Refrigerator Stynol Two chamber malfunction of the refrigerator

Ways to eliminate breakdowns in stinol refrigerators Stinol brand refrigerators are popular with consumers due to high quality and good price. In addition, the cases of such refrigerators are covered with anti.Corrosion solutions. And the manufacturing company itself belonged to the international brand of household appliances Indesit. Despite the fact that the stinol brand refrigerators … Read more

How to adjust the refrigerator stynol in the heat

Steinol refrigerator Two.Chamber how to adjust the temperature Stynol refrigerators. A product of domestic production, the manufacture of which has been carried out in Lipetsk since 1993. Currently, the plant is the property of the Italian concern Indesitis and is engaged in the release of products under two trademarks: Indesit and HotPoint-Ariston. However, due to … Read more

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