Split system with blowing ventilation daikin

Daikin Ururu-Sarara air conditioners with ventilation and humidification

Daikin Ururu Sarara air conditioner is the most economical at the moment. With the same value of cooling capacity it consumes less electricity than conventional air conditioner. Quite a high price of Daikin Ururu Sarara is justified by its unique features.

Space heating Daikin Ururu air conditioner allows you to heat the room even when the frost is over.20°C, consuming less energy than an electric heater. There is also a function to ventilate the room; 2. Five-stage cleaning The outdoor unit removes unpleasant odors, harmful gases from the street. Multiple internal filters clean the air from dust, saturate it with skin-friendly substances, and deodorize odors. And the last stage is a streamer discharge unit developed directly by Daikin, which removes bacteria, mold spores, fungi; 3. Dehumidification Daikin Ururu humidifies the air when the outside temperature is higher.15 °C. A special absorber is used for this, which takes moisture from the outside; 4. Fresh air supply Purified street air is supplied at a rate of 2532 cubic meters/hour. Ventilation can be performed separately from the cooling mode; 5. Dehumidifies the air without cooling to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. There is an anti-mold mode that can be turned on automatically or set manually; 6. Constant humidity level provided by Sarara air conditioner to avoid the unpleasant feelings and colds; 7. “Cool Breeze” The louver system creates the simulation of a gentle breeze from the sea; 8. “Comfortable airflow” The specially designed vertical/horizontal louvers allow the airflow to be diffused or directed to a selected point; 9. “Comfortable sleep” The air conditioner before sleep begins to cool the room gradually by 2 degrees and before waking up it raises the temperature to the original level, ensuring a sound and healthy sleep. It has an alarm clock function.

Daikin FTXZ25N RXZ25N Ururu is similar to Daikin FTXR28 air conditioner. And although it has a smaller capacity, it surpasses its rival in some parameters. For example, the noise level, which is only 19 38 dB. Air conditioner Daikin Ururu can be bought through the online store, where you can see its characteristics.

Duct air conditioners Daikin

Daikin has been present in the air conditioning market for many years. Technique of Japanese brand Daikin is various, but it is steadily qualitative and consumer-demanded. Daikin air conditioners are as comfortable to use as possible, energy efficient and reliable.

Duct air conditioners Daikin are presented in a wide range of models, among which every consumer, who has chosen the brand equipment, can find the appropriate one. The models differ in capacity, power consumption, size of the serviced premises, noise level, number of functions and other characteristics. But at the same time they have a lot in common: the efficiency, ergonomic design and ease of use.

Daikin duct air conditioners can be used in various domestic and commercial premises, up to the large manufacturing complexes of complex planning. Concealed installation of the system inside the suspended ceiling structure makes it possible to operate the appliances in any interior without detriment to the design.

The product range includes both series with inverter (FDXM-F/RXM-R Inverter, FDXM-F/RXM-R/-30 Inverter, FDXM-F/RXM-R/-40 Inverter, FDXM-F/ARXM-R Inverter, FDA-A/RZA-D Inverter and others) and with standard on/off system (FBA-A/RQ-B, FBA-A/RR-B and others).

Models also differ in the level of air pressure:

  • Low-pressure models are recommended for use in one room with a small area (FDXM-F/RXM-R Inverter, FDXM-F/RXM-R/-30 Inverter, FDXM-F3/RXS-L(3), FDXM-F3/RXM-M9, etc.).);
  • medium pressure valves are suitable for the work in two or three adjoining rooms with one common room, in which the device will be installed. Relatively quiet operation of this type of air conditioners makes it possible to use them in rooms where people stay for a long time: offices, small commercial pavilions and complexes, living quarters of a suitable area (FDA-A/RZASG-MV1/MY1, FBA-A/RZQSG-L, FDMQN-CXV/RQ-DXY, FBA-A/RR-B, FDXM-F/RZAG-A Inverter, etc.), as well as in other places.);
  • High-pressure units are used in large industrial premises with complex configuration. Due to high noise level, it is not recommended to use them in residential premises (FDA-A/RZAG-N Inverter, FDA-A/RR(Q)-B/-30T, FDQ-C/RQ(R)-BW, FDA-A/RZQG-L and others).).

