Swedish stove with their own hands poryadovka

How to build a fire in a traditional swedish tiled stove

Swedish stove with a fireplace should be placed in the house so that it is the cooking part and the furnace is directed to the kitchen, and the fireplace looked into the living room. It fits well between separate rooms.

In principle, it can be installed anywhere, if you do not plan to cook on the stove, you can use it as a design element by decorating with decorative material. It is better if the oven is planned during the erection of the house, it is easier to create a solid foundation, because the weight of the whole structure is about 3 tons.

Diagram of the furnace

Swedish stove with a fireplace is presented in the diagrams:

Materials and Tools

Of great importance are the materials used to prepare the masonry mortar. Simple clay is not able to withstand the effects of high temperature, it is necessary to find fireclay. Who wants to procure it on their own, you need to look for it in the sinkholes near rivers or on their steep banks.

In advance, you need to prepare the tools, of which will be required:

How to make a kiln

The layout of the Swedish stove with a fireplace is shown below:

First of all it is necessary to make the foundation for the furnace. After that, masonry begins according to the row (pictures above).

The first row of masonry must be placed on the waterproofing layer. In order for the masonry to be even, it affects the placement of the entire structure, on the sheet of waterproofing material it is necessary to make a marking. for this purpose, you will need a long ruler, an angle and white chalk. With the exact outline of the future furnace, it will be much easier to perform the work, according to the obtained markings, and it begins to lay out the first row.

It is necessary to do the binding of the bricks. Control the correctness of the corners and levelness of the construction. These rows are needed as a basis for the entire structure, while laying they can not make mistakes. The rods on which the chimney grate will lie must be immured in the masonry in the 2nd row.

Stove Swedish with a fireplace, should be built in a warm time, so it can dry out from the natural heat. During cold weather, you will have to remove moisture from the masonry by drying it with small pieces of wood. This is done for several hours, laying some wood chips in the furnace. To dry the oven should not be less than a week, you can dry bricks forcibly, for this purpose in the stove installed heat fan, and close all the oven apertures, leaving open only the chimney.

Step-by-step instructions for making

Swedish stove masonry begins with a schematic drawing of the structure on paper, calculating the dimensions, studying the peculiarities of masonry work and putting the finished device into operation. Even experienced stovesmiths sometimes look at the scheme, and a novice builder of Swedish stoves with an oven and a fireplace should always have it at hand.

Scheme and dimensions

The efficiency of such a heater depends on the correct selection of the proportions of the firebox. If its dimensions are not calculated correctly, then none of its elements will be able to function properly. The most suitable for the Swedish furnace is considered to be a furnace:

And the overall dimensions of the Swedish stove without an oven, including the loggia, are as follows:

  • the length on the side of the bed. 1,781m;
  • The length on the side of the stove. 1,28 m;
  • The total width of the design. 1.2 m;
  • the width of the firebox.0,63 м;
  • 2.3 m high.

Drawing of the Swedish heating stove in three projections with a section for the study of the future owner, who is used to do everything with his own hands, is shown in Fig. 1.

Scheme of the Swedish stove with a stove and a firebox without an oven

Choice of location

It is most convenient if the Swedish stove and lounge is installed in the partition that separates the kitchen from the living rooms. over, the side with the stove should be in the kitchen room, and the other, with the bed should be located on the bedroom or living room side. It is very important that in this partition wall there are no mains electricity, water and gas lines.

Well this is not the only option for choosing the place to install a modern model of Swedish oven with a cooking surface. For example, an original look would be such a heater, installed in the center of the room.

The arrangement of the foundation

Support for a heating device of this type is recommended to be erected when building the foundation structure for the entire house. If this moment is missed, you will have to arrange it in the finished structure. But in any case, it is separated from the support of the whole house.

Deepen approximately 70. 80 cm in ordinary soils in regions where the depth of seasonal freezing of soil layers does not exceed 50. 60 cm. If the ground freezes to a great depth, the foundation should also be deepened.

