How to connect the cooling fan relay

“Borey-K”, “Borey-KV”. a unit of smooth control of the car radiator fan (BU EVSO) with switching on the “minus” wire The design uses a two-pin sensor that, depending on the temperature, feeds the motor directly or through resistors; a combination of parallel and series connection. The fan disperses heat by forcing the necessary airflow through … Read more

The fan with air cooling for the house

The 8 best fans for the home Buying a fan in the summertime is not unimportant and rather troublesome. However, if you know what criteria you should pay attention to, and what models it is better to stay away from, the choice will not take much time and will be justified. We present the rating … Read more

Which sensor does the cooling fan include


The device and purpose of the radiator fan, an overview of common faults In any internal combustion engine, an effective cooling system should be worth. Without which the motor will overheat and all its mobile parts can fail. Modern cars are equipped with a cooling system in which the coolant circulates. Circulation is carried out … Read more

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