Strong smell of sweat after laser hair removal

Strong smell of sweat after laser hair removal

Everyone wants to look beautiful. From the time of ancient Egypt, smooth skin has been considered the standard of beauty. If in most countries of the world this requirement is almost necessary for women, then for men it is popularized from Western Europe, where more and more men seek to get rid of unwanted hair. And more men do not want to shave in the morning and get rid of their hair on their faces resorting to cosmetological procedures.

In the media, laser hair removal is actively advertised. It is reported that this is almost a panacea from all unwanted hair. With its help, you can get rid of them forever. In this article, we will dispel all myths about laser hair removal, consider the pros and cons of the method.

Types of laser hair removal

The type of laser hair removal depends on the type of lasers used to conduct it. Today there are four of them.

  • Rubin laser (used extremely rarely, since it is morally outdated) with a wavelength of 694 nm, which destroys the hair pigment and does not have a destructive effect on its follicle.
  • Alexander’s laser (popular) with a wavelength of 755 Nm, which effectively removes the hair of any color growing on the skin I. IV phototype.
  • Diode laser (popular) with a wavelength of 808-810 nm, which can remove dark and dark brown hair on the skin of I-VI phototype.
  • Neodymal laser (due to “aggressive” exposure is used in exceptional cases) with a wavelength of 1064-1320 nm, which affects the hair pigment and causes coagulation (sealing) of vessels that feed its follicles.

Know the length of the light wave is necessary to assess the coefficient of its absorption. Long.Wave effect easily reaches a follicle. On the one hand, this is good, and on the other, it means that its energy can absorb competing skin chromophores (melanin and water contained in the tissues), which leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of hair removal. While short.Wave radiation does not reach a follicle, it is weakly absorbed by the skin chromophores, but it purposefully affects the pigment of the hair rod.

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If we compare the procedures on popular devices among themselves, then hair removal is considered a more delicate laser by the Alexander Laser. While the use of a diode laser allows you to process darker skin and body.

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The benefits and harm of laser hair removal

The use of laser technologies guarantees a long.Term result, which can be successfully maintained throughout life.

Among the obvious advantages of the procedure, such relevant points can be noted:

  • Non.Invasiveness. Without impaired skin integrity;
  • Contactlessness. Only a laser beam affects the skin;
  • Painlessness. The use of cooling and local anesthesia leve unpleasant sensations;
  • Sterility. Laser light energy shows a bactericidal effect;
  • Universality. The procedure is suitable for women and men with any type of skin and hair color;
  • High efficiency. All unwanted hair is removed in the stage of active growth.

At the same time, on popular forums and social networks, the exact opposite information about the uselessness and danger of procedures is actively discussed on. Its conduct is overgrown with myths resembling “horror stories” about the dangers of laser hair removal for the body: they say, it leads to the development of candidiasis (thrush), cancer and increased hair growth. It is simple to refute these myths. For this it is enough to have elementary knowledge in the field of human medicine and physiology.

Laser light energy has a pronounced bactericidal effect. Its effect inactivates (destroys) pathogens, including fungi of the genus Candida, the active reproduction of which leads to the development of candidiasis.

Therefore, the negative consequences of laser hair removal in the bikini zone are absent. In this case, the exact opposite effect is observed: an absolutely clean field of “norm”. The complete absence of a fungal infection, which is confirmed by the method of polymerase chain reaction.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser’s light energy does not provoke uncontrolled proliferation (reproduction) of cells characteristic of oncogenesis. Its effect does not lead to the development of cancer! Over, recently, lasers have been actively used in the treatment of cervical cancer, after chemo- and radiation therapy.

Laser Laser Energy does not enhance hair growth. After all, this process is controlled by hormones that are produced in the endocrine glands of the body. In the course of processing problem areas, the laser has no effect on them.

