IPad mini 6 extended-use review – There’s no substitute for portability Video…

iPad mini 6 extended-use review – There’s no substitute for portability [Video] I’ve been using Apple’s dramatically redesigned iPad mini for about two months now, and my biggest takeaway is that it’s a great device for reading and note taking. But as you’ll see in my iPad mini 6 extended-use review, it’s not without compromise. … Read more

Is there a ceramic dish in the microwave


Microwave Safe Ceramic Dishes Plates Ceramic Tableware Bakeware Dinnerware #OnlySmartGadget What dishes and foods cannot be used in the microwave Microwave oven in modern women is the first necessity technique. Microwave accelerates the process of cooking and heating it. At the same time, there are many opinions regarding the safety of its use. The technical … Read more

Which extraction hood to choose if there is no ventilation


Advantages and disadvantages of ductless hoods Advantages of recirculation hoods: KITCHEN ISLAND COOKER HOODS | WHAT ARE YOUR OPTIONS? A ventilation duct can compromise the kitchen design, leaving more space. This is important for relatively small rooms; Small weight makes delivery and installation easier; There is no need to control the ventilation duct, low power … Read more

Is there a hood in the kitchen or not?


Ventilation in the kitchen It’s no secret that kitchen ventilation is important for any home. To effectively remove exhaust gases and provide fresh air, in addition to existing communications, residents add an exhaust hood. We note right away that an incorrectly installed device will not create the expected effect, rather it will worsen the operation … Read more

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