Sugar wax for waxing how to use

Waxing and Sugar Waxing at Home

Everyone knows that such a delicate and sensitive process as depilation should be entrusted to professionals. Despite this, there are always women who want to independently conduct the procedure shugaring or waxing at home. It is extremely difficult, because the skill of depilation. it is an art. Depilation requires a certain skill, not without reason a lot of techniques for removing hair with wax and sugar have been invented.


Even masters with many years of experience and great practice very rarely do depilation on their own.

Zones available for depilation at home

Arm and leg areas are quite available for self-depilation at home, while the issue of hair removal underarms and deep bikini areas can cause difficulties, because these areas are more difficult to access. The wrong depilation procedure is fraught with bruises and can provoke mass ingrowth of hair, which threatens more serious skin problems.

Which depilation method to choose?

In order to decide which method of depilation to choose, wax or sugar, consider our recommendations:

  • People who are inexperienced with waxing will find it easier to use wax, as it’s more convenient to use. As a rule, depilation with wax at home comes out cheaper than shugaring, because the wax for depilation requires less than sugar paste.
  • Carrying out sugar depilation, however, requires the possession of special techniques, hand movements in the process are strictly regulated. Conducting shugaring requires a certain skill, which are taught on special courses. Also, if you perform the procedure of sugar depilation at home, probably inexperience you will use up a large amount of sugar paste.

At the same time, the wax must be heated, bringing it to a strictly defined temperature. If the temperature is higher than normal, you risk getting burnt, if lower. you hurt your skin.

In any case, we recommend to start your experiments with depilation at home with wax, if you are happy with the result, continue to use wax. If not. you can try to get rid of unwanted vegetation with sugar paste.

This is important!

For any type of depilation, whether it is wax or sugar, you need to remember that during the removal of the composition is necessary to stretch the skin. If you do not tighten the skin, you will get bruises. You must also remember that tear off the composition, wax or sugar, must be strictly parallel to the skin.

Before and after depilation at home

It is important to carry out a set of compulsory procedures before and after depilation. This applies to both shugaring and waxing.

1 For depilation, unwanted hairs should have an optimal length. 5-7 mm. This will greatly facilitate the procedure;

2 You need to prepare the area to be depilated before the procedure. For cleansing and disinfection is great gel before depilation Aravia with chamomile. We advise you to buy this product, it is not expensive, and it lasts for a long time. If you still do not have the opportunity or do not want to buy a special agent, you can use chlorhexidine. In any case it is necessary to treat the skin to cleanse it from sweat, deodorant, and dirt;

3 Then you need to dry the skin. To do this, you need to apply a thin layer of talcum powder on the depilated area. The above-mentioned Aravia brand will work for it. And even better. We recommend the purchase of Johnson’s Baby Powder, available at any drugstore or baby store. It has almost identical to the professional Aravia composition, the effect will be the same, and it costs much cheaper;

4 Carry out the procedure of depilation at home;

5 After the procedure, you need to treat the area soothing cream, which restores the natural acid-alkaline balance of the skin. For this also work well ointments Bepanten or Panthenol.

6 In addition to all of the above, be sure to follow our recommendations about what you can and can not do after the depilation procedure.

Waxing at home

As we said earlier, the biggest challenge for the depilation novice will be to achieve the desired temperature of the wax. The best way to do this is to buy a wax maker, a device that heats the wax to a special temperature. Of course, you can melt the wax in the microwave oven, but in this case you will not be sure that you were able to achieve the desired temperature. Recall, if the wax is hotter than necessary, you can burn yourself. If it is colder, it is fraught with skin injuries. If you still want to neglect the purchase of the wax melter, then try to look for a special wax, which can be heated in the microwave. It will be less dangerous.

Wax depilation in cassettes

For all areas but bikini and underarms we recommend the warm cassette wax (also often called cold wax). The cartridges have a roller at the end and work like a ballpoint pen.

1 You apply the wax cartridge to the skin along the hairline. This is very important! It is necessary to apply the wax exactly along the hair growth! If the directions are wrong, you run the risk of chipping the hair, causing it to grow back, with serious consequences for your skin;

2 Put a special bandage on the depilated area. A cloth strip, sold in the same specialized stores as the wax;

3 do not need to wait, immediately sharp movement to rip the strip parallel to the skin strictly against the growth of hair.