It is difficult to say on the basis of which such ridiculous myths are born, forcing girls to wonder if laser hair removal is harmful to health. Responding to him, it is possible to say with full confidence that in the absence of contraindications and the correct conduct of the procedure, it does not bear any harm to the body.

Cosmetological procedures in the fight against hypehydrosis

Botox injections in armpits

Botulinic toxin type A blocks the transmission of nerve impulses in the treated area. It is on this principle that its effect against wrinkles is based: the skin becomes smooth due to the cessation of the activity of the adjacent muscle fibers. In the same way, the activity of the cells of the sweat glands is neutralized: the injection session completely suppresses the sweating for 4-6 months, and then for several more months it will be much reduced. Thanks to this, you can come to the procedure once a year. It is preferable in the spring so that the peak effect comes to the most “problematic” summer period.

For injection, almost any of the drugs based on botulinum toxin is suitable: Botox, Dysport, Lantox, Relatoxes. The exception is xeomine, it is not suitable for the treatment of hyperhidrosis due to poor distribution in the tissues. During the procedure, about 30-40 injections are done to avoid pain pre-apple cream anesthetic.

To grind the entire problem zone, first a minor sample is carried out-a 1%iodine solution is applied to the skin, and then starch is starchy. Areas of the skin, where the hypeumation of the sweat glands is observed, acquire a brown color, helping a specialist correctly mark the specialist. After the procedure, a minor test is again carried out to make sure of the quality processing of the gland and find out if additional correction is needed. There are almost no adverse reactions and complications. Its only minus is in high cost (so, from 50 to 100 units of Botox will be required on the armpits).

Hands or feet are placed for 20-30 minutes in water, through which an electric current is passed. But he is so weak that the patient does not feel any painful sensations. Ionoforesis is carried out both in the cosmetology center and at home (you must first purchase a current device-generator). Typically, the course of treatment consists of 10 sessions conducted with a break of 2-3 days.

How specifically is ionophoresis on the sweat glands, doctors do not know. However, there is the effect of the procedure, and experts recommend it as the first stage of treatment. The only drawback is almost zero result when working with armpits.

Microwave therapy

In America and Japan, they treat hyperhidrosis with an innovative Miradry system. This device acts with microwave energy on the sweat glands, which leads to their destruction. Reviews indicate an effective result, but at the same time there are many reports of serious side effects, in the form of headaches and partial numbness of the limbs.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

There are no age restrictions on the procedure, but children should not do it.

During puberty (12-16 years old), girls and young men are actively growing hair: both hard and fluffy. Therefore, in order to remove hair with laser hair removal, they will have to spend much more sessions with short pauses than adults.

As for the elderly, they most often brighten the hairline, so it is poorly perceived by a laser.

Why is there a sour smell from the vagina?

Sometimes patients complain of vaginal discharge with the smell of sour milk. The sexual paths are inhabited by lactobacilli, which form an acid-wing acid-environment in the vagina. Therefore, a sour smell may appear in the intimate zone, as a result of the life of lactobacilli.

Normally, the sour fragrance passes on its own 2-3 days after the appearance. To remove the smell, hygienic procedures with an intimate gel are used. If the sour fragrance remains, you need to seek help from the gynecologist.

At the same time, it is very important to pay attention to the presence of other alarming symptoms:

Often the cause of sour fragrance becomes candidiasis, which develops as a result of the propagation of fungi of candidate. With this disease, the patient has curdled discharge.

Feochromocytoma. Sweating with tumors of the adrenal glands

Feochromocytoma is a tumor of the adrenal gland that stimulates the production of catecholamines. Adrenaline and norepinephrine. The disease is characterized by crisis, during which panic attacks, tachycardia, nausea, gag reflex, increased sweating are observed.

It is impossible not to notice an attack, because it is accompanied by a violation of cerebral circulation, trembling in the body and swelling of the light. It lasts for 2-3 minutes, but is a strong stress for humans.

