Side brushes for tefal robot vacuum cleaner


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Now let’s check the controls. To do this, you need to install the Rowenta app. Connection is standard: download, register, confirm, select the home network, click next, in general, everything as usual. It took me 4 minutes to install, easy and no problems.

The main screen shows a map with a breakdown of the rooms. You can draw target and restricted areas on the map, put virtual walls, change room boundaries and give them familiar names. In addition, you can choose the appropriate power mode for each room. At the bottom there are buttons for selecting the necessary rooms, setting the cleaning order and setting the beacon to which the vacuum cleaner should come.

At the very bottom there are buttons to start and stop cleaning, return the robot to the base and adjust the suction power. Note that this submenu has a toggle switch called “carpets”. Accordingly, Tefal knows how to automatically increase the speed when it detects carpeting.

When you click on “more” an additional menu opens. Here you can make schedules by day of the week with the selection of desired locations. There are joystick controls, beep search, switching between stored cards, and the poorly named “user mode,” which involves switching the robot to Y-passes during wet cleaning. You can also view history, activate “Do Not Disturb” mode, and monitor the status of consumables.

In the app advanced settings you can connect Yandex-Alice, turn on notifications, share access with other users. There is also an extensive help section on the robot.

The application is simple and convenient, works without brakes. Everything you need to operate in a multi-room home is available. No choice of voice packets, because Tefal doesn’t talk, only plays beeps.

Common Features

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Side brushes for robot vacuum cleaner tefal

Smart appliances like robot vacuum cleaners are designed to make our lives easier. This type of device does automatic cleaning with minimal human involvement. But like any appliance, robot vacuum cleaners can have faults and malfunctions. The experts of our online store have prepared for you ways to solve popular problems.

Side brushes for robot vacuum cleaners

Side brush for Xiaomi Mijia robot vacuum cleaner LDS: Performs an important function when cleaning debris.

Side brush for Xiaomi Roborock (2 pieces)

Side brush for robotic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock: Performs an important function when cleaning debris.

Side brush for iRobot Roomba

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Side brush for iRobot Roomba (3 pieces)

Original side brushes. Manufacturer iRobot Corp. 3 piece set. Side.

Side brush for Xiaomi Roborock (2 pieces)

Side Brush for Xiaomi Roborock Side Brush of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Performs the important function of.

Side brush for Xiaomi Mijia 1C (2 pieces)

Side brush for robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi 1C and Dreame F9: Performs an important function in cleaning.

Side brushes for iClebo A3 and Arte (2 pieces)

Side brushes from the Korean manufacturer Yujin Robot: Performs an important function. you.

Side brushes for Neato BotVac robot-vacuum cleaner (2 pieces)

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Side brush set for Samsung Navibot

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Side brush for robot-vacuum cleaner Viomi

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Side brushes for iCLEBO O5 and Omega (2 pieces)

Side brushes from the Korean manufacturer Yujin Robot: Performs an important function. you.

Side brush for iRobot Roomba e5, i7

Original side brush 1 piece. Manufacturer iRobot Corp. Side brush performs va.

Side brush for iRobot Roomba e5, i7 (3 pieces)

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Side brush for iRobot Roomba s9

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Side brush for iRobot Roomba s9 (3 pcs)

Original side (corner) brushes. Manufacturer iRobot Corp. Set of 3 pieces. Side.

In our official store you can find side brushes from different manufacturers. You can buy a set of side brushes with the robot vacuum or later, as they wear out. We only have original side brushes.

Additional brush for TEFAL EXPLORER SERIES 60 robot vacuum cleaners RG7447, RG7455. Part no. ZR740004

The set includes the main brush specially designed for brushing away pet hair and the small brush to remove hair and other fibres from the lint on the main brush.Suitable for the following models of vacuum cleaners TEFAL EXPLORER SERIES 60 : RG7447WH/NS0, RG7447WH/NS1, RG7455WH/NS0, RG7455WH/NS1

Extra brush for TEFAL EXPLORER SERIES 60 robot vacuum cleaners RG7447, RG7455. Article No. ZR740004

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Why the brushes of the robot vacuum cleaner do not rotate

Modern home appliances make life much easier. Vacuum cleaning robots help keep your home clean, and when they break, it’s a real hassle. Malfunctions can be of different nature and some of them can be solved with your own hands without visiting the service. This article discusses why the brush does not spin on the robot vacuum cleaner, and what you can do in this situation.

Xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner ошибка 17. Не работает боковая щетка. Разборка.

What’s the point of having a robot vacuum cleaner?

Based on the experience of using a vacuum cleaner, the following conclusions can be made.

Operating and recharging time

Continuous work is enough for full cleaning of the area of 40-70 sq. km.м. Manufacturer claims 2 hours of runtime.5 hours. Some users have noted in their reviews that the Tefal 6825 actually cleans for about 2 hours, after which it leaves to recharge.

Charges the robot in 5-6 hours. If the cleaner is accidentally moved off the base during recharging, it automatically moves back to the base.

