How to put cold air on the air conditioner

How to turn on the conditioner Using an air conditioner to cool the air inside your home is considered the main task for this household appliance, but there are split products that can work in two hypostases: cold and heat. There is no difference in their installation, except for small nuances: air conditioners are installed … Read more

Cold water is not coming to the boiler


Troubleshooting FEN Replacement Replacement of the heating element in water heaters Ariston, Electrolux, Termex and others. similar, despite the design differences and the different appearance of the devices. The work will require: Close the water in the riser, drain the water available inside the boiler. Disconnect the power supply to the appliance from the mains. … Read more

When starting a cold engine, the fan will turn on


Messages 10 1 Topic by mastepanov2011 2017-03-04 23:02:53 mastepanov2011 Participant Inactive Registration: 2015-04-14 Messages: 137Thanks: 16 Auto: VAZ 2111 1.5 v8 Subject: Resolved: fan goes off when ignition is turned on, won’t turn off Good evening guys, the problem is like this when turning on.The ignition is triggered by the fan.I changed the relay to … Read more

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