Where to install a split system in the room

DIY air conditioning installation: nuances, features, sequence of actions Air conditioner is a necessary and indispensable thing, especially on summer sultry days, when the air temperature in the living room becomes uncomfortable. Buying high.Quality equipment is quite costly and I do not want to additionally spend money on installation. If hands grow from the right … Read more

How to properly install a fan in the room

Tips for organizing ventilation systems in apartments and houses: types and variants Trying to save precious heat in the apartment as much as possible, we systematically get rid of all cracks. In less than a dozen years, almost everyone has replaced the old wooden windows with modern sealed windows, put the doors tightly fitting the … Read more

How to place a fireplace in a room correctly

Ways to arrange a fireplace zone I am a permanent author Houzz, artist, interior designer, decorator, photographer and composer. In 2000, she graduated from the Moscow Academic Art College of Memory of 1905 The Picturesque and Pedagogical Faculty. DRSIGNART: I took part in international art exhibitions and competitions, including: “Moscow craftswoman 2007”, Austrian project “Create … Read more

How to choose the right fan in the room


Kitchen ventilation systems: natural or forced ventilation Not everyone knows about what ventilation scheme for the kitchen is better, the standard natural, when the exhaust gases come out through a channel to the street, or forced (for the removal of contaminated oxygen is used fan). There is no definite answer to this question, because each … Read more

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