The difference between powder for hand washing and machine washing

Can I use the powder for hand washing in the washing machine?? Life in today’s world is teeming with variety. Store shelves are overflowing with all kinds of products designed for specific purposes. And so the manufacturers of detergents do not lag behind their counterparts. Nowadays there is a great variety of products, all of … Read more

What’s the difference between a hand wash and a delicate wash

Delicate washing is not only gentle washing of delicate fabrics, but also a personalized approach to them (especially wool and silk) Delicate fabrics include wool and silk, nylon, polyester, lace, batiste, cashmere, knitwear, microfiber, lace. Program for washing expensive and delicate items of wool and silk, which are not designed for machine washing. This mode … Read more

How long does it take to do a hand wash


Step by step instructions Washing with a pre-wash cycle is not much different from conventional. The only difference is that you pour the powder into 2 compartments and press the button, which turns on the function. Load the dirty laundry into the drum. Fill compartment “1” with detergent. The recommended amount is 1 tbsp of … Read more

How to use Lenore when washing by hand


Disadvantages On the Internet you can find a lot of negative reviews of Lenor. Of the disadvantages of hostesses note such items: Regular Lenore is not economical, because a one-liter bottle is only enough for 7-8 loads. Some housewives have noted that the clothes are not easier to iron after rinsing. Some fragrances evaporate faster … Read more

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