Smell in the washing machine after cleaning

The smell of stale water from the washing machine

In the last two weeks as I start the washing machine and it starts to drain. I get a bad smell ((( I wash often, the water should not stagnate. What it might be? Maybe it’s stuck? The washer is 5 years old.

Do a false wash or rinse without laundry or detergent.

It’s time to clean the drain. It’s not the machine that smells, it’s the pipe where the drain goes. Or drains through a hose into the bathtub?

It’s time to clean the sewer system, it’s not the machine that smells, it’s the pipe where the drain goes. Or you’re draining through the hose into the bathroom?

Maybe the drain pump is pumping water out poorly, stagnates in the hose.

Maybe the pump is pumping out the water badly, stagnates in the hose and shuts down.

Sounds like. You might want to have the drain hose cleaned as well. Thanks.

there is a hole underneath for the water drain. Drain the rest after washing, the residual water just stagnates

There’s a hole at the bottom for the water drain. Drain the residue after washing, the water is just stagnant

Agreed. There is also a filter, it probably also needs to be washed.

Also, author, your door is always open? If you close it, the water that remains will go out.

I agree. There’s a filter in there, maybe I should wash that, too.

Also, author, your door is always open? If you close it, the water that remains will go out.

I agree. There’s still a filter in there, it probably needs to be cleaned as well.

Get Rid of Front Loader Washer Stink!

Also, author, your door’s always open? If you close it, the water that remains will go out.

The filter is cleaned regularly and is never dirty. I always open the door and even blot the water that remains in the rubber space between the door and the drum.

And I wash every day, the water can not stagnate for a day to rot and stink?

It’s most likely, as I’ve been told here, that it’s the drain hose. There must have been some mucus in there, so it stinks.

And you can clean it yourself? Or you have to call the master?

I had to clean the drain itself. That’s where the machine’s drain is attached to the drain.

I was trying to get the girl out

I once stank when I washed it at a high temperature. If you wash it at 30-40 degrees, there is no such thing

I had a machine malfunction once.And the water came in during the cycle not from the water supply, but from the drain ))))).

I got a sock behind the drum once and it stank like hell! Then the drain was bad. and I had to call a technician and then he pulled out the bad sock.

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Ways to get rid of odor

How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine is chosen on the basis of the cause of its appearance. But some methods are universal and can be used in different situations.

Citric acid. the principle of odor elimination

Citric acid is a substance that is in every home, and it will help you if the cause of the unpleasant smell from the washing machine is a scale on the heating element or a powder stuck on the walls of the appliance. Acid will dissolve limescale, and the bad smell from the appliance will disappear, the main thing is to use it correctly:

  • For the cleaning procedure, you will need 0.5-1 cup of citric acid;
  • The specified amount of substance should be poured into the powder tray or into the drum of the machine;
  • Next, you need to select the longest possible washing mode at a high temperature (at least 90 degrees) and run the appliance.

Important! After cleaning the machine with citric acid, open the drum and carefully inspect the cuff, on which particles of scale may have remained. Clean the cuff with a damp cloth and check that there is no debris left in the drain.

A simple procedure using citric acid will get rid of the smell of mustiness from the appliance and at the same time will qualitatively clean its heating element and the walls from deposits and scaling.

Baking soda. the principle of work

In the fight against the smell of rot and mold can also help baking soda, which is used by housewives to clean dishes from grease and strong impurities. Soda acts as an abrasive and a substance that can dissolve limescale and deposits on the walls of the washing machine. The procedure for cleaning the washing machine with baking soda will consist of several steps:

  • Preparation of the cleaning mixture. To get the mass, you need to mix baking soda with clean water in equal parts.
  • You need to apply the ready mixture to the areas of the appliance, where mold is most often formed: the drum, the rubber cuff, the detergent container. You need to leave the soda mass after application for about half an hour, for better effect.
  • Clean the machine with a soft sponge, and use an old toothbrush or cotton swabs for hard-to-reach areas.
smell, washing, machine, cleaning

Important! When cleaning your washing machine with baking soda, only use soft sponges. If you use a hard or metallic sponge you might scratch the appliance.

After you finish cleaning, turn on the machine in the fast wash mode on a low temperature to wash out any remaining baking soda.

