Steinol refrigerator does not turn off the freezer compressor

Elimination of malfunctions of stinol refrigerators. Repair refrigerators Stynol Typical breakdowns how to fix it yourself

Properties to fulfill its direct duties for the refrigerator thanks to the freon. The compressor refrigerated in a liquid state is sent to a narrow nozzle, then into the evaporator in the form of a coil. Further, it is converted into gas, absorbing heat. This helps to lower the temperature inside the compartment. So that the temperature does not rise again, the compressor must be continuously supplied to the radiator of a pair of freon.

Unfortunately, due to moving mechanisms in the compressor, breakdowns occur, requiring immediate intervention.

The STINOL refrigerator on the market is represented by a product line with one or two compressors, No Frost and models with a drip thawing system. The presence of two compressors on the one hand facilitates the work of the refrigerator, due to the possibility of separate control of cameras, but on the other hand increases maintenance.

What is the danger of the continuous work of the refrigerator

The problem of continuous work has a number of consequences for the refrigerator. If the malfunction does not eliminate, the engine overheats and fails faster. With such a malfunction, depending on the brand / model, refrigeration equipment can serve about six months.

In order to avoid the problem, it is important to immediately eliminate the breakdown and return the optimal mode of operation with the stop cycle and the compressor turning on.

Possible malfunctions

Unfortunately, there are situations when the initial cooling time has come out, but the compressor is not going to rest. Or “supermurine” is turned off, the doors in the chambers are tightly closed, and the motor still works without a break. This means that there is a malfunction that requires repair. In this case, in addition to the continuous noise of the compressor, you can find that the compartments are warmer than the norm.

The main causes of the breakdown are associated with a freon leak through the micro-configuration in the pipeline on some section of the cooling circuit. The refrigerant can also come out due to mechanical damage when defrosting the freezer. If there is a leak, then at first the compressor does not turn off, and then stops working completely.

Freon leakage for natural reasons. From 2000

The refrigerant moves along a long path consisting of different sections with tubes of unequal diameter made of heterogeneous metals. Therefore, in the system of pipelines there are enough weaknesses. The main places of natural leakage:

  • Squeezing or locking compounds. They are used to dock pipes from heterogeneous metals: copper, steel, aluminum. From vibration or due to improperly performed squeezing, the elbow begins to pass the freon, and he leaves the system. The connection with the leak must be rebellious by the new.
  • “Crying” evaporator in refrigerators with a drip on the refrigerator compartment. The refrigerator evaporator is usually mounted in the back wall and is. Due to factory defects or due to corrosion of the evaporator, a leak occurs. Repairing a native evaporator is difficult and expensive, you need to cut the thermal insulation of the refrigerator, and then restore it. For such a repair, it is necessary to take the refrigerator to a stationary service, and still there is no guarantee that the defect will not appear again. Therefore, the duckling evaporator is cut off, and the external one is hung on the replacement. Right inside the refrigerator compartment.
  • The heating circuit of the freezer. A steel tube is laid along the perimeter of the freezer. It contains Freon, which took the heat in the evaporator. Warm refrigerant warms the contour so that condensation does not form along the perimeter of the freezer door. The tube is hidden inside the housing and, unfortunately, is made of simple steel (it is cheaper than laying a contour of copper or stainless steel), which rusts, microxy is formed. A refrigerant comes out through them. The flipped circuit is cut, the system is connected without it. This does not hurt the refrigerator. A little inconvenience for the owners is that it will have to defrost the freezer a little more often than before.

We pierced the phone in the freezer with a knife. From 2000

Another cause of freon leakage is an accidentally damaged freezer tube of the freezer. Although the tube is made of stainless steel, its walls are thin. Therefore, they easily break through if you hurry up with defrosting and break off pieces of ice with a knife.

How To Fix Chest & Upright Freezer Compressor That Won’t Start Up Or Freeze Bad Hard Start IDYLIS

With such damage, the refrigerator after defrosting first does not turn off for a long time, and then stops working completely. At first, the compressor tries to cool the compartments, but does not cope due to a lack of freon. Then the motor stops, because the gas came out completely.

The damaged evaporator will have to be replaced with a new. With slight damage, there is a chance to patch a hole with a special sealant, but for a long time such a repair cannot be said in advance, so there is no guarantee for it.

From the practice of masters! If the refrigerator does not turn off for more than a day, do not torment it, turn it off and call the master. The long.Term operation of the compressor can lead to its breakdown, and as a result, the repair will cost much more.