The very process of pouring with their own hands the foundation under the heating stove Swedish consists of the following types of work:

  • excavation of the excavation deeper than the mark of the bottom of the foundation at 30. 35 cm and thoroughly compacting its bottom;
  • making the sand pad 10. 15 cm thick. Sand is poured in layers, each of them is poured with water and tamped down;
  • Lay a layer of crushed stone 15. 20 cm on the sand, which is also compacted;
  • formwork installation. The ash-pan should be made of unedged strips, trying to minimize the gaps between the individual elements. If the gaps are large, then on the inner walls of the formwork with a stapler attached a polyethylene film;
  • reinforcement of the monolithic structure. At the bottom of the pit are hammered bars of rebar of the same length as the height of the foundation. To them, attach the upper and lower reinforced mesh or install horizontal bars of reinforcement with a spacing of 20 cm in two levels and connect them with thin wire in a single frame;
  • Pouring the concrete mixture into the formwork and smoothing out the top layer.

After about a week, after the concrete has hardened, remove the formwork. The following work can be started not earlier than 25. 28 days, when the mortar will gain the necessary strength.

Create a waterproofing layer

Without reliable waterproofing moisture from the high ground water can get through the foundation to the brick, which, damping out, will gradually deteriorate. When the bricks are heated, excess moisture will evaporate, creating conditions for mold and mildew.

Therefore, before folding a Swedish stove with your own hands, the foundation slab for waterproofing from above is covered with two layers of roofing felt. It is glued on the bitumen mastic, and the same mastic should be used twice to coat the side walls of the support.

Laying out the stove

If the foundation is ready, waterproofing is properly performed can begin masonry heating stove Swedish according to the scheme. poryadovka.

Installing the Swedish stove with a lounge and tile without an oven

No. of rows Swedish stove with stove and lounge without oven
1; 2 Continuing masonry of the solid basis of the furnace. Always keep the elements tied together between the rows
3 Beginning of chimney and ash-pit formation. Install the ash-pan door in its place simultaneously. Fix it with wire strips: fasten one end to the door and lay the other end in the joint between the rows
4 The brickwork configuration is the same as in the third row, only the bricks are placed in ligature.
5 Overlapping of the ash-pan door box and installation of the cleaning door. Beginning of furnace formation, its door mounting and lining, as well as laying the base of horizontal passages.
6 Grate installation. Continuation of masonry of furnace section and lining.
7 Overlapping the boxes of the scavenger doors, continuing the hearth lining. Completion of masonry work.
8; 9; 10 Continuation of masonry furnace department
11 Installing the hob
12; 13; 14; 15; 16 Masonry walls of the niche for the stove
17 Overlaying the niche with a steel strip and framing it with a corner piece. Installing the first latch on the chimney
18 26 Masonry work is performed according to the row scheme
27 Installing the second shutter

Next, the Swedish stove with a slab requires the installation of a chimney. Its length may vary for different types of roofs.

Installing the stove

Swedish stove masonry provides for installation of the stove on the fireclay bricks of the lining layer. To install the hob, a groove is sawed into the cavity. Its dimensions must be at least 5 mm greater than the dimensions of the hob plus the clearance left to compensate for thermal expansion. In this gap along the perimeter lay asbestos cord.

The outer edges of the board, after installation, are framed with angle steel.

Masonry chimney

The chimney passes through the ceiling, attic and leads to the roof, rising at least 1.5 m on the roof covering. Areas with close flammable materials need to be secured from ignition in this way:

  • Weld a metal box with a hole for the chimney in the middle;
  • install in the place where the pipe runs;
  • Backfill with claydite.

There is another option. installing an asbestos gasket.

