How to transfer a gas boiler to propane

Transfer of a boiler to liquefied gas alteration and reconfiguration of a boiler for cylinder fuel The main difference between natural and liquefied gas is that the first is supplied and burned at higher pressure. Automation of ordinary equipment, configured for indicators equal to 6-12 atm. With a decrease in the indicators, a pressure sensor … Read more

How to choose a thermostat for a gas boiler

Rohal thermostat self.Learning for a gas boiler The DT90 series thermostat of the DT90 series with a large convenient residential complex is designed for atomatic temperature regulation in heating systems of private houses and various residential premises. It can be used to control a boiler, circulation pump, an osky valve, an electric heater, etc.D. DT90 … Read more

Baderus boiler does not turn on after a thunderstorm


Bauderus boiler does not light up The Buderus Logamax gas boiler is equipped with automation, which controls the work. Therefore, if the system gives an error on the display, do not be alarmed. You can find their decryption in the instructions and our article. How to reset the error? It is recommended to reload the … Read more

How to increase the power of a gas boiler


How to increase the efficiency of the boiler, live a century learn Successful and progressive companies create a recreation area for employees in which you can go in for sports, have fun or just relax in a corner with beautiful plants, waterfall or aquarium. How this will help to mobilize brain activity? Switching from the … Read more

How to make a boiler at home


Communities garage affairs blog electric boots with your own hands There are several varieties of boiler equipment that differs, first of all, by the type of fuel used. The most popular were: Despite the fact that in recent years, almost widespread gasification is held, equipment operating on gas is still rarely installed in rural areas. … Read more

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