How to sew heating radiators with drywall

How to close the battery with drywall. Step.By.Step guide for the installation of the box The general technology for assembling frames consists of three main stages of work: INSTALLING A RADIATOR ON A PLASTERBOARD WALL. How to dress and install a radiator using pig tails Making the frame The pipes box is two mutually perpendicular … Read more

How to switch a boiler for heating water


The first launch of the water heater after installation, downtime or conservation Electric boilers are designed for constant operation with the maximum disconnection period for no more than a few months. Before the first launch of the system or its activation after prolonged downtime, it is important to observe a number of rules and recommendations … Read more

Odorless enamel for heating radiators

The best paints for heating batteries (radiators) Heating radiators in the house need to be painted. The best paint for heating batteries will protect surfaces from adverse external influences, give the room a presentable appearance. Of the variety of coating options for heating pipes and radiators, it is better to choose the paint in accordance … Read more

Heating radiators for antifreeze which are suitable


Heating radiators for antifreeze which are suitable Almost all types of radiators can be installed in the house or apartment, but there are some restrictions. It is not recommended for apartments: installing steel radiators of panel type, since they have a fairly small working pressure of only 6-8 atm., Whereas in the centralized heating system, … Read more

Fixing of underfloor heating pipes to the foam plastic


With bulk protrusions. Pretty creative way, allowing for any paving configuration, as desired by the owners. Some people think that the fixation of the pipes provides a small distance between the protrusions, but this opinion is erroneous. For this purpose, special fasteners for underfloor heating pipes (clips) are used, which ensure reliable and durable fastening … Read more

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