The minimum price for the work of the master, if spare parts are required for the repair, they are paid additionally

The refrigerator may not turn off not only after defrosting, but also in other situations. All the possible reasons why the compressor works constantly is in the articles “Why does the refrigerator work and do not turn off” and for models with the know.To.Stroke. “14 reasons why the No Frost refrigerator works without a break”.

They did not find the reason why the refrigerator does not turn off after defrosting? Call the output service “Ice Men”! The master will come within a day, find out what has broken, and eliminate the malfunction with you at home. We repair after the application within 24 hours, we give a guarantee for repairs up to 2 years.

The freezer allows you to maintain the freshness of food for the most long time. Within this low.Temperature department, minus temperature indicators are supported, so that the products remain frozen and do not deteriorate for several months.

A low.Temperature compartment is an extremely necessary camera in a house refrigerator, which allows you to extend the freshness of loaded foods. But, over time, it can begin to function incorrectly. Excessively freezing or not enough cool the products. Prior to the first time, whether the problem or reason for changing the working rhythm of the freezer is really present in the downed settings or the additional options included, for example, “Super.Summary” was activated. But when all the settings remained the same, then some kind of breakdown arose.

There are several options for malfunctions leading to a change in temperature in the freezer. Some of them leads to excessive cooling of food products, and the other to insufficient. Some problems, for example, a compressor breakdown. Are serious. Other malfunctions are easily solved on their own. Replacing the sealing gum or setting the refrigerator in level. Nevertheless, in the vast majority of cases it is possible to prevent incorrect operation of the low.Temperature department, subject to the rules for using the unit.

Falf refrigerator Stynol

Stinol refrigerators. Brainchild of perestroika. The Novolipetsk plant began production of products in 1993, in 1995 a fishing line for a trimmer with an electronic control system was introduced. Later, on the same area, the production of refrigerators of another Italian brand Indesit was organized, but spare parts for Steinol continue to be released. This is relevant, the refrigerators have worked for more than 10 years, nodes require replacement.

Malfunctions of stinol refrigerators and ways to eliminate them

All devices have a standard metal case and inner chamber. Between them a thermal insulation layer of polyurethane foam is laid. The capillary pipeline also takes place and a filter-dryer is installed. The system dependent on humidity and pollution. Possible malfunctions of the stinol refrigerator are often associated with this circumstance.

The number of compressors. 1 or 2. A vertical shaft is used. Static evaporators are made in the form of tubes attached to the shelves. The NOU Frost system is located behind the cameras, heat transfer is conducted by a stream of air directed by the fan.

Characterize the normal operation of any stinol refrigerator, temperature ratio in the freezer, close to the back of the cabinet and power consumption.

To detect a malfunction of a two.Chamber refrigerator, Stinol 102, it is necessary to examine it for corrosion wear and integrity of the case. The tightness and strength of the mounting of the nodes will prevent vibration, which means the destruction of overall structures.

For a series 102 with two compressors, a frequent malfunction is the failure of the thermallara tut1 and TN2.

Malfunctions in the electrical circuit and automation in any models, including on the refrigerator, Stinol RF 305A 008 are eliminated after a defect. Finding the reasons for the equipment failure. RF 305A 008.One.Compressor model with two evaporators. A characteristic breakdown of the device is a refrigerant leak in the door heating circuit. Repair consists in laying a new contour, in return for worn out.

It is known that in a year of work, part. After the long.Term operation of the two.Chamber refrigerator, Stinol. A guaranteed malfunction will be a shortage of refrigerant. Its oversupply is also harmful as the lack. When there is a fistula in copper tubes or in the marshmallow, an oil stain is visible from the leakage site.

Stynol 101 refrigerator does not turn on. Elimination of a malfunction

A series of two.Chamber refrigerators Stinol 101 has one compressor for a cold cabinet and freezer. If the refrigerator does not turn on, the reasons are possible:

  • Malfunction in the wiring or lack of power on the network;
  • Cliff of the swimmer chain;
  • The compressor does not work;
  • Low voltage in the network.

Make sure that there is no voltage, if indicators are not turned on, the inner light does not burn with the opening door of the refrigerator.

If one of the wardrobes of the stinol 101 refrigerator works poorly, the reason is in a malfunction:

  • Thermostat of one cabinet;
  • Lack of refrigerant;
  • Air leaks into the chamber;
  • Jamming of the fast frost button (fridge freezes).

The freezer is located below, with a lack of freon, the minus temperature remains in it, in the refrigerator it rises.