Table vinegar. the principle of work

With smells from washing machines of different origin will help cope universal folk remedy. table vinegar. For the cleaning procedure, you need to pour a small amount of vinegar (no more than 0.5 cup) into the powder container and turn on the continuous mode of washing at maximum temperature.

After the appliance has finished working. some parts should be additionally cleaned with a sponge or an old toothbrush and then the machine should be wiped clean and dry with a cloth.

Important! After completing the cleaning procedure. do not forget to leave the door of the machine open, so that the acrid aroma of vinegar will air out.

Dishwasher tablets

Dishwasher tablets can also be used to remove odors from the appliance. For cleaning you will need about 5-6 tablets, which should be placed in the drum of the washing machine.

After placing the tablets, turn on the washing mode at a high temperature and wait until half of the cycle has passed. After the machine should be turned on pause and leave for 2-3 hours, and then continue the washing process until it is completely finished.


To clean the machine from mold and dirt, as well as to eliminate the unpleasant smell can also be used:

  • Mild bleach for laundry. Pour the bleaching agent into the powder tray, then turn on the washing mode at 90-95 degrees.
  • Copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is a caustic substance, and therefore before using it in the cleaning procedure, it must be properly diluted: thirty grams of pellets per liter of clean water are taken. With this mixture you need to wipe the appliance from the inside and leave it for 24 hours, then thoroughly clean the machine with a soft sponge and wipe with a clean damp cloth.

To clean your washing machine you can also use specialised detergents, which are sold in household cleaner stores.

How to clean a washing machine from the dirt inside quickly and effectively

Over time, any technique comes into disrepair. To this unpleasant moment did not come as long as possible, it is necessary to take care of it. Even if the outside of the washing machine is clean, it does not mean that the working mechanisms are in the same condition. In this article we will tell you how to clean a washing machine from the dirt so that it will be in good working order and serviceability as long as possible.

Is it possible to clean a washing machine with citric acid?

The operation of the washing machine depends on the quality of water: if it is hard, a scale is formed on the heating elements and the drum.

Scale interferes with water heating, so it can destroy the heating element. Therefore, when washing, you need to add special agents to the powder to soften the water. An inexpensive and effective substitute is citric acid. It helps remove sludge, mold, lime scale and odors. Pros of washing machine cleaning with citric acid:

Acid quickly dissolves in water and does not form a residue.

The substance cleans metal well, but can ruin rubber and plastic parts. Therefore, observe the precautions and adhere to the recommended dosage of the product.

How to remove musty smell from your washing machine?

From the washing machine we traditionally expect clean laundry, smelling of freshness. We choose fragrant powders and rinse powders that are pleasant to the sense of smell but sometimes it is all in vain: the washer suddenly begins to emit a bad smell. Sometimes it can be felt only from the machine itself, but in especially neglected cases. freshly washed things start to smell musty as well. What happened to your faithful helper and what to do now?

With laundry, if the smell has spread to it as well, alas, you’ll have to work manually: rinse in the tub with conditioner. But with the machine, which put you in such an unpleasant situation. to deal with. There can be many reasons for the appearance of bad smell in the washing machine.

How to get rid of the smell from a washing machine: professional and home remedies

Bad smell from the washing machine is removed with the help of special or improvised cleaners. Usually the substances are loaded into the receiver of the machine, but sometimes they are put directly into the drum or used for wiping.

The easiest thing to do is to go to a hardware store to choose a suitable cleaner that will professionally help get rid of the damp smell from the washing machine. vary, so you should pay attention to the composition: most often it is the same. Products are available as tablets, powders and liquids. The most popular detergents are:

  • “Antiscale”;
  • “Multidez-Teflex”;
  • Beckmann;
  • Frisch Aktiv;
  • Magic Power;
  • Kaneyo;
  • Nagara;
  • Luxus Professional;
  • Frau Schmidt;
  • Topper 3004.

Savings can be made by using any folk remedies you might find in your kitchen or pantry. Compared to those specifically designed for washing machines, the price of handy substances is noticeably lower. At the same time, the effectiveness of home cleaners is not inferior to the professional.

Frau Schmidt

  • Remove the protective film from the washing machine and dishwasher detergent tablet.
  • Put a tablet in the drum.
  • Set the temperature to 60 ° C.
  • Start the normal cycle without pre-soaking.

Dr. Beckmann

  • Pour 250 g of washing machine cleaner into the centrifuge.
  • Set the temperature at least 60°C.
  • Run a normal cycle without a spin or prewash.


