What water does a dishwasher connect

Installation and connection of the dishwasher: installation and connection of the dishwasher to the water supply and sewage The correct work of the dishwasher depends not only on the quality of spare parts and assembly. The uninterrupted functioning and normal execution by the aggregate of the main tasks is influenced by the correct connection of … Read more

How much water is in a section of a cast iron battery

How much water in the cast.Iron section of the heating radiator? Cast iron ribbed radiators continue to work in many apartments and institutions built during the Soviet Union. Such a long service life is due to their technical characteristics. In the old days there were two types of cast.Iron batteries: Classic are well.Known “accordions” to … Read more

ArdeDry boiler No hot water reason


What to do if water is dripping from a heating boiler, how to stop the leak itself in gas, solid fuel and other models with different heat exchangers In most cases, further operation of a flowing boiler is impossible. Even if he continues to heat water, do not use it. The fluid contained in the … Read more

How to switch a boiler for heating water


The first launch of the water heater after installation, downtime or conservation Electric boilers are designed for constant operation with the maximum disconnection period for no more than a few months. Before the first launch of the system or its activation after prolonged downtime, it is important to observe a number of rules and recommendations … Read more

The gas column began to warm the water hard


The gas column greatly warms the water cause. The gas column can produce boiling water for the following reasons: Often, if the gas column is heated to adjust the comfortable temperature, the convenient pressure of the water to the person understanding the device is not difficult. But sometimes there are options when it is impossible … Read more

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