Mikrotik bgp filter. Guide to establish a GRE Tunnel and BGP peering session on MikroTik RouterOS

BGP BLACKHOLE Community DDoS attacks continue to be a wide-spread problem on the internet. Their size has grown over the past few years to where BGP Blackholing to reduce collateral damage has become widespread. As more and more networks built support for BGP Blackholing – each with their own BGP community – it became clear … Read more

Samsung filter provider. Remote Code Execution as System User on Android 5…

Remote Code Execution as System User on Android 5 Samsung Devices abusing WifiCredService (Hotspot 2.0) This article explains a recently disclosed vulnerability, independently discovered by the Google’s Project Zero team and by Quarkslab some months ago. To our knowledge, this vulnerability was present, on all Samsung devices using Android 5, and allowed remote code execution … Read more

Smart jet engine. Filter JetEngine Map Listing By User Input Address & Radius…

How to: JetEngine Elementor Dynamic Sites (CPT, loop, filters) Building a new website from scratch using WordPress seems easy, but once you start to add more specific functionality, things can get complicated and time-consuming. so if you want a dynamic, data driven website. There are great themes and plugins out there that allow you to … Read more

Charcoal filter for a Hotpoint ariston hood


Hotpoint-Ariston cooker hood accessory Carbon filter UCF016 The manufacturer reserves the right to change product specifications, appearance, completeness and country of production without prior notice to the seller. Universal filter for your hood. UCF016 filter fits kitchen hoods. It traps dirt and soot, grease particles, neutralizes unpleasant odors, prevents the emergence of bacteria. all this … Read more

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