What can you make a false fireplace from

DIY Falshkamammammamm (75 photos): Beautiful ideas The fireplace in the interior is able to create a unique home coziness, fill the surrounding environment with heat and respectability. But what to do if there are not enough funds for the purchase of such the desired interior item? Falshkamammam, which can be built with your own hands, … Read more

How to calculate vacation pay to the fireplace

Calculation of vacation pay with examples Each year, both for ordinary employees and for accountants of enterprises and organizations, a hot time comes. Some go on vacation, on others in this regard, an additional load lies: calculation of vacation pay. So that when calculating vacation funds, accounting officers do not have difficulties, there are specially … Read more

How to make a fireplace fireplace

Falf fireplace with your own hands: 80 models (with a detailed description and photo) Once you imagined that you were sitting by a cozy fireplace with a cup of coffee, Christmas is approaching, you plan how to decorate the fireplace shelf for winter holidays and realize that you do not have a fireplace. It is … Read more

How to clean glass from soot from a fireplace


Removing soot from smooth washable surfaces Smooth interior surfaces, like plastic on a kitchen unit or varnished furniture, are the easiest places to rinse off cinders. Such surfaces have a non-porous structure, so it is difficult for contaminants to get a foothold on them. In such situations, the soot can be washed off, using the … Read more

How to clean soot from fireplace glass


Household chemicals Gala is one of the inexpensive but very effective tools for cleaning kitchen surfaces from dirt. Soak a sponge in water, squeeze it and apply some gel to it, lather it up. Work the product on the glass, wipe off the deposit and grease in 15-20 minutes and rinse the surface several times … Read more

guca lava fireplace guca lava


Guca Lava From 11 sources, we collected 5 negative, negative and positive reviews. We will show all the advantages and disadvantages of Guca Lava revealed in the use of users. We don’t hide anything and post all positive and negative honest customer reviews about Guca Lava, as well as offer alternative products similar. Is it … Read more

How to Clean a Fireplace Glass from Soot


To always look well-groomed and beautiful, the fireplace should be regularly cleaned from soot Sooner or later, every owner of a stylish heating gadget is faced with the question of how to clean the fireplace glass from soot. From the outside it may seem that to cope with the problem will help advertised remedies. Experience … Read more

How to make a decorative fireplace fireplace


DIY cardboard fireplace: step.By.Step instructions The fireplace is always associated with comfort and comfort, so. Even living in the apartment of a multi.Storey building, people often dream of creating such an original corner in one of the rooms. DIY cardboard fireplace, made with love and accuracy, can replace a real fireplace in the interior, completely … Read more

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