What is a non-return valve in the hood

Installing a non-return valve in the ventilation: the algorithm of actions This work is not complicated and even a novice home handyman can cope with it. For installation you will need self-tapping screws, an electric screwdriver, construction silicone in a tube and, actually, the valve itself. How to install a check valve on the ventilation: … Read more

Fan with a check valve in the toilet


Exhaust fan with a non-return valve for the kitchen, toilet or bathroom can have a locking element of different design. Valves are divided by type of control into 3 types: Passive valve has no forced element or mechanism and changes position by the action of air current. When there is no pressure, the flap closes, … Read more

Check valve for the boiler what to choose


Selecting the valve If the water heater valve is dripping, a crack is found on its body, the discharge valve leaks, or the device is missing from the water heater kit, it is necessary to properly select new equipment. The main parameters considered in the selection are: the diameter of the nozzles and the threads. … Read more

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