Steam generator no steam supply reason

The steamer “Kerher” does not give steam: how to eliminate the problem

Like any equipment, a steam generator designed to develop a dry or wet steam, sooner or later may fail. In this case, the vapor reservoir is trying to give steam, but cannot do this. There can be many reasons for such a situation, however, knowing how and where to look for a breakdown, it becomes possible to correctly eliminate it on its own.

Several basic types of breakdowns can cause the failure of the steam generator:

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Each of these breakdowns has additional signs, but the main indicator is the ability of the device to develop steam. Timely diagnosis will help to correctly determine the breakdown and choose the most optimal solution to eliminate it.

The steam generator does not work! Corrected.

Good day to everyone!I have a problem. And it consists in the following: the PHILIPS GC7015 steam station has stopped issuing steam, t.E. When you press the button for the issuance and supply of steam, clicks are heard (this is as always), t.E. The pump works, but does not absorb water, it follows that steam from the station, as such, does not go, while the sole heats up and gradually becomes hot.And since I am not used to wearing not bent shirts, but also not stitched trousers. Who knows. Will understand that the shirts are without fabrics, collars and cuffs are perfectly ironed, so that the arrow was sharp on the trousers. The acute problem of repairing the steam station arose.The station worked, the iron warmed up, but there was no couple.Did everything as described in the video. I did not change the hose, but went to the nearest tire repair workshop with hoses and wires (t.To. Hose in the braid). The master of tire fitting looked at me, then at the hose in his hands, then again at me, twisted at the temple, but still, he gave the compressor gun, looking at the diameter, gave another needle (type of needle, as for pumping balls). With the words: “What is it?”And” what it is eaten with?”I replied.” that this is a hose from a steam generator “, after which I gave a gun from a compressor. I blew up the hose with an air compressor, t. To. He was very much clogged, pieces got out of an incomprehensible substance (either hacked, or rust, or x he knows what), and then washed with water. I ask, the master has “how much”, and I stretch out 30-40 with a trifle, in response I heard, “no need”. Thanked the masters verbally and went to collect a steam generator. The hose became like a brand new. I assembled a steam station back and everything began to work.By the way, a new hose to the station costs about 6,000. Who needs the link: Arlos.Ru/shlang-kabel-dly Hilips-423902163482.HTML SPRIST Like it (steam station) works:

, P.S. I did everything the same way, with the exception of the replacement of the hose, I still shot it, analyzed everything “to the screw” looked at every detail, checked the wires for a cliff and put it in his native places.

Regardless of which manufacturer produces a steam generator, for example, “Bosch”, “Philips” or “Tefal”, all devices are characterized by three main parts:

Household appliance is also equipped with special nozzles.

Consider the principle of operation of the steam generator:

  • The boiler heats the water.
  • As a result, steam is formed.
  • Educated couples according to a special hose device are fed to the iron.
  • At the base of the iron there is a penetration.
  • The pairs leaving the holes processes the fabric, smoothing any type of fold.

Important! Neither the size of the clothing nor its density affect the quality of steaming. Thus, the steam generator has the possibility of simultaneous processing of bedding, jeans, costumes made of semi.Wool fabrics, various synthetic products, as well as materials that require very delicate circulation, such as silk clothing, for example, silk clothing.

The household station of the TEFAL manufacturer’s steam generator is significantly different from household appliances with precisely the same manufacturer:

  • The size is a significant difference. The household station is much larger and more voluminous, while occupying a lot of space in the room;
  • In the steam generator, the water is supplied to a separate compartment of the boiler, in which the heating occurs until the steam is formed;
  • The educated pairs are not wet. It is dry with an approximate temperature of about 160 degrees;
  • Clothing and underwear are processed without contacting them with an iron, so there is no damage to clothes when processing a ferry and you should not worry about the integrity of things.

When the help of the master at home is required?

The assistance of the master is required if it is impossible to establish the reasons for the violation in the operation of the steam generator, or it is not possible to eliminate them on its own. Most often this happens when some detail fails.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of the master and contact scammers, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

Private craftsmen most often do not guarantee their work, or promise good functioning of the device in words. Therefore, it is better to contact the service.

The average can be found by the masters by ads posted on the Internet or in the newspaper.

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Important recommendations

Independent repair of the device requires compliance with the following recommendations:

  • When checking the operability of the device, you need to direct a stream of steam to a thing that cannot be sock;
  • Any repair work should be carried out when the device is disconnected from the electric network;
  • It is forbidden to press the “Start” button if the device is directed towards the person;
  • The smell of burning or the appearance of sparks is the reason to stop working with the device and contact the service.

DIY steam generator repair

Sometimes situations arise when at the most inopportune moment household appliances refuse to function. If you want to overlap the washed underwear, and the steam system does not turn on, then the steam generator requires urgent repair. In this article, we will try to find the source of the problem of Philips and others. And consider how to repair and clean the steam generator with your own hands if the device flows.

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