A drip system of defrosting of the refrigerator is used, if the drain hole can be clogged with water. The freezer needs to be defrosting regularly. With growths of ice, the temperature will begin to increase, the consumption of electricity is growing.

Two.Chamber refrigerator Steinol 103. Malfunctions

Stinol 102 and 103 refrigerators are similar in design, have 2 compressors, electronic control and drip defrust for a cold cabinet, the freezer is cleaned by manually.

A characteristic reason for the malfunction of the stinol refrigerator 103 after 5-7 years of work is the way out of standing from the TN1 and TN2 temperature regulators. The manufacturer laid a 5-year resource in these nodes. Signs of a malfunction of the thermostat of a two.Chamber refrigerator believe:

  • The compressor does not turn on at any position of the regulator, when transferring to the “Off.»There is no click of relay;
  • The motor is constantly working, with any switching and turning off the thermostat;
  • The temperature in the chamber does not decrease even at the maximum task.

Replacing a thermostat in this case is the only way to restore the camera’s operation.

Often the reason for the refusal of one of the camera chambers Stynol may be a compressor malfunction. If, after starting, the energy unit immediately turns off, you need to check the condition of the motor winding, starting relay. Set the problem to replace the motorcade. After you need to check the system for tightness and fill it with freon.

Flame of refrigerators Stinol 104

Model of the stinol refrigerator 104 KSHT-305 (NF3304T) is three-chamber, a drawer has been added to the refrigerator and upper freezer. Frost defrosting is used only for the upper chamber. The cooling system has one compressor, independent evaporators for cameras.

The characteristic malfunctions of the refrigerator include:

  • Freon leakage from the contour of the unit with concomitant signs. The intention of ice in the upper corner of the refrigerator, an increase in temperature, non.Stop operation of the compressor and a cold capacitor.
  • The clogging of the capillary pipeline of the refrigerator will allow you to know similar signs with a freon leak, but the first knee of the capacitor will be hot, the rest heat up to room temperature. If the refrigerator is turned off in the first seconds, the temperature of the filter-dryer will decrease.
  • The filter-dryer clogged-the signs are the same as if there is no refrigerant in the system-it does not pass.
  • The compressor can work idle, without liquefied gas, signs of this malfunction in an increase in temperature in the cold chamber, there may be enough residual resource to the freezer.
  • Faulty thermostat. The temperature does not hold in the cells, the adjustment of the regime is left without consequences, the compressor works without stopping or does not turn on.

Determine the malfunction, the master should perform diagnostics using devices, removing decorative panels. You can independently change the light bulb, clean the drain hole for condensate, or replace the seal on the door.

Stinol refrigerator does not work, reasons

What to do if the refrigerator “Stinol” does not work? It is worth trying to determine the breakdown. Perhaps you can eliminate the problem yourself, and our article will help in this.

Stinol refrigeration equipment is known for high quality. The metal case of equipment is always covered with corrosion solutions, special painting technology provides prolonged operation without scratches and defects. But even high.Quality technique can break.

The refrigerator does not turn off and constantly works

This is the most common cause of malfunctions in the refrigerators “Stynol”. If your technique with one compressor does not turn off, pay attention to the signs of a breakdown. You may notice that the freezer department is normally freezing, and the upper refrigerator does not work.

The cause of the breakdown can be in the leakage of the gas-freon. This is a refrigerant that is responsible for cooling air in the departments. The leak may be in the steel circuit. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to detect damage, eliminate them and refuel the system with freon.

  • The door of the refrigerator. How tightly it is closed? The cause of loose fit could be the loops that sagged due to the large load of the door. After pulling the loops, the door will be normal to close.It is worth checking the rubber seal. Over time the rubber wear out and is polluted. You can replace the seal with your own hands.
  • Set temperature in the chamber. If electronic control, temperature adjustment is automatically performed, and if mechanical, then manually. Check, perhaps the “Super.Summarrons” mode is installed on the thermostat.
  • Ventilation quality. With poor ventilation or installation near the heating radiators, the refrigerator overheates. Trying to compensate for the temperature increase, the motor works without stopping.

If after the check everything turned out to be in order, the case is in the breakdown. What happened:

  • The termistor and thermoregulator broke. In this case, the control module does not receive temperature data in the chamber, so the compressor does not turn off. A faulty sensor needs to be replaced.
  • Clogging of the capillary tube. Due to depressurization, a blood clot formed in the tube, which does not allow the refrigerator to circulate normally. It is advisable to call a specialist who will find the location and eliminate the problem.
  • Fault of the motor-compressor. During prolonged operation, the motor parts wear out, as a result, the compressor lacks power to pump pressure into the tube, so the set temperature is not achieved. The motor needs to be replaced.

