What to paint OSB board on the floor

What are the advantages of painting? The use of properly selected paint materials will give the owners of the house, sheathed with OSB, the following benefits: less effort and time when compared to traditional wall finishing; the ability to mask the texture, if it is created by sufficiently large chips; Moisture protection. the surface won’t … Read more

Warm floor devi mat under the tiles

Devimat heating mats Walking barefoot on a warm floor when there is a snowstorm outside is great! But what if you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to install a floor heating system, tinker with screed? Install Devimat heating mats. Underfloor heating Devimat is excellent for thin, repairable floors and … Read more

How to assemble a floor fan maxwell


Fan Maxwell Floor how to assemble There are different varieties of fans that are divided by the method of mounting into: The last two species do not need assembly after they have been purchased. The last type (ceiling) is installed in a specially prepared mounting place. Views differ from each other with power, dimensions, the … Read more

laying floor tiles on a warm floor


Electric mat Let’s get acquainted with the principle of installation of foil floor heating, also called electric mat. Before we begin the work, we will need to prepare what is necessary: The components of our electric mat; temperature sensors; thermostats; cutting object (office knife); duct tape, preferably masking tape. Calculate and measure the coverage area … Read more

How to put a floor fan correctly


The principles of installation of the fan for the case Cooling fan: which side to put, in which direction it is blowing, spinning or rotating. Basic rules for the correct installation. It is very important to install the fan correctly. It will be necessary to determine which side to properly put a fan for effective … Read more

The height of the installation of a gas boiler from the floor


Installation of a wall gas boiler standards The requirements for the installation of a gas boiler are needed because gas is a combustible and explosive substance. Observing the necessary rules and requirements, you will protect yourself from troubles. How not to make a mistake with the height of the installation of a gas boiler? Initially, … Read more

How to adjust the floor heating on the comb


Connecting the manifold floor heating and automatic temperature control. After all works on installation of water heaters circuits, the moment of their connection to a collector arrives. In this article we will consider the step-by-step sequence of how to do it correctly, when and what tests should be carried out and what mistakes you can … Read more

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