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Repair of desktop fans

If there is no air conditioner, then in the heat the only means of ensuring some coolness will be an electric fan. Desktop fans are relatively simple and reliable electrical appliances.But moving details are subject to natural wear and, like many portable devices, fans are often damaged as a result of careless circulation.

There are similar fans with a floor stand.

How does it work

The fan is usually mounted on the shaft that rotates the electric motor. From the opposite end of the shaft there is a worm gear connected by a gearbox with a crank, which makes the fan slowly turn from side to side so that the air flow covers a large area. There is a special switch that can disconnect the gearbox when the turning mode is not needed. All fans, except the simplest models, have two rotation speeds. The diameter of the average desktop fan can be in the range of 175-300 mm, floor models are slightly larger.

Some desktop fans are so cheap that it is unlikely to make it sense to give them for repair, however, since fans are usually served very easily, it is worth spending a little time to return the device to working condition.

  • Fan blad
  • Fence
  • Fencing lattice screw
  • Shaft
  • Electric motor
  • Worm-gear
  • Gearbox
  • Reducer switch
  • Crank
  • Rotation speed switch
  • Contact block
  • Plane bar

Main problems

To identify the root cause of the malfunction, you need to find out what parts the fan consists. Regardless of the type (floor or desktop), the device has exactly the same device. The difference is only in the length of the rack.

The problems of the fan are different, and each of them has its own reasons and signs.

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The fan does not turn on

The device may not turn on, but in this case it is important to pay attention, the light bulb or not when trying to launch the device lights up. If the indicator glows, and the device does not turn on, then the block with the buttons, which is located on the fan stance, broke.

If the bulb does not turn on on the case, and the device does not make sounds, perhaps there is no voltage in the outlet, or the reason lies in the breakdown of the cord, fork. If it is impossible to launch a household appliance and the exclusion of the above reasons, the problem should be sought in the electric motor.

The blades rotate poorly

Blades can slowly rotate for several reasons. The main of them is the lack of lubricants in the sliding bearings. Sometimes the blades are deformed at high temperatures from the engine (when the device has been operating for too long, overheating occurs). In this case, the blades cling to a protective grid, so finding such a problem is simple and fast.

The fan does not rotate to the sides

If the fan device does not rotate in different directions, or the turns occur with a delay, you will have to disassemble the motor body. Main reasons:

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The cooler is buzzing and does not rotate

Many people mistakenly call the cooler a fan, but in reality it is a cooling device that may not have blades. The main purpose of the cooler is to remove the heated air from the fan. Sometimes he buzzes, but does not rotate. There are several reasons:

The fan is very noisy or whistling

A floor or desktop fan makes noise and whistle in such cases:

  • Propeller deformation, against which there is a violation of equilibrium between the blades. In this case, the device also vibrates.
  • Weakening of the sleeve in a sliding bearing.
  • Pressing a protective lattice, for example, when falling.
  • Damage to the electric motor.
  • Pollution of the device.
  • The presence of a foreign object inside the system.
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How to choose a home fan,

Other malfunctions

What else can happen to the floor and desktop fan:

  • Capacitor breakdown. In household fans, a dry type made of plastic is usually used, which is easily deformed due to overheating.
  • Electric engine malfunction. The main feature is that the device does not start or gives unnatural sounds.
  • Problems in the control unit. Most often the reason lies in worm gear and diffuser.
  • If there is a speed switch, then the fan may not work due to its malfunction. The reason is a break in windings.
  • Rarely failure of the fan is the rotor. This happens against the background of overheating of the motor.

Regardless of the cause of the malfunction of the floor and desktop fan, conduct an independent diagnosis, which will reveal the site and cause of the broken.

Do.It.Yourself floor and desktop fan repair

After detecting a problem with the fan, you can proceed directly to the repair. First prepare the necessary tools and materials depending on the type of malfunction. The first thing that is checked after the diagnosis of the cord, forks and sockets is the serviceability of the electric motor. Often the problem is the microcircuit, so first determine the level of flow rate on the fee and the output from the chip. In the absence of voltage, the problem lies in the breakdown of the microcircuit, which can be replaced.

If the current goes to the microcircuit, and the floor or desktop fan does not turn on, you will have to disassemble the case and check whether the current comes inside. If not, the problem is the electric motor, so you have to give the motor for repair.

  • Disconnect the two wires connecting the electric power and the microcircuit;
  • Also do with 2 wires going from board to the motor;
  • Assume a new microcircuit.