Do not wait for a complete breakdown of the motor. Call a specialist for repair, because during constant work on the compressor there is a double load.

For what reasons, the two.Chamber refrigerator “Steinol” does not work

It happens that a two.Chamber refrigerator does not freeze, and the light in the department is on fire. The cause may be a freon output again. You can understand this by ice on the evaporator or in the leakage area. The check is also carried out:

  • In modern models, installation is checked. If the case leaned forward, the door could open, so warm air enters the chamber. The refrigerator “understands” that it makes no sense to start the motor.The case should be slightly rejected back. To do this, twist the front legs of the refrigerator.
  • When heat and light does not burn in the cells, electrical parts are inspected: wiring, fork, network cord, outlet. Maybe something was overstated or damaged. Then you need to replace the spoiled element.

To make it easier for you to deal with a breakdown, we advise you to pay attention to the signs of a malfunction:

  • You noticed that the light in the cell is on, but the compressor does not start? Perhaps the clicks of the relay are heard, which is trying to start the engine. So the motor burned. The burnt part is not subject to repair, a new element is installed.
  • Refrigeration equipment (I) with electromechanical control does not work, but the light bulb is glowing. The temperature controller is faulty. He does not send the control board data, so the module does not include cooling.
  • If the light burns in HO with electronic control, but the compressor is “silent”, the termistor is checked. He measures the temperature in the chamber.
  • The bulb in the chamber does not glow, the technique does not turn on. There were problems with a start-up relay that launches the motor-compressor. The relay is replaced by a new part.
  • If the refrigerator does not at all give “signs of life”, while the wiring is working. The problem is in the control module, it cannot control the nodes and details in the technique. Therefore, diagnosis, flashing or replacement of the module is carried out.

No cold in the freezer

Most modern models of Stinol refrigerators are produced with two engines. Each of them is responsible for the work of the upper and lower chamber. If the freezer compartment independently defrosts and does not cool anymore, there may be two reasons:

  • Damage to one of the compressors. Check this is easy: touch both compressors. If they are hot, then the case is in the interitoral circuit. Perhaps the problem with the windings happened as a result of a short circuit. The windings are nicknamed the multimeter, repair is carried out.
  • Когда один компрессор нагревается, а другой нет, проблема в автоматике или системе охлаждения «Ноу Фрост». The reason can be in the evaporator, relay, thermal attemptor. Diagnosis will help to determine the exact cause.

To cope with a breakdown, watch the video:

To avoid troubles with the refrigerator, as well as to extend its service life will help compliance with the operating rules:

  • Correct placement. It is unacceptable to install equipment near hot batteries, furnaces, close to the walls and furniture.
  • Timely defrosting. In this case, mechanical removal of pieces of ice in the chamber is not allowed.
  • Correct. Overload of the shelves of HO and its doors leads to the rapid wear of details.
  • The temperature of the products. Only cooled dishes can be placed in the refrigerator.
  • Temperature control on the regulator. Do not install the thermostat in the department for the full power for a long time.

If you find a malfunction, do not delay the repair, call a specialist. Now you know what to pay attention to so that the technique has been working uninterruptedly for many years.

What to do if the motor does not function in the one.Compressor unit?

In modern practice, there are situations when lighting works inside the refrigerator refrigerator, but the compressor does not start at all, or is turned on only for a few moments, while heating very hard.

In most cases, the cause of this malfunction lies in the malfunction of the engine itself-compressor. Many, having heard such a diagnosis, immediately take the unit to the landfill and acquire a new. In fact, everything is not so critical. Of course, the engine is a fairly expensive part, but, the cost of a new refrigerator will be several times higher.

It is for this reason that experts recommend purchasing a new compressor motor, the characteristics of which will be even higher than that of a faulty. The only condition, in this case, is a qualitative and correct installation of a part that only qualified masters can make, or people who, at least, have a technical education and communicate with refrigerators on “you”.

As the refrigerator cools

Freon in the “crying” evaporator gets through the condenser, drainage and capillary. Cooling turns on and is turned off at a thermostat signal. During the downtime of the compressor, the evaporator thaws, heated to the plus temperature. Snow frost on the back wall of the camera melts, water flows through the pipe of the drain into the container on the compressor. When the motor is turned on, which is warming up to 90 degrees, the water evaporates.