Overcoming obstacles

Passes bathroom and toilet thresholds well. If you can’t pass it the first time, the robot keeps on going, and overcomes the obstacle with persistence. Easy to get on a wool rug, gets tangled in the fringe and stops. Most obstacles are detected and passed by itself. The robot’s height allows it to slide comfortably under furniture.

The quality of cleaning

Robot cleans small areas well, picks up trash from corners and baseboards. Movement is chaotic. Because of this trajectory, the vacuum cleaner can clean part of the room thoroughly, and leave the other part unattended and go to another room. Working session is limited in time, so in a small apartment, the programmed time is enough for the vacuum cleaner to go through all areas. For large areas, it is recommended to enclose the cleaner in one room. Cleaning will be more efficient and less noise will be heard. Sometimes users lock the robot in each room for half an hour.

The device is relevant for rooms in which there are pets. It picks up short and long hair well. Animals’ reactions to it vary. Some people pay no attention, others get frightened.

Before turning on the device, it is worth removing all obstacles (shoes, toys, etc.), lift wires and curtains. That way the quality of cleaning is better and there is no risk of winding cables, curtains on the brushes. If the robot gets tangled up in something, it beeps after a while and then shuts off.

Ideal for regular vacuuming. Users say that they limit their daily cleaning to occasional mopping of the floor. A small amount of dust on the floors is evidenced by an almost clean rag after wet cleaning. After cleaning the carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner, the Tefal robot picks up quite a bit more dust and debris.


Remove the film from the infrared port before turning it on for the first time. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner will not be able to detect obstacles.

The movement is not systematic, the robot can go 5 m without turning, then turn several times in one short area.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the base, especially if it is in another room. If the base is plugged in, the vacuum cleaner does not clean the area within a 1 meter radius near it. Doesn’t detect dark objects. Hits walls, baseboards and black furniture, as well as chrome legs.

The volume of the container is enough for 1-2 cleanings in not very dirty rooms. The collected trash and dust is presented in a compacted state. Some users claim to clean the container every 5 days. Others recommend doing it after every cleaning, otherwise the next time you turn it on, the debris may partially fall out.

Clean filters and container once a week under running water. Do not use detergents, do not dry components on heaters, and do not dry in direct sunlight.

The turbo brush gets the hair very coiled on itself. The brush is easy to pull out of the compartment. To remove hair use the scissors and brush that comes with the vacuum cleaner. In one review, a user writes about how the hair got wrapped around the shaft of the turbo brush. The friction caused the side parts to melt a little.

There are times when hair is pulled between the two side brushes and wrapped around them. Therefore, after each cleaning, you need to inspect the elements and clean them. To unscrew the side brushes used a standard Phillips screwdriver.

Service life

The manufacturer guarantees the vacuum cleaner for two years. Among the reviews, there is a case where, after a year, broke the motor that drives the side brushes. In this case, the robot turns off. If you replace it yourself, the part costs about 3.5 thousand. The guarantee of the vacuum cleaner was 2 years, the service center offered to replace the cleaner, but they didn’t change the motor.

In most cases, users are satisfied with the work of the model. Sometimes there are reviews that say a short lifespan. Sometimes the vacuum cleaner does not start after pressing the start button, but just shuts off. Other times it goes in circles and shuts off too. Faults occur more often up to a year of use. This allows you to go to the service center under warranty. Questions are usually resolved in the favor of the consumer. Difficulties arise because of the time to solve the problem. The diagnosis takes about 20 days. In cases where manufacturing defects are detected, customers can wait a long time for the necessary parts for repair.

Every automatic machine model has brushes installed on the sides of the unit. They are designed for thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach places. With a rotating motion these appliances remove fine and coarse debris, animal hair and hair.

Sometimes a large turbo brush is installed in addition to the equipment. It makes cleaning faster and better.

Constant contact with debris leads to brush failures. They stop spinning, cleaning becomes poor quality. After the passage of the robot remains dust and dirt, especially in hard-to-reach places.

Frequent Causes of Breakdown

The primary cause of malfunction is considered to be coiling long hair or accumulation of large amounts of dirt on the element. The brush simply has no ability to make rotary movements, because its mobility is constrained by dirt. Thorough cleaning of the device is required about once a month, so that this does not happen.

A less common cause of malfunction is thought to be brush motor failure. In this case, it also does not spin and does not perform its purpose. This can be determined after a clean or new part has been installed in the body of the robot vacuum cleaner. If it still does not spin or works incorrectly, the problem is in the motor.

How to fix?

If the problem is caused by too much dirt, you need to clean the vacuum cleaner. To do this, the brushes are carefully removed from their mounting points. This should be done as gently as possible to avoid damaging the balance.

As a rule, the complete set to the vacuum cleaner is “comb. It is easy to clean the brushes to make them functional again.

After removing all debris and hair, reinsert the element. It should work properly and not make unnecessary noise. In this case, the breakdown was really in the clogging, and the problem is solved.

The second case. when the engine of the part is defective. requires the help of specialists. We will have to send the robot vacuum cleaner to the service center and make a diagnosis. The replacement of parts should also be handled by a master.

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