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TOP-9 modern bottles sterilizers

You still boil? Then we go to you! Discussions do not subside on various forums of young mothers, is it really necessary for a young family a device for sterilizing children’s bottles. The sterilizer has a lot of fans and crowds of ardent opponents. Indeed, our mothers and grandmothers raised us without knowing vacuum cleaners, washing machines and the Internet. In the twenty.First century, all kinds of gadgets are designed to facilitate our lives, help us in everyday life, save time. There is never many purity in caring for a baby, the sterilizer will quickly and reliably destroy microbes in bottles, spoons, nipples, dummies and other necessary objects. Using a special device for sterilization is definitely more convenient than boiling bottles in a saucepan daily.

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Household sterilizers are of two main types:

Before use, pure water is poured in the steam sterilizer, the steam processes from the boil, the bottles, dummies, nipples, and other accessories are processed from above. They can work from the network, or install in the microwave. Although devices for microwaves are more compact in size and cheaper, they may not come up to each other, and metal items cannot be put into a microwave oven.

For devices operating in cold sterilization mode, a container and a special chemical substance in tablets are required. They are acquired separately. Such disinfection is convenient when you travel with a child, but requires strict observance of the dosage, exposure time. At home, it is more convenient to use an electric steam model.

Circular sterilizer. How to choose?

Among the steam models of sterilizers, experts decided to hold a kind of competition, compiling the rating of the best. There are not so many manufacturers of sterilizers in the market. These are Philips, Beurer, Tommee Tippee, Tefal, Maman, Chicco, Liko, Ramili. Each company chose popular models, and compared them in the following characteristics:

  • The price segment.
  • The volume of the sterilized dishes at the same time (spaciousness).
  • Sterilization time.
  • The presence of indicators and process automation.
  • Do you need special bottles.
  • Additional options.

How often to sterilize bottles

Pediatricians advise sterilizing the bottle after or before each feeding, so that the baby always eats food from a clean and disinfected bottle. Accordingly, this procedure is required to be carried out daily 5-6 times. It is also necessary to do this in the following cases:

Sterilized dishes must be stored in a clean diaper or clean towel, remove it immediately in front of the feeding process. Before pouring the calcined milk or preparing a mixture for the baby must be thoroughly washed your hands thoroughly.

Preparation for disinfection

If there is no special brush, the nipples can be washed in another way. Pour soda into them and open. Soda must fall into the holes. Then thoroughly rinse the nipples with knitting movements, you need to remove the whole soda from the holes.

Useful tips

  • To reject damaged containers in a timely manner. If a crack appears on a glass container, it must be thrown away.
  • When processing, use only filtered water. This extends the service life of sterilized products. If you pour ordinary water, the plastic will quickly turn yellow, and the nipples will become inelastic.
  • Children’s doctors say: immunity is formed by one-month of age. Before this age, you have to sterilize children’s accessories for feeding.
  • Processing in a microwave lasts a few minutes: it is better to spend a little time than exposing the child to the risk of getting intestinal infection.

Care for the device

The service life is affected not only by the literacy of the choice of goods, but also by compliance with the rules for its use. Basic care for a standard children’s sterilizer includes the following points:

  • Prolonged use can lead to education in the capacity of the scale. Electric models are most susceptible to this problem. The addition of three spoons of citric acid and an empty device in standard mode will help to fix the situation to the situation. After the procedure, you need to thoroughly wash all parts.
  • Constant control of the water level in the device is required. If the mark drops below the minimum, overheating and breakdown of technology is possible.
  • Should be stored far from direct sunlight and heating devices.
  • Do not contact with abrasive cleaning agents.
  • After each use, wipe the moisture with a napkin, it is better to leave to ventilate.

Preparation of bottles for sterilization

Before sterilization of bottles for newborns in the microwave, the dishes are required to prepare. Namely:

  • Unscrew the nipples from the covers, remove and put separately.
  • Wash the containers thoroughly using salt, soda or a purchased special product with a safe composition.
  • Process the internal walls with a thin ruff.
  • Rinse the bottles in running water several times to remove the remains of chemicals before sterilization.

Advice! The nipples and fixing rings are especially thoroughly washed with salt or soda, since these elements accumulate the most pollution.

Sterilization at home

Previously, children’s dishes were sterilized using boiling. Nowadays, when the technology does not stand still, there are more civilized approaches. For example, electric sterilizers. They are very simple and convenient to use, but their cost is not small. Therefore, there is a simpler, effective and cheap option. Sterilization of bottles in the microwave. This method takes very little time, which the young mother has and so. It is not necessary for him to make a lot of effort, just follow a certain instruction that can be found in the below.

The microwave oven has long been not an exclusive technique. It greatly simplifies the process of cooking and warming up dishes, while having an affordable price. And the fact that in it you can sterilize children’s bottles is a huge plus. At the same time, children’s dishes will not crack and does not deform, which is a big advantage over the usual boiling. The bottles must be prepared for the sterilization process:

  • Disassemble the bottle so that all its components are separately;
  • Wash with the addition of baby soap, soda or special detergent. For cleaning from dried food, it is necessary to use a specially designed ruff for bottles;
  • Rinse all the dishes thoroughly in warm water.

When sterilized, it is better to use distilled water so that over time, an unnecessary plaque does not appear on the dishes.

