How to choose the right cooktop to the worktop

All the nuances of choosing a gas stove hob The built-in natural gas cooktop is an ergonomic, compact and up-to-date solution for modern kitchens. In addition, these devices are highly economical, because the gas burners installed here heat the products very quickly, while having all the necessary adjustments and creating an even heating. The best … Read more

How to repair a chipped cooktop

How and what to fix/remove a chip on the kitchen countertop at home Before you begin the restoration of kitchen furniture, you need to make measurements. It is important that the repaired areas do not exceed the original dimensions. If you see the slightest signs of deformation, you should not hesitate. You can treat damaged … Read more

White built-in electric cooktop

White Electrolux Cooktops White Electrolux hobs make your kitchen truly luxurious. White Home Appliances. the pride of every housewife, because the shiny surfaces characterize it at its best. Of course, black is more functional because it shows less dirt. But white is a sign of elegance and refined taste. In addition, it is versatile and … Read more

Cracked cooktop what to do


A step-by-step guide: how to fix a cracked or chipped cooktop. Procedure: The aluminum plate located under the chipped Why the hob glass is cracking Manufacturers claim: glass ceramic hob can withstand up to 25 kg per cm2. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when handling it. The rules of use of such … Read more

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