The gaps between the walls of the chimney and the roofing material are sealed with onduband

Drying out the oven

To heat the stove at full power immediately after masonry is prohibited. It is absolutely essential that all components of the oven dry out well. And if it was built in the autumn rainy season, you should wait for warm and dry weather.

swedish, stove, their, hands

Furnace should be carried out in small portions of wood for a few days, until there is no trace of dampness on its walls. You can check if the furnace is dry and ready for long term use in a simple way: put a crumpled newspaper in the cleaning door. While the stove is drying out, the paper will not catch fire in them. And, if it remains dry and no longer damp, then the drying can be finished and heating the stove at full power.

Oven “Swedka” with their own hands: drawings and poryadovka

An oven such as the Swede is a warm, cozy home and a tasty meal. Significant advantages of the stove: a small area, less firewood consumption, combining the heating stove and cooking possibilities. We have prepared for you a step-by-step instruction with drawings and dressing, so that you can fold it with your own hands.

Swedish stove layout: the order of installation with their own hands

The stove is rightly considered the most necessary and useful thing of any household. Therefore, many happy owners of suburban property with great pleasure install this device at home, despite the huge choice of modern heating analogues. The warmth of home, the quiet crackling of the wood and the exciting fire. all this allows you to relax after a hard day’s work and clear your frayed nerves.

Choosing a stove for the house, it is worth paying attention to such an unusual design, as a Swedish stove poryadovka. This heating device is distinguished by its external attractiveness and compactness, which allows you to place it in any convenient place. Usually such a stove is installed by the wall, between two adjacent rooms, which provides the most uniform distribution of heat. In addition, the stove can simultaneously perform two functions. heating the room and cooking.

Materials for the Swedish stove

When creating this design, two types of bricks are used: red and fireclay (refractory). Instead of it, sometimes raw material is used. The material is soaked in water for 24 hours before laying. The foundation of the unit is laid on cement mortar, and the structure itself. on clay. Longevity Swedish depends on the quality of the clay mortar. the higher it is, the longer the furnace will last.

Often different finishing materials are also used, but the Swede is usually simply painted with lime. But there are also constructions decorated with decorative stone, tiles and other.

  • Tank for mortar;
  • metal sieve with a mesh of 1-2 millimeters;
  • hammer;
  • bayonet shovel;
  • trowel;
  • plumb;
  • level.

Design and features of a Swedish stove

The lower niche heats first, the second after. the upper niche is quite spacious. Heating occurs both first, second and final heat. Swedka heats the bottom first, as the flue gases from the furnace go down. Instead of a chimney for this stove is made overflow, which is placed at the bottom under the oven. To preserve heat, after burning wood, it is necessary to close the damper. Vertical ducts are considered a classic option. Horizontal channels heat better, but require more frequent cleaning.

Advantages and disadvantages

The stove Shvedka has both pros and cons, about which you should learn even before the beginning of installation work.

Stove with oven

The disadvantages of furnace design with an oven include the need to purchase additional elements for installation, as well as the careful calculation of the place of installation of additional heating surface.

Important! The oven must not obstruct the movement of smoke, but at the same time it must be positioned so that the heating of this element is significant and, if possible, even.

The advantages of installing an oven in the oven homemade Swedki is the possibility of cooking dishes that need uniform heating over the entire surface. In addition, the brick has a higher heat capacity, which will keep the heat for a long time, unlike the cooking surface of the stove homemade Schwedka. Thanks to the installation of the oven and the main cooking surface, the room will warm up much faster than with only the heater without an additional cavity.

Stove with a fireplace

Furnace with a fireplace has advantages that are not available in other possible designs of the heater. The main qualities of such a design include:

  • Creating a unique romantic atmosphere in the room.
  • The presence of a fireplace greatly improves the interior of the room, regardless of style.
  • Part of the heating of the air and objects is due to the infrared energy of an open fire.

If the installation of the stove-fireplace will be carried out in a private home, and the installation work will be entrusted to a professional stove-maker, then such a design will have virtually no disadvantages.

Types of stoves with masonry schemes and masonry installation

There are known 4 types of Swedish stoves. They are all equally popular, but have their own characteristics.