Waxing with hot wax

We recommend hot waxing your bikini and armpits. The hairs in these areas are thick and strong, warm and the wax just “will not take” them. It is best to use the low-temperature wax BEAUTY IMAGE, “Sweet Dreams” line. Non-professionals are ideal for this line of waxes. The waxes in the Sweet Dreams line are packaged in plastic jars and can be heated in the microwave. They are ideal for waxing at home in areas such as bikini and underarms.You also need wooden spatulas, similar to popsicle sticks. Spatulas are sold where the waxes are and are inexpensive.

1 First you heat the wax in a wax maker or in the microwave oven. The instructions for the wax should detail how to heat it. For example, in the microwave, a full jar of wax needs to be heated, usually two minutes on medium power;

2 Then you need to take the heated wax with a spatula and apply it to the depilated area in a kind of “pancake” about the size of two matchboxes and a thickness of 1-2 mm. On the side you pull, you need to leave a flat “tongue”. a little bit that doesn’t stick to the skin;

3 Then you need to wait a few seconds. Check your finger, if your finger does not stick, then the wax can come off;

4 Sharp movement, parallel to the skin, by the tongue remove the wax;

5 Repeat the steps until you get the result;

6 After you finish the procedure, you can wash off the remaining wax with mineralized oil. Already familiar to us brand Aravia has introduced a diverse selection of quality oils for cleansing wax. With anything else to remove the stuck wax will be very difficult.


If you put your second hand to the depilated area immediately after you’ve removed the wax or sugar, that is, pulled out the hair, and hold for a few seconds, the pain will decrease.

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Sugar depilation (shugaring) at home

How to choose a paste for sugar depilation at home

For non-professionals who want to learn the skill of sugar depilation at home on their own, the best are medium-density sugar pastes, such as “Aravia tropical.

On the Internet you can often find articles about that sugar paste for shugaring can be cooked at home by yourself. Do not believe tales from the Internet, buy high-quality sugar paste a proven brand, such as Cannaan or Aravia. It is important that the materials were good. In this case, if during the process of shugaring you something will not work, then at least it will be clear that this is due to your actions, and not the paste.

Understand, brewing the right and suitable sugar paste is extremely difficult. It only seems that guided by a recipe from a women’s online forum, you can mix sugar with citric acid, and you get ready to make shugaring paste. In fact, in this matter there are a huge number of nuances, such as temperature, pressure, cooking time and more. Judge for yourself, even the major manufacturers spend years working out recipes good paste for shugaring. And at the same time, not all of them manage to make sugar paste suitable for work. Quality brands on the market. units. And to make a good sugar paste for hair removal at home with the first, second or even tenth time at all impossible.

Before using some sugar paste must be warmed up a little, some do not need to warm up. Carefully read the instructions. For example, the above-mentioned paste “Aravia tropical” requires first heating in a microwave oven for 20-30 seconds. This is to ensure that it is easier to take with a spatula.

Among other things, note that during depilation with sugar at home is better to use a wooden spatula. In this case you will not need nitrile gloves, and your hands will not heat the paste. You will be easier to do the procedure.

Sugar depilation technique at home

You need to scoop up with a spatula a small amount of sugar paste about the size of a small walnut;

2 Apply the paste should be strictly against the growth of hair (i.e., to lighten the hair).е. the same as with wax, only the other way around). The paste has to be applied in a dabbing motion to the skin. This is necessary so that the paste can penetrate as deeply as possible to the base of the hair;

3 Press down, as if rubbing the paste into the skin. Repeat the movement several times;


4 Then, for the last time, it is necessary to apply all the paste from the spatula and sharply remove the spatula with the hair, strictly along the hair growth and parallel to the skin.

Hands and legs, because of their large area, it is better to do manually, operating with a large volume of sugar paste. Or better yet. with a sugar cartridge and a cloth bandage. Aravia also has good sugar pastes in cartridges.

The essence of this procedure is the same as in the waxing at home cartridge.