  • Fill the centrifuge with 100 ml of bleach or another chlorine-containing substance.
  • Turn the temperature up to 90°C.
  • Start the short cycle (approx. 30 minutes).

Acetic acid

  • Pour 50 ml to 100 ml of vinegar into the tray (the amount depends on the washing machine capacity).
  • Set it to 60°C.
  • Start the longest cycle possible.
  • For best results, interrupt the cycle, start the machine after one hour.


  • At the rate of 100 g per 6 kg of machine load, add citric acid instead of detergent to the sump tray.
  • Set the temperature to 90°C, no need to set the spin speed.
  • Start the complete cycle.
  • When the cycle has passed the first half, unplug the machine and leave it overnight.
  • Turn machine on in the morning, continue cycle.

Soda powder

  • Pour a glass of soda into the tray with a glass of warm water.
  • Soak a sponge or paint brush in the resulting paste, clean moldy accessible areas.
  • Place 200 g of baking soda powder in a tray.
  • Start boiling cycle.
  • After the end of the cycle, start a new rinse.

Copper sulfate

  • Dilute 50 g of vitriol in 100 g of warm water.
  • Stir, pour into the drum.
  • For deep cleaning add part of the solution to the tray.
  • Set the temperature to 90°C.
  • Start the cycle for 30 minutes.

Causes germs to swarm and grow

The most common mistake is to close the door (horizontal load) or the lid (vertical load) immediately after the wash. The machine needs time to evaporate moisture, so leave it open for at least 2-3 hours after use.

The second mistake is storing used clothing in a drum. High humidity plus dirty laundry is a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Store stale clothing in a special garbage can. It doesn’t take up much space, leaving fungi and bacteria less of a chance.

Create a comfortable breeding ground for microorganisms and some detergents. If they are of poor quality or used in excessive amounts, it leads to mold in the washing machine.

Low-temperature washing also contributes to the stinky smell.

Unpleasant odor coming out of the washing machine

Washing machine is 5 years old. It runs smoothly, but lately it has a bad smell coming out of it. Checked filter is clean, use different descaler from time to time. The machine is always with the door open. On the Internet have read and did not find the necessary information. Do not want to wash in it, things are not fresh after washing. There’s no smell when it dries. Have you had this happen to you?? How have you handled it?? Can call a wizard, but will he help?

Just wash it once at the highest temperature. and it’ll go away. boiling water will wash it all away.

Just wash at the highest temperature once. and it’ll go away. Boiling water will wash it all away.

and add a spoonful of Domestos, it kills the germs

I had it when I washed in the summer, in the heat at low temperatures and no spin.Yes, try washing at 90 degrees

I do the occasional whitewash. No smell.))

maybe the smell is from stagnant water that collects somewhere and gets stale. Can run one wash WITHOUT laundry at 90 with special. with machine cleaner?

I wash periodically with whitewash. no odor.))

I also add. And in fact, I always wash my sheets at 90. There’s no smell.

I also had an odor, it is water stagnates in the pipes, I poured a bottle of vinegar in it and ran it on 90, the smell disappeared immediately.

I’ve also heard of vinegar. It removes limescale and odor

I always wash my clothes on a low temperature and my linens and towels on 60. Maybe that’s really the reason. I’ve heard of citric acid, but I didn’t know about the vinegar. It won’t hurt the rubber parts? Thanks for the tip. I’m gonna try it.

I would be afraid of vinegar, it’s better, for example, washing machine cleaner “Dr. Beckmann”

How to get rid of fungus in the washing machine?

Can I store laundry in the washing machine??

Sewer connection as? Through the siphon or directly? If directly. then there is no water trap, as is done in the drain from the bathtub and sink and can smell from the canal to penetrate, especially if the drain hose of the machine does not form an analogue gate (that is, does not have a sagging down part, as the Latin letter U)

That is, it does not have a sagging down part, like the Latin letter U)

I remember the term from the 1970s (eh, youth-youth). But now a generation has grown up for which the word knee. hardly a bend in the pipe path of the sewer to create a water trap, cutting off odors from the riser

A bag of citric acid in the powder compartment, to a maximum degree (90) run the cycle, without laundry.Our machine helped, it also had a musty smell, but now it’s okay, I run it this way from time to time.

