How to Make a Home Wax for Depilation

Preparing for the procedure Many girls and women are interested in how to do waxing at home. It is desirable to perform the procedure when the length of the hairs has reached 5-8 mm, otherwise the pain will be stronger and the process will take a longer time. It is necessary to prepare the skin … Read more

Depilation paper strips how to use


Advantages of the method Conducting shugaring bandage technique involves the use of the same thick sugar paste, which will be applied special strips. With their help it is possible to reduce the consumption of depilation material and reduce the cost of the procedure. Shugaring bandage technique is suitable for people with a low pain threshold. … Read more

Facial hair depilation wax


For hair removal in the facial area (above the eyebrows, lip, and chin) are created special small strips Vit with a thin layer of wax. They contain components that soothe the skin, soften and heal it. The main nourishing and beneficial ingredient is shea butter. The manufacturer guarantees a smooth facial hair-free skin up to … Read more

Wax strips for deep depilation


Price range: from 176 to 190. Do not irritate the delicate skin; Suitable for many body areas (legs, arms, underarms, bikini); can be found in any cosmetic store. not detected. It’s a good strip, it’s big, it removes hairs perfectly, almost all hairs stay on the strip and only a few don’t leave without a … Read more

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