The main features of Daikin duct air conditioners:

Duct air conditioners with blowing ventilation

Air conditioning equipment capable of supplying ambient air into the room, combining the functions of thermoregulation and ventilation. In combination with latent installation (this is the mounting mode of duct air conditioners with forced ventilation) this scheme allows saving the space without prejudice to its efficiency. It is cheaper to install a combined system than two separate ones.

Advantages of ducted air conditioners with supply ventilation system include:

  • minimal noise level;
  • centralization. One channel air conditioner is able to serve several rooms, which significantly reduces the cost of installation and maintenance;
  • No unit to be installed in the room. all the equipment is hidden inside the ducts;
  • Efficient air exchange with the environment.
  • Refrigeration and heating capacity. Most of specialists recommend to give preference to air-conditioners, which power characteristics are 5-10% higher than the calculated ones.
  • Static pressure (network head). Measured in pascals.
  • Operating curves that allow a correct matching of airflow rate to ventilation network head.
  • Operating range in heating mode.
  • Consumed electric power.
  • Nominal airflow.
  • Noise level. Different manufacturers can measure the noise background differently, which should be taken into account.
  • Length of line limit.
  • Energy efficiency indicated by EER and COP parameters.
  • Size of indoor unit.

When buying a duct air conditioner with supply ventilation we recommend to give preference to products of well-known European, American and Asian manufacturers. Our company supplies equipment of brands with impeccable reputation: General Climate, Mitsubishi Electric, Royal Clima, Hitachi, Daikin. Along with the sale, we are also engaged in the installation of equipment.


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We produce air and water cooling systems, air conditioners, split systems with units, VRV, heating, air recuperation and others. Wall, duct, cassette options with indoor units. Easy control with the remote control.

Due to the specialization of centralized circuits and split systems, Daikin perfectly solves the problem of air conditioning in rooms with small and large numbers of rooms. Such equipment is easily conducive to a comfortable and pleasant stay in the room where you often are.

If you want to buy at the of the official site, to improve your home, apartment and improve the climate, which greatly affects life, the best are the premium solutions Daikin. Top-of-the-line approach in operation will allow you to enjoy being in your favorite and comfortable home.

  • First in the world to create multi split and super multi split systems;
  • Developed the VRV concept. When a centralized circuit is used. It was first sold in Japan and 5 years later spread to Europe.
  • The Ururu Sarara was the world’s first. Can clean and humidify the air at the same time.

Daikin air conditioners

Ergonomic design and innovative technology. Daikin air conditioners provide comfortable operation of the equipment and suitable for all interiors, from classic to modern and hi-tech. Japanese company offers intelligent air conditioning systems which combine luxury and efficiency.

Our online store offers original Daikin split systems at manufacturer’s prices: Emura and Ururu Sarara series. flagship models for domestic, commercial and semi-industrial applications. Qualified consultants are at your disposal to help you find the optimum device for your premises and answer all your questions. Buy air conditioners Daikin can be delivered in Moscow region.

Daikin Multi Split S-Series Air Conditioner

Rating-2021: Top 6 best air conditioners with forced ventilation

Misting windows, fungus on the walls, stuffiness, high humidity indicate stagnant air. Airing with a ventilator is not always possible, and often brings not only freshness, but also dust, noise, exhaust fumes.

It is possible to create conditions for air exchange, removal of excess moisture and heat with air conditioners with blowing ventilation. It’s a combination of the functions of an air conditioner, which only cools the air, and supply ventilation, which allows fresh air to be added to the air already circulating.

“Air inlets” function only for air intake. After passing through the filters, it enters the room.

Daikin split system

Wall type split systems Daikin Siesta. is a Japanese firm which enjoys great popularity, and as are famous for their quality. Daikin pays great attention to the energy efficiency of its split systems. Strict quality control of split systems has been brought up to one hundred percents at the corporation production. and application of environmentally friendly materials to increase demand on European and Russian consumer market. Daikin indoor split air conditioner and inverter are able to maintain the set temperature in a room rather precisely, the convenient operation of the device and the optimal configuration of the indoor unit. these are the main priorities of Daikin, which it has been trying to observe for many years, releasing all the new split systems of Siesta model type and many other devices on the market. Produced climate equipment is rightly considered a premium class, but in spite of such indicators start from 32000 thousand for one set of split system.