  • It is necessary to apply sugar paste cartridge on depilatory area. Do not forget, the sugar paste must be applied strictly against the growth of the hair!
  • Next, you put a bandage, and then a sharp movement parallel to the skin and the growth of hair tear it off;
  • Waiting between the application and removal of the paste is not necessary.

Areas for sugar depilation at home

We would like to pay special attention to depilation zones. If you do decide to try to do sugar depilation at home, we advise to start with at least a leg area above the knee. If you’re inexperience will put a bruise on himself, in this area it will not be so noticeable. In addition, the hair in this area is not very hard and thick. When depilation procedure at home make sure that hairs do not break off. If you follow the technique correctly, they should be pulled out along with the roots. If you see that the hairs are pulled out without the roots, that is break off, then you conduct the procedure incorrectly. This is a direct path to ingrown hairs in the skin with all that it implies.

If the procedure on the area above the knee was successful, then you can try to depilate the area below the knee.

Be prepared for the fact that self depilatory deep bikini zone is extremely difficult. If the pubic area is still more or less accessible, then the areas below, and even more so, at the back, are extremely difficult to work with. Even professional experienced masters do not undertake, as a rule, to depilate the bikini zone on their own. Besides the fact that this area is very difficult to access, the hair on it is very thick and strong, and it’s easy to break it and it will grow into the skin. And ingrown hairs and, consequently, boils in such a delicate area. This is a serious challenge for any woman and her health.

It’s important!

To depilate the face with sugar is also quite dangerous. You can easily put a noticeable bruise on your face. But, nevertheless, it is easier to depilate than the same bikini zone. On the face, at least, the hairs are usually thin, easy to pull out, and access to them is much more convenient.

In any case, strictly follow our recommendations and then there is a chance that you will achieve the desired result!

Any woman who has ever tried the depilation procedure at home understands that depilation is a real art that requires skill and experience. We advise you to address with this delicate question to the skilled and qualified specialists, who will help you to get rid of unwanted body hair quickly and painlessly. These are the specialists who will gladly welcome you at the “Depilux” health and beauty studio! Taking care of your beauty and our reputation, we work only with high-quality and professional materials, we have a state-approved medical license.

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Skin and hair preparation

Doing shugaring at home in the first 3-4 times you need to make sure that the vegetation on the cleaned area has reached a length of 4-6 mm, otherwise the paste does not capture them and you will be faced with the fact that after the procedure will remain hair, “stumps” or pimples. In subsequent times, the hair can grow to 3-4 mm.

To check if the hair is long enough to be waxed, you can also do it another way: run your hand in the direction against the hair growth. They should easily bend under the palm. If the length of unwanted vegetation on the body is long (underarms, bikini zone), it is desirable to pre-shorten the hair to 4-6 mm.

To avoid the formation of ingrown hairs, before shugaring need to prepare the skin at the depilation area:

  • In 1 week you need to make the treatment of the skin scrub;
  • Scrubbing repeat 1 day before epilation;
  • On the day when the planned procedure, experienced women do not use creams and deodorants, and 1 hour before how to make shugaring, take a warm shower.

After all the preparatory procedures the top layer of dead epidermal cells will be removed, and the skin will become soft and moisturized. It will help effectively and painlessly perform hair removal.

Immediately before the procedure, you need to treat the skin in the treated areas with an antiseptic, such as chlorhexidine.

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Performing shugaring for the first time on their own, you need to take care to purchase talcum powder or baby powder. If they are not available, you can use ordinary flour or starch: some women use these means all the time.

Shugaring in the armpit area

Hair on this area is removed quickly, and the effect can be observed for up to two to three weeks, if everything is done correctly.

  • Apply a disinfectant to the skin.
  • Warm the paste and apply it with a spatula or your hands (better to do it in a bright room near a mirror so as not to miss hairs).
  • Powder the talcum powder.
  • Sharp movement tear off the paste. this is the most important step. Otherwise the procedure will have to repeat.

Do not use deodorants and lotions during the first two days after the procedure, as darkening of the skin is possible.