In the absence of an adrenal tumor, an increase in catecholamines is caused by heart diseases, alcoholic withdrawal, refusal to take some drugs.

Causes and danger of hyperhidrosis

In a person whose glands work normally, the increased separation of sweat occurs when certain factors are exposed. It can be a high ambient temperature or a rush of adrenaline. With hyperhidrosis, the gland always secrete too much sweat. The causes of the pathological state are well known:

strong, smell, sweat, laser, hair, removal
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Features of intrauterine development;
  • The consequence of a neurological, endocrine or somatic disease.

An unpleasant complication of hyperhidrosis is not only a repulsive smell. Sweat is a nutrient medium for bacteria and fungi, which leads to infections. The likelihood of developing heavory of allergic diseases, including eczema, increases. The protective functions of the skin are impaired, it is often affected by a sweatshirt, scuffs and diaper rash, pustules are formed on it.

Advantages of treatment with laser hyperhidrosis

Therapy of pathological sweating can be conservative. But often it is ineffective, so surgical intervention is required. Laser treatment of hyperhidrosis has many advantages:

strong, smell, sweat, laser, hair, removal
  • Long.Term effect. The damaged glands are not restored, the relapse of the disease does not occur;
  • Safety. The procedure is carried out in sterile conditions, which becomes an excellent prevention of the development of infectious processes;
  • Additional action. Not only glands are destroyed, but also part of the hair follicles.

The undoubted advantage of surgical manipulation is minimally invasive, low risk of postoperative complications.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis with a laser

Laser treatment is the latest word in medicine and cosmetology. Previously, the method was practiced mainly for the excision of “extra” tissues, for example, benign and malignant neoplasms. Cosmetologists have become interested in a similar effect and are already successfully using it for papillomas and warts, eliminating scars and cellulite manifestations.

With hyperhidrosis, the thermal energy of the laser affects the cells of the sweat glands. It is completely blocking and termination of functioning. The pathology is completely cured, does not require any additional interventions.

Safety of laser destruction method

The laser installation is equipped with lights and thin sterile needles, with which radiation is delivered to the processed zones. This is a guarantee of accuracy and safety, selectivity of the sweat glands.

In the area of ​​remote sweat glands, blood circulation is not upset, the tissues are still saturated with nutrients and oxygen. The skin does not become excessively dry, prone to injury. Micro.Outputs heal in a matter of days without scars and scars.

Laser treatment effect

The destruction of the sweat glands is performed in accordance with the scheme predetermined by the doctor. After all, the complete blocking or removal of the sweat glands, which can theoretically occur with other methods of treatment, is unacceptable. These structures perform important functions in the human body, for example, ensure thermoregulation. If they are completely removed, then sweating will intensify in other parts of the body. The use of the laser allows you to destroy only part of the glands, normalizing the production of sweat forever.

Options for the procedure

Hyperhidrosis is affected by a variety of body parts. But especially increased sweating is characteristic of certain zones subject to laser correction:

Laser treatment of hyperhidrosis is especially in demand with increased production of sweat in the armpits. Removing the glands on the feet or palms is usually carried out with the ineffectiveness of other methods, such as Botox injections, dysport.

Other recommendations before laser hair removal

Salon procedures are not a contraindication to laser hair removal, except for chemical median peels. So that the result after the course does not overshadow side effects, a month before the laser procedure, exclude chemical peeling of the skin.

Multiple benign neoplasms in the alleged epilation zone are best removed. Fabric healing after removal of neoplasms occurs within 2-3 weeks. Next, you can proceed to the laser hair removal procedure.

If in the area where you want to remove hair with a laser, there are inflammations, papules and pustules (skin rash). Then consult a dermatologist and go through the course of treatment.

Now you are armed with knowledge and are ready to get rid of unwanted hair with a laser. Follow the above recommendations and rejoice at the obtained long.Awaited result!

Save the memo so as not to forget what can and cannot be done before and after laser hair removal:

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