Free iPhone aesthetic themes. Customize home screen Themes

Customize home screen Themes Welcome to WidgetClub, your ultimate toolkit for Customizing your iPhone into a visual delight! Offering a comprehensive selection of aesthetic themes, widgets, app icon pack, and wallpapers, our app enables you to create a home screen that’s truly reflective of your personal style.We also have Icon customizer, widget customizer tool! Let’s … Read more

Smart home automation arduino. Getting started with Arduino Wi-Fi Home Automation

Getting started with Arduino Wi-Fi Home Automation Home automation has become increasingly popular over the years, with more and more people looking to take control of their homes through technology. One popular way to do this is with the use of Arduino Uno, a microcontroller that offers a vast number of possibilities. With its built-in … Read more

Smart home arduino project. How To Make Arduino Based Home Automation Project via Bluetooth


How To Make Arduino Based Home Automation Project via Bluetooth? We are living in 21 st century where automation of any form i.e. home or industrial plays an important role in human life. When it comes to industrial automation, the concept is applied to large machines or robots which helps in increasing the efficiency in … Read more

Samsung smartthings Apple. Is the SmartThings Smart home hub a good deal? And…


Samsung smartthings Apple During the Galaxy Unpacked 2022 – Part 2 event in the second half of last year, Samsung revealed that it will bring Matter compatibility to its SmartThings platform and most of its new Smart TVs and home appliances. Over the past few weeks, the company has released Matter compatibility to its devices … Read more

Home assistant notebook. Node-RED Makes Automation With Home Assistant Fun


ODROID-M1: Dockerized Home Assistant Dockerized home automation via Home Assistant, MQTT and remote access via WireGuard VPN and ProxyJump SSH all deployed via Ansible. Rational As mentioned in my article Fuel Save Alerter, I was originally thinking about deploying the application locally to a Raspberry Pi, but due to the delivery problems I decided to … Read more

Home assistant bluetooth USB. ESPresense: Easy Room Detection for Home Assistant


Home assistant bluetooth USB The WT32-ETH01 is an embedded serial to Ethernet module based on the ESP32 series designed by Wireless-Tag. It features RJ45 network port that supports 10/100Mbps speed connections allowing to create ethernet based IoT devices. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols, making it a versatile device for IoT applications that require … Read more

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