There is an option in which the fan will work without a microcircuit, that is, directly, so the device will be included immediately after installing the cord in the outlet. To do this, do similar actions with wires, but instead of installing the microcircuit, they are connected to each other.

To understand how to make a fan repair yourself, you need to know the principle of operation of the device. Scheme:

  • Asynchronous type, installed on standard floor and desktop fans, has 8 launch and working windings;
  • To launch the phase is shifted by 90 degrees using the capacitor;
  • The launch is carried out after pressing the power button (first the red indicator turns on, after the electric motor begins to rotate);
  • The speed of the rotational moment is affected by a 3-speed switch that has mechanical locks of simultaneous speed switching.

Replacement of the rotor

The rotor is usually on the gasket under the lid or behind the shaft, so the engine is removed for its repair or replacement with screwdrivers. The first thing to do is to inspect the wiring that can be the cause of the malfunction. If there are no defects on it, you will have to change the rotor, since it is not possible to repair it yourself. Be sure to write down the number of the device and purchase exactly the same model.

  • Disconnect the wire leading to the rotor;
  • Unscrew the screws;
  • Remove the device;
  • Put a new rotor, tightly screwed to the base.

If the gasket is not deformed, it is pointless to replace it with a new option. Use the old element. Keep in mind that the rotor should not touch the electric motor.

How to fix a control unit?

The control unit breaks due to worm gear. This problem can be eliminated independently by following the instructions:

  • Remove the contact block (the motor does not need to be removed);
  • If there are gaskets for the managerial unit, remove them;
  • Twist the shaft with a screwdriver;
  • Remove the control unit;
  • Dismantle the lid behind, opening access to worm gear;
  • To check the performance, use the tester (without breakdown, the resistance parameters should not exceed 50 Ohms);
  • In case of violations, replace the old element with a new.

What to do if the flange broke?

In floor and desktop fans, plastic flanges are used, which are easily damaged, especially when the device falls. Therefore, replacement is required. How to do it:

  • Unscrew the rear cover near the motor or shaft depending on the model;
  • Remove the crank;
  • Disconnect the worm gear without removing the control unit;
  • Remove the switch;
  • Twist the screws from the flange and disconnect it;
  • In the reverse order, install the new flange.

If the model involves the location of the flange near the managerial unit, then first release the clamping bar, then twist the control unit, remove the gasket located near the rotor.

Fixing of the diffuser

Diffuser is in the control unit. The reason for its breakdown is to twist the regulator. Change it as follows:

  • Remove the top cover without touching the engine;
  • Disconnect the central flange;
  • Remove the control unit;
  • Remove the diffuser from the rear (Put the base with a screwdriver or knife);
  • Replace the new element.

It is problematic to buy a diffuser separately in stores, as it is equipped with a control unit, so in this case the entire block is most often changed.

Coler repair

If a part with a propeller and blades is broken, use the following tips:

  • With the usual deformation of the impeller against the background of overheating, it is necessary to extract the propeller, slightly warm the blades and leve so that they do not touch the protective grid of the fan.
  • If the blades are broken, you will have to buy a new propeller and install it yourself.
  • If a small part of the cooler is torn off, the fragments can be glued with reliable glue.

How to repair a capacitor?

The capacitor usually breaks due to unexpected voltage drops in the electric network. The part is located behind the central flange. The cause of the malfunction is the absence of a phase shift or a power to receive a winding. The main feature is no rotation. The capacitor malfunction is checked using a multimeter (measurement mode. Resistance).

Diagnosis of malfunctions

There are 2 types of fault and desktop fans-mechanical and electric. It is to the first simple layman that does not pay much attention, and this leads to a breakdown in the electrical part of the device. For example, if the shaft is jammed, and the equipment continues to work, then this will undoubtedly cause overheating of the electric motor. If the bearing is spent, then the stator winding will be damaged in the future.

Before diagnosing the fan at home, turn off the device from power supply. The unit often does not turn on due to a malfunction of the cord or socket, so first of all, any other device is connected to the power supply. If it does not turn on, then the culprit is a socket that needs to be fixed.

To inspect the internal equipment of the fan, disassemble it, acting according to the following scheme:

Since the breakdown is often associated with a lack of lubrication, be sure to drop a few drops of technological oil on the sleeve.

Take the shaft first in one, then in the other direction for better absorption of lubricants. After that, collect the fan in the opposite direction, turn on the device and check for performance.

