How to sew heating radiators with drywall

How to close the battery with drywall. Step.By.Step guide for the installation of the box The general technology for assembling frames consists of three main stages of work: INSTALLING A RADIATOR ON A PLASTERBOARD WALL. How to dress and install a radiator using pig tails Making the frame The pipes box is two mutually perpendicular … Read more

Odorless enamel for heating radiators

The best paints for heating batteries (radiators) Heating radiators in the house need to be painted. The best paint for heating batteries will protect surfaces from adverse external influences, give the room a presentable appearance. Of the variety of coating options for heating pipes and radiators, it is better to choose the paint in accordance … Read more

Heating radiators for antifreeze which are suitable

Heating radiators for antifreeze which are suitable Almost all types of radiators can be installed in the house or apartment, but there are some restrictions. It is not recommended for apartments: installing steel radiators of panel type, since they have a fairly small working pressure of only 6-8 atm., Whereas in the centralized heating system, … Read more

Is it possible to increase the radiators in the apartment


Preparing materials and tools Before adding sections to a bimetallic radiator, the following materials and tools must be prepared: The section to retrofit. Special pipe wrench (gas wrench). Cell gaskets for batteries. Heating nipple set. Sandpaper. Wrench for radiators. Side battery plugs with left and right hand threads. Gaskets made of paronite. Aluminum radiators Adding … Read more

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