Why is the air conditioning clicking on the house?

If at first after turning on and off the split systems there are clicks in the body of the inner block, this is considered the norm. Similar sounds are due to a change in the temperature of the case and the expansion or compression of plastic parts. If the air conditioner clicks and tapps for a longer time, this may be a breakdown signal and requires an urgent call of the master.

The lack of regular service of the air conditioner leads to the fact that the air conditioner cracks (clicks) when working in the first 1-2 years after installation. The device can click even in the off state due to improper installation.

Yourself to figure out why the air conditioner began to crack, you can by localizing noise, determining the faulty block and installing the nature of the noise.

The appearance of noise and how to avoid it

Budget models of air conditioners initially work louder than expensive. This is due to the fact that the quality of the assembly and the materials used is lame. Sometimes such problems can be eliminated, but not always.

If you decide to buy a split system, be sure to read its characteristics. Pay attention to the noise level when working on heating and cooling. It can be different. Compare this indicator with the following:

  • Conversation: 40-45;
  • Office: 50-60;
  • Street: 70-80;
  • Factory (heavy industry): 70-110;
  • Chain saw: 100;
  • Start of a jet aircraft: 120;
  • Vuvouzeli’s bell: 130.

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If after planned diagnostics or service there is an extraneous sound-clearly something is done wrong. Some “masters” can say that over time the external air conditioner block will stop making noise. Do not believe! Demand them to eliminate the causes of extraneous sounds.

If the external block of the air conditioner is constantly with noise, but the sound intensifies. You may not notice this. But the longer the problem is, the more difficult it is to solve it. Therefore, periodically pay attention to. Is your air conditioner too much noise compared to others?

Gurgling sounds in the inner block

Sometimes gurgling sounds are heard from the inner block. There may be two reasons:

Typically, the air conditioner “gurgles” in the wind, but sometimes the sound can appear in calm weather. To get rid of sounds, it is worth cleaning the drainage. Details about this are described in the article “How to clean the air conditioner at home on your own”.

If a drainage pump is installed during the installation of split systems, problems may be related to it. It can be:

To eliminate malfunctions with drainage pomp, it is better to call a specialist. You can find a good master in your city with the help of a service for private specialists.

In the second case, the system is not enough freon (refrigerant). Either it was slightly tucked during repair or prevention, or there is a leak. In any case, the issue of not solving the issue on your own. We’ll have to call the master.

Ways to eliminate air conditioning cod

Methods of elimination from cod and crunch during the operation of the air conditioner depend on the reason for their appearance:

  • Noise. Is short.Term and is often associated with the temperature expansion of the plastic case. Does not require attention and repair.
  • Cracking with noise. The reason is a breakdown of a compressor or fan impeller. Funny parts in both cases are replaced by new.
  • Knock when turning on the system. Weak tightening of components. All details and fasteners need to be checked and tightened.
  • Enhancing vibration. A serious problem that appears due to the failure of the compressor, the ventilator or engine drive is disposed of. Air conditioning is submitted for repairs to the master.
  • Vibration during work. The reason may be the wrong installation of the unit. Eliminated by dismantling and re.Consolidation.
  • Surviving when turning on. Freonic hoses are checked, since the cause of such sounds may be a leakage of refrigerant or cutting of the tubes by which it acts. They are being repaired by professionals.

Noise, crackling and vibrations that arise during the operation of the climate system should not be ignored. It is advisable to localize the source of sound and report the problem of the master, which will eliminate the cause of the breakdown. Timely repair and preventive measures will help to avoid the failure of the air conditioner and its subsequent replacement.

Wind is a common noise source

The external block of the split system is installed on the street, it is associated with the internal main tubes. With a strong wind, a poorly fixed technique sways. The sound is transmitted to the internal block. Another source of noise is a drainage hose removed from the air conditioner outward. The air conditioner knocks in a strong wind when the gusts are blown out at the end of the drain tube, creating a characteristic rumble. The created pressure directs air into the internal block. Gurgling sounds are heard in the drainage pallet.

Poor thermal insulation and sealing the place of excretion of the hose, leads to its swinging and knocking. This is an installation defect, it is easy to fix it on its own. When using condensate drain into the sewer, it is recommended to install a coupling with a check valve. This detail allows you to exclude extraneous sounds.

In windy weather, problems arise with the equipment turned on and off. Manufacturers recommend carefully choosing the installation site of the external unit and place it under the protective visor. An unusual sound when operating air conditioner in calm weather signals a clogging. In the summer season, poplar fluff and leaf fall, you often have to clean the lobes of the external block of the outdoor bins.

The operation of the air conditioner in winter

Standard split systems are not designed for operation at temperatures below.5-7 °. Manufacturers indicate the maximum indicator in the documents. The air conditioning systems with a winter kit are working normally. They function at.30 °. Heating mode is popular in the cold season. Including the technique, remember the problems that arise during the operation of blocks that are not designed for frosts:

Low temperatures lead to a free transition of freon to a liquid state in the compressor of the external unit. Unusual sounds appear when the air conditioner is turned off. Noisiness adds periodic defrosting of an external unit. Air conditioners knock in the apartment in the winter as a result of a lack of freon in the system. The refrigerant is lost with leaks due to improper installation. In this case, diagnostics by the master according to climate technique is necessary.


A common practice. Conservation of household air conditioners for the winter period. Split systems are disconnected from power, the drainage tray is drained.

The causes of noise in the inner block

Usually when the air conditioner is turned on, a noise appears due to the fan. It is a drum of blades that are planted on the shaft. Over time, sliding bearings wear out on which the impeller of the device rests. They become thinner, so the fan “sits” and begins to touch the vapor plates or edges of the tray in which the condensation is collected.

Bearing wear leads to the vibration of the fan impeller. During its rotation, not just a knock on neighboring details is heard, the entire inner block begins to vibrate, hitting the surface of the wall, to which.

It is impossible to solve this problem yourself. In the service center, the bushings of bearings for new, and sometimes the entire impeller, if the wear of the shaft has become critical.

Another reason for the appearance of noise is associated with the unbalancing of the fan due to the formation of mud on the blades. The impeller begins to vibrate, hitting nearby details. Sometimes a balancing weight jumps off her shaft, which also leads to vibrations. That is why manufacturers recommend that an examination of the internal unit for mud deposits, especially on the fan.

Another source of the noisy operation of the interior of the split system is the fan electric motor. In it there is an interval closing of windings.

Noise can cause a lowering transformer that reduces the network voltage from 220 volts to 24 volts. From this voltage, the electronic control board of the split system is powered. The transformer is heard only when the air conditioner is turned off. The sound is not strong, no one pays attention to it during the day, but you can hear well at night. The problem will be solved by replacing the device. If the transformer burns, you will have to turn off the air conditioner by pulling the fork out of the outlet.


Another reason is a drainage pump, with which condensation is removed, collected in the tray under the evaporator. This small device works very quietly and for a long time. If the operational resource has developed, it begins to crack, you need to replace with a new.


Most likely, the problem is in the leakage of the freon or its absence. Only a specialist will be able to reliably determine.

Working with Freon is very complicated. It is worth taking on it only with complete self.Confidence or with understanding the risk and responsibility for the possible damage of the air conditioner. In addition, you will need a professional manometric collector.

Necessarily. Any inspection and intervention begin with the power outage of the equipment.

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Quite. Normally, the inclination of the block does not exceed 5 degrees. If you have more, try to correct the position of the case and observe the changes in sound.

Once every 2-3 weeks in a contaminated room and once every 2-3 months with regular cleaning with maintenance of order.

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