Clearly about how to disassemble the fan and conduct diagnostics of malfunctions, see this

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To what temperature the cooler heats the water

The principle of operation of the cooler heating system in different models is practically no different. The design of such a system includes:

  • Accumulative container for heating water (with a volume of 0.6 to 3 l) with thermal insulation protection;
  • Heating device (can go assembled with a heating container or is a separate node). The power of the heater depending on the model is in the range of 400–1200 W;
  • Control fee;
  • 2 temperature sensors (the operation temperature of the lower controller from 70 ° C to 86 ° C, and the upper from 93 ° C to 96 ° C).

When the heating system is enabled, the dispenser heats the water in the cooler drive until the upper thermal attemptor is triggered. The fluid temperature is brought to the value necessary for the preparation of coffee or tea. When the heating system is disconnected, the water cools down. Когда ее температура снизится до 70 °C, сработает нижний термодатчик и включится нагревательное оборудование. The device operates cyclically. A couple of minutes it heats the water, and then turns off for 10 or 20 minutes.

If you open a tap of hot water, then instead of a delicious volume, a fluid from a bottle will enter the drive. This will lead to a gradual decrease in temperature inside the heating capacity. When the temperature indicator reaches the set value, the lower sensor will work and the cooler will quickly heat the received water.

It should be noted that the operation of a heating element without an installed bottle of water contributes to its burning. This breakdown does not apply to the manufacturer’s guarantee. Employees of the Kuler service center during the diagnosis of broken equipment will easily determine the cause of the malfunction, so always turn on the dispenser only after installing a bottle of water.

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In order for the water cooler to work as long as possible without serious breakdowns and expensive repairs, it is necessary to observe the regulations for maintenance of equipment and the frequency of its prevention.

As noted above, thermals in the heating container are triggered when the water heats up to a temperature of 92 to 96 ° C (depending on the model of the apparatus).

Here you need to bring the following certificate:

  • Based on information from the school physics course, many people know that water begins to boil at 100 ° C.
  • The real temperature of the water poured from a boiled kettle is in the range from 90 to 95 ° C.

The assortment of leading manufacturers presents water disperses with the function of turbine heating. If ordinary models are equipped with heating elements with a capacity of 420 to 600 watts, then in devices with a turbine used systems from 700 W are used. The last version of the coolers is necessarily equipped with a liquid crystal monitor, on which the temperature of the water in the heating drive is displayed. In addition to the LCD display, such devices have a manual inclusion of water heating turbojum.

Traditional coolers heat from 4 to 6 liters of water per hour. Such performance is enough to provide hot water with a small number of employees.

If a lot of people work in the room, then it is not necessary to buy several dispensers. For such cases, manufacturers produce floor coolers equipped with large containers for heating. Such drives have heating elements with a capacity of more than 1200 W.

The appearance of powerful dispensers does not differ from standard models. Most parts for assembling cases are suitable for both standard models and coolers with increased performance (in models with turbine performance, performance indicators exceed 12 l/h).

Video culets

The reasons why the GPU cooling system stopped working are generally similar to the previously considered case, but the vast majority of this indicate a breakdown of the device. Details about the sources and options for eliminating the problem can be learned from the following article.

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Water does not flow

It happens that there is no fluid supply from the cooler. Why this happens? There are several explanations:

  • Partial removal of the hygienic label occurred.
  • Air traffic jam
  • Water is not supplied due to the presence of an extraneous object in the system. For example, when a broken needle is stuck in the system.
  • When there was a pipe through which the flow moves.
  • The taps themselves can come out of the system. The rod may break.
  • When cooling, the water can freeze in the taps.

If the feed from hot water cranes does not occur even when the container is filled check the presence of other reasons. Study the state of the protective sticker. When removing it, fragments should not get into the system.

Simultaneously swaying the bottle will help get rid of air traffic with simultaneous pressing. The procedure is performed several times. If, nevertheless, the water is not supplied to the issuance, the cooler is disassembled and diagnosed. Check the condition of the tubes, other elements of the cooler, look for outsiders stuck objects

Important! Leaks may form in the tap and then it is replaced. A call of a specialist from the service center should be made.

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The hood turns on by itself?

Modern technologies helped create models of different sizes, shapes. Innovations affected the control unit. The most common types are:

Such situations when the device begins to function for no reason. Then the question arises: why is the hood turn on itself?

The answer is simple. If the model is controlled from the remote control (like Ventolux Piemonte 60 WH), then it is possible to close contacts due to moisture or dust from the remote unit.

There are also such problems: disruption of operation in electronics, the sap of the on or off buttons. To get rid of spontaneous launch, it is proposed to inspect the hood, identify malfunctions and eliminate them. You can do this yourself or with the help of specialists.

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