Which linoleum is suitable for underfloor heating

Floor heating installation under linoleum It is advisable to entrust the installation of underfloor heating under linoleum to professionals. The main points to pay attention to when laying: the thinner the layer of coating, the better it transmits heat and the simpler the heating design; Provide heating no higher than 28 ° C, otherwise during … Read more

Fixing of underfloor heating pipes to the foam plastic

With bulk protrusions. Pretty creative way, allowing for any paving configuration, as desired by the owners. Some people think that the fixation of the pipes provides a small distance between the protrusions, but this opinion is erroneous. For this purpose, special fasteners for underfloor heating pipes (clips) are used, which ensure reliable and durable fastening … Read more

Grundfos circulation pump for underfloor heating


All GRUNDFOS circulation pumps for heating Grundfos circulation pumps are recommended for the forced circulation of fluids in heating systems. The units are able to provide uninterrupted and uniform heat flow from pipes and batteries in the rooms of the whole house. The device is necessary for the organization of the closed heating systems, floor … Read more

How to choose a heat exchanger for underfloor heating


Principle of operation The main element of heat transfer fluid. Liquids flow counterflow through the channels created by the corrugated plates that form the channels. Wall corrugated layer, due to high flow velocity begins to gather turbulence. Each medium advances on the same plate, but on different sides of it, to avoid mixing. All plates … Read more

What kind of laminate flooring is necessary for underfloor heating


What kind of laminate for underfloor heating to choose? Laminate panels are considered one of the most popular types of flooring in residential and public buildings. This material has a huge number of colors and shades, has good technical characteristics, strength, durability and wear resistance. Many property owners like such products, and they try to … Read more

The best underfloor heating for tile


best electric underfloor heating Elementary physics dictates that the most efficient heating should be placed at the bottom and that the house is below the floor? And it is much more pleasant to walk on a warm floor, even if the temperature in the room is quite comfortable thanks to traditional radiators. Electric underfloor heating, … Read more

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