I always wash my clothes on low temperatures, and bedding and towels on 60. Maybe that’s really what’s causing it. I’ve heard of citric acid, but I didn’t know about the vinegar. Wouldn’t it harm the rubber parts?? Thanks for the tip. I’m gonna try that.

citric acid, I took 10 grams of 4 packs at once, and 90 degrees.

Check the rubber drum seal for dirt. I’ve been shoveling a lot of dirt down there. Nightmare. Then run some citric acid and that’s it.

Connecting to the sewer is like.? Whether it’s through the siphon or directly? If direct. then there is no water trap, as is done in the drain from the bathtub and sink and can smell from the canal to penetrate, especially if the drain hose of the machine does not form the equivalent of a gate (that is, does not have a sagging down part, as the Latin letter U)

Our master said to buy a long drain hose, tied it with clamps (just turned out the letter U) and the smell disappeared.

I also had a bad smell when the washing machine wiring burned out. The remedy Odorgon helped me.

It’s from hard water scale, a common problem, my friend had it. I could not get rid of the smell a long time ago, I found OdorGone on the Internet. It helped her, she advised me too. I bought it and it helped me get rid of the smell in the toilet.

Above wrote that it is necessary to check the odour trap. That’s right. You have to keep an eye on it. As for cleaning, the regular washing machine is 95. And now with citric acid. If it does not help, then overhaul, and at the same time and bearings can be changed. There were such cases in my practice, when I had to do so.

Now a popular remedy ODORGONE HOME, used it myself helped.

From myself would advise OdorGone Home one of the best products at the moment, and it opened up as quickly people.

The connection to the sewer is like.? Through a siphon or directly? If directly, there is no water trap, as is done in bathtub and sink drains and can smell from the gutter, especially if the machine drain hose does not form the equivalent of a trap (that is, does not have a sagging down part, like the Latin letter U). You need a washing machine repair. you can use it here

How to connect to the sewer? Trap or direct connection? If directly, then there is no water trap, as is done in the drain from the bathtub and sink and can smell from the canal, especially if the drain hose machine does not form the equivalent of a clog (ie, does not have a sagging down part, as the Latin letter U). you need washing machine repair. you can use it here

What to do? I’m afraid to leave

My grandmother calls me scary

Connecting to the sewer how? Trap or direct connection? If directly. there is no water trap, as is done in the drain from the bathtub and sink and can smell from the canal to penetrate, especially if the drain hose of the machine does not form the equivalent of a gate (that is, does not have a sagging down part, as the Latin letter U). you need washing machine repair. you can use it here http://xn9sbelq6aqge7d.xn80adxhks/

Connecting to the sewer as? Through a siphon or directly? If directly. there is no water trap, as is done in the drain from the bathtub and sink and can smell from the canal to penetrate, especially if the drain hose machine does not form analog to the gate (that is not sagging downward part, as the Latin letter U). you need a washing machine repair. You can use it here

A handyman will cost you a lot of money and won’t be able to help. Try just treating the door gasket, drum, and coolant and powder containers with Smeloff. It is very effective against bacteria and destroys the bad smell. I felt the results from the first use, and now I use it whenever necessary. By the way, Smeloff was advised to me by the master himself, when I was about to give the washing machine for repair)

We have had a machine for five years, from Hotpoint, so it works without any faults and we love it very much. The smell began to appear, it turned out that just dirt collected in the drum seal, and a creepy lot, ew. That’s either diluted vinegar or lemon juice we run sometimes and everything is fine, nothing like this appears

I had a problem with my washing machine. Found the website Very good prices. The biggest surprise was that they have free diagnostics. So I advise.

Your washing machine is clogged, you need to clean it. I had the same thing in my hotpipe but they cleaned it and now it’s gone

It looks like there’s water accumulating somewhere and it’s blooming. It’s obviously some kind of mechanical defect. in general 5 years. not enough. My indexit’s 9 years old, nothing like that

An acquaintance had the same problem. It was impossible to approach it. She tried a lot of different remedies, both from the drugstore and folk remedies. Nothing. Then she tried Odorgon, everything is fine. The machine doesn’t smell, and it smells fresh.