All these stoves do not take too much space (even the one with a bench), they can be installed between the kitchen and living room, then it will get warm simultaneously two rooms. It is important to properly think through the chimney, so that the smoke leaves the room in time, without causing harm to the residents. Also, all Swedish stoves are not too exposed to soot and soot. Dirt is certainly accumulated on the inner surfaces, but not in such large quantities as in the Russian stove.

Fast heating is another feature of any Swede. Already in 15 minutes in the room is comfortable. Heat distribution can be controlled. A winter/summer mode is available. The stove has a special damper. During the cold season, it is opened, the entire structure is heated. In warm weather, the damper is closed, so only the hob and the oven are heated.

The normal Swedish stove with a hob

The conventional stove stove is characterized by its simplicity and compactness, a minimum of details, nothing extra. This option will appeal to those who do not have at their disposal a lot of free square meters. The unit takes about 80 centimeters long and about 40 centimeters wide. This is enough to heat two adjacent rooms entirely.

Note! It is advisable to lay the stove dry, without using mortar, to check the masonry. This will take much more time, but it will allow you to avoid serious errors.

Instructions for masonry Swedish stove looks like this:

  • The first two rows are laid tightly, without cavities.
  • From the 3rd to the 11th row it is necessary to provide the doors for the chambers (ash-pan and cleaning).
  • The 12th row must be solid.
  • From the 13th to the 16th rows, it is necessary to provide a notch for the heating and cooking surface.
  • The 17th and 18th rows are straight.
  • Then the chimney is made.

Volumetric scheme of masonry for the first rows, when they begin to make an ash-pan and cleaning chamber.

An oven and a stove

Swedish stove with an oven is considered a more complex unit than a system with only a stove. But in everyday life the first option is much more practical. The housewife will be able to prepare several dishes at the same time something to boil, something to bake. If the family is large, you can not do without the oven.

A stove with a hob and oven has more rows than a heating unit without them.

The instructions for building a smorgasbord with stove and oven look like this:

  • The 1st and 2nd rows are blank.
  • From rows 3 to 10 provide space for the oven, there is also the kindling chamber and cleaning part.
  • From rows 11 to 16 there is room for comfortable work with the cooking surface.
  • Row 17 is blank again.
  • From the 18th to the 31st row, the stove is stacked so that it can adequately function: it has an air exchange system and a chimney.

Laying scheme for the stove with an oven is more complicated: more rows, there is a chimney system.

A Swedish stove with a fireplace

The unit with a fireplace will appeal to aesthetes who appreciate comfort in their own home or cottage. A fireplace is classy and expensive. The family will gather around it to discuss the latest news or hold a family council. And how cozy by the fireplace on long winter evenings.

But the fireplace is also dangerous. It is not recommended to install it in a house where there are small children.

Attention! The cooktop will be in one room and the fireplace in the other. If you do them next to each other, you get at least uncomfortable will not be able to cook food while the fireplace is burning.

There is nothing difficult in the arrangement of the stove with a fireplace.

The masonry instructions are somewhat similar to installing a system with a cooking surface. Only in this case, rows 3 through 15 are laid out with a fireplace part. Trim is mandatory, so the embers will not fall apart.

A volumetric scheme of the masonry, showing the differences between the stove and the fireplace still in the initial stage.

A stove with a fireplace

A stove with a fireplace is an extra sleeping place. It is especially important in the winter, when the house is cool and the stove is warm and comfortable. Swede is not designed for large size, so the bed is very compact maximum 1 meter 80 centimeters in length. Otherwise the oven does not work properly and does not heat the room and the hob properly.

The stove system has a cooktop and a fireplace. The latter has no protrusions or armrests. This is a straight surface on which you can put a soft mattress. It is convenient to dry clothes on the bench. They dry very quickly, do not wrinkle.

There are 27 rows in total. The first and second, as in all previous cases, are solid, without cavities or irregularities.

Arrangement for a stove with a fire bed. The lower right corner shows what the finished construction looks like.

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