How to set the air conditioner to blow upwards

Efficiency and heating efficiency of air conditioner The efficiency is indicated in the passport, it is shown as a percentage. Also in the document prescribe the EER and COP. EER indicates the efficiency for cooling the room, and COP is the average efficiency for heating and cooling. Usually EER is less than COP because in … Read more

Where should the fan blow on the processor


Features These computer components not only supply air to cool the rest of the device, which is not the most effective method of cooling. The purpose of these apparatuses should be to create air in the interior of the enclosure. That is, cold air should be drawn in and hot air should be expelled. As … Read more

Can I blow dry my hair?


How I Dry My Hair | BLOW DRYING TUTORIAL Pros and cons of removal Removing the hair curls at home is a responsible procedure. The fact is that the attachment of donor strands is not good for your own hair, and at the slightest mistake you risk damaging them. Despite this, many beauties do not … Read more

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