I had a similar problem. I have not been able to solve it for a very long time. Tried Calgon and other similar products and nothing helps. My husband decided to try Odorgon. I didn’t think it would really help. Great product, it says on the package that it gets rid of any odor, and it’s true

Had a similar problem. What else has not tried. Finally found the optimal solution. Installed Aquaphone styrene to protect the washing machine. The case is transparent, you can visually see when it’s time to refill the filtrate. Works great with limescale and removes existing deposits. Budget and compact version. We like the results.

Question about the washing machine. small washing machines semi-automatic

Gas stove. Is it worth it to take this stove or not to risk it anymore??

Used Odorgon. All odors are removed very well. The product is now doing a good job.

Best to get a filter from aquafor. I have one for over a year, called Styron. There’s a visual check and you can see when it’s time to refill the filtrate. I like the fact that this filter not only prevents limescale formation, but also removes existing limescale. And of course, it will significantly prolong the life of the washing machine.

My husband and I put a filter from aquafor a long time ago and with the washing machine solved the problem. There’s no more odors. I used to add all sorts of scented conditioners to remove that nasty smell from the laundry. Nothing really helped much. And after installing the styrene, I forgot about the ambrosia. It does a great job on limescale that the machine already has and prevents new build up.

Put the pre-filters on cold water. There’s a lot of them on the market right now.

We’re renting an apartment and the landlord has the aquafor’s Styron. Probably so we don’t ruin the machine with it. We haven’t bought the filler yet, there’s more in the filter. And we do our laundry twice a week at most. So we have enough leftovers for a long time. But I can note that my wife does not add any fabric softeners and there is no unpleasant smell. In the previous apartment after washing the laundry smelled like something bad, even after drying. and here is only freshness and powder a little bit.

Pre-filters put on the cold water. They are now on the market in abundance.

That’s what we did, by the way. We put the Aquafor’s Grosse 10 and everything’s fine. and now normal water comes not only into the washing machine, but also into all taps in the apartment.

Cleaning the filter does not eliminate the smell. We called a master, he cleaned the filter and a couple of other manipulations, he said that everything is just fine, but the smell has remained. In the end, the product ODORGONE HOME helped. I treated the drum with it, closed it for 24 hours and the smell disappeared. This is a good topic, and most importantly effective )

We put a styron from aquaphor to the washing machine. Also had this problem with the smell. But we put a filter against limescale, but along with the protection of the heating element and the smell disappeared somewhere.

just wash at the highest temperature once. And it’ll all go away. Boiling water will wash it all away.

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Should I help a man with repairs??

Furniture in the online store

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All about removing bad smells from your washing machine

It’s a mistake to think that only old appliances have this problem. Even a new washer can give off an unpleasant odour a few weeks after purchase if it’s not looked after properly. In fact, whatever the odor. mold, rot or mustiness. it is caused by multiplying microflora. And it only appears in such quantities if elementary equipment maintenance rules are ignored. Here are some of the most common causes of the odor.

  • A closed door. Washing leaves moisture inside the centrifuge, which creates a greenhouse effect in an enclosed space. Humid and warm environment becomes an ideal “home” for a variety of microorganisms, including mold and mildew.
  • Constant laundry at low temperatures. Fast and economical modes are designed to treat laundry at temperatures below 40˚C. In these conditions, powders, especially inexpensive ones, dissolve badly. Powder “stains” form on the inner surfaces of the equipment and bacteria can settle. Most of them are not inconvenienced by warm water, they actively develop and multiply.
  • Using cheap detergents. Inexpensive powders and rinse aid are less soluble; moreover, they have no special additives to prevent limescale. Undissolved residues accumulate on inner surfaces and become a breeding ground for microorganisms.
  • Dirty laundry inside the washing machine. Contaminated items folded in the machine quickly develop microorganisms, especially if the tank of the machine is poorly dried after a previous wash.
  • Dirty drain and inlet filters. Large amounts of dirt of all kinds are trapped and accumulate inside them. Microflora thrives if not removed in time.
  • Absence of regular maintenance of the dispenser. The powder tray and its seat are supposed to be washed, wiped down and dried. It is advisable to wipe the rubber seal of the boot lid dry after each wash. If you don’t, rapidly multiplying microbial colonies settle on these surfaces.
  • Loading things with various items in s. Paper, non-woven wipes, cigarettes and the like disintegrate in the process, and their residue settles on the inner surfaces of the machine.

These causes most often lead to a putrid or musty odor coming from the equipment. They are all related to equipment malfunctions in one way or another, so the situation is easy enough to fix on your own.

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