Outdoor unit split system Daikin (Daikin) have a minimum noise level of only 19dc, multistage air purification, night savings feature, one-touch control, ultra-efficient inverter and modern, stylish design that allows you to install in the most sophisticated interior of your apartment.Buying a split system from Daikin you are not only buying the system itself, but also the design of the product, and our high level installers will install the split system at your place.

Buy wall type split system with installation you can order in our online store on action. Installation of split systems will take no more than 2 hours, our craftsmen installers will hold a quick and high-quality installation, which costs from 5000 thousand, depending on your choice, as you can read reviews on all the products, going to our official website “Planet of technology” and immediately order any favorite split. These air conditioners are used in offices or apartments as they provide excellent comfort in the room.

, in spite of such low price the equipment is considered as the premium class. The inverter system has the A power consumption class, which means a negligible amount, only 0.5 kW., and noise level does not exceed 19 decibels and allows installing air conditioner in an apartment or in a country house.

We also offer you to see photos and video of work from our company Planet of Technics on installation split Daikin.

Daikin split system. Buy Daikin air conditioners and Moscow region.

Daikin splitsystem. split. “split”). wall-mounted air conditioner Dykin (air conditioning system), consisting of two units. Indoor unit. evaporative, and outdoor unit. compressor-condensing unit.

DAIKIN. Daikin is the world leader in the production of air-conditioning equipment: industrial and household air conditioners, split-systems, products of ventilation of air in rooms.

We are. official dealer store Daikin (certified distributor). Experts in design and installation of air-conditioning split systems. Warrantee of the manufacturer for all products in our online store. All for split systems (wall mounted air conditioners) in our web-site catalog are recommended by Daikin manufacturer.

Contact number for applications for project calculation and installation: 8 (499) 391-09-56 (accepted on weekdays from 10.00 a.m.).00 to 18.00, Saturday from 10.00 to 15.00, Sundays off, and on the web-site. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week).

In the Internet-shop you can get acquainted with description of products and technologies, advantages of models, reviews, look photos and equipment. We also invite you to visit our SHOW ROOM. In our showroom we have popular models of split systems (wall-mounted air conditioners) Daikin, air purifiers for home and industrial premises.

Expert consultation from the official store of Daikin distributor.

If you have any doubts about the purchase, you need more technical information or project calculation, you have any questions. feel free to call our consultant at the dealership center! Free consultations with our sales managers. 8 (499) 391-09-56 or 8 (926) 892-49-06

Our company offers delivery of any models of wall-mounted air conditioners, split-systems (and multi), VRV, air purifiers. You can buy all Dykin products from our catalog in wholesale and retail.

Split-systems DAIKIN, popular models

Formerly air conditioning systems were considered a luxury, but today split systems are increasingly used to provide comfortable climatic conditions. The systems we sell are ideal for home use. This is evidenced by the great amount of positive reviews about the equipment and reviews in the network, written by those who have already tried the system in practice. Daikin is really distinguished by its high quality, well-thought-out technical component and ability to save energy.

A wide range in this section of the catalog you can get acquainted with the most popular models that our company offers. Dikin split system has won hearts of many people because it has proven itself in practice. That is why you should pay special attention to such equipment. The manufacturer offers a variety of model ranges, which allows you to choose the climate technology that will meet any requirements. If you plan to buy split system Daikin, then you can be sure that among the offered choice you will find the best variant. In our catalog you will find very quiet models, which will not distract you from your work, and that technique, which has a perfect design decision. Do not forget about the fact that the company is a professional of its business. She manages to create such equipment, which provides a powerful air flow, while it is almost silent. That makes Daikin split systems perfect for home use.

The advantages of Daikin Split systems are the following: 1. These systems are characterized by practical and convenient management, because you can use the internet to change the temperature and control the system from any place. 2. The silence of the systems is an additional advantage. 3. The long service life of the products will allow you to enjoy your purchase for a long time. 4. Wide range of models enables you to choose the right system that will fit all your requirements. 5. Attractive modern design makes the technique more desirable in the eyes of customers. Such a device will wonderfully fit in any interior. 6.The price for Daikin split-systems has decreased considerably in recent years, which has made them not only the best in quality, but also affordable. 7.Allows to save electric energy, which attracts special attention.

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