How to defrost the freezer without turning off the refrigerator

How to defrost the refrigerator quickly and correctly: phased instruction Happy owners of refrigerators with the No Frost system rarely think about their defrosting, but not everyone was so lucky. If the model does not provide an option to protect from the formation of hoarfrost, then very quickly in the refrigerator and freezer a thick … Read more

Stinol refrigerator how to defrost the freezer separately

Whether it is necessary to defrost the refrigerator know Frost? Literally No Frost is translated “without hoarfrost”. Inside the refrigerator, the user does not see ice and snow, although in the process of cooling the hook on the evaporator necessarily forms. But he from time to time thaws by a mechanical timer or signal of … Read more

How many degrees to put a freezer


What temperature should be in the refrigerator and freezer: norms and recommendations What temperature should be in the refrigerator and freezer: The ideal total temperature of the refrigerator should be from 3 to 5 ° C. The freezer must maintain the temperature.18 ° C or below. In the freshness zone (if it is) set a … Read more

The freezer is heated outside


Why are the walls of the refrigerator, the compressor and the distance between the cameras? Everyone knows or heard about refrigerators with the No Frost system. But there is a option of rapid cooling of Low Frost products. They have a fundamental difference, a refrigerator with Low Frost can simultaneously use the know.Free system. Therefore, … Read more

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