How to apply hot wax for depilation

How to apply a hot wax for depilation, many girls are interested in who want to conduct the procedure at home. Application of hot wax requires some training, after the third or fourth time, the process of applying it will seem simple. Before applying a wax for depilation, you should read the instructions and choose the optimal temperature for depilation. Today we’ll talk about how to properly apply hot wax for depilation. Read the following article in pro-vosk

Shugaring wax at home

Sugar depilation (or shugaring). a more natural alternative to wax. Basically, shugaring is a caramel mixture that is based on water, sugar and lemon juice.

Before you do shugaring at home is worth to go to a beautician, he will say whether you should do shugaring and advise the means that you will use before and after the procedure.

Sugaring is a caramel mixture based on water, sugar and lemon juice

Before the procedure, you need to boil the paste of the right consistency and prepare the skin. The paste should be softer than candy. To check its readiness, put a small piece of paste in water, take it out and knead it with your hand. If it gathers in a ball, then everything is ready. If the paste is very thick, then pour a little water and boil a little more until you get a homogeneous mass.

When the paste is ready, you can begin to prepare the skin. It is most convenient to do the procedure when the hairs reach 4-5 mm. To check, run your hands over the hairs. They are back in place? So the hairs are the right length and ready for shugaring.

First make a warm bath with any herbal remedy. It is enough to steam the skin for 5-10 minutes depending on the area. After that, treat your skin with antiseptic, so you prevent the growth of harmful microflora. Now you are ready for the procedure itself.

When performing the procedure for the first time, try it on the legs. After treatment with antiseptic apply baby powder, so you protect the epidermis during shugaring. After warming and kneading the paste, apply it in a thin layer to the skin area. Remember to apply strictly against the growth of hair.

After that, cover the area with a plastic bag or a cotton cloth, so it will be easier to remove the paste. After 3-4 minutes, sharply pull the strip in the direction of hair growth. The skin reacts to shugaring. This may appear as a slight redness or even swelling. To soothe the skin, apply a special soothing gel.

Removal of hair with sugar paste

The paste consists entirely of natural ingredients. But still, before the procedure, you should find out if you are allergic to citrus fruits, because the product contains citric acid. You can also use different essential oils, honey or sugar.

In contrast to the wax paste for shugaring varies in hardness:

Shugaring copes with any area where you want to remove unwanted hair: deep bikini, legs, arms, armpits, the area over the upper lip, etc. д. This method of hair removal is ideal for people with flabby or thin skin, because shugaring skin is not stretched, as it happens during wax depilation.

Between sessions should be about a week. During this time, the hairs will reach the permissible length of 3-6 mm, which is necessary for depilation. At a shorter length you will get ingrown hairs, stumps and cannot remove all the hairs.

  • Low probability of allergies;
  • easily washed off the skin with warm water;
  • Acts as an exfoliator and moisturizes the skin;
  • Contains only natural ingredients;
  • The procedure can be done at home by yourself, the paste can also be cooked yourself;
  • it is impossible to get a burn;
  • The more procedures you do, the softer the hair becomes and the slower its growth.
  • It takes a little longer to get rid of excess hair;
  • method causes less pain than wax. With each procedure, it gets smaller;
  • The higher price for the procedure in the salon.

Skin care after shugaring

After shugaring skin requires special care and a temporary abandonment of a number of activities:

  • The first day do not visit swimming pools, baths, saunas.
  • Do not wet the depilation area with water for 12 hours.
  • To reduce irritation and redness, use special soothing cosmetics.
  • Two days after the procedure, use a scrub while taking a shower. It will ensure that there is no ingrown hairs.
  • Do not abuse the procedure of shugaring.

Shugaring at home. do or not?

Sugar paste for waxing has been used in the Middle East for centuries. Now one of the popular depilation methods is shugaring. It is gaining more and more supporters and so there are many questions. What are the pros and cons of epilation with sugar paste? How to perform shugaring at home? In this article we answer all the questions.

Sugar paste has been used for centuries by Arab women, who used caramel (melted sugar) for waxing. In the Middle East, shugaring paste is called halaveh. Today, a special mass is used, which, in addition to sugar, contains lemon juice and a mixture of soothing herbs, although some of us prefer sugar paste made by hand at home. Sugaring provides a “mental STIHL” for 2-3 weeks and is the ideal depilation method for allergic people and people struggling with the problem of varicose veins and burst blood vessels.

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