wrong tiemer of hidden. Of course, timers are suitable from LG, but not for all models. You need to install a “native” tiere of the hike.

There is x-k Sharp Libre no frost. The temperature in the freezer.21s. Temperature in the Hill. Chamber 14s. At different times, several specialists watched at different times, the malfunction was not localized. The results of the last inspection: the freezer works fine; The condition of the evaporator was checked. Normal; Division of water. Fine. Pour a glass under the evaporator. Water spilled freely into the pallet; Luke Holler. Cameras. Open. This is where the repair, in fact, ended. Installed the freezer of the freezer to the maximum, refrigerator (the one that controls the flap of the feed hatch). Also to the maximum. After 12 hours (in the morning) temperature in the Hill. Branch 9s. Cold air stream temperature at the output of it 2s. What’s wrong? Whether it is necessary to change the thermostat/timer of the freezer, whether this will help?

In my opinion, either a thermostat or a damper. Freezes, does not discover and t.P. I would, at the beginning, try to configure the thermostat. And better put the new one, when adjusting the thermostat, the control point and differential are strongly dependent on each other, so it is quite difficult to reduce these two parameters into the correct mode.

Sharp SJ (electromechanical control, the know.Frost system in both cells). How to wash it inside?

In order to clean the drainage hole of the freezer, you need to disassemble the rear wall behind which is the drainage hole of the freezer and clean it, for example, with a wire not connected by a tube for cocktails. In principle, any bending subject. After that, you can rinse drainage with warm water and soda.

SJ-55H-GY refrigerator with the No Frost system 20 years old stopped freezing the upper chamber. What can it be and how much can repair cost?

If the Hill does not work. The camera, then the malfunction can be in the fan or in the tie system, namely: the tier of the hike; Heater of the evaporator.

Water is formed in a two-chamber refrigerator SJ-PT561RHS with the 1st compressor and electronic control, and follows it. I read that you need to clean some tubes, but I can not determine their position. The bath is empty.

In your model, the drainage tube is located behind the back wall in the freezer. The evaporator thaws, and the water flows into it, and then on the condensation ship. To clean it, you need to turn off the unit from the power supply and remove all the shelves from the freezer, remove the rear plastic protective wall and you will find a drainage hole and you can clean it.

The compressor of the refrigerator Sharp Nou Frost stopped turning off. When checking, it was established that the freezer the freezer of the freezer seemed to fly, the marking of which mm1-8149 Y286. His pipe is only about 25 cm. And does not touch the freezer. Original find the problem. Installed a thermostat with gradation.30 to 30 with air bellins. The unit earned. In the upper freezer, the temperature reaches.18 degrees. I would like to clarify the cycle of the tier of the hike? Timer Nakagawa ND 1004M2 AS 200 \ 24V 50 \ 60 H T6N24B. I have something like this: with.18 degrees the compressor is turned off, and the unit does not work for about 8-10 minutes. Then the freezer fan is turned on, which operates for about 20 minutes, and the temperature in the freezer rises to the temperature to.4. Then the compressor is turned on. Tell me, whether it works correctly and in what position to put the handle of the thermostat? Now she stands at the mark. 27 degrees. On the rear wall of the freezer, where the fan is attached, below the evaporator, there are holes that, as I understand it, serve to blow and adjust the air flow. These holes seem to be partially sealed with foil. How exactly the holes should be sealed? Completely, half or open?

Sharp refrigerators

Hello. Tell me, please, where you can order a shelf for the freezer of the Sharp SJ69M-GL refrigerator? Dimensions: length. 255 mm.;.

We need shelves for the refrigerator more than 3 months ago Sharp SJ-51H-Gy Refrigerators

Good afternoon, shelves for the Sharp SJ-51H-Gy refrigerator and vegetable box are very necessary. In particular, the glass shelf at the very bottom where you can.

The signal of the open door of the refrigerator more than 6 months ago Sharp SJ-WM371TSL refrigerators

Good evening. At the refrigerator, Sharp SJ-WM371T constantly squeales the signal of the open door, although the door is closed, what’s the matter?

The fan works poorly more than 6 months ago Sharp SJ-PK70MSL refrigerators

Good evening. Sharp SJ-PK70MSL refrigerator fan, after changing the setting, most often does not work and this is so when they returned to.

The display of the refrigerator more than a year ago Sharp SJ-B340S-IX refrigerators does not turn on

Hello. Sharp SJ-B340S-IX refrigerator works, light burns and cools, but the display stopped burning. Control, buttons do not react.

The refrigerator does not stop more than a year ago Sharp SJ-K70MGY refrigerators

Good afternoon. The following problem. Sharp SJ-K70Mgy refrigerator Nofrost systems. The refrigerator is 16 years old. A month ago the refrigerator is simply.

The freezer door does not close tightly more than a year ago Sharp SJ-XP59PGBK refrigerators

Hello. In the Sharp SJ-XP59PG refrigerator, the freezer door after closing the door of the freezer stopped sucking. Magnetus seals and 10.

Good afternoon. For no reason, a light bulb in the Sharp refrigerator (approximately 2000 release) 7W 12 burned down how to replace?

Hello. Sharp SJ-38MSL refrigerator does not turn on. There was a leap of tension. The refrigerator was disconnected for 5 hours, and when turned on, the current is already.

How to remove handles from the refrigerator more than a year ago Sharp SJ-44nsl Refrigerators

Hello. Tell me, please, how to remove the handles from the doors of the Sharp SJ-44NSL refrigerator and the freezer? They are generally removed?

The freezer soles more than a year ago Sharp SJ-SC59PVBE refrigerators

Hello. The freezer in the refrigerator Sharp SJ-SC59PVBE freezes a fur coat, door and rubber seals in order. Defrost.

After defrosting, the refrigerator no more than a year ago Sharp SJ-69MBE refrigerators

Hello. Sharp SJ-69MBE refrigerator is two-chamber, after defrosting it stopped working. Light burns in the refrigerator and that’s it. Indicate.

The refrigerator does not cool and does not freeze more than a year ago Sharp SJ-691NBE refrigerators

Hello. The engine is turned on at the Sharp SJ-691NBE refrigerator, after 5 seconds, the relay clicks and the engine turns off, but the refrigerator is not.

Good afternoon! Please tell me what is the problem? When closing the refrigerator, the SHARP SJ-692NBE is constantly opening the freezer door.

The refrigerator works without stopping more than a year ago Sharp SJ-692NBE refrigerators

Goodnight. Refrigerator Sharp SJ.692NBE began to work without disconnects and a loud noise of a working compressor is heard. Freezer.

sharp, refrigerator, remove, lower, shelf

The refrigerator does not freeze more than a year ago Sharp SJ-51G-BE refrigerators

Good afternoon. Our refrigerator Sharp SJ-51G-BE does not work anything except the fan, please tell me what happened to it?

I need a shelf in the refrigerator Sharpe more than a year ago Sharp SJ-FP97VBK refrigerators

Good afternoon. Please tell me how and where, you can buy a strip in the refrigerator Sharp SJ-FP97VBK, the lower right shelf for the refrigerator.

Hello. Tell me, please, where it is possible to buy or order a switch of modes located between two doors.

Ionizer does not work in the Sharp refrigerator more than a year ago Sharp SJ-P42NBE refrigerators

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