How to remove blocking from an oven

What to do if the oven was blocked? To do this, you need to press the “Key” button and wait until the plate is unlocked. The main thing is if you have a small child, do not show him how to do it. Back blocking is put on the same principle. Disconnect the electric power … Read more

Oven cleaning function

How to enable the function of self.Cleaning of the Gorenje oven? The principle of operation of self-cleaning for launching the aquaclin steam cleaning mode must be poured into a baking sheet of half a liter of water, set a temperature of 50-90 C (depending on the degree of pollution) and turn on the oven of … Read more

How to enable the Maunfeld oven electric

How to enable a gas and electric oven And more hostesses prefer to install modern ovens in the kitchen, stopping the choice on models of famous manufacturers. For example, Bosch (Bosch), Electrolux (Electroelux), Samsung, Indesit, Virpool, Zanussi, Hotpointan Aryston. Many models can be built into a kitchen set. They are multifunctional, convenient in operation. But … Read more

How to put the time on the oven electolyux


How to set time on an oven Electrolux? I tell you how I managed to configure the watch. Set the current time. Turn off the stove from the network for a couple of minutes or turn off its machine. Turn on. A watch icon flashes on the stove. Buttons and. We need time. After a … Read more

How to enable the oven Mabe Electric


How to include an oven in a gas stove: recommendations for a gas rod in the oven and a review of safety rules Gas stove. A very familiar and understandable device. However, its use can cause certain issues. So, the hostess may not be clear how to include the oven in the gas stove if … Read more

On what mode of the oven to dried tomatoes


Sundried tomatoes at home Today I’m going to tell you how to make sun-dried tomatoes at home. This is not only an amazing stand-alone snack, but also a versatile ingredient for preparing all kinds of home cooking dishes. Sun-dried tomatoes go well with meat, fish, pasta, they can be added to salads and homemade loaf, … Read more

How to set time on the oven Bosch


Bosch stove How to set a watch? On the oven from Ariston, Bosch and Electriculux, the time of the day does not need to be chosen. The display should flash the number 12. To install the exact time, you need to use a special rotary handle or button on the display. By setting the exact … Read more

How many bricks for a Dutch oven

Materials and their quantity To independently put together a Dutch oven without a stove with your own hands will require the following materials and stove molding: Nr. n/a Name of material and furnace fittings Unit. Dimension. Quantity 1 Standard ceramic brick M150 M250 You. EA. 0,65 2 Fireclay brick You. piece. 0,05 3 Heavy clay … Read more

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