Which capsules are suitable for Neskafe coffee machine

Which capsules are suitable for coffee machine Dolce densely, Nepresso, Bosch Tassimo, Kremesso. Disposable and reusable capsules: how to save on coffee At the moment, several brands offer a good assortment of coffee makers for household use. Manufacturers of capsule coffee makers produce their own original capsules with ground coffee, which are quite expensive for … Read more

Which linoleum is suitable for underfloor heating

Floor heating installation under linoleum It is advisable to entrust the installation of underfloor heating under linoleum to professionals. The main points to pay attention to when laying: the thinner the layer of coating, the better it transmits heat and the simpler the heating design; Provide heating no higher than 28 ° C, otherwise during … Read more

What capsules are suitable for your Lavazza Firma coffee machine?

Do Lavazza Firma capsules have analogues? Let’s find out. Are there any analogues of Lavazza Firma capsules?? Let’s get to the bottom of this. The Lavazza Firma capsule system is the latest generation of capsule machines from the manufacturer Lavazza. Since this system is relatively new, there are simply no analogues on the market. But … Read more

Kukmar dishes are suitable for induction plates

Frequently asked questions about the dishes “Kukmara Frequently asked questions about aluminum kitchen utensils with anti.Stick and ceramic coating. Only facts! Aluminum dishes are made from environmentally friendly food aluminum alloys made in accordance with GOST 1583-93. The maximum dose of aluminum entering the human body when using aluminum dishes is 1.7 mg/day, and according … Read more

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