Apple juice production. Cloudy or clear Apple juice: the heat exchanger s role

How to Make Apple Juice This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Jessica Gibson. Jessica Gibson is a Writer and Editor who’s been with wikiHow since 2014. After completing a year of art studies at the Emily Carr University in Vancouver, she graduated from Columbia College with a BA in History. Jessica also completed … Read more

How to adjust the refrigerator stynol in the heat


Steinol refrigerator Two.Chamber how to adjust the temperature Stynol refrigerators. A product of domestic production, the manufacture of which has been carried out in Lipetsk since 1993. Currently, the plant is the property of the Italian concern Indesitis and is engaged in the release of products under two trademarks: Indesit and HotPoint-Ariston. However, due to … Read more

How to choose a heat exchanger for underfloor heating


Principle of operation The main element of heat transfer fluid. Liquids flow counterflow through the channels created by the corrugated plates that form the channels. Wall corrugated layer, due to high flow velocity begins to gather turbulence. Each medium advances on the same plate, but on different sides of it, to avoid mixing. All plates … Read more

Why the boiler does not heat water


The main causes of malfunctions of water heaters Many consumers, referring to the service center for warranty, ask the question. the boiler works but does not heat water the reason why? If the water heater fails suddenly, the causes of breakdowns can be hidden in the malfunction of one of the following parts: To answer … Read more

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