What to look for when choosing

Manufacturer. One of the most popular sterilizers’ production is Philips Avent. The manufacturer releases models with different capabilities. From simple to advanced with additional functionality. This is followed by Chicco, Tommee Tippee, Munchkin. They offer decent quality devices at a reasonable price. Budget models can be found at KitFort and Maman. Their products are characterized by a simple design, but at the same time a long service life and convenience.

Time of processing. Modern sterilizers for a microwave cycle of processing are from 2 to 10 minutes. The optimal indicator is 2-4 minutes. The time of conservation of sterility with a closed lid should also be taken into account. The most convenient option is 24 hours.

Spaces. There are sterilizers on the market with a capacity of 1 to 8 bottles. The volume should be selected from the features of the power. In, in addition to bottles, you can place a breast pump, other children’s dishes, toys in addition to bottles. Pay attention to the volume and neck of the bottle. It is better to give preference to universal models that will process dishes of different shapes and sizes.

Additional opportunities. Among the useful additional options, one can distinguish the possibility of cold sterilization, indication of water level and work.

Important! Products should not contain bisphenol a. This material, according to WHO study, is potentially dangerous for humans.

microwave, oven

Rating of the best sterilizers

Beurer Jby76

The winner of our rating is quite rightly becoming the Beurer JBY76 sterilizer (Germany, on average about 2,500). This is real German quality at an affordable price. The solar yellow color of the case will cheer up. The sterilizer is equipped with an LED display that allows you to control the sterilization time. There are additional options: automatic shutdown, heating, sound and visual alert.

  • Small dimensions;
  • Bright modern design;
  • LED display for indication;
  • Disinfection of up to 6 bottles and accessories in 8 minutes is possible;
  • Retains sterility for 3 hours with a closed lid;
  • Destroys all harmful bacteria without chemicals;
  • Optical and acoustic signal;
  • Has a removable grate for fixing the bottles;
  • Forceps in the kit;
  • Cable winding;
  • Signal at the end of sterilization;
  • Automatic shutdown;
  • Energy-saving (220-240 V);
  • A relatively small price for such a sterilizer.

Beurer Jby40

Beurer Jby40 (Germany). Real German quality at an affordable price. Sterilizer for microwave ovens. Suitable for any microwave model. Lay in a sterilizer up to 5 bottles, set the time. 5 minutes, and calmly do household chores. The device can always be taken with you by going to visit. Thanks to compact dimensions, he can easily find a place in the kitchen, if you wish, you can wash it in a dishwasher.

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Cons: a microwave is needed.

Ramili BSS150

Steam sterilizer for bottles Ramili BSS150 (UK, 3 700). This pretty device is equipped with a cyclic sterilization system, which allows it to maintain sterility for up to 48 hours (sterilization is repeated 4 times every 6 hours or every 12 hours, which eliminates the young mother from additional worries for up to 48 hours). LCD display shows processing time. The sterilizer has a steamer mode, in it you can cook and warm up baby food for steam. Equipped with a special stand for various children’s things. The kit includes a measured cup for water dosage. Sterilization time 8 minutes, holds 6 bottles.

  • Multifunctionality;
  • Automatic shutdown;
  • The presence of an electronic display;
  • Sterilization up to 6 bottles;
  • Steamer mode;
  • Suitable for all types of children’s bottles;
  • A special stand for various objects (jars, nipples, dishes, teethers, and other children’s accessories).

Chicco Steril Natural

The Chicco Steril Natural electricizer for seven bottles (Italy, 3 710) is a smart assistant from a popular Italian brand for adequate value. Successful ratio of price and functionality. There is a special grid for small items.

  • Squatience: 7 bottles. A grid for various objects: jars, nipples, dishes, teething, and other children’s accessories;
  • Transparent case;
  • Automatic sterilization every 5 hours;
  • Sterilization time 5 minutes;
  • Suitable for any bottle;
  • Automatic shutdown;
  • Sealed water tank. There is enough water for several cycles.

Tefal Baby Home BH 7300

TEFAL BABY Home BH 7300 sterilizer (France, 4 030). Tefal always cares for us. Suitable for any type of bottle, has a compact rounded shape, openwork stand, easily fits in any kitchen. At the end of the process, it is automatically disconnected.

Cons: quite expensive

Philips Avent SCF281/02 for microwave

PHILIPS Avent SCF281/02 sterilizer for microwave ovens (Great Britain, 1,990)-a high-quality, inexpensive and effective device. It can be used at home, on trips and guests, wherever there is a microwave oven. The device allows you to simultaneously sterilize 4 bottles of Philips Avent. Simple and understandable in circulation.

Philips/Avent SCF284/03

Philips/Avent SCF284/03 (UK). Will come to the rescue when many dishes. For the parents of the child of an artificial or twin children-this sterilizer is a real find. It consists of 3 modules that can be grouped among themselves. (Heating of baby food, sterilization of bottles, sterilization of dummies, nipples, plates, spoons, small toys, dairy applications). In just 6 minutes, sterilizes 6 six bottles Philips Avent.

microwave, oven

Cons: quite expensive.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature (UK). Compact sterilizer for 1 bottle. Convenient model for parents-travelers. This pretty device will come to your aid: at home and visiting, for processing bottles from juice, tea, expressed milk, during a long walk in the park, traveling with the baby by car and train. Processing can be carried out in steam in a microwave or cold using special tablets.

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