Stinol is both a brand and model 103, can be attributed to the veterans of the refrigeration market. Therefore, our masters know all the features of the repair and the main breakdown. These are the nodes, most often, refuses Stinol 103.

The thermostat of the refrigeration chamber. From 1500

The thermostat is responsible for the temperature in the compartment and controls the compressor. Cooling is not regulated directly, but through a “crying” evaporator: it contains the end of the thermoregulator tube, which reacts to a change in temperature. When the sensor fixes the set lower temperature value in the evaporator, the contacts open, and the compressor stops. In rest mode, the evaporator of the refrigerator heats up and thaws. Когда температура в испарителе добирается до верхнего значения, заданного термодатчику, контакты замыкаются и включают компрессор.

A faulty thermostat cannot correctly determine the temperature of the evaporator of the refrigerator, so it does not turn on the compressor or, conversely, does not turn off. In the first case, the compartment remains without cooling, and the products spoil. In the second, the refrigeration chamber motor does not turn off, and the compartment itself is rewinds.

To eliminate the malfunction, you need to replace the refrigerated unit thermostat.

Refrigerator Warming Up, Compressor Won’t Start, Relay Makes Clicking Noise

The motor-compressor of the freezer-from 1700

The compressor is responsible for the movement of the freon in the cooling system of the freezer. Under pressure, the refrigerant is pumped into the door heating circuit, then gets into the capacitor, from it through the capillary into the evaporator, then pumps back to the motor-compressor.

A faulty engine does not start the compressor or turns off immediately after starting. The freezer compartment is not cooled and the temperature in the compartment is gradually growing. Ice and snow begin to melt, a puddle of water appears under the refrigerator.

It is required to replace the motor-compressor to eliminate the breakdown.

Drenches in the heating circuit of the door. From 1800

The perimeter of the door of the freezer is heated by a steel tube with freon, laid inside. Heating is needed to dry the condensate around the perimeter of the freezer. Over time, the steel tube rusts, the holes are formed in it through which the refrigerant leaves. The leak affects the cooling of the freezer. The camera is at first weaker freezing, and then stops cooling completely.

To eliminate the malfunction, the heating circuit is cut, and the evaporator is connected to the compressor directly. After refueling by freon, the refrigerator will work fine, it will just have to defrost the freezer a little more often so that the door does not overgrow with ice.

Leak in the “crying” evaporator of the refrigerator of Stinol 103. From 2000

The evaporator of the refrigerator compartment is hidden inside the back wall of the chamber and covered with a plastic case. Usually it works without problems, but sometimes, due to the defect of the evaporator pipeline or in places of joints with a capacitor, micro-focus appear through which Freon goes away. Typical signs of leakage are the same:

  • The compressor of the refrigeration compartment. Works almost without stopping;
  • The refrigerator compartment is heat, even when the maximum cooling is set;
  • Cold capacitor of the refrigerator;
  • Dry back wall of the refrigerator or ice on the back wall at the freon leakage.

To eliminate the breakdown, the faulty evaporator is cut and the external inside the camera is hung. Such a replacement is more reliable than the repair inside the case due to the complexity with the restoration of thermal insulation.

The compressor of the refrigeration compartment. From 1700

The motor-compressor pumps a steam-shaped freon from a “crying” evaporator to the capacitor, where the refrigerant turns into a liquid. The tube system in the refrigerator is shorter, and the compressor works less, since the temperature in the department is not a minus, but 2. 4 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the load on the motor is less, and breakdowns occur less often.

But there are still refusals. The faulty compressor starts for a few seconds and immediately stops. Sometimes the motor does not turn on at all. Because of this, the temperature is rapidly growing in the refrigerator compartment.

It is required to replace the compressor to eliminate the refrigerator breakdown.

steinol, refrigerator, does, turn, freezer

Drilling relay of the freezer engine. From 1500

The relay is responsible for starting the engine and its protection against overheating. When the contact of the relay is closed, the current is supplied to the starting engine winding. If the contact is defective or there is a break, the engine cannot start, and the compressor does not turn on.

With a faulty protection mechanism, the engine starts normally, but quickly turns off. Relay mistakenly believes that there is overheating and opens the contact.

Freezer thermostat. From 1500

Thermallera is responsible for turning on or disconnecting the freezer compressor. Data on the thermostat comes from the temperature sensor inside the chamber. The working relay closes the contact contact contact when the temperature rose above the set. And opens, turning off the compressor when the